Charlie Sheen's 'final' Webcast taunts CBS as his viewership drops

Charlie Sheen taunted CBS and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre during his promised “final” Webcast on Tuesday night.

Compared to last night’s disjointed episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” in which the fired broadcast star looked alarmingly frazzled, Sheen was more focused and composed this evening. He seemed to stick to a prepared script stuffed with his wildly metaphoric wordplay as he bashed his perceived enemies.

“What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal,” said the self proclaimed “Malibu Messiah,” then later added: “How’s last night’s 2.8 in the demo feel?” referring to the rating received by CBS for Monday’s repeat of Two and a Half Men.

Fans may finally be getting weary of Sheen’s rants. The counter on the Sheen’s Korner video stream averaged less than 60,000 viewers. Sheen’s first scheduled Webcast on Saturday night peaked at a reported 100,000 (last night’s Men repeat, by the way, drew 10.2 million).

Sheen bashed CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves (“you gave me your word, so you gave me nothing”) and Lorre (“you picked a fight with a warlock” was probably the least offensive example), while seeming to give a pass to Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth (“your heart was always rooted in fairness… show your courage, come dance in my gold”).

But it was Sheen’s appearance and demeanor that was likely a focal point for many. After the actor drew alarmed headlines for yesterday’s solo Webcast, it was a relief to see Sheen looking at least sorta-kinda normal — even if his intense spite and near-nonsensical rhetoric remained. Sheen always claimed he could pull himself together and stick to the script when working on Two and a Half Men. Tonight, the star’s audience reduced to a tiny fraction of what he drew on his hit show, Sheen demonstrated he could once again deliver his lines — if only viewers were still laughing with him.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen says Rob Lowe should replace him on Two and a Half Men

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  • John C.

    Enough. It’s not funny or entertaining now. He’s a sick guy. He’s for real sick.

    • DavidJ

      Agreed. I must admit I got a kick out of his nutty comments on Twitter at first, but now… it’s just freakin sad to watch.

      • BigBOO

        My balls itch…

      • BigBOO

        …which leads me to think Chuck has Syphilis. That could explain everything!

      • K

        same here. I hope he gets better.

      • Ace

        Still #WINNING

      • Grumpster

        sexyrosecxc – the spammers are thick today.

      • Jaded

        So embarassed that he’s wearing a Cincinnati Reds shirt. He’s not worthy!

    • Pauly D

      Charlie your the man forget about the negative feed back you are awsome, im glad you are still winning after being fired stay strong an positive your are an asset not a liability .

      • Ian

        Wow. I’m sure he’s glad he has the support of the illiterates out there…

      • heyman29323

        “Still winning after being fired” How’s he winning. Lost his job, his publicist and his kids and all credibility in one week. Is he winning because all of his money, which he will blow through fast enough. I guarantee you and I are happier than him. I’m not sure who’s being more dishonest with themselves, you or him. You really don’t believe he’s winning or happy, do you?

      • JennyR

        What Ian said. Haha!

      • Aristotle

        He is winning heyman29323 because he is sticking to his principles. Something you obviously know nothing about you lemming.

      • Michael

        @Aristotle Being mentally ill is not sticking to your principles.

      • chacha

        @Aristotle…when your principles are nothing more than rancid body waste, sticking to them may be inevitable but still a stupid thing to do.

      • kerry

        Michael, lots of mentally ill people in Hollywood let themselves be used and abused without uttering a word in their own defense. Charlie made a LOT of money for Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. Now they want to throw him away claiming moral turpitude. Give me a break! I’m glad that Charlie speaking out, but I also want him to get help.

      • Teem Sheener

        “HEY YOU” he’s WINNING because he makes more in a week than you will make in your entire, pointless life. Now why don’t you go phone the Queen of England and tell her how much her life sucks, while you steep in your own acidic urine, you basement-dwelling, pizza-box collector?

      • @Teem Sheener.

        Your comment sounds like it was written by Charlie Sheen. It has that abusive tone that an egotistical moron like Charlie would use.

      • carmen

        I gotta agree, just keep your head up n do Wat Charlie gotta do…we love you Charlie

      • Garry

        Sheen got nothing from Chuck Lorre?
        He got a $1 million paycheck a week, for reciting lines written for him by others. How is that nothing?

      • Grumpster

        Charles Manson is winning too, by Sheen’s standards.



      • Rashy

        You are all a bunch of trolls!!! Let Charlie be Charlie, judge away you useless morons.

    • annie

      Charlie is just giving the people what the media would have given us instead of talking about him did anyone try talking to him.

      • Devin Faraci

        He’s a complete idiot. And so are his fans. Knuckle-dragging, drooling morons.

    • tallted

      I loved it. It was the best thing since Hunter S Thomposon

      • John

        Yeah, and we all know how that ended.

      • T

        and we all know how THAT turned out….

      • sue

        I really wish people would stop comparing him to Hunter Thompson. The only similarity between the two is their desire to self-destruct.

      • anonymous

        Sue, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson suffered from severe depression and committed and long planned suicide. Charlie Sheen is killing himself on live TV. I have a great sense of humour, but try to stay centred on the big picture of what is really going on here?
        You must be intelligent; if you are of fan of Hunters. Please try to use that here.

      • anonymous

        Sorry, not for Sue – but for the tallted. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson suffered from severe depression and committed and long planned suicide. Charlie Sheen is killing himself on live TV. I have a great sense of humour, but try to stay centred on the big picture of what is really going on here?
        You must be intelligent; if you are of fan of Hunters. Please try to use that here.

      • tallted

        WTF? He committed suicide because GW got re-elected and he lost all hope for intelligent life in America. I only care about the part before that and from the sounds of it Charley has a few good years left. Hunter lost the fire but I still have hope for Charley. If he is going nuts lets at least enjoy the good parts!

      • zweiosterei

        It will be so winning to see Charlie using a Gilligan’s hat, aviator glasses, and of course a cigarette holder.

    • b

      I don’t know how anyone can stand to listen to him. Aside from the verbal diarrhea, this guy has such a grating voice.

    • S.D.

      Yep, very sad, IMO. He needs help and he’s surrounded by people who won’t giv it to him…

      • L

        That’s WHY they are around him — he won’t let those who CAN help him around.

    • jaycee

      I second that. I’ll take the under on something or someone intervening within a month.

    • lrsky

      I am a FORMER, fan, now ready to move on. He messed up a gig that only a spoiled Hollywood BRAT could even imagine having.
      What a nimrod—Warlock…Dumbass is more nearly right….when he regains, if he ever does, some semblance of normalcy, he’ll say, “I did WHAT?”

      Hire Rob Lowe, he’d be perfect and do it for less money…a true WIN/WIN for fans and CBS.

      Go’way Chaz

      • kerry

        He’s an addict and possibly mentally ill. Now you hate him because you no longer find him entertaining. Have some compassion. Geez…

      • Johnnie

        Yes let’s hire the loser who makes sex tapes with underage girls

      • Teem Sheener

        Hey Irsky, what the hell are you? You have a PHD in accessing the mental stability of actors with 25 years experience in the biz via short videos which he is in full control?
        I suggest you practice staring in the mirror, pointing at it, and yelling “LOSER” at the top of your lungs until you begin to understand your sorry life predicament.

      • Zakry

        The point of this article is Charlie has warn out his welcome. Finally!

        I was almost as entertained by the fact that all of the Charlie supporters here seem to be having trouble stringing together a coherent sentence! Coincidence? Nah.

    • Patrick

      CBS cares…rofl

    • caleb

      As a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, I’m just horrified that he’s wearing a Reds shirt. They are better than that!

    • sfday

      Maybe he should go to Haiti. Hard work and a jolt of reality can be good for people with bipolar disorder.

      • Sarah

        Actually, Lithium is good for people with Bipolar disorder. It’s rather difficult to jolt someone back into reality when they are chemically imbalanced.

    • Shakespeare

      Please go away. Preferably far away.

    • Lily

      Agree. For real sick. Very very sick. Very very sad.

    • Christopher

      I’m sure Nike was digging the product placement in Sheen’s Warlock garb…

    • Carlos

      Charlie Sheen will be dead soon. Good riddance to this fool with all the money in the world and he’s still unhappy.

    • Carlos

      Anyone who encourages his webshows and his rants are empty friends. They should be making sure he keeps his mouth closed, as opposed to letting him to continue his tirades, which only serve to sink him further. He clearly needs help, not a bunch of enablers.

    • cyndi reed

      I have been watching two and a half men since season one. Do the fans have a voice. Yes, Charlie needs help, but as a fan, I want to see the finale episodes with Charlie in them. Put aside your egos and greed and work it out! I haven’t been watching for several years to be left hanging in the wind! It is not fair to the fans!

    • Earl

      Yup, you’re right. Everyone thought it was amusing for a while, but now Sheen’s antics are just tiresome. Hes becoming a bad comedy skit that doesn’t know when to quit. The joke was made some time ago. Lets move on and stop enabling him.

  • jeff

    C’mon live internet suicide. (For Charlie Sheen only. Anyone else, get help.)

    • Steven

      That’s the first thing I thought when I read the headline. I hate Charlie, but I hope he doesn’t do that.

      • Sam

        You hate him ? Seriously ? For pete’s sake you don’t know the guy, just his media or fictional persona and now maybe his meltown media persona, in other words you don’t know him AT ALL like i don’t know him also so i don’t make judgments about his person.

      • Chuck

        Charlie would never kill himself, he’s too narcissistic.

      • Zakry

        Sam – that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard! We make decisions on favorable or not favorable all the time! SO DO YOU! The man can say he hates Charlie Sheen without knowing him! He feels the way he feels. I’m sure Charlie doesn’t care.

    • dana

      I agree with Steven. I clicked on this article thinking it was about a suicide threat. He’s certainly shown himself to be unstable enough. I hope someone is keeping an eye on him.

    • shelly

      live suicide? you are the nasty mouse guts I saw smashed on the ground entering the NYC subway today. No, you are the poo in the mouse’s intenstines that were not even worth releasing upon his death. Why dont you go die? people like you should. and for the one that hates sheen who cares about you. you people are demented, you are reading and watching him so you are commenting but then you decide oh, enough entertainment for you so why no kill the guy. you fascists pieces of mouse doo doo.

      • Nate

        Shhhh… It’s quiet time now Shelly.

      • steve

        shut up Shelly, or Charlie Sheen will beat you like beat his wife.

      • G. Hovah

        Tell us what you REALLY think, Shelly!

    • Jason S.

      Why would Charlie ever commit suicide. HE lives with porn stars. He has more money then he can possibly spend!!He is living his life exactly how he wants it!! It is only the small sminded society that has a problem with it!!! LEt’s say he was mentally ill, you’re cheering him on to commit suicide. You’re a sick, sick man! Even if it’s just a joke you’re a sick sick person!!!

      • John

        Right. Lots of money, living with porn stars (that he admits he pays for them to be there)… that’s the life.
        How old are you, twelve?

      • Jason S.

        No just honest and not afraid to admit I’m jealous of his lifestyle. If he wants to live with porn stars that is his right! I love how everyone assumes there small minded morals are the majority. If I had Sheen’s money I would live my life exactly the way he does. Do what you want when you want! As long as no one is getting hurt! To me that’s what freedom is.

      • @Jason S.

        Having to pay someone to have sex with you is the lifestyle you want? Wanting to live with skanky porn “stars” is “freedom” to you? Don’t you think Charlie’s 5 children are being hurt by their father’s behavior?
        Charlie is a middle-aged man who got fired from his job, had his children taken away from him, is surrounded by leachers who are only with him for his money and will dump him as soon as the money is gone.
        I hope you never get enough money to live the sad lifestyle of Charlie Sheen.

      • Beth

        Hell live and party on until he runs out of money or kills himself. Something tells me he’ll run out of money first, he seems indestructable. I think he must be bi-polar or something. Does he not have a lawyer or a family member that can knock sense into him?

      • Ian

        @ Jason — You’re jealous of a guy whose brain is fried, just lost the best job on TV, lost his kids, and also lost over $50 million in pay for a season (+8 episodes) of a show he won’t be around for? Not to mention he’s lost pretty much any chance to get more work as no one’s going to want to deal with this kind of headache. And you’re jealous of it? He’s ill, but his supporters who think all of this is “cool” are stone cold morons.

      • Rashy

        @Ian and your a stone cold doucher still living in mommy’s basement.

      • Ian

        Really? Because the mortgage on this house has my name and my wife’s name on it. Plus, my mother lives in a different city. Maybe the rash in your name is making you delusional???

      • Luck

        Porn stars who scattered like roaches while he lay on the floor after 911 was called, sold every possible shred of information about him (like how he lasted seconds in bed) to the media and have had sex with over 170 men sound like the exact kind of women to settle down with.

  • joblo

    I hope “final” isn’t something more ominous. This guy needs help.

    • 4rocket

      Yeah… I thought the exact same thing upon reading this headline, like he’s subliminally telling us goodbye to this world in general. Perhaps it’s just my imagination in overdrive, especially since I’ve been watching Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” video, and my mind has been stuck on the subject of suicide as of late (watching the Sheen saga unfold on a daily basis doesn’t help), but I don’t think I would be so alarmed if he termed this his ‘last’ broadcast instead of his ‘final’ one, which sounds so terminal. I hope my fears are unfounded.

  • sassysue

    I’m thinking the same thing. Suicide. Hope not really hope not

  • Rick

    He’s going to tell all you suckers “You were punked!”

    • Ian

      We were punked? He’s the one who lost $57 million, the best acting gig on TV, and his kids. How are we the ones being punked?

      • Jason S.

        He may have lost $57 million but guess what he doesn’t need it!!! There comes a point when all the money in the world doesn’t mean anything if you have to swallow evryone’s else’s crap. There is a point where pride is more important then money and Sheen has obviously reached that point. He thinks the material is crap. He doesn’t need that money. He doesn’t need that job. It will not change his lifestyle. It really just cramps his lifestyle. He has what they call F-You money! That is why he is winning. This is all an obvious attempt to get out of a contract he doesn’t want!!

      • @Jason S.

        If Charlie doesn’t need money then why is he charging companies to mention them on twitter? Why did he ask for $3 million an episode to come back to Two and 1/2 Men?

      • Ian

        Jason, you’re a dumbass. Seriously, a major dumb ass. If he wanted out of the contract, then why would he sue them for firing him? I thought the big question here was how someone could be as insane as he is, but it’s a bigger question to ask how someone could be as dumb as you to think he’s cool for it. Either way he’s also lost his kids and any chance at being employed for along time, and probably ever. No insurance company will insure him for a production, therefore NOBODY will be offering him any sort of acting job. Kidless, jobless, strung out on drugs, and according to a lot of reports, not as far from penniless as he’d have you believe. But again, you’re not that bright, so it probably all still sounds like an improvement over the life you’re living. I can definitely say I’d rather be than Sheen right now and any day of the week.

  • RD

    Well lets see, he’s pretty much embarrassed himself as much as anybody can, maybe his ‘advisors’ around the pool finally went home, except for his 2 bimbo girlfriends of course who will hang around do coke and drink with him. Says he’d finish the season for half rate is a sign the Charlie ‘camp’ is in trouble. Get help Charlie, you’re talented wealthy and still have some good looks about ya. too bad there’s only mush between the ears

    • Fred Sanford

      Those are paid girl friends! The best kind….

      • EW

        No kidding. When you get tired of them, they go away and you can trade up for some hot young piece of a$$

      • Jason S.

        Also you know what marriage is: Legalized prostitution! And much more expensive then hookers.

      • Ian

        Jason, that’s only when someone marries your mom. If you marry an actual woman, it’s entirely different.

  • Fred

    Charlie Sheen is a great actor and right now he needs to hear encouraging comments.

    • heyman29323

      No actually he needs someone to stand up to him and tell him it’s not okay to have disdain for the rest of us, not okay to party instead of take care of your family, and not okay to piss away everything, talent, money and family that was handed to him on a silver platter his whole life. Yes he’s talented but that doesn’t make it okay to act like a complete ass to the people around him and the world

      • T

        Thank you….

    • kdizzydaze

      really? so you’d say the same for say, Sarah Palin or George Bush?
      If so, bully for you. If not, F off and go blow yourself.

  • TheBride

    He needs to stop whining and be grateful for all his has. Children are being blown up at the moment in Lybia.

    • Qaddafi

      Sounds like a fun time! Am I right?!

    • L


  • Brett

    Charlie, if you need a break come down to Australia for a couple of weeks. You are more than welcome with me and my family

    • annie

      hey thats a great idea charlie come to fishtown and spend a week we will wake u right up lol

    • TC

      I hope he takes you up on that….and stays there.

  • Jude

    This is more entertaining than any episode two and half men

    • ed mcman

      You are correct sir.

  • Glenn

    Two and a Half Brain Cells

    • mister ed


  • Arlene

    Charlie Sheen….the people around you are NOT your friends. They are users and Yes men. This is all now very sad. I hope it’s not too late to get help.

    • Anna

      I totally agree, he’s surrounded by enablers and sycophants are standing idly by while he continues of this path of self destruction. With friends like that who needs enemies. I hope it’s not too late for him to get help too, not just for himself but his children and anyone else who loves him.

  • David

    Geez, if they hadn’t fired him yesterday, they sure would have fired him after that long awful rant.

  • Brady

    it’s not sad he’s winning.

    • Ian

      Winning what? He lost over $50 million in pay, his children, and a great gig. What do you think he’s winning???

    • heyman29323

      Why because it’s a funny sound bite. Grow up

      • Over it

        It’s not in the least bit funny. It’s only funny if you’re an idiot. Or someone who enjoys watching another person with a mental illness suffer.

  • Nancy

    Somebody needs to find a psychiatrist that is willing to have Charlie committed. Now! What is wrong with his handlers and family. This has gone beyond amusing.

    • beyotch

      Nancy…read any Nancy Drew books lately? Are you under 200 lbs? Glad you have it all figured out. My gut says you’re with extra gerth and your husband is laying the bushes to keep from cheating on you.

      • Over it

        It sounds like you are an immature child who doesn’t understand mental illness. Even better you’re probably just one of the many mooching “friends” who only enables Charlie’s behavior. I’m sure they all “troll” the internet for stories on him. Since they clearly have no lives but living off of a mentally ill man who needs help and real friends. Not excuses and sci-fi nicknames.

      • beyotch

        I’m no moocher.cough lol. Made my own way with my college degree.Do you have of those outside your gold digging ambitions? Feel sorry for you dumb beyotches….looks fade..dumbass is forever..

      • chris

        beyotch: why are you pounding on Nancy? she didn’t say anything out of line. Your attitude sounds like that of someone frustrated by the small size of their reproductive organ.

      • laughing

        Look! It’s the warlock and his posse, sitting around with their laptops and blasting away at anything and everything. Instead of supporting his high speed crack train hurtling toward an early death, you should be finding a way to help him. But wait, that would cut off your meal ticket.

      • @beyotch is an idiot

        My gut says that you are a pathetic troll.

      • JO

        A&& w..winny winning!

    • Teem Sheener

      Yet you keep watching, and commenting. Bow before your Paternal symbol, you simple bleating sheep! Your middle-class moral system works when you’re pointing accusing fingers at your underage impregnated daughters, but they shrivel up and point at you when you try to aim them at Charlie Sheen.

      • @Teem Sheener

        Your attempt to imitate Charlie Sheen is getting lame.

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