Losing: Why Charlie Sheen was fired

How did Charlie Sheen lose the highest-paid acting job in TV? There wasn’t just one reason, according to a letter sent by Two and a […] Read the full post.

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  • Sanity Wins

    Finally, CBS/Warner shows some balls.
    Good riddance to charlie, the Loser.

    • 21/2 fan

      find someone else to play Charlie
      Harper how hard can the role be? Gilbert Gottfreid could pull it off

  • Hun

    Antoinette, his behavior affected his performance on the set and strained relationships with the professionals who also have to work on the show with him. The studio was willing to continue the show AS LONG AS he got professional help with his problems. He did not and stayed home and fired the person hired to assist him. Instead of manning up and trying to get better, he became an egotistical tornado of trash and destruction.

    He did it to himself.

  • Misspriss_1

    Finally!! Now can we talk about doing a show with the rest of the cast and a replacement?? I’m all for giving John Stamos a chance…. Or ANYBODY else besides Charlie Sheen!!

    • kerry

      Get real. The show is over without Charlie.

  • tim

    So a guy took a few drugs. This is nothing CHRISTIAN BALE PUNCHED HIS OWN MOTHER IN THE FACE> And hey hes still the BEST ACTOR ON EARTH.

    • Elly

      Well i love Christian but yeah Charlie is certainly not the only actor who has demons..and who screws up in public..well he is the one who chose to show it in a big bravado sensational fashion all over the medias..we will see how he goes from that now..i want to see him in other movie or tv projects we will if he can do it..

  • Cyn869

    Anyone remember when Charlie Sheen didn’t want to renew his contract in the first place for this season and next? Perhaps all of this crap was a ploy for him to bough out. He felt that the character and show had no where else to go….looks like he finally got what he wanted!

    • John C.

      For two million an episode you suck it up even if you are miserable.

    • Mikey M

      Yet he still deposited the money to his bank account and then sucked up his nose.
      Used that money for hookers too.

  • Astrid7659

    Well about time he got his can fired. Some of us working stiffs would not been so lucky for such a long time, we would have been fired right away. Maybe he can now make a living as a “pimp” for his Goddesess.

  • bulletnose

    “Good Time Charlie” has just been handed his expiration date – Now it’s just a matter a time.
    And look, the missing kid on the carton – Got Sheen’s face on it.

  • Anthony

    It was inevitable and if Charlie does not get some serious help soon, it will be a terminal end for him. It’s both sad and pathetic to see a person in his financial position self-destruct in front of thousands of people.

    I wonder if this guy has any real friends or is he so far out there that no one can bring him back from the abyss. Good luck Charlie, you really need it.

    • Jenna

      Where the hell are his father and brother? Seems like Martin and Emilio should be stepping into help about now.

      • Rowl

        They already spoke up when this started and requested that he get help, shortly after which Charlie agreed to seek rehab. They only released a single, simple statement because they have more class than that.

      • Fridge

        I think too that after awhile with so many stints in rehab, you don’t know what else to do. Martin’s made statements that support his son, but after awhile what else can you do? I don’t know want to say they should wash their hands of Charlie, but if he doesn’t want the help, if he doesn’t think he needs any help because in his mind he doesn’t have a problem–what are you supposed to do for him?

  • Jenny

    Hooray for CBS for taking a stand against this obviously eratic and unstable individual. I just hope others will not reward his behavior by giving him another show.

  • stevie g

    i cannot believe how naive you people are…you all really think that CBS and Warner brothers are going to cancel a show and/or fire the star of the top rated sitcom of the last seven years (if not the whole decade)? Really?

    they are just saying this to cover themselves in case this clown really does kill himself, they can claim the moral high ground…as someone earlier said, if they didnt fire him before (for the morals clause) when he was beating up women and doing massive amounts of blow they shouldnt get all high and mighty now…he is who he has been.

    All that said, I’m sure (if i were charlie) that i would come on sites like this and imbd.com and laugh at everyone all talking about me (and yes i realize that right now it means me as well)…the guy has made around 50 million dollars over the past two years, and there is no way he can go through all that this fast. you can say what you want, his acting never suffered (not that his character was too much of a stretch by any means) and he wanted to work, which his ridiculous statements actually prove up to this last week. They cant sue him for breach so he gets to keep his money, maybe make a small apology in late august and come back and make 2 million more an episode next year while the show gets its highest ratings ever

    • MM

      Two and a Half Men might be a top-rated show, but it’s just one show, and they’re already making money off it in syndication. Chuck Lorre’s got current and future stuff to produce for them. Charlie insisted they choose, and of course they’re going to choose the guy they can count on to continue producing for them reliably. That ain’t Charlie.

    • Jenna

      Uh… they can sue him for breach. There is a morals clause, or something close to it, that Charlie violated over and over again. That is enough to sue him if they so choose. I’m betting they wont though because its just more bad publicity and I’m sure CBS just wants to move on.

  • Ted

    I’m about Sheen-ed out. Here’s what should happen: Sheen should hook up with Lohan, and they should have Luke Wilson take his place on that show. They’ll only have to pay him a fraction.

  • Henri M.

    Two and a Half Men is an awful show. So none of this really matters.

  • Dave

    Sheen sucks and it’s time to clean up this bs on prime-time tv . The prerecorded laughter played while charlies spews of sexual bull is ridiculous . For America to uphold this person really tells the mental health of the general public .

    • Kat

      People have said the exact same thing about new forms and styles of entertainment for centuries. Relax.

  • Gabi

    Oh I can’t wait to see The E!True Hollywood Story for this!

  • Mikey M

    Anyone posting on here knows that if you showed up to work late all the time, couldn’t do your job and were intoxicated or drugged out, you would be fired. No use picking sides but his actions speak louder then rules. He destroyed his film career and now he is doing the same to his TV career.
    What’s next, Infomercials?

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