Losing: Why Charlie Sheen was fired

Charlie-SheenImage Credit: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty ImagesHow did Charlie Sheen lose the highest-paid acting job in TV?

There wasn’t just one reason, according to a letter sent by Two and a Half Men studio Warner Bros. to Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer. It was everything that the media has obsessively covered about Sheen during the past four months — from the trashed Plaza hotel room to dodging rehab to his media rants.

The studio maintains Sheen defaulted on his contract due to several factors: Being unable to perform his duties on Men; admitting to cocaine use; making derogatory public comments about the show; and refusing to continue on the series without “radical changes” being made.

The extraordinary dismissal letter details the studio’s side of the story for the first time, informing Sheen’s attorney: “Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill. For months before the suspension of production, Mr. Sheen’s erratic behavior escalated while his condition deteriorated. His declining condition undermined the production in numerous and significant ways. Warner Bros. would not, could not, and should not attempt to continue ‘business as usual’ while Mr. Sheen destroys himself as the world watches.”

The studio says Sheen’s behavior took a dramatic turn for the worse in January and February, when, contrary to the actor’s claims, his partying began to impact his performance on the show. The studio says Sheen was late to rehearsals, had difficulty remembering his lines and hitting his marks. Exec producer Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, which publicly annoyed the actor, “reflect Mr. Lorre’s growing concern and frustration with Mr. Sheen’s inability or unwillingness to acknowledge his serious problems and to seek help.”

After CBS and Warner Bros. suspended production on the series so Sheen could attend rehab, the companies were frustrated that the actor insisted on staying home instead of entering a facility.

“Warner executives requested several times that Mr. Sheen’s representatives send a letter from Mr. Sheen’s doctor explaining his diagnosis, course of treatment and prognosis, and certifying that Mr. Sheen could return to work on February 28,” said the letter. “No such letter was provided. Subsequently, Warner Bros. learned that Mr. Sheen had apparently fired his sobriety coach. Moreover, Mr. Sheen recently declared he had self-healed his addictions by saying that he ‘blinked and cured [his] brain.’ Accordingly, it is not surprising that no professional apparently was willing to attest that Mr. Sheen had self-treated, self-healed and self-cured his brain of his addiction problems.”

The letter continues to cite some of Sheen’s most bombastic quotes from his vacation at the Bahamas, most specifically his attacks on Lorre.

“At that point, the totality of Mr. Sheen’s condition, statements and escalating destructive behavior caused Warner Bros. to conclude that production in the 2010-2011 season was untenable,” said the letter. “Warner Bros. could not produce the Show when its lead actor had become demonstrably unstable — publicly lashing out with verbal abuse and overt threats to its executives and the creative voice of the Show, as well as destroying the already fragile relationships with key Show personnel that were indispensable to the creative process behind the Show’s success.”

The studio maintained it does not have to pay Sheen for the canceled Men episodes, a major point of contention between the parties. “As the lead actor in a successful television comedy, Mr. Sheen’s essential duties encompass more than just showing up and delivering lines,” Warner Bros. says. “One essential duty is working cooperatively and creatively with the other persons critical to the production. Mr. Sheen went from an actor who performed those duties to an individual whose self-destructive conduct resulted in his hospitalization, his inability to work at all for a period and the rapid erosion of the cooperative and creative process necessary to produce the Show.”

Also, Sheen’s references to cocaine use apparently gave Warner Bros. some leverage to swing the axe. The studio challenged the Sheen camp’s claim that there’s no “morals clause” in the contract, saying there is something very much akin to that: a clause that allows the studio to fire a performer who commits “a felony offense involving moral turpitude.”

“There is ample evidence supporting Warner Bros. reasonable good faith opinion that Mr. Sheen has committed felony offenses involving moral turpitude (including but not limited to furnishing of cocaine to others as part of the self-destructive lifestyle he has described publicly) that have ‘interfere[d] with his ability to fully and completely render all material services required’ under the agreement.”

In response to the letter, Singer says the actor will sue Lorre and Warner Bros., saying Sheen took two drug tests a week to prove he was sober and that he worked “flawlessly” when performing in front of a live audience.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen’s latest Webcast. The saddest performance of his career?

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  • Jane

    Sounds like somebody is trying to avoid that inevitable breach of contract lawsuit. Well played, Warner Bros. and CBS!

    • Brett

      Except it’s not well played. They renewed his contract after he b!tchslapped his wife in Colorado and went on numerous cocaine benders. If his behavior in the past was acceptable, they can’t possibly say his current behavior is any worst than his past behavior. #WINNING

      • Glenn

        Wrong. He didn’t admit to coke usage before his contract was renewed.

      • kerry

        I agree. They have overlooked his behavior for years. But he insulted his boss, and that’s why he really got fired.

        Claiming moral turpiutude is their way of shocking the public, as if we don’t already know how Charlie behaves!

      • MomC

        It is hard to look at this situation and not think that it was the insulting of Mr. Lorre that resulted in the firing. He pulled a knife on his wife and was OK to work but now he is being fired? All the parties involved publicly claimed that while he had personal problems, it never affected his work. Now he gets fired? I’ll tell you, if my boss made a comment about being pi**ed if he died first, I would think he was a total jerk too. This entire situation seems fraught with hubris and mental illness. What a joke for all involved. I honestly thought it would all blow over and that the show would be back as normal in the fall, actually surprised at today’s development.

      • The Real Brett

        Of course they can say his current behavior is worse than his past behavior. The escalation of his manic behavior, his admitted substance abuse, and in particular his antagonism toward the producers of the show, were his breaches of the contract. Mr. Singer, while a capable attorney, is not going to win this one.

      • MomC

        The Real Brett, actually I would disagree with you about his “behavior” being worse now. More vocal, yes. However, he pulled a knife on his wife. Nothing he has done lately is even close to that. Remember, this all started with that trip to the hospital, after a bender. Everything else has just been words. His behavior has not been the problem this time. His words have.

      • wakeforcer

        He has denied the charges of being abusive toward his ex-wife. It was a he said/she said situation. He has openly admitted, indeed, bragged about using cocaine and giving illegal drugs to other people.

      • bruno

        totally winning! cbs: “shmaa, so
        held a knife to his wife’s throat and went all ski crazy. whatev.”
        cbs: “you can’t call chuck lorre names! we draw the line there!”
        good riddins to a horrible show. hope sheen takes em to the bank and then takes his goddesses away on vacation somewhere nice…with snow…

      • Ana

        If WB is correct that his escalating behavior has started to affect his performance on the show, then they may have a case. Personally I think they should have just canceled the show. I know it’s a lot of money to leave on the table but it’s really the only clean way to get out of this mess.

      • Val

        Anyone who watched just a minute of #SheensKorner knows how miserably bad he is right now. I love watching celebrities implode though, so keep it up Carlos!

      • jim

        I’m just very HAPPY that the horribly crappy and inexplicably popular show that Mr. Tiger Blood is on is hopefully forever GONE

      • Shakespeare

        But now he actually admitted to some crimes (coke). Also he insulted Lorre while in “rehab”. It wasn’t the insult. It is his overall behavior.

      • chantoozysuzy

        According to the termination notice, he was in rehab when the new contract was negotiated, and the producers expected that the worst was behind them. Apparently, he could have kept his job if he had gone back to rehab this time, too, but he fired his sobriety coach!

      • holly

        Chuck sheen went public with his drug usage, CBS and Warner Bros did not accuse until he blabbed. Sheen will lose this in a flash whether or not he says he wins the dude is a loser in life fatherhood, love and acting. he will lose it all before he hits botom

      • wino

        if this was any other job, he would have been fired a long time ago. sorry, but actors are not un-touchable and they too need to act like professionals. im over charlie and his deluded notions of grandeur.

      • Mircat

        You don’t think firing the professional who was supposed to rehab him at home, claiming he’s cured himself by blinking, and admitting to drug usage were not taken into consideration by Warners? It is way past 6th grader name calling between Sheen and Lorre that Warners decided to fire him. He may have tested negative (who did the tests and do we know for sure they were done by independent qualified medical/lab people) for drugs recently but there’s still something wrong with him. Every time he opens his mouth he digs himself deeper. He rants, makes no sense and says outrageous things. If he isn’t on drugs then maybe he should be because he’s either manic depressive, bipolar or has fried his brains by previous drug and/or alcohol use. Not to mention he denies there’s anything wrong! The rest of us can see it. Warners can see it. His messed up mind can’t or won’t see it. Sure, we all knew he would sue but the morals clause and his blabbing he did drugs is all it’s going to take. If Sheen had gone into rehab and therapy like Robert Downey, Jr. did he wouldn’t be in this mess and he could ask for more money without Warners and the rest of the world laughing themselves silly. Warners is done with him and will win.

      • Acepilot

        Wrong, they are not bound by prior decisions to refrain from invoking the contract. The Network’s call.

      • Tom

        Oh. So I am to believe that the studio was concerned about poor Charlie’s condition? Why did you let it get to this point then? Why did you fire him after he had returned back to work as you had requested of him? You sound like his mother for christ sake Warner bros.. I’m sure glad I don’t have to work for you.

    • Rick

      LOL…..you rubes are so stupid you don’t even realize he was trying to get fired from the show. He obviously hated working on the show and working with the douchebag producer.

      • kerry

        I don’t think so.

      • Heidi

        ok Charlie whatever you say

      • Jackie D

        Yeah, you’re probably right. And going from CBS to YouTube is a good career choice.

      • Ian

        Who says “rubes”?

      • Skip182

        Bender Bending Rodriguez says rubes.

      • Homer

        Rubes…. so many rubes…

      • Rush

        This is what he would call WINNING! Sounds like the best plan in the room. All other plans are s–t.

      • Meli

        Yeah, he was so desperate to get off the show he had his agent negotiate a new contract and make him the highest paid actor on TV. He really, really hated being on that show *rolls eyes*.

      • The REAL REAL REAL Brett

        Thats right I know for a fact he wanted out… I live next to him

      • Tom

        Anyone would hate working for a show that basically doesn’t give a damn about him, until it is time to sue him.

      • tj

        LOL. Yeah because putting the entire staff out of work was so funny.

    • larry

      We are rooting for you Charlie, WINNING. WB execs knew what they were creating and their greed allowed it to continue

      • lesliemd

        So you’re rooting for a man who has held a knife and a gun on women he supposedly loved, smacked a few around and knocked a girlfriend to the ground, to which he pleaded no contest? Speaks volumes about YOU as a person. Just saying….

      • Wha’ever

        lesliemd, this is incredible how I agree with what you wrote (I REALLY do!) but the tone you use in your comment annoys me to no end…

      • john

        i love the tone and agree 100% with you lesliemd…really does speak volumes about that persons charater

      • Tom

        Warner Bros has shown in the past to be the worst studio in all of Los Angeles. When this is over, and Charlie is vindicated, the truth will come and everyone will understand exactly why and how this mess happened.

      • tj


        If a drug addled idiot like Sheen is “vindicated” then there really is no hope for our legal system.

      • Renee

        LOL Charlie is such an AWESOME idol for you huh you f*ckin’ dumb@$$? I bet you’re just another misogynistic prick like him…

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Its the SHEEN DREAM. They did not fire him. HE QUIT. Losers. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tom

        The mess was left to be the mess it is by the studio and Hiam. They just wanted to continue to get rich off of Sheen, no matter the expense, but when it became clear that they weren’t going to have the results they wanted, they fired him. You ran Sheen into the ground with your demands, and Charlie never signed a contract stating to be anyone other than the Charlie you always knew him to be. He even shows back up for work as you had previously requested, and guess what? You fired him anyways. Rigged. Setup. Framed. Whatever you want to call this. Warner Bros is going to lose this fight. It’s really about time too.

      • tj


        Hi Charlie

      • Renee

        So I guess you’re still a bi-losing no-life, right Charlie?

    • Jay

      I think WB and CBS and Chuck Lorre should sue Charlie for lost potential revenue. The show would have only earned a few billion dollars more if he could have kept it together. They should leave Charlie penniless. Winning.

      • Suncatcher

        CBS and Warner Bros. made millions from the show. No way they would cut Sheen unless there was no other option. I’m going out on a limb here and saying I’ll bet the advertisers had a huge amount of input on the final decision to can Sheen. Advertisers cannot justify to their Boards why they spent millions on a program in which the star is coke-head, wife beater, prostitute user and other felonious activities. CBS kept it together as long as they could and Sheen left them no way out with his very odd behavior. I hope he gets help and soon. I’ll bet CBS does too.

      • R.M.M.

        Well jay the first thing for him to do is to recognize the problem,This thing is out of control but he doesn’t know or doesn’t care.I have a problem with bipolar but I recognize it and taken care for it.Personally I’m sick and tired of people judging people.Maybe he doesn’t know what to do or how to do it.This is out of his control and he’s in completely in denial I think that he should get help so he could get his life back and as for everybody don’t judge because it could be one or ten of your HAVE A NICE EVENING AND GOD BLESS YOU

      • Tom

        Charlie has every right to sue Warner Bros. They are not his mother and father. They are not his keepers. He never signed a contract that stated he had to be anything other than Charlie Sheen. Period. Warner Bros is going DOWN!!!

    • laneti

      such a nice man,,,CBS kept it together as long as they could and Sheen left them no way out with his very odd behavior. I hope he gets help and soon. I’ll bet CBS does too.hoho..My boyfriend thinks the same as I do. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at euagecupid.c“om a nice and free place for younger women and
      older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

    • Tom

      So basically he hurt the show’s feelings by being so crazy, and it was in Charlies best interest that the show be canceled. So we are to believe that studios have the best interest in mind of the performers and people who work for them? Anyone that was worked in this industry knows that statement to be a complete lie. Warner deserves to have it’s butt kicked in.

  • Jim

    Charlie Sheen–winning!

    • Dino


    • Glenn


    • Gwen

      No. As long as lawyers and Twitter-followers and apologists continue to excuse his behavior, they are enabling him to continue his self-destructive ways…and that means he is losing.

      • Wha’ever

        Except no-one really cares about his health. Those who yell “don’t encourage him” make me laugh. Why do you care ? This is the fact ; his self-destruction is entertaining, but if something really happens to him, only his family and those who make money on him will cry. I mean, I follow him on Twitter but if something life-threatening happens to him, I’ll just be, “meh, we saw it coming”.

    • Michael

      I’m trying to recall the last time I looked at a news source–ANY news source–and didn’t see something about this man.

  • TorontoTom

    And maybe this is THE END of the Charlie Sheen story?!? Guess not.

    • lewis

      Who cares? As long as Two and Half Men is off the air. Now we need to focus on getting Chuck Lorre’s other sh!tty shows off TV.

      • darclyte

        Big Bang Theory rules. You obviously don’t have tiger blood or Adonis DNA.

      • lewis

        “Big Bang Theory rules.” Do you know how I know you’re gay?

      • Sandra

        Lewis dear, the Big Bang Theory totally rules. And why I’m I not surprised that one of Sheen’s followers thinks that gay bashing is OK. After all anti-semtic slurs are OK.

      • Truthhurts

        Oh cmon lewis bbt is great, it gives those who have no sense of humor the illusion that they do! If not for chuck lorre what would the brain dead minions watch that lets them know something is supposed to be funny….

      • Wha’ever

        Lewis, your trolling is so lame it’s not even funny.

      • Jenna

        Lorre is a genius.

    • Bebe

      I highly doubt that 2.5 Men is going off the air. They’ll hire a replacement and let it limp along for a couple more seasons. Maybe they could hire Cloris Leachman, who did such a fine job filling in for Valerie Harper and Charlotte Rae on their shows!

      • Bebe

        Sorry … forgot that it was Sandy Duncan who filled in for Valerie Harper, and was pretty successful at it.

      • TM

        I make some outdated references myself from time to time, but this one’s a doozy!

  • Emilio Estevez

    2 for CBS/Warner and a half point for Charlie

    • em


  • strunlosji

    Charlie Sheen … haha … WHAT A WEAK LITTLE MAN …. one word sums up crackhaed Charlie .. #LOSERRRR

  • Miss Talk

    At last, we are free, at last.


  • Dan

    Team Warner Bros. Charlie is heading for a 6 feet under future

    • chuck fan

      Until now I thought maybe this was a Joaquin Phoenix type gag to get higher ratings . . . guess not

  • Player87

    Charlie Sheen is an idiot who deserves this type of treatment. He’s not all there. Good riddance man.

    • darclyte

      Duh, losing!

    • Renee


  • Antoinette

    All these rants from Sheen started when they wouldn’t let him get back to work. He wanted to work. So all this stuff about them not being able to continue on with the show is just about them controlling his off screen behavior. If anyone rules in their favor I think it will be a terrible precedent. You shouldn’t be able to decide what your employees do on their own time. He wasn’t in jail. So he could have worked. He’s been coherent on every talk show he’s been on since so he could have gone in and could have done his job. They just wouldn’t let him because he wasn’t behaving in his private life they way they wanted. The cops certainly weren’t detaining him. And he wasn’t in court ordered rehab. So what is their reasoning that he couldn’t have worked?

    • tomm

      So doing cocaine is “cool”? Go snort some, then. Sheen is trash, like most druggies.

      • Antoinette

        I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I never have. I just don’t like BS.

      • JD

        Have you never worked for a company that gave out random drug tests? Many companies fire you if you fail one. . .so where’s your point again?

      • Cyn522

        Only if you can handle it “socially”

      • Aunt Sassy

        Um, Antoinette, have you actually been watching the talk shows that he has appeared on? Coherent is not a word I would use to describe someone that seems to believe that he has tigers blood running through his veins and seems to honestly believe that you can cure addiction by flipping some invisible switch in your brain. I’ve actually watched some of the shows and what I see is someone that is mentally unstable, dellusional, and extremely manic.

        Enable much?

      • foxy

        What does it matter now that he’s “supposedly” doing cocaine – just becasue Charlie’s doing it doesn’t make it cool. The fact of the matter is, he was able to work, as he has proven repeatedly by his clear and coherent interviews, and his cocaine use was never a problem before he began insulting his bosses, who had been insulting him long before he finally fought back. Enabling or not, he was ready and able to work, and should never have been fired unless that changed. Face it everyone – Two Men was built on Charlie’s bad boy behavior, and now Lorre is just throwing a hissy fit because he doesn’t like that Charlie finally called him out on his on-air insults. Trash or no trash – the public LOVES Charlie, and he’s the one who made the entire casr and crew millions. They should be raising his salary for all the publicity they could have continued to reap, if only they would have acted like working adults, instead of a little kid who got his feelings hurt and is now taking his ball and going home. Two Men will NEVER survive without him, and anyone who thinks they can is more delusional than Charlie and his tiger blood any day of the week!

      • foxy

        And furthermore – he passed several drug tests, so your arguement about getting fired for failing a drug test is pointless…

      • Adi

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    • E

      A teacher was fired for putting up a picture of herself holding a beer on Facebook. So yeah, you can get fired for what you do on your own time.

      • Jules

        Yeah and it is a good thing ? EYEROLL

    • Steve


      Do you have a job where you can publicly call out your boss and tell the world what an a-hole he is and still be able to keep your job? Remember, Charlie may be a “Star” but he is still an employee.

      • Antoinette

        That happened AFTER they wouldn’t let him work. They’re not saying he was insubordinate. They’re saying he didn’t show up to rehearsals and that he couldn’t hit his marks and all that. But if that were the case they could have fired him long ago. They didn’t. Because they still wanted to have him as the star UNTIL he said their wives were ugly. They are firing him for the reasons you say. But that’s not what they’re saying. They’re not doing this right.

      • kerry

        You’re right. They’re firing him for insulting Lorre, but they don’t want to admit that outright. So they’re coming up with BS reasons like “moral turpitude.”

      • Aunt Sassy

        No tard, they didn’t go public with that stuff before they fired him in hopes that he would get into rehab and come back to work sane. See, what the studio has that Carlos doesn’t is a filter. They know better than to air the dirty laundry in public in hopes that Carlos would care enough about his own well being to take care of his OBVIOUS drug problem. Once he was better and could actually show up to worl – SOBER – then none of this would have been an issue. Instead, Carlos has some sort of break with reality and has decided to cut off his income despite his habit – and in a VERY public way. So, enable all you want – the FACTS are that as a representative of their product (the actual show) they have EVERY right to protect their brand – and sorry, having the face of the brand appearing all over the world looking gaunt, dirty, crazy and spewing forth all sorts of bat-sh!t crazy speak isn’t helping the brand. They have every right to let him go. He’s an employee and as such they have every right to expect loyalty – and Carlos is ANYTHING but that.

    • Isembard

      “He’s been coherent on every talk show he’s been on”…Seriously, Antoinette, how many drugs did you have to take to find Sheen coherent?

      • Antoinette

        That’s not nice. He has been. Just because he uses wording that’s interesting and/or colorful doesn’t mean he wasn’t coherent.

      • Rich Cortez

        I agree with Antoinette 100%. He’s said some very colorful things but it’s not incoherent. The idea that you can fire someone – in Hollywood of all places – because they’re eccentric is ridiculous.

      • Mike

        LOL…I was wondering that as well. If Charlie Sheen is coherent, the sky is green

      • andy

        Oh yes, by all means his statement below is TOTALLY coherent: “They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshisc— again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.”

      • Rich Cortez

        What’s so incoherent about that? All he’s saying is “They’re in breach of contract. We’re all very happy about this in my house because I don’t have to deal with the show runner, who I despise, and I never have to work on that stupid show again – all while still getting paid”.

      • conrad

        @Rich — the fact that you had to TRANSLATE what you think that Sheen “really meant” only shows that the statement is incoherent, and without any cohesion. You simply proved the point that the Terrestrial Dimension Warlock has some communication issues.

    • AB

      girl, what delusions are you operating under? And just showing up doesn’t mean you’re able to work. Wanting to work doesn’t mean you’re able to. He could be (and, it sounds like he was) high as a kite and decide, hey, I want to work. Doesn’t mean he should work while high, coming down off a high, jonesing for the next high, etc. And this is the guy you think is wonderful? get a life.

      • Antoinette

        I didn’t say he was wonderful. I just don’t think people should be fired for what they do after hours. If he was so bad way back then, I just wonder why they didn’t do anything official about it at the time. They waited to crack the whip after he insulted them publicly. That much is clear from anyone who’s been following this. They were still hoping to get milk from their cash cow at that point. They thought they could get him into the “apology-rehab-nothing ever happened” cycle that most celebrities and their publicists are happy to play along with. He didn’t play along.

      • BJG

        Well, Antoinette, are you sure Charlie was doing well on the job? Nope. That statement is a he said-she said fallacy.

        Here are some things we do know: Warner Bros. was paying some dude a deserved boat load of money for being a good performer on a top rated show. According to WB, his performance began to suffer so they asked him to get some help. Dude not only refused to get help, but made a media tour where he flaunted not getting help, but also insulted, not only the producer of the show, but the studio paying him. Oh, and then demanded a raise.

        Sorry, but you’re not going to win this one because you don’t know what he was doing “on the job.” We’ll just have to wait to see if the case actually goes to court. Then, who knows? Maybe we’ll get an answer then.

      • nob mich

        come on guys its his life give him a break its his life! Let him be as he desire.For a man you can only suggest good ways of life and not command him to do it.

      • Sophie Ann

        Antoinette: Yes you CAN get fired for what you do on your own time!!! gEEZX, DO YOU HAAVE A JOB? During these rough times, employers are finding ANYTHING so they can fire people. Take the military – if you do ANYTHING that reflects poorly on the military and the uniform you wear OFF DUTY, you can be discharged.
        WAKE UP, Toots. You, too, are living in Charie Sheen’s world filled with fantasies.

    • AcaseofGeo

      COHERENT??? By WHAT definition? He did say “Ive got tiger blood and Adonis DNA” coherently per se. But are those coherent in that they make sense????

      • Antoinette

        Per se? He wasn’t rambling or slurring his speech. He made sentences that made sense. I can’t believe that from his statements you think that he really BELIEVES that he has actual blood from a big cat in his body. He was saying that he’s awesome in very colorful language.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        Yeah. No one who has an in-joke with his friends and repeats it publicly should ever be allowed hold a job.

    • bturner

      So…you think Charlie Sheen’s behavior is acceptable? Any company has the right to dismiss an employee, and that is all he is, for such behavior. He needs to grow up. Two and a half men is one of my favorite shows. A bad precident that would be set if his employer kept him on payroll after the disrespect he has showed them. This is a shame. Charlie Sheen has put several people out of work due to his childish antics. Very Sad.

      • Antoinette

        I was under the impression that all those people who are now out of work were CBS employees. I didn’t know Charlie fired them.

      • kerry

        What about the disrespect Chuck Lorre showed Charlie in his vanity cards? Is it OK for your boss to write judgmental comments about your personal life online?

      • @ Antoinette

        Holy crap, chick. Are you even listening to yourself (or re-reading all of your posts)? You are defending this man to the point where 70+ people losing their jobs has NOTHING to do with him. What planet are you on? WB and CBS asked him to get help and he CHOSE to ignore them. Since then he has made several choices that have shown himself and the show in very negative light. And then demands a raise that he really doesn’t deserve. He may be the ‘star’ of the show, but should he get 3 mil an episode for denying that he is surrounded by a crew of competent people who make the show that brought him success?
        Get him back on set having to do all of the work himself (camera, sound, directing, mixing, editing, etc) while keeping up the ratings and then he’ll deserve that much money per ep.

      • Sophie Ann

        @Antoinette: Here’s a clue the man is out of control: TWO OF HIS KIDS WERE TAKEN FROM HIM!!! The other two little girls haven’t seen him in months, thanks to some smart parenting on their Mom.

        Yeah, go stick up for this loser. The man is obviously mentally ill. More experts upon seeing his rants have come out and have validated this. You are really…mmmm how can I say this….really naieve and stupid!! You don’t have a clue!

      • Mircat

        Yes, Atoinette, the crew are all employees but they are there because of Sheen. He’s the star of the show and the reason the show is on the air providing them all with jobs. If he isn’t there, then neither are their jobs. They are not paid full time employees of CBS who get paid whether they are crewing for a show or not. So yes, Sheen made them all unemployed. The whole world knows there is something wrong with the man except the man himself. And yes an employer has the right to say what you do or don’t do off the job. Random drug tests are given by many many companies and you use you get fired. Don’t think for a minute that a legal dept. as big as Warners/CBS must have didn’t go talk to cast and crew and ask them to be ready to testify that Sheen was unable to perform his duties on the set. You can bet money on it or that they even have proof from someone on the crew filming him while he screwed up. You wouldn’t be prez of Sheen’s fan club would you?

    • WilStuart

      Antoinette – does CS believing he was ready to go back to work hold water in your eyes? He believed he was cured of his addiction “by closing his eyes and wishing it so.” He believed trashing the Plaza Sutie was a “misunderstanding”. I’m willing to chalk up the “warlock/a$$asin/tigerblood/Adonis” dribble to his pathetic sense of humor. He believed he was “hitting all his marks” while admitting he didn’t make rehearsals. He is making up a reality divorced from facts or from personal responsibility. Many junkies will earnestly protest that they are not to blame for their plight. CS is just getting in line with those fellow “WINNERS!”

      • Antoinette

        How about if they let him on the set, let his miss his mark, and then said “You’re fired!”? That I think would be fair. But the “we don’t like the way you blinked and cured yourself, therefore we don’t think you’re able to work” method of management seems a little iffy to me. If they wanted to be professional, they should have let him on the set, let him screw up and fire him in the moment. Or they could have fired him back when he was supposedly missing his marks in the first place. Not after everything that has happened in between. That’s why to me this firing isn’t about his ability to perform, it’s about his antics since production has been closed down. If that’s the case then they should just say it. But they probably can’t for some reason.

      • BJG

        Antoinette, how do you know WB didn’t? I think you’re making assumptions that may not be correct.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Good lord Antoinette just stop. You are making yourself look as lame as Carlos himself. Who knows, maybe you are one of the “godesses” and have had enough of the kool-aide to believe what you are writing. Face it woman, he;s never going to marry you so you can stop defending him. WB and the powers that be probably gave him NUMEROUS chances to fix his behavior and when he fired his drug councelor/sobriety coach that sent them the message he wasn’t taking it seriously. By your logic the police shouldn’t set up sobriety road blocks to prevent accidents – they should just wait until someone kills a car load of innocent people by driving drunk and THEN arrest them. Seriously dolt, do you REALLY not get it?

      • Carlos

        drbrthROFL! heard about this one the other day cause I like all tyler perrys other moeivs. they r so funny! I saw another trailer for a movie called white wedding that I thought was another tperry movie but it wasne28099t. it looks good and I saw that it comes to dvd soon so i will have to check it out too! whiteweddingmovie. com

    • andrea

      What world are you living on? because here on planet earth when an employees off-hours behavor affects his employment performance the employee ABSOLUTELY has a right to not continue employment. They’re not telling Charlie he can’t sniff, snort, shoot, and bang whatever he wants — they’re just saying he has to make a choice between doing that and being employed by them. Charlie chose the loser path. But hey, at least he’s kept his dignity…

      • andrea

        Opps, typo. That should read the employER has the right to fire the employee.

      • Antoinette

        If it affects his performance sure. But they didn’t fire him when he was actually PERFORMING. I don’t know. I feel like I’m saying this clearly, why does it keep getting jumbled up with everyone? He is being fired NOW for what has gone on in the last few weeks and they are PRETENDING that it’s about what happened way back when on the set. This is the problem.

      • The Real Brett

        Antoinette, he’s being fired because of his obvious descent into self-destruction. If you’ve honestly been listening to Sheen’s blather and watching his interviews over the past two weeks, it’s painfully obvious that he’s either still using drugs (and yes, tests can be faked), or he has serious mental health issues.

      • Janie

        It sounds like they suspended production of the show because his ability to perform on the show was hindered, gave him a choice to get help, and then fired him for running his mouth off like a lunatic. So, from what I understand, this got started BECAUSE his performance on the set was affected, and not because they particularly cared about his personal life. They didn’t suspend the show in the first place for no reason, Antoinette.

    • Handsome Smitty

      It wasn’t just the producers not letting Sheen return to work: Lorrw provoked his star with his own viscious – and very public – attack with the show’s end-credits!

      That’s why Lorre/CBS will settle just before the trial starts.

      Yes, Sheen had caused the tempoary shutdown, but in fact, contrary to the Studio’s suit, they had already agreed to Sheen’s return. Then Lorre’s personal attack resulted in Sheen’s Hebrewic name-calling, and the typical Hollywood anti-semetic defense.

      Sheen – winning.

      • kate

        LOL… Oh come on. Those vanity cards were about as vicious as a 80 year old toothless toy poodle. Apparently your hero had the emotional reserves of a toddler.

    • peter

      As someone who had to work with someone who had a serious “after-hours” drug and emotional issues, I can tell you it constantly spills over into the workplace.

      Addicts are simply unable to contain their personal dramas to off hours and therefore EVERYONE in the work place suffers for it eventually. In this case, you can’t write and produce a show when you don’t know if your employee’s volunatary personal “after hours” behavior is going to cause him to not be available for hours, days, or even weeks because he’s in rehab / court / jail / the hospital / face down in his own vomit. The only thing an employer can do is cut him loose. I think this is actually the best thing that can happen to Sheen. He feels way too entitled and needs to find out about consequences.

    • lesliemd

      Didn’t you read the part where Sheen had become increasingly difficult to work with while ON the set? If he’s showing up late, not hitting his marks, not memorizing his script and not showing up for rehearsals, that’s not living up to your contract. Even he admitted during a rant that he didn’t go to “practice.”. Well, that practice is essential to getting a show ready to be shot.

      Hey, Charlie – even your beloved baseball players go to practice. You can’t Win unless you practice. But a serial woman-abuser couldn’t possibly be a winner, so what’s the question? Duh!

    • Trudie

      He’s been “coherent”? Seriously?

    • Dave

      You call what’s in that video clip coherent? You need a new dictionary.

    • Jenna

      Of course they can tell him how to behave in his “private” life. He is their product and his behavior affects their ratings. Why do you think morals clauses exist? Because the studios have a vested monetary interest in their stars.

      Get a clue…

    • caroline

      Being on TV – he made is choice to be in the public eye. So what he does in his off camera actions most definately effects each and every person associated with the show. If he wants to kill himself with coke – he should have chosen another profession.

    • Tony The Tiger

      Antoinette, I think your definition of “coherent” differs from the commonly accepted one.

    • jcjcjc

      Antionette, if you consider raving about “Adonis DNA and Tiger Blood” coherent, then I don’t think I want to work for you…The guy is clearly about to blow himself out completely. And hey, anyone recognize a meth head when they see one? He looks like the Cryptkeeper.

    • chantoozysuzy

      “He’s been coherent…”???? Which interviews have you been watching? Check out the latest Sheen’s Korner if you want to see a (thin, ravaged) person in freefall.

  • PapaSheen

    Hey, Charlie, I look younger than you! Your face reflects the last couple of months.

    • kim

      that was not nice! maybe he won’t to look old.

  • tomm

    No studio can insure him, so he will be doing bottom of barrell crap. Eventually, the masses will move on to the next big scandal.

    Expect a “leaked sex tape” very soon after!

    • Mephysto

      As opposed to what he was doing before?..

    • Jo

      Ugh . . . I would not watch that

      • lauren


    • WilStuart

      Good point. Y’know Paris Hilton has been out of the headlines for a while. Hmmm…..

    • NAT

      You wish..seriously get a life, anyway sex-tape BS is old stuff yeah even more when you want to be scandalous, well in ANY case actually..”HAS BEEN” ideas guy but if you enjoy it..go..pathetic but it is your pathetic interest after all..sigh..

    • jcjcjc

      Ding! This is the major issue at this point. They didn’t fire him two years ago when they should have, because I guess attempting to injure your wife is okay by studio standards…But now, he’s admitted to drug use, prostitue use, all those completely risky behaviors that NO insurer is going to take on. They could not have re-employed him, even if they WANTED to, unless they were willing to pay the claims he caused/filed themselves…

  • Steve

    What I don’t find surprising is that like most people that are or are on the verge of losing their job, Sheen comes up with a load of excuses as to how he will return, that nothing he has done is wrong. Poor Charlie got bigger than himself. He had people around him and his family that could have stopped this, but like any big star there is never anyone to not only say stop but actually take action. They do not want to upset the money train. I would be interested to see if he has any financial responsibilty to the staff and crew of the show.

  • Jayson

    Unfortunate but necessary. Hey Sheen, I speak from experience, its time to simplify your life, start by declaring war on your ego. Always move toward the light. Break out of the Hollywood trap man. Best of luck to you!

  • ice castle

    I’m sure that there was a lot going on on that set that no one has spoke of. I’m of the belief that Warner Brothers is in the right. Poor Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer (and all the rest of the cast and crew) probably had to put up with an awful lot the past few months.

  • @Antoinette

    Obviously you have never been in the presence of an addict when they are using. Worked? Seriously? The man could hardly stay upright. If you are an employer, you have to have the right to say when enough is enough – they gave him plenty of chances.

    • kronos

      It sounds like you read yesterday’s NY Times article too? I was surprised that he admitted that they designed the show’s set so he would always have something nearby for support because he would sometimes have trouble standing on his own.

      • connor

        Oh I know! I just shook my head when I read that. Sheen pretty much GAVE them everything they needed. Why do you think his PR guy walked out? Because he knew that Sheen was going to continue to shoot his mouth off and dig himself into early retirement.

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