Charlie Sheen's latest Webcast: The saddest performance of his career

At this point, there’s nothing particularly newsworthy about Charlie Sheen‘s rants. But his new video is so dramatic and striking in its pathos, it’s hard not to comment on how utterly sad and unprecedented it is.

The most recent brief and disturbing “Sheen’s Korner” video shows the actor, who was fired on Monday from his hit series Two and a Half Men, looking disheveled, thin, and agitated, smoking and jerking the conversation from one topic to another. Sheen spends the video talking to his associate “Bob” (who apparently doesn’t know he’s being streamed on the Web) on a speakerphone. The associate is by turns flattering Sheen and awkwardly trying to play along, and the transparency of that relationship is disheartening too.

“What’s not to love, it’s my life — winning!” Sheen says, occasionally dipping off screen to drink from a bottle whose label he covers. “Keep in mind anytime I roll something out my plan is the best plan in the room. And people are starting to realize that. That their plan is s–t and my plan is gold. Walk into my plan and they’re going to win, win, win … winner-winner Sheen dinner!” etc., etc.

Never in the history of Hollywood has a celebrity downfall been so meticulously publicly documented — initially to our stunned amusement, then to our growing horror. It feels as if a street corner addict were given millions of dollars, millions of fans, and a webcam. The fan reactions below the video tell you all you need to know: “AWWW SOMEBODY THAT’S CLOSE TO HIM PLEASE GET to his HOME and HELP Him!” wrote one.

There’s been plenty of debate on the message boards about how much Charlie Sheen coverage is too much, and there’s debate behind the scenes, too. This story has been, and remains, extraordinary — in its business implications for a broadcast network’s top-rated show, and in the celebrity drama of a major star burning out in a spectacular fashion. But with Monday’s episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” which streamed on a night when fans are used to watching Sheen make them laugh on CBS, he’s turned his implosion into an online creepshow, and the most humane instinct was to turn him off.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen’s online viewership drops as “final” Webcast taunts CBS

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  • James

    The commenters still popping up everywhere still claiming he’s awesome aren’t helping anything either. He always looked like a headcase, never worth admiring or defending.

    • Dude

      Why would you do either? People should just let Charlie Sheen be Charlie Sheen. Just because he was someones meal ticket to success does not mean they have a right to control every aspect of his life.

      You, however, always had the power to push the off button or channel changer on your television.

      That you would admire or defend him is the real story. What a sad case when people judge others they do not even know.

      • sfday

        People are CONCERNED about Charlie Sheen, he’s clearly manic and an addict – look at the toll on his once handsome face, and for him to believe that he’s winning and his plan is the best in the room in the face of him losing his job is just plain scary and sad. He needs help.

      • Sol

        I agree with you Dude!!!

      • @ dude

        You’re judging him too, positively it seems, and you don’t know him. He is no one’s meal ticket to success. CBS seemed to be making some money before T & 1/2 M, and Chuck Lorre had produced hit shows before Sheen’s. Their concern for him was reasonable and expected.

      • UhmmmWhoCares

        I like how everyone gets pissed on forums at other people when it’s not even something relevant. Who gives a f*** about what charlie sheen does in his OWN life? anyone who cares enough to call out other people or rant about how good or bad charlie sheen is, is a moron. instead of deciding FOR sheen if he is winning or not (in your biased, naive opinions. oh wait, i forgot you know more about charlie sheen than he does), how about you do something productive? A college education is a good start. and ps i’m already awaiting the stupid-ass comment that says ‘but youre also commenting on this forum’ so don’t waste your breath because odds are you must fall into the ‘moron’ category listed above, so please do us all a favor and shut the f*** up. thank you.

      • Ran

        Clearly Sheen appeals to crackheads and meth tweakers everywhere, who in their own lucid moments are celebrating him as King of Losers. What amazes me is the pack of enablers that follow Sheen around; I’m sure they’re all getting paid, and his lawyers too. They will bleed Sheen dry, and once the money is gone Sheen will just be another tweaker passed out behind the Gas and Sip.

      • BigBOO

        Charlie Sheen was so LAST WEEK. Bored now. Didn’t car for his movies (the first Major League was OK though) and certainly wouldn’t lower myself to watch that insipid sitcom either. Maybe that’s it – the mindlessness of “Two and a Half Men” drove him insane! Doesn’t say much for the brainpower of that portion of Americans who watched that show either, does it?

      • amitav

        Thank you! You have it right.

      • nick

        Charlie Sheen is and was no one’s meal ticket. He is nothing more than another Hollywood actor who was lucky enough to get a gig by some big shots who gave him the chance and he pissed all over it and blew for himself, his family and anyone who care about him. I don’t.

      • nick

        What “Ran” said is spot on. Tweakers on the street have more motivation than he does to clean himself up, and that’s what he looks like, a high-paid tweaker. I know people who spent some time in prison for less than what Charlie Sheen has done. That would do him some good, a stint in prison for a few years to truly contemplate his winningness.

      • Kattie

        It’s delusional thinking from people like Dude and Sheen himself that are going to lead to Charlie’s tragic early death. How sad for you both!

      • JaySin420

        Well he was a drug addict before they hired him, so the network got exactly what they deserved.

      • Ian

        Just because you say someone’s a moron for pointing out the hypocrisy of your post, doesn’t make it so. You cared enough to read the article and then judge other who did the same as beneath you? Wow. You make almost as much sense as Sheen does. Just because people are intrigued by this ongoing story and curious about what’s going with him, doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they care. I certainly have some concern for the children at stake in this obvious insanity, but aside from that, it’s nothing more than curiosity that draws me to these Sheen stories. Being on the site of a publication like EW already means you have an interest in something that’s not really important at all, i.e. ENTERTAINMENT. Get over yourself. I have 3 college degrees? How many do you have? If have one, I’d consider pursuing legal action against whatever school stole your money and gave you the education that produced the grammatical disaster you posted above. “anyone who cares enough to call out other people or rant about how good or bad charlie sheen is, is a moron. instead of deciding FOR sheen if he is winning or not (in your biased, naive opinions. oh wait, i forgot you know more about charlie sheen than he does), how about you do something productive?” — Anyone who cares enough to call out other people or rant about how good or bad the commenter is, is an even bigger moron. Since you obviously know them LESS than anyone here knows Sheen, thanks to his constant public display of his insanity. “how about you do something productive?” — Productive? You mean like your idiotic rant above? No thanks. Your idea of productive is anything but…And again, pointing out that you’re doing the exact same thing your whining and moaning about doesn’t make them a moron. You can throw that lame little disclaimer in there to try and make people feel like they can’t possibly call you out for being an idiot, but it doesn’t work. You’re an idiot.

      • Ian

        BTW, above post is directed at “UhmmmWhoCares” (who obviously cares and can’t even spell UMMMM right…).

      • nick

        Haha. Thanks, Ian, I didn’t have the energy to write that, but I wanted to. Spot on!

      • DaddyGot’himthejob

        How many times have we seen it. An actors son/daughter gets the big time handed to him on a silver platter, then blows it all? This is sadly, very common place. There are literally thousands of promising actors and actresses that never get in the lime light because it isn’t handed to them on a silver platter. I’m wondering how his poor father, who worked so hard to become famous, feels about now.

      • StillTheMan

        Do your thing Charlie. They cant replace you. People loved a “show” about a rich guy addicted to hookers and booze. But not real life?? Its the number one show on tv. But now we all hate you for being…um….you?!? WHATEVER

      • @stilltheman

        The show is one of the worst sitcoms on TV, which is saying A LOT. Just because it’s successful doesn’t mean it’s even remotely good. American Idol is hugely successful, but when is the last time someone from that show was called a great musician? It’s been the same joke over and over again for a decade. Good riddance to bad TV.

      • nick

        The point is his “thing” happens to be illegal. Why do tweakers on the street go to jail and an overpaid hollywood brat can talk about it on tv with immunity? Pretty f’d up.

      • Everyday American


        Even though Charlie is fond of using the word, he’s the troll, and he’s trolling y’all!!! I can’t believe people don’t see this. The guy’s vocabulary sounds like reading a message board, with all the “for the win” and calling critics “trolls.” I think it’s one big piece of performance art poking fun at the whole culture of social media and internet discussions, etc.

        End of the day: Charlie Sheen = WINNING!

      • Vienna

        Why does this always happen to the best of ARTISTs in any artistic field? We artists are always the ones that people see,look up to. So if we don’t perform at our best each & every occasion or place, then in no time at all we become….
        unrecognised, demented, totally scrutinized, diminished to a mere mortal skeleton with absolutely no remorse, no shame and no one to turn to. So everyone should stop this gossip and use the valuable lesson we all preach and help him!

      • Vienna

        I totally agree with you. All this energy could actually be used for a good cause and that would be one to assist Charlie to help himself and turn into one man who could go down in history for the man he could become.

      • Shannon

        I like what you said Dude. Just let Charlie Sheen alone, let him be him. Especially if he’s not willing to accept help.
        He’ll work it out.

      • Bill


        You should seriously think about asking your college for your money back. You wrote the longest sentence ever written in the history of mankind.

      • annon

        and it is people like you who NEED to STF up and let the nutcase fade away and get the help he needs. YOU don’t know him either.

      • Luca

        Because the man is clearly mentally ill. And the mentally ill, especially when they hit a manic spiral, tend to do nasty things like get into accidents because they are drinking, or kill themselves.

        Frankly I don’t care about Charlie himself and hope the show is just cancelled instead of someone else replacing him. Or if he ever does another acting job. But I would feel for those kids of his if they had to grow up knowing that their daddy died from drinking himself to death or worse killed someone in a car accident.

      • @ UhmmmWhoCares

        Come on… You’re Charlie, aren’t you???

      • Paul Myers

        hes clearly an amazing actor. so who knows hes just not acting in all of this? hes passed drug tests. people get your mind right. hes acting because he loves attention and hes fu**ing hilerious.

    • Larry

      I can’t wait until he reveals that he punked all you rubes.

      • EngineerGA

        Yeah, what Larry said above – the media are being punked. Comments from William Shatner are going to give it away – somebody tell Capt. Kirk he’s like a guy who doesn’t realize it’s a surprise party and asks the birthday boy if he’s here for the party.

        Charlie Sheen is Charlie Sheen. Leave him alone. But I still think it’s awesome that he’s punking the media and getting all this airtime just by acting a little crazy and not even doing anything illegal. LOL

      • DD

        Agree. Trolls.

      • Rock Golf

        Charlie Sheen has a future in television.
        Assuming Celebrity Apprentice is still on in 3 years.

      • Jerry

        You all do realize he is going to die. Unless the poor soul accepts help, he will die. No one “wins” against addiction. The only thing he is doing is giving the world a first hand look into the insane mind of an alcoholic. That’s all. It’s sad, and for those of you judging, laughing, mocking, celebrating, you’re either equally as sick or ignorant.

      • Taratterm2

        Hmmm punked or not, his plan is backfiring as he is losing his 1.8 million per episode as a result. Thats some expensive punking!!! hope it was worth it!!!

      • kino

        i hope you’re right, but if you are, don’t you think there will be a lot of pissed off people who have supported him all these years?

      • chris

        “But I still think it’s awesome that he’s punking the media and getting all this airtime just by ACTING a little[???] crazy and not even doing anything illegal.”

        The key variable is whether or not Charlie is “acting” – I don’t think so. He may still be a winner (with syndicate income, if people follow his endorsements/buy “Charlie Quote” trinkets, etc), but none of that matters if he goes on a bender and dies. We haven’t had a notable celebrity do that lately, and with his behaviour, the odds may be against him. The guy is 45 now and the body can only handle so much – he had a couple close calls already – the third time may be the last.

      • denny

        Don’t hold yer breath waiting for Charlie to say “Surprise! I was only joking!!!” Sheen’s got a history of addiction, so punking anyone isn’t an option. The worst part is that Charlie is a woman-beater…how’s that for punking?

      • Brian Wallace

        What color is the sky in your world, Larry?

        You are probably a deluded, lazy addict whose life is going nowhere and the only GLIMMER of happiness you have is living vicariously through a drug-addled junkie. You sir, are losing.

        And “rube?” REALLY?


      • Jon

        Jerry, we are going to die. Some people would rather just pick their poison and go out however they want. I don’t see any shame in that. If I guy wants to go out drinking, doing drugs, and screwing porn stars than so be it.

      • jay

        I might suspect that he is punking the media except that his father and brother says he is an addict and metally ill. So this kind of punking would not be funny, so that cant be what it is.

      • stevenjaba

        I don’t think he’s punking us. This ranting and raving is nothing new – he’s done it for years. It’s just taken up a few notches now.

      • Ran

        Sheen punked the world into getting himself fired and being a broke crackhead? Genius.

      • Lana

        I don’t think he would “punk” himself out a lucrative contract and $2 million dollars an episode….that’s a little drastic for a punk, don’t you think?

      • k


      • PJM

        Yeah, we got so punked. All of us just lost over $57 million dollars. Oh, wait. That wasn’t us. That was Sheen.

      • Ian

        Yeah, great joke. You got a few laughs and in the process you lost the most lucrative job on TV for an actor. Great Move! The people who think this is some sort of elaborate attempt at a joke (ala Joaquin Phoenix), is an idiot. He may think it’s a joke, but he’s still clearly insane, and his physical appearance is definitely not a joke. He looks like he’s had 10 years as a junkie and crackhead. No way a person in his position would do all of this as a joke. Losing your kids and a jackpot payday of a job is not something someone in their right mind would do for any reason than pure mental instability.

      • Everyday American

        @ Jerry: I hope you realize that you are going to die one day as well. We all are. Death is, in fact, the most certain thing in life.

      • Pillow Pants

        Yeah he’s punking the media into further ad revenue.

        That’ll show ‘em.

    • Mike

      It is truly shocking to watch this unfold. This man needs real help, but he’s a grown adult. Who’s responsible FOR him, but himself? Who can force him to get help if he doesn’t want it?

      • Drew S

        Even grown adults need help with addiction sometimes. But you’re right, he has to want to be helped and I don’t think he’s even close to rock bottom yet.

      • jts

        I say if he (and others) want to self-destruct, let them. He has been offered help and refuses. If he’d rather trash his life and career, then the sooner he hits bottom the sooner he will wake up – or totally self destruct. You can lead a man to reason but you can’t make him think.

      • kerry

        Can’t somebody stage an intervention? And people need to stop judging him. Charlie is clearly an addict who is probably mentally ill. Do you think he liked losing his job? Or liked having Chuck Lorre trash him in his vanity cards?

        Does Charlie have any family or friends? They need to intervene!

      • Rhonda


      • Mike

        If he made a direct threat of violence against himself or someone else, the cops could take him for an involuntary psych evaluation and temporary hold. But someone would have to apply for that, make the report, etc. It would be best if it was a family member. Otherwise an “intervention” would be useless for someone who is so far gone.

      • Adam

        It is quite sad to watch a man kill himself on his ‘Sheen’s Corner.’It is very obvious that whatever he is doing is slowly killing him for real. Very sad to see.

    • south side

      Charlie Sheen is a ROCK STAR!! He’s WINNING his way and that is pissing soooooo many people off. Charlie Sheen….play on player!

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Anyone who is a fan of this wife-beater is an even bigger idiot than him!

      • Shannon

        I love it when people make comments like this, it makes me laugh. It certainly is a funny way of looking at it.
        Otherwise it’s just sad.

      • elsie

        Oh hey there, Charlie. Look at you, you’re awake and on the Internet! Now go get a cup of coffee and call a rehab center.

      • Natalie

        Oh, yep, if your definition of “winning” is losing custody of your 2 kids, flushing your acting career down the toilet because no project will be able to insure you now, and losing your 1.8 million per episode payday. Not to mention, not sleeping, becoming gaunt and unhealthy and pushing away anyone who wants to help you. It’s sad and disturbing and shows the true costs of addiction and mental illness.

    • crispy

      “It feels as if a street corner addict were given millions of dollars, millions of fans, and a Web cam” … and unlimited coverage on YOU are part of the problem. Stop enabling him.

      • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

        well said.

      • Whisperia

        So is everyone who clicks through to these articles and comments on them, crispy. Including you. (And me, but I digress.) Sheen wouldn’t be getting the coverage he’s getting if we all weren’t providing a willing audience.

      • crispy

        This is the first (and likely last) Sheen post I’ve viewed and commented on. In fact, I didn’t realize how cracked out he was until I watched a minute of that video. My point is you are wrong.

      • lauren


        I think you actually made the point that Whisteria is right.

      • Marie

        I’ll keep commenting and asking EW to agree to ban any coverage of Charlie Sheen here. I enjoy EW,but everytime I come to this site, I see another Charlie Sheen update or disturbing picture. I refuse to watch someone self-destruct and head down an extremely dangerous and possibly fatal path. He is dealing with severe addiction and possibly mental illness and it is nothing to celebrate. The coverage is just fueling his belief that he can “win” without help.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Your just a loser becasue you can’t live the Sheen dream. He can do whatever he wants with his money, he earned it. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • PJM

        “YOUR just a loser.” Love the irony.

        And if I’m gonna be jealous of someone, I think I’ll aim higher and go for the CEO of ExxonMobil, who probably makes more in a week than Sheen does in a year. And can have higher-class women cater to him whenever he wants.

    • Johnny

      Charlie Sheen’s my boy he will do whatever he wants and thats fine because he can make his own decisions hes an adult maybe a goofy adult but he loves his kids with all his heart and he will continue to make pleanty of money. with or without 2 1/2 men.

      • 10 Foot Henry

        Wow,Johnny. You’re writing skills are terrible.

      • TM

        Has got an interesting way of showing his kids he loves them. Schedule the therapy sessions for them now.

      • Dee

        The opinion of a guy that can’t type a simple sentence is not that valuable, Johnny.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Heres what pisses me off about Charlie Sheen: He’s such a self-centered, whiny b*tch. I have been having a miserable, depressing month as well (for my own personal reasons) and I haven’t turned to self-destructive behaviors like indulging drugs or alcohol, I haven’t taken it out on my friends or co-workers by calling them “traitors, turncoats, trolls” or anything of the like, and I haven’t let my personal problems negatively affect my work or schooling. I’m 20 and I’m more mature than this a**hole!

      • Von

        Charlie is just so sad , surrounded by parasites( porn stars,” friends” lawyers etc ) that will bleed him dry. He has surrounded himself by enablers who wont tell him the truth ie he is in serious trouble. They will encourage his rantings and manic behaviour until he has nothing left and they will move on to their next host ! He is obviously losing it and he wont get out of this without professional help and with people who actually care for his wellbeing.The public made him a ” rockstar” and he has been feeling invincible… He has lost his children & has alienated his family. Watching him destroy himself is a terrible thing. He isnt acting as noone can destroy their good looks so quickly.He doesnt have it all ..he has nothing! Anyone who thinks this is entertaining needs help themselves.

    • Suncatcher

      I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that the advertisers of Sheen’s show probably had had it and left CBS no choice but to fire Sheen. They cannot blatantly via their ads continue to support Sheen’s felony drug usage, solicitation (of prostitutes), destruction of thousands of dollars of property (Plaza Hotel), drunken rants, wife beating(s) and more we probably have yet to hear about. CBS kept it together for as long as they could then Sheen gave them no choice.

      Charlie, get help. The rest of us move on. Media, we don’t need to be a bunch of voyeurs any more to this very personal tragedy.

    • DLCastillo

      He now has methmouth, as well, I mean,, didnt anyone else hear his phone friend tell him he had his newest veneers??? They cant stay in due to the constant erosion of his rotting teeth along with his career now,,, so sad! everytime i hear the word ‘winning’ i see a homeless man scraggling down the street dragging one leg saying,, ribbid!!

    • jackjill

      I feel so sorry for Charlie!! It looks like he has encephalopathy. Its when your body can’t rid its self of ammonias that poison your brain and makes you very confused. Usually in patients with alcoholic dependencies and liver problems. He needs to get help before he dies of liver failure!! C’mon Emilio and Martin!!

      • Paul

        I am not rich or famous yet I have had a past full of drugs, alcohol and prostitutes. But i am clean and sober and been married for 21 years so yes It is possible to turn your life around !! And I dont have a colledge degree.

    • leona

      Dude is right. never judge anyone. period. JUST GIVE THAT MAN SOME LOVE AND FOR HIS SAKE I HOPE PEOPLE STOP ALWAYS TELLING HIM YES. he obviously has not had much of anyone telling him no. or that his ideas are bad. now look at his life. i do not feel sorry for anyone just empathetic.

    • Nancy

      I enjoy real Hollywood reality shows like this about Sheen. It gives the public what they really like about reality tv. unscripted. real. people. who are outrageously famous too.

    • Nancy

      Warner Bros is not some innocent company either folks. Either that, or you have never worked in this town.

  • melly

    I think this will go down as the biggest cautionary tale to all those in Hollywood who believe they are irreplacable. I believe I will not avert my eyes from this train wreck I have been watching, cause I am only human and cannot bear to see so much sadness

    • Nancy

      You could have said the same thing about all those reality shows, and would be just as wrong.

  • melly

    sorry – i will “now” avert my eyes

    • SheenStillShines

      Nah, you had it right the first time. You will NOT avert your eyes. You will hang on his every word, like you always do.

      • Alli

        I’m kind of thinking that “SheenStillShines” is actually Charlie Sheen.

      • Sam

        “I make my living off the evening news.
        Just give me something, somethin’ I can use.
        People love it when you lose,
        They love DIRTY LAUNDRY.”

      • BK

        Good one, Sam.

    • Lily

      @melly ~ I have been averting my eyes most of the time and only glance at articles. I couldn’t watch an interview for more than 3 minutes. My concern is for Charlie the human being, who seems to me like he’s in a manic phase from a bi-polar disorder. Someone in my family is bi-polar and Charlie’s behavior is similar. Not needing any sleep, gaunt, not eating, can’t focus with his eyes, rattled, motor-mouthed, etc. I feel for the man and am sorry for all his losses, but what I really hope is that he gets help very very soon.

      • Rhonda


      • Nancy

        Or he was left to rot by the very same company that fired him for turning him into what he is today?

        There are plenty of great examples in Hollywood’s history that show the studios don’t actually care about people, and will pump them full of drugs until they basically croak after they are completely used up and left to die.

      • Larissa

        You may b allergic to it. I took it and had the same rieotacn. Went back to the Dr and had to get a shot to relieve the itching. Does your throat feel as if it’s tight or your tongue feel as if it’s swelling? If yes then you are allergic and do not take any more!! Go see your doctor!

    • Peg Bundy

      Three words for you, Charlie:
      Anna. Nicole. Smith.

      • phil bowles

        and countless others…sad…pray for him

      • Nancy

        Judy Garland.

        Marilyn Monroe.

  • Rick

    Haters gonna hate. He’s still WINNING while you losers are posting on lame internet forums in your mom’s basement.

    • Mark

      Like you Rick?

      • Everyday American

        Whoa! Man…what a burn! “I know you are but what am I?!”

        Seriously though, that comeback sucks.

    • Wottadoosh

      Deluded morons gonna be deluded. By this point, if you are defending Sheen’s downward spiral as “winning”, you are officially on the losers and loser’s side.

      • SheenStillShines

        Let’s see…Sheen lives in a mansion, and has been making $2 million per episode…unprecedented success…living large…

        You: Sitting here throwing stones.

        You=Epic Fail

      • rick

        Sheen is clearly winning/

      • Dude

        The only real losers are those who judge others, kind of like you just did.

      • Wottadoosh

        And the mensa brigade responds. With you dopes on his side, Sheen is winning the bottom of the barrel of fans.
        Sheenstillshines makes me sad that an individual can be so self-righteous ironic.
        And Dumbass, I mean Dude, what’s wrong with judging (just like you did loser), you are so stupid, you don’t even know it. Get help.

      • dinobot

        How is losing your job, your kids and your respectability ‘winning’?

      • sfday

        @Sheenstillshines – how is losing your jobs and custody of your kids winning?

      • Melissa

        How in the hell can you say Sheen is WINNING? Winning what? Being a sick man that clearly needs help before he kills himself? Seriously! Don’t you people see that by cheering him on you are helping the man kill himself! Think of what his children have to grow up knowing about what their dad. How horrible would that be?

      • CTU Chief

        Sheen winning???…BOL.. Losing your 2 mill a year job. Loosing a couple wifes. Losing your kids. Being made fun of daily. If that’s winning I’ll stick to my little world and be content. I just hope Charlie’s dad steps in and gets Charlie help before it’s too late. He’s already pi$$ing away the best deal he ever had.

      • CTU Chief

        whoops…my mistake…meant 2 mil and episode….40 mil a year job.

      • Bertha

        Agree! the guy is mentally ill and needs help inmediately, where is his family?

      • Graycat in CA

        guess this all depends upon how you measure winning in your life; what milestones you use to define (your) success. (think this story will end with some horrible tragedy of absolute madness not confined to himself). All these sycophants surrounding him, cheering him on, wow, these are his ‘friends’?

    • Bryan

      Wait, you just posted a comment? How’s your moms basement?

      • Rick

        You should know Bryan…I’ve seen you down there with her

      • Whisperia

        I don’t think Rick understands how “your mom” jokes work.

    • goldrush

      Just tell me what in gods name is he winning? If thats winning call me a loser because I want no part of what he is. The only thing I can see him winning is an early grave.

      • Tony The Tiger


      • @ Tony The Tiger

        agreed – but, until then, you better lay low. charlie thinks your blood is grrreat.

    • Taratterm2

      Winning??? he is a national laughingstock, his “goddesses” will evaporate the moment the money runs out, no one will hire him after this and he has lost his twin boys….not to mention the rock star lifestyle.Wheres the winning part again??

      • calikat

        I couldn’t agree with you more. The “goddesses” are only there for the money and the party and when it’s all over, they will disappear. What a sad, sad story for Charlie Sheen who once was a very handsome guy starring in my favorite show. I’m glad he was fired because I honestly could not watch it again with him on it knowing how crazy he has become due to his self medication. I feel sorry for his kids and his family who have been forced to watch him erode firsthand.

      • bubba

        How did he lose his rockstar lifestyle? If anything, his last resort is to degrade to his “rockstar” lifestyle and face the fact that his career as an actor is over, if he continues in this path.

      • bubba

        Forget my other comment, I misconstrued what you meant.

    • kino

      explain to me please, how is it that he is ‘winning’…he just got fired as the highest paid actor on tv…and with all his current rants, who do you think will take a risk on hiring him if he doesn’t get some badly needed help

      • Everyday American

        One way he’ll win is if he sues CBS/WB/Lorre for unlawful termination. Their arbitrary application of some ambiguous “morals clause” is likely not going to fly here since he was not accused of committing a crime in any legal regard (those claims are based on specious hearsay, at best) and did not do anything that would impeach his “moral turpitude.” Being that these claims did not generate as much as a criminal complaint filed by the police (as opposed to with the police), trying to fire him over some kind of “morals clause” based on the hearsay claims of impeachable witnesses is not going to go far.

        So, when this hits the courts, Charlie Sheen is going to be WINNING!

    • Melissa

      How in the hell can you say Sheen is WINNING? Winning what? Being a sick man that clearly needs help before he kills himself? Seriously! Don’t you people see that by cheering him on you are helping the man kill himself! Think of what his children have to grow up knowing about what their dad. How horrible would that be?

  • Danielle

    I love Two And Half Men and I love Charlie Sheen. I just wish he gets clean and be back to him old self again. Is a very funny man. I wish you the best Charlie, get well soon.

    • Jacey Dean

      I agree with you and YES GET WELL CHARLIE! You have entertained me for years, you are a funny handsome man and I pray you will make a GRAET come back stronger then ever once you are well. xox

    • Sophie Ann

      The ONLY thing that ‘MAY” make Charlie get well is when he wakes up from a coma he put himself in by overdosing and sees all the tubes everywhere including up his butt and that he is being kept alive by machines. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll wise up then — if he isn’t a vegetable when he does wake up.

      • chris

        That’s a scary thought… overdoing it and not dying, but ending up as a vegetable.

  • Chelsey

    I frankly don’t look at Charlie Sheen as an A list level-talented actor–he’s been compared to brilliants such as Robert Downey, Jr.–but whatever you think of his acting abilities or work, I think we can all agree that he needs help as soon as possible. I’ve heard suggestions like making the first step to be a conservatorship over him. I think that would be a step in the right direction.

    • Ana

      I think he’s been compared to RDJ in terms of his addiction. People have forgotten but Robert was just as messed up as Charlie if not more. Charlie is a good actor (see Wall Street, Platoon or Eight Men Out) but I haven’t heard anyone compare him to Robert in terms of talent.

      • SheenStillShines

        Ana is exactly right.

      • Alli

        Charlie Sheen is way worse that RDJ was. RDJ was messed up, but he wasn’t acting insane like Charlie is, and he actually went straight to rehab when he hit the bottom, whereas Charlie has hit bottom and is now using a drill, and still insists that he doesn’t need rehab. Charlie is in way more trouble. Also, Sheen hasn’t done a decent movie since those ones you just mentioned, and they are all from 20 years ago or more. C’mon Charlie-I mean SheenStillShines-to think that you’re-Imeanhe’s-the only right one and everyone else who isn’t an addict is wrong is the greatest evidence of your-Imeanhis-level of derangement.

    • Aurel

      It is sad to watch Charlie should go away from that web-cam go some where quite away from all that, it doesn’t look like he has any real friends just free loaders around him, very sad situation but there is a reason for everything in life, who knows what hurts him because he is hurt…for sure, I am 68 Y old and rational….he is a natural talent, it could be a family issue.

  • Jacey Dean

    I find this so sad, this man has children that will ultimately be effected by this. He clearly needs help, I am sure he has someone who loves him and why is nobody admitting him or getting him help? I realize some may say he is not worth it. Everyone deserves to be happy and clearly is not. Heartbreaking

    • whatevs

      Maybe there isn’t anyone who does love him. Maybe that’s why he’s like this. Not everyone is loved by someone.

      • Ana

        Of course he has people who loves him. His parents have been trying since he was a teenager. Also the only person that can force an adult into rehab is a judge. Sometimes the only thing you can do is let them bottom out and hope that the bottom doesn’t include death.

      • Mike

        This. It’s hard/nearly impossible to fall this far off the bandwagon when you have decent friends and family. At some point a lot went wrong with his relationships other than just his wives, and now we’re seeing the full effect of it.

      • Aurel

        Charlie had problems with his brother Emilio (always)and his father was good 30 years ago but is done…. after rebel without a cause.
        It could be family jealousy????

      • Sophie Ann

        His family is very close. Denise obviously still cares for him but is doing her best to shield her girls from their father’s behavior (who are old enough to understand and must get teased at school). His parents and brothers and sister once before steppted in for an intervention when he first overdosed and almost died. The best thing they can do right now is NOT interfere and let him fall and fall and fall. Hopefully they will know when to step in so that dumbass Charlie doesn’t kill himself.

      • I serve at the pleasure of the President

        @Aural: Martin Sheen was not done 30 years ago! Perhaps you don’t remember him being a HUGE part of the show that has won more emmy’s than ANY other show EVER, The West Wing. Jed Bartlett ’12

      • Lisa

        Mike, I don’t know where your opinion is coming from but it’s just wrong. People with decent friends and family fall this hard all the time. People without decent friends and family don’t always fall like this. The human brain and our mental make up is much more complex than that.

      • Sharon

        Hopefully his fans still love him. I hate to see him like this; reminds me of my uncle who passed away from addictions 20+ yrs. ago. That’s why I’m rooting for Charlie to rise from the ashes.

      • fattony

        No even a judge cannot force drug rehab. The addict himself must want to change. Charlie said the drugs worked, thats why he took them.

    • blondie

      The law is unfortunately written that because someone is nuts, doesnt mean his family can intervene.

      • Pat

        I have a son that is chronic mental illness. He is Schizophrenic and has bi polar disorder…The laws unfortunately hurt the very ones that need help. My son had to be almost at deaths door before I could intervene…It looks like Charlie is heading in that direction. It is sick how so many are thinking he is winning…He is a very sick…It breaks my heart to watch this…

      • Erkan

        At 2:48 sec Alex Jones says that Charlie Sheen admitted to him in LA that it was wrong his lsiyftele etc. Now, Charlie is flipping out publicly and saying he is living a life that other people wish they could live etc., trashing AA, so Charlie knows that his partying ways are the wrong ways. I was really surprised that Alex Jones was associated with Charlie which would cut his credibility with listeners considerably.

    • Mary

      I don’t think they can forcibly commit him unless they can prove he is a danger to himself or others. Just acting crazy doesn’t necessarily prove he is dangerous.

      • TVAngst

        “I don’t think they can forcibly commit him unless they can prove he is a danger to himself or others. Just acting crazy doesn’t necessarily prove he is dangerous.”
        Hmmm…let’s see. He’s up on the rooftop of an office building, waving a full-size machete while he rants. Yeah, that certainly sounds like someone who isn’t a danger to himself or others…

      • Jennifer

        He was sitting there flicking that lighter and saying how he felt no pain – I thought he was gonna set the damn house on fire.

    • crys

      Kids are always the ones who end up getting hurt by things like this. I haven’t kept up with all of this charlie sheen business but to me it seems he needs help. Where is his family in all of this?

    • Cathy

      you have to WANT the help, clearly he does not think there is anything wrong with him, I bet it’s the drugs talking…

      • Jonathan

        TaraAnnie really eenoyjd watching this video. I think it might inspire her How exciting!Oh, and the craft room revival is amazing I need some shelves like that for the office. Or our room, if we had anywhere to put them

  • Alien

    Charlie’s winning??
    Rick, are you stupid or just plain ignorant?

    • Tessa

      I don’t understand why there has not been an intervention. Everyone is amused at watching crazy Charlie. Where are his friends, where is his support system? They need to get him away from the camera and find out what is really going on. He could be having a reaction from a combination of meds, not just partying like crazy. Where is the intervention. He needs to be diagnosed and under professional care right now, before he blows what’s left of his life. His true friends should get him away from the camera…he needs to be under care right now. I’m sorry!!

      • Mike

        His Dad hasn’t done anything. So sad. His Dad’s just chilling Europe, and recently told some paparazzi “pray for him.” Charlie said on Piers that they haven’t talked in a long time.

      • Tony The Tiger

        Intervention only works if the person wants on some level to stop. If they refuse to stop, then NOTHING works. This is the harsh reality, and it’s hardly the 1st time on this particular merry go round for Sheen’s family and freinds. At some point all you can do is let go.

      • Cathy

        how many times can you do an intervention? He has been through rehab, but until he realizes there is a problem it is all a waste of time

      • Lisa

        Tessa – Really? A reaction to a combination of meds? Yes, illegal ones.

        Mike – Again, what’s with blaming the family? They have had interventions and tried multiple times to get him help. The reason they haven’t talked in a long time is because Charlie won’t admit he has a problem and walked away from them. Besides, as Tony the Tiger says, there are but so many times you can do this with a family member. Sometimes all that can be done is to let go.

      • Jeannie B

        I’m not understanding why his dad or his brother (Emilio) aren’t having an intervention or something, either. They’ve both been pretty quiet about the whole thing. Then again, they could just be SICK of the whole situation. How many times have they intervened before, only to have him fall off the wagon? Sad…

      • TM

        @Mike — Just because the Sheen family isn’t sending out press releases telling us what they’re doing to save their son and brother doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything. It must be absolutely agonizing for them to go through this. I’m sure they’re doing what they can, but it’s safe to assume that Charlie isn’t making it easy for them to help him, to put it mildly.

      • eightballs

        No an intervention would be voluntary and it does not appear he would ever agree to that. It would have to be an involuntary commitment. Again like others have said, it has to be proven that he is a danger to himself or others.

      • Larry

        There has been, his Dad & Emelio have tried on a couple of occasions. Charlie’s an adult, if he doesn’t wanna go, you can’t make him, he has an extremely strong denial system

  • ACinDC

    There is no way he is NOT on cocaine in that video…

    • Larry

      It’s not cocaine, he’s manic-depressive w/o a doubt and clearly in the manic phase.

      Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic depression. It is a major affective disorder, or mood disorder, characterized by dramatic mood swings. Bipolar disorder is a serious condition, when mania causes sleeplessness, sometimes for days, along with hallucinations, psychosis, grandiose delusions, and/or paranoid rage.

  • Evan Bundy

    charlie, i am with you all the way. But you need to get some help. And get back to what you do best.

    • Brian Wallace

      Being a woman-beating, weak, drug addict who can’t act?

      Yes, Charlie! Go back to that immediately!


      • Sharon

        No!!! You jerk, We want Charlie to go back, be healthy and funny again. Not lonely, pathetic and sad

  • Ruthie J. Kent

    This man needs compassion. Can’t the people close to him (with integrity) stage an intervention? Work together?
    It seems like most people are using him for personal and financial gain

    • Whisperia

      By many accounts, people have been trying for years to help him. At some point, it needs to be accepted that someone who doesn’t want the help can’t be helped, as painful as it might be to watch someone actively trying to burn themselves out into an early grave.

    • Larry

      An intervention is not always a cure all to getting one iton treatment, can’t make a person go if they don’t wanna go. An intervention has to have some sort of consequences applied by family or whoever holds the intervention. If the addict feels his drug use is more important than the consequences, the intervention has failed.

  • flora68

    OMG, I am so, so, SO ready for this lunatic to just SHUT UP! Seriously, what more does he have to do or say to be eligible for involuntary commitment? What is his family WAITING for, his actual DEATH, or somebody else’s? As the days go by, more and more of his ranting has a violent tone or topic….no doubt he’ll be in a padded room within a week or so, but what will the damages be by then? (Please excuse all the CAPS in this post but I’m really fed up)

    • SheenStillShines

      If it bothers you that much, and yet here you are, reading about him, commenting about him…guess that makes YOU the one eligible for involuntary commitment.

      • Elly

        Well-said SheenStillShines !
        The hypocrisy of people who go on the net reading articles featuring Charlie Sheen and making dumb, disdainful, disgusting comments about this man they don’t know make me want to vomit. SC needs help perhaps but these internet trolls are certainly hopeless cases.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        You are both morons and deserve Charlie Sheen in your liffe.

      • Captain Kirk

        SheenStillShines, you must have gotten the job as “social media intern” that Charlie was advertising for since he fired his publicist. You’re all over this board defending him and insulting everyone else. Doesn’t he give you any meal (or crack) breaks?

    • Marcilia

      Hi Charlie, First of all a big thanks for all the rerousces on your sites!I was wondering which flash 3d engine you would recommend for a moderately large project that really has the 3d capabilities at its focus. Papervision seems easy to get a hang of, in fact we had no problems at all to get some basic stuff going, yet Away3d seems to offer more possibilities AND they have announced to include Adobe’s new Molehill API. No such news from the Papervision team What’s your opinion on this? Is Papervision still in development?Keep up the awesome work!Thijs

  • O’Bill

    He was FIRED! Who’s WINNING now? LOL

    • SheenStillShines

      As usual, the lawyers…

      One thing for sure though. YOU’RE not winning.

    • winning

      LOL he still gets paid in full you dope. So now who’s winning??

      • Larry

        How do you know he gets paid in full? Not one single article has mentioned that since he was fired.

  • mark klosowski

    I would never do crack after watching this disaster unfold with someone this talented. Young people need to pay close attention to this.

  • Benz


    Drugs will have you in denial. This webcast could use some of the guys that filmed 2&1/5 men…..That shot looks like Sheen is inside a dirty trailer. Real Winner

    • Benz

      Drugs will have you in denial. This webcast could use some of the guys that filmed 2&1/5 men…..That shot looks like Sheen is inside a dirty trailer. Real Winner

      • SheenStillShines

        From the looks of your post, your last name is “edrine”

      • Gus

        1/2 is a half, not 1/5 you moron.

      • Sukha

        I just read an article that Comedy Central will be doing a roast of Charlie Sheen with a full cast. It will air on September 19 @ 10PM. I don’t know if Jeff Ross will be there but he’s been at most of Comedy Central’s rsoats so I wouldn’t be surprised. This is just a little taste of what Charlie Sheen will be getting.

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