Taxidermy reality show coming to History -- EXCLUSIVE

russellImage Credit: Tim Obeck“Taxidermy reality show.” You know you’ve wanted it, and now it’s coming to History. The network has ordered a new half-hour series titled Mounted in Alaska,* going behind the scenes of a respected family-run taxidermy shop.

Knight’s Taxidermy takes on challenging projects ranging from creating a charging warthog so that it’s busting through a wall in a client’s home, to restoring a 50-year-old polar bear that’s an Alaskan landmark, to working with Theodore Roosevelt’s personal taxidermy kit.

The show is produced by Thinkfactory Media and marks the latest working class procedural docu-series set in the 49th state, and it’s no wonder: Alaska-set frontier reality fare continues to draw impressive audiences to cable channels.

Each episode tracks a taxidermy job from concept to completion, which should keep Mounted feeling at home on History, whose programming lineup is topped by another family run storefront procedural series, Pawn Stars. The Mounted cast is led by 30-year veteran Russell Knight, and also stars his what’s-a-girl-like-you-doing-in-a-job-like-this daughter Tina, whose specialty is bearskin rugs.

TinaImage Credit: Tim ObeckMounted premieres April 7 at 10 p.m. on History.

* You know the title of a taxidermy reality show had to be either Mounted or Stuffed. Had to be!

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  • Brian K

    I was sure it would be called Get Stuffed.

  • Clete

    The history channel has become un-watchable in prime time. This is the latest in a series of quasi-reality shows that should, if broadcast, be on another channel.

    The history channel should change it’s name. It is no longer has programs about historical subjects. That is sad, they have made a decision to cater to the latest trend and moved from though provoking to mundane.

    • David

      Thank you, Clete. History channel used to be my go-to for something good to watch. Now I have to choose between “history” being made on Ice Road Truckers or Pawn Stars or whatever the heck is on that channel nowadays. It’s terrible.

      • jay

        I SO agree with you. Let’s have some history on the history channel!

    • Rockinhorse

      A very interesting concept. I can’t wait. Apparently, some TV critic want-to-be’s can’t wait either. How about actually “watching” a couple of episodes and then sound off ? OH but, then you wouldn’t be “cool blogger”.

      • Clete

        Dear Moron:

        I have no desire to be a TV critic. I have a real job. Maybe you should also get one. Frankly I have been thing to do with my time then waste it on silly quasi-reality show.

      • Mitch

        @Rockinhorse – I agree. Give the show a chance first- sounds pretty cool.
        @Clete – You probably shouldn’t call someone a moron and then construct sentences that don’t make sense. “I have been thing to do with my time then waste it on silly quasi-reality show.” I do agree with you though! You could use the time to practice sentence structure!

  • Diane R

    Can’t wait – sounds like it will be an interesting addition – looking forward to watching.

  • jay

    Well I won’t be watching. I like to see animals alive not dead.

    • Doug C

      Hey go donate your lunch money to PETA sucker

    • Courtney Scanlan

      yeah but I bet you still have some pretty good steak on your plate at times… moron

  • Jeff

    Sounds like an awesome addition! Can’t wait to watch.


    I’m excited about this new show. I never watched the History Channel before they started playing shows like Pawn Stars & American Pickers. Like their slogan says, history IS made everyday and I feel that these shows help younger people to see how valuable it is to preseve history, shown in a way that is exciting to them and makes them want to learn more. I’m not trying to be rude but if you wanna watch old videos of past wars then the History Channel has many series for purchase.

  • daisyj

    Looks like The Soup is going to have a new candidate for “Gay Shows: Alaska Edition” now that the gold rush one is done.

    • Snookhookr

      What show is more gay then “The Soup?”

  • Richard Hill

    This looks like a show that will bring you in to the life and time of a man turning great adventures into lifelong memories. Watching trying to understand how someone can listen to a story and make it come to life. Everyone can enjoy that moment when you shared the stories they to can experience of a life time and you can relive that adventure every time you dare to dream.

  • Jerri K

    I am very proud of my husband and daughter. This is an informative show and I hope that those of you saying you will not watch it – will give it a chance. You will be surprised at the history of taxidermy and the beauty involved. So watch it one time and then make your comments. Maybe you will change your mind.

    • Jennifer F

      I agree and look forawrd to watching it! Can’t wait to tell all the guys about it, I know they will be interested seeing as they all love to hunt and get their animals mounted.

    • Amanda

      Some people just like to have negative comments or views about everything! I love to learn about everything. Wether it is a subject I am interested in or one that I usually don’t notice. I think that the problem with people today is that learning is not on the to-do list anymore. And from someone FROM Alaska, ignore the negative comments… they are probably from TX and jealous that the spotlight isn’t on THEM!

      • Rockinhorse

        WATCH IT, Amanda !! The eyes of Texas are upon you…all the live long day. Texans will be second only to Alaskans in their interest for MOUNTED. Of course…if Alaska was cut in half…then Texas would be third…LOLOL !!

    • Vicky P.

      I am proud to say Russell is a friend and stands behind every bit of his work, nothing like a job well done!!

      • Lisa L

        I went to school with Russell during our elememtary days. I know he enjoys his work and from what I see, he does well!

    • Courtney Scanlan

      I AM MORE THAN THRILLED that they decided to put this on television! My father is also a taxidermist and to have the honor or trying to even TRY to compare to Gods creation is amazing! For everyone who dislikes the idea of animals being mounted… I think you should really reconnect with why God put animals on earth, so basically if you don’t believe in God get out of the country who BASED EVERYTHING ON THE WONDERFUL CREATOR!

  • DW

    Insert “but somehow The Kennedys didn’t fit the brand” comment here.

  • Alison K. Lass

    I am VERY excited about the show as well. Also VERY proud of my cousin Russell and all of his awesome accomplishments! I hope everyone would at least watch an episode before before forming negative opinions.

  • STJ

    Can’t wait to watch, we know this man and his family, should be a great show!

  • Dawg

    very excited about this show as long i don’t see Sarah Palin! lol

  • Eugene S

    Damn Russell You hit the “big time” LOL I couldnt believe Tina, Its only been 15 years Hope this “flies” for you!! I’ll be watching!!!

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Apparently you have to be a douche bag animal lover that hates the idea of the show or a friend/husband of russel’s to comment so where does that leave me? I cant wait to see it air!

    • Jeremiah Johnson

      correction wife

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