Holland Taylor defends Charlie Sheen: 'Charlie was cordial and polite'

Holland-TaylorImage Credit: Mitchell Haddad/CBSIs Holland Taylor drinking the Tiger Blood (along with Roseanne Barr)? The actress, who plays Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer’s mother on Two and a Half Men, is one of the few in the industry coming to Charlie Sheen’s defense. In an email to the Associated Press, Holland wrote, “Charlie was cordial and polite with all of his cast mates and crew, sometimes even courtly — and always witty … We watched movies at his house occasionally — warm evenings with interesting, spirited conversation. This is the guy I know.”

Taylor continued: “In this very sad and complicated time, I really have no comment beyond valuing my own history with Charlie, and my abiding affection for him.” Sheen’s three other main co-stars — Angus T. Jones, Jon Cryer, and Conchata Ferrell — have remained silent on the actor’s bizarre media blitz, but Cryer did appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week after CBS shut down production on the series, starring in a sketch as DeGeneres’ receptionist and claiming, “I needed the work.” For more on Charlie Sheen, visit EW’s Charlie Sheen Central.

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  • E

    Very safe comment to make – basing it completely on his past behavior. No comment on what he has said about the show now.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Heres what pisses me off about Charlie Sheen: He’s such a self-centered, whiny b*tch. I have been having a miserable, depressing month as well (for my own personal reasons) and I haven’t taken it out on my friends or co-workers by calling them “traitors, turncoats, trolls” or anything of the like, and I haven’t let my personal problems negatively affect my work or schooling. I’m 20 and I’m more mature than this a**hole!

      • Voodoo

        Do you suffer from manic depression? No, so don’t judge what you don’t know. Guess you still have a lot to learn. Well, you’re still young.

      • plleelll

        I feel that it is odd that people assume he is bipolar. And that people feel a need to defend his actions, bipolar or not. The truth is he is being a self-destructive person and he needs help. Offering excuses for people doesn’t help them and using a disorder as an excuse isn’t helpful either. Bottom-line bipolar or not he needs treatment and he needs someone to step in and tell him to grow up.

      • Ana

        Some people have said he’s been showing symptoms of bipolar disorder. That said I don’t know why everyone assumes that no one has been trying to help. I’d be surprised if no one has tried to step in. Charlie is an adult. Until he does something illegal, there’s only so much other people can do.

      • Erin

        What? Has he actually been officially diagnosed as manic depressive or is that your clinical diagnosis? Let alone that still doesnt give him the right to say and act as like this. Just because you have a mental illness does not excuse certain behaviours. Many people have a serious mental illness and don’t act like this. Let alone, if he does – he needs help and he’s not taking any. The guy most likely is is sick but is also an offensive destructive douchebag. That is not mututally exclusive.

  • Jaymii

    Sheen did come out again and say how wonderful etc Cryer and his team were.

    • maggie

      Sheen has come out and called Cryer a troll and turncoat.

      • And

        Sheen claimed Cryer never “reached out to him”, when Cryer’s rep said he did. Notice she doesn’t defend him, just remembers him fondly. As in past tense.

  • Tego Livi

    It’s nice that Holland Taylor has defended her friend, but it isn’t really germane to the situation–nothing she said contradicts (or is even related to) the problem between Charlie Sheen and the producers of 2½ Men.

    What really interests me is what will happen to the show. I’ve felt for a while that the show has basically run its course; it is one of those shows that choose to stick to a specific situation rather than risking changing the setup and possibly alienating the audience. Without Charlie Sheen, however, they’ll be forced to either dramatically change the situation, cancel the show, or try to plug another actor into his position (either as Charlie Harper-unlikely-or as a new character, which would probably be seen as a move of desperation). The networks hardly ever let a show die without bleeding it dry, so unless they make up with Charlie Sheen before next season starts filming, I suspect they’ll retool the show. It might be a fresh start.

  • D

    It sounded like an obituary for a man that is still alive. Very very sad

  • deedeedragons

    Taylor should really go back to drama, i loved her character on The Practice.

  • Tony

    I think everyone agrees Charlie Sheen is the hero here and the evil entertainment establishment sux dogs balls

    • Voodoo

      Hero? No.

    • maggie

      is it opposite day?

    • Suzan

      No one is the hero and the evil is society!!! We, the public, are allowing all this to occur by continuing to watch CS rants, joining his Twitt rants, watching the bogus entertainment shows. We, the public, are encouraging CS to continue to act like in this manner. When we, the public, stop paying attention, stop buying products, stop watching, actions by CS, Lindsay Lohan and other self-indulgent “celeBRATies” will also stop. Greed is a nasty emotion. I, for one, do not watch the televsion shows of people who are morally lost. I don’t pay for their movies and I don’t buy there music. I refuse to pay for their habits and selfish actions. Hopefully more of the public will do the same. I am not perfect, but these kinds of actions have to stop instead of being encouraged and financially supported.

      • XanderLJ

        *BARF* You’re a self-righteous windbag!! “Morally lost”??? What utter nonsense!! “Morally lost” means NOTHING to anyone who’s NOT a self-righteous bible nut douche. And if you think morally lost is Sheen OR Lohan’s problem, then you’re just as mindless and confused as they are!!

        TWO AND A HALF MEN is a piece of garbage, but if a good actor on a GREAT show (e.g. Michael C. Hall, Steve Buscemi, Jon Hamm) had a emotional/personal life as disastrous as Charlie Sheen’s, I still wouldn’t miss A MINUTE of their shows, and their crazy antics wouldn’t clout my enjoyment in any way, shape, or form.

        Loose morals usually make for better artists.

  • maggie

    Holland Taylor isn’t really “defending” Charlie Sheen. She’s simply stating what he was like in the past & that she chooses to think of him that way. She acknowledges the current situation but doesn’t comment on it.

    • Prince William

      She sounds like an enabler

  • tom green

    A pain in the arse is all this fellow is and I’m sick of hearing of him! So as quick as u can get him off the TV anywhere great.. I wouldn’nt be bothered looking at anything he stars in no matter what!!!!!!!!!!


    Are Americans really stupid?
    If not, why the majority of them including their press and media give utmost important to the idiot, uncivilized-DRUGGIST and third grade actor and his trashy life style? The world is passing through the many crisis, Mideast-gulf nations are rising, China and India are catching the moon, but we stupid people waste our borrowed billions on watching flimsy Hollywood cartoon, third grade sexy and fiction movies, T.V. Shows like 2 1/2 men? GOD SAVE AMERICA!!

    • Monty

      It’s an entertainment website. If you’re looking for stories about the important issues facing the world at large, you are looking in the wrong place.

      And for the record, at least in the United States of America, the government doesn’t censor its citizens from online content like some of the countries you referenced. Sure, there’s (some) content that is illegal, but we live in a country where you get to post what you like in a website message board, even if it is anti-government. Can people in China do that?

  • Rob

    Charlie’s just a normal dude. The media doesn’t get Charlie and has to dump on him because he has the balls to live large.

  • Rob

    Charlie rocks and is indeed a rock star. The guy is an American pop icon.

    • k

      You forgot to change your screename idiot. Try living his life for a week and see if it is winning.

  • Dicazi

    I’m giving up Sheen for Lent, but it’s still Fat Tues……
    I don’t think she’s defending him as much as she says she only saw a good side to him. And she wishes him well in this “sad” time.

    I’m thinking that Sheen’s going to be dead, by an overdose or suicide, in 3 months’ time. Hope for his kids’ sakes I’m wrong.

    • @Dicazi

      LOVE the first line, also agree with the rest.

    • Chris

      And the way he’s been going, his death will be videotaped and broadcast on the web. The posse will try to sell it to the highest bidder.

  • dman

    so kate… anyone who says nice things about sheen is on something or wrong… great journalist u r…

  • Ulissa

    There is more to the story (Charlies side) than we know….Team Charlie

    • BJG

      There is? Like what? I’d say given the past week and a half, he has thoroughly given his side. Is there something that you know that neither we, nor Charlie Sheen know?

    • Bluejeans

      Wanna-be film ho’s need to forward their resume, err… videos directly to the whacked-out nutjob who needs to be wearing a straitjacket – preferably Before he chops someone up with that machete he enjoys waving around.

    • Lois

      Team Charlie? How much is he paying you?

  • scott

    It doesn’t sound as if Holland Taylor is defending him any more than Roseanne is defending him. The titles to both of these posts are misleading. I believe Holland Taylor when she states his behavior was cordial. Addicts can come across as good people. Perhaps, many of them are. She admits to feeling conflicted. He is a friend who is ill and needs help, and hopefully, will one day get his life together. I’m not saying her reaction is more or less valid than Cryer’s, but the way the media is exploiting this is just as disturbing as his public meltdown. Leave the man alone: with all this attention, it’s no wonder he can’t tell rock bottom from the top of the world.

    • Lois

      Leave the man alone? Charlie Sheen is the one who is going public with all this. First he went to the media, and now he’s going directly to the public through his webcasts.

      • scott

        That’s true. I should have said, ignore him. He is not in his right mind, and the media is all too willing too exploit it. Look at how this article is trying to turn Holland Taylor into a villain for NOT attacking him. Is she on Tiger Blood? No. She just feels some affection and loyalty for the man she’s worked with for the past eight years. Charlie Sheen’s either mentally ill, on something, or both. What’s Kate Ward’s excuse?

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