Roseanne Barr defends Charlie Sheen; takes jabs at Chuck Lorre, 'Two and a Half Men' writing

Roseanne-BarrImage Credit: Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage.comEveryone has an opinion on Charlie Sheen and his troubles these days, and now one of the most vocal women in Hollywood has taken to her blog to give her two cents in a series of fiery blog posts that defend Sheen’s antics and take aim at Chuck Lorre, a former writer/producer on Roseanne.

It all started yesterday, after Roseanne Barr published a rambling blog post about Sheen and Lorre on her website, titled “Charlie Sheen makes me look sane.” “Charlie is not on drugs,” Barr wrote (spelling, punctuation, and grammar are hers), “though he can get them from the porn star goddesses that come and go, but his urine shows clean — i think charlie is in a manic high, and is unable to get any drugs to bring him down anymore — his tiger blood statement is from that ‘eye of the tiger’ focus that manics have,” she wrote. “Manics can really work hard and play hard at the same time, until they hit a wall, and then they are in bed and depressed for a long time, so they start taking drugs again to get energy to work. Charlie, take a break dude.” 

She then turned her sights on former Roseanne writer and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, adding “…those s— chuck lorre lines could choke a f—ing horse, and render any actor who recites them stone cold soul dead. No grown man could really look himself in the mirror knowing that he  delivers s— jokes and adolescent sniggering over breasts and women’s body parts lines to the Tea partier types who are big fans of Chuck’s hilarious hijinx.”

Since that initial post, Barr has updated twice with related musings. The most recent goes so far as to say Sheen’s troubles stem from frustrations with his Two and a Half Men material. “He must have felt humiliated, caring about our country’s takeover by bulls— artists, but prevented from ever speaking about it or mentioning it on any televised or internet media. I’ll bet he just tried to mask his shame by crackin’ out.”

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  • Ben

    Roseanne’s comments certainly are valid ones, what with her being so relevant and all.

    • LOL

      Who knew Chuck Lorre was the most hated man in Hollywood?

      • bruno

        i did!

      • Flip

        Roseanne is correct about Lorre’s awful writing. Yuck!

      • Jen E.

        Amen, Roseanne. The crap one-liners on Two and a Half Men could drive anyone to the bin. I never understood how it was a #1 show.

      • Larry

        I don’t know about most hated but maybe the worst writer in Hollywood. Glad to finally see people call him out for the sh!t he writes.

      • Lauri

        If he writes such awful “sh**”, then why are his shows consistently among the most watched with the highest ratings? it’s not the “sh** jokes” that are the problem with Sheen. It is that he is bipolar and completely, if delusionally, convinced of his own self-importance. Roseann should shut up and take a minute to remember that whatever “sh** jokes” Lorre may have written for her show, she’s the idiot who was saying them every week. SHe had considerable atristic control on her show. If the writing was an issue, she had the ability to do something about it. Talk about biting the had that fed you. WIthout that show (and the opportunities that Lorre gave her) she’d just be another washed up standup comedian. Oh, wait. She IS a washed up standup comedian. Why does she think anyone cares what her opinion is? Sheen is rapidly descending into a mental breakdown, and a**holes like her are just feeding his mania.

      • Rush

        Lauri: Dukes of Hazzard was also a number 1 show for many years on CBS back in the day. It’s all about demographics.

      • Crystal

        Lauri: Because the majority of people who watch it enjoy “sh**” because either their too stupid to understand more intelligent comedy, or they want to be entertained without having to think.

      • Crystal


      • C Wood

        2 and a half men was a number one show because it’s about as shallow and stupid as most Americans. One liners are the only thing that can make it into the attention span. The average couch potato gets mental cramps if more than two sentences are strung together.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Sorry Lauri, your question is LAUGHABLE. Look around you – the U.S. is FULL of people with really bad taste and who aren’t that bright.

      • peachez2

        I agree with Lauri one hundred percent. Roseanne is biting the hand that fed her too. Chuck Lorre is a great writer, and the problem isnt with the writing, it’s with Charlie. The producers wouldnt be paying him 1 mil if the show was crappy and people werent watching it. You who side with Charlie and Roseanne and against Chuck Lorre are being plain stupid.

      • Just Someone

        Actually Roseanne gave Chuck Lorre a chance NOt the other way around-he was just a writer on her show — not it’s creator so it’s not biting the hand that fed her at all.

    • Color Me Impressed

      This b*tch is almost as crazy as Charlie Sheen (and about as untalented). Also, did anyone notice that she brought a political insult into a completely unrelated forum? Talk about low.

      • Allie

        If you think there’s anything remotely unpolitical about broadcast network television you are just plain wrong.

      • PinBox

        Color me ‘unimpressed’ by your underwhelming comment …………………………………………….

      • Color Me Impressed

        @PinBox: And what use did YOUR comment serve?

      • Dismayed

        I think it’s strange because here in the midwest, it’s my liberal friends who watch Two & 1/2 Men, and my conservative friends who make fun of it for being so awful. But I guess my own experience is not as valid is Ms. Barr’s vast superior knowledge in her personal dealings with the LA Tea Party crowd.

      • Kiley

        Sorry, but Ms Barr is Correct that “Two and a Half Men” is a top-rated show with Republicans. A research firm published a list in November 2010 of the top rated Republican and Democrat TV Shows. “Two and a Half Men” was on the Republican list; it did Not make the Democrat list.

      • mjkbk

        Sorry Kiley, but “Two and a Half Men” was a lot less popular with Republicans (#15) than “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” was among Democrats (#4). Just proves there are tasteless oafs on both sides of the political spectrum.

    • LSK

      Please. Her points are not valid. If Sheen didn’t like working for Lorre or reciting his lines that made the show a #1 comedy, then he shouldn’t have kept signing new contracts. He could have quit sensibly instead of going on a crazy, public tirade against Chuck Lorre. Sheen deserves his firing. I hope he crashes and burns, then wakes up and stops using drugs and paying prostitutes and works on reviving his career and being a good dad to his kids.

      • LP

        Exactly. It’s really sad that Charlie Sheen was FORCED to make a living telling terrible jokes. Wait, no it isn’t, he’s rich and famous because he chose to hitch his horse to Lorre’s wagon. I think 2 1/2 man is one of the dumbest shows on TV, but no one involved should be PITIED of all things, except the crew who’s been out of work because Sheen took a trip to crazytown.

      • Kelcie

        I don’t necessarily want him to crash and burn, but if that’s what he needs to wake up, then he’s well on his way there…

      • The Truth

        He already crashed and burned. The only question is will he get help before the trauma sustained becomes untreatable.

      • @LSK

        You make it sound so easy. Obviously, you don’t know anything about Hollywood. It’s no as simple as you think to get rid of a creator/writer.

      • Sharon Sherman

        dah maybe he was looking out for his cast members,some think of others,now stop being a bully,no wonder the world has a problem with bullies look how some adults act,Chuck Lorre got rich off Charlie now he bad moths him and puts crude post on his stupid vantiy cards,

    • Jane

      Finally watched an episode of “Men” and the Charlie sheen does do a good job of polishing a turd. But you know what? Charlie signed on to this show with his eyes open and America seems to like that turd, so don’t blame Chuck Lorre for selling you turds if that’s what you’re buying. I’m sure he’d rather write something better, but you can only supply the market with what’s in demand.

      • Heidi

        Don’t forget it was written FOR Charlie because he SAYS THINGS LIKE THAT. IF he hates the lines he should stop letting himself be recorded.

        That said…Roseanne is correct about the manic episode and Charlie is crashing. He was likely doing that much cocaine to settle himself down. Now nothing is working. I just hope now that he’s in the depressed phase he will reach out for help.

      • Lauri

        @Heidi – Coke doesn’t settle you down. Quite the opposite. He would need the booze to act as a depressant to bring him down off a coke high. That or tranquilizers like Valium. And you are exactly right. The show was written based on HIM. If he didn’t like the writing, he should have stopped being a source of material!

    • stu

      does she blame chuck for Roseanne’s crappy shows…season 3 & beyond.

      • bringbackrocky

        Sadly, Two and a Half Men is no better nor worse than most of the comedies on network TV these days. The network execs are looking to maximize profits and ratings and that means hiring writers who tailor jokes by writing what appeals to the least common denominator. If you want sophisticated, well-written comedies, you usually have to turn to cable (or the very rare network offering like The Office or 30 Rock) for something more intelligent than the usual drivel that passes as comedy on TV these days.

      • not a fan

        so chuck lorre is such a sh**, but charlie and roseanne didn’t mind making all their money off of his writing… never cared that much for either show. sheen and barr both gained fame and fortune by basically playing themselves…. that’s not real acting. hollywood is a wasteland of people that have no idea what it’s like to live in a real world of mortgages and money trouble. sheen had the audacity to say they were taking away his ability to support his family… uhm, how about not spending it on hookers and drugs??? so overpaid.

      • JUDY

        I love roseanne and shes been in show business for year and had her ups and downs with thing.So leave her outa tis her show was gret if it wasnt u ass why was it on for 10 yrs.Shes right wen saying wat she is about charie.I hope he comes down and stays down.He needs help.And someone needs to take charge and its him,if it cmes down to the nitty gritty though someone who cares will step in and we are all worried.I hope the anziety don,t make him have a heart attack.Peace roseanne.I wish i could meet u in person.

      • Lauri

        @Judy – Did you take the same train to Crazy Town that Sheen and Barr took? Cause every word of your comment was insane.

      • Ian

        I agree with Judi.

    • Lil Bit

      Roseanne who?

      • ItsBeenSaid

        I’d agree with Judy PERHAPs if I knew WTF she was even saying. And Judy, girl, lady, Roseann ain’t about to connect with you, hon. She tryign to stay away from trash and trailers. ‘null mean?

      • Felipe

        TheKorrea1000oh well carmen’s real name is mleasia lusha max’s real name is luis armand garcia angie’s real name is constance marie benny’s real name is belita moreno vic’s real name is emiliano diaz somethin like that and ernie’s real name is valente rodriguez i know the rest of the names to aimee garcia is veronica! that is the cast of george lopez show!

    • bpfl

      Who cares what this untalented hag thinks?! She’s a freak and nobody wants to hear from her, nor do they care what this socialist, anti-american skank has to say. Do us all a favor you hag….drop off the face of the earth.

      • Roseanne Forever

        Look, Roseanne’s gotten a little loonier this decade and her show had its definite low points, but “Roseanne” remains to this day one of the best representations of the working class, of women, and of queer characters that’s ever been on TV. Plus, you say ‘socialist’ like it’s a bad thing—personally, I think there’s nothing more un-American than starving your underclass to death while you deny them the resources they deserve and profit off their labors.

      • L

        The early run of the series I’d agree with you, Roseanne Forever, but the later years…Ugh. Train Wreck.

    • Not Another One

      Why do I even care?

    • andy

      yeah who knew she was still alive…seriously

    • Tard

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: Roseanne WHO?

    • Tania

      Roseanne ruined her own show trying to be “producer” with her meth head husband, and treated her writers like crud. Writers who went on to produce Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls, aka writers who went on to be rich and successful while Barr blew her cash on drugs and gastric bypass surgeries. Now she’s back in a trailer park and her former writers have fruitful careers. No wonder she’s bitter; maybe she’ll check into Sober Lodge with Charlie; might help her “career.”

    • Beverly

      What happened to Ms. Barr new show. I went to watch it tonight and it was not on. Please don’t tell me it’s over already?? I really loved it!!!!

    • Samuel

      To answer Texas Terry about hainvg wealth to travel extensively in my retirement, it is not my wealth. It is my inheritance from my parents who salted away 1/3 of a million dollars in bank certificates of deposit (CD’s). I have no offspring to leave money to or needy family members, plus way more than enough life insurance pay for my cremation. Dad was a blue-collar truck driving teamster for most of his life while my mother was a UNION seamstress in a clothing factory so both earned fair wages plus had fine union health insurance for the whole family. After high school graduation in 1932, they got married and settled on a farm they rented. Dad could only afford an older team of work horses to work the fields. However, before he was able to put in his first crops, the horses broke down a wood barrier in the barn, entered an oats bin and ate themselves to death while my parents were at church one Sunday. My maternal grandfather lost most of his money when his bank failed and my paternal grandparents had their farm saved by FDR’s Farm Relief Bill of 1933. So with no help from parents, and now destitute, my dad forsake farming to go to work in town as a butcher in a small market, then began driving a huckster truck for his employer. It was a converted school bus laden with groceries and a few notions like thread, yarn, etc. which Dad would drive around the Indiana countryside in essence taking the grocery store to the farmers. The truck even had a small coal stove to keep everyone warm in winter! Then my dad got a job delivering cookies and crackers for Sawyer Biscuit Co. of Chicago, then later a better paying job delivering gasoline for Socony-Vacuum (now Exxon-Mobil). Since my parents didn’t trust Wall Street, they put aside into savings as much as they could every week over the next 45 years. They never borrowed much and when they did, like a 30 year mortgage on their new home in 1955, they paid it off with double payments in only 15 years. It helped that we three kids were able to attend college mostly on scholarships and grants. Even living on a strict budget, my parents always made sure they had enough to give to their church and favorite charities. They were frugal but not tightwads . Mother most often put things on department store lay-away that she wanted and could wait a few months to pick up. She sewed clothes for herself and the rest of the family. We always had a big garden and Mother would can and later on started freezing many of our fruits and vegetables. When my parents got their one-and-only credit card in the early 70’s, they only charged what they could pay off at the end of the month as my Dad hated to pay interest. My Dad’s last new Cadillac was paid for in cash as Dad feared he would go first (he did at age 77) and didn’t want my mother to have a car payment (she lived to age 84). Our modern society has a much different mindset so many want it all and want it RIGHT NOW! Wall Street has helped to feed our debt by granting easy credit encouraging Americans to go in over their heads thus making their huge profits on fees and interest. Greed has taken over.

  • Buffy Freak

    Crazy birds of a feather flock together….

    Look, Chuck Lorre may be an insufferable dolt…but for her to say Charlie isn’t on drugs makes me wonder if she is…

    • Voodoo

      Obviously, you know nothing about drug addiction or manic depression. She said he’s behaving like he’s in a manic high and he clearly is.

      • Buffy Freak

        What the hell are you talking about? Here…I’ll copy and paste directly from the above article: “Charlie is not on drugs,” Barr wrote…

        He may be on some “manic” high but he is very clearly tweaking as well…

      • Mike

        Buffy, you clearly don’t understand. When your a manic, you have swing moods. When he is on his “high,” he doesn’t need the drugs. When he is on his low, he does need the drugs for comfort or whatever. Understand Buffy Freak?

    • tabitha

      She says that he’s not on drugs, then says that he is twice.
      “then they are in bed and depressed for a long time, so they start taking drugs again to get energy to work” AND “I’ll bet he just tried to mask his shame by crackin’ out.”

      Also, he took a urine test for coke – not a hair folicle test. Cocaine metabolises quicker in your system and can be out in 72 hrs or less. Test his hair, then I’ll listen.

      • Pillow Pants

        You need to work on your comprehension skills, namely the ability to differentiate between past, present and future tense. He’s not currently on drugs as evidenced by the urine tests. She then said he would “start taking drugs again,” key words “start” and “again.”

        Is he a drug addict? Yes. Are all drug addicts on drugs all the time? No.

    • Nick T

      He’s not on drugs. Where have you been?

      • Malika

        Well, I am officially gentitg man hands . I did some more digging this evening, and I now sport four blisters. I guess I need to invest in some work gloves, even though I really don’t like wearing them. I have the satisfaction of knowing I made more progress in flattening the hill, and certain sets of muscles are feeling comfortably exercised. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. Barf Kitty has her hot water bottle (a milk jug full of hot water) which means she’s not trying to cuddle up under my chin. The menfolk are out for the night. I have control of the remote, a quiet house, a hot shower and pizza all to my little ol’ self.Sometimes, life is good.

    • Doges

      What a wonderful girls get away ! i coduln’t ask for better friends, a wonderful place to stay and the best tour guide and friend. So nice that you now have new friends. It was truly worth the long ride. I would love to make this a yearly trip. i owe Bob big time for filling in as both host & hostess at the Inn while you made sure we took in as many sites as possible. Woodstock is an amazing town. it is so nice to visit a place untouched by franchises like Burger King and WaWa. Just people so proud of what they do and making it available to all. It is a great place. I would love to visit when the leaves turn. It must be spectacular !! My favorite thing was the covered bridges. They hold a place in my heart ever since i saw The Bridges of Madison County years ago. It is so nice to fall into bed at night truly exhausted from having so much fun. My insides were not the same for days. I am so glad they make digital cameras now. i coduln’t stop taking pictures. There is so much to photograph. To my long time friend Sue (and Bob) I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS your new friends say hi too !!!

  • Another Winning Opinion (NOT)

    Just when I didn’t think she could go lower, she takes out the shovel and kept digging. I wonder why she no longer has a career in Hollywood…?

    • tabitha

      There is a reason she’s on the Snicker’s WHINNING commercial. Maybe she confused winning with whinning.

      • L

        You’ve confused spelling with something you are good at.

        It’s “whining”.

    • Sladja

      The Left is not jonesing for war bescuae they think they could win. They are jonesing for war bescuae whoever “won”, America and its ideals would be lost. The elimination of liberty and the principle of individual rights is the Left’s end-of-road; they don’t care if it’s communists or the old religious tyranny that follows, just so long as that historical aberration known as the Enlightenment is gone, root and branch.See “nihilism”.

  • bruno

    i love roseanne barr. finally, someone with some insight into chuck lorre and his ego maniacal awfulness. if you had a boss like lorre making crap tv week after week you’d go nutbars too.

    • E

      Oh but Charlie turned it into gold…didn’t you hear him? He made it good!
      Charlie is an awful actor. Time for him to realize it. The show was awful, so he fit right in.

      • Mike

        I guess you missed the all-time classics he did quite well in (Platoon, Wall street, etc.). He’s no Lawrence Olivier, but he is an entertaining actor.

      • L

        Mike – those movie were, what, made over 30 yrs ago? Do those two movies overshadow all the schlock he’s done since?

  • Keith

    You know, I loved Roseanne on her show (still love the reruns) but, um, she has always struck me as barely stable herself. Her opinions are usually more off the mark than on.

    • K

      Agreed. I loved her on Roseanne, but I don’t think I’d like the actual person too much. Anyone who says that Chuck Lorre writes crappy material that only Tea Partiers would laugh at is being a real a-hole. He might not write super clever stuff, but it’s not cool to start dragging the Tea Party into it, and I don’t even like the Tea Party. I just really, really hate generalizations and shallow judgments of people you don’t agree with. (There’s so much to criticize about the Tea Party – but we’re going to go with their supposed unevolved sense of humor? Come on.)

      • Lele

        Do you realize that your two nbueermd arguments above are exactly what defenders of arranged marriages still offer in support of that archaic and demonstrably unfair tradition?When Mrs. Darren and I met, it was like we were pre-picked to meet and fall in love. Actually, I couldn’t stand her when we first met. Very annoying. What are the divorce rates in those societies? And do we have less domestic violence than them? Besides, who are you to downplay their totally personal choices. I think you want to control arranged marriage societies like India.Bob the mob.

  • Brenda Barrett

    Rosanne is full of it if she thinks Charlie’s antics are a result of his qualms about the juvenile jokes and pedantic writing on 2 1/2 men. Indeed, I suspect Charlie and his “Men” character share exactly the same views about women, etc. Rosanne is correct that the scripts are full of lowest common denominator, infantile jokes — it’s why I’ve never watched more than 2 minutes of this show. I think Rosanne needs to turn off her computer and go pick some more pineapples.

    • paul

      Re-read the article. She says he’s on a manic high. Charlie Sheen is mentally ill and that’s no laughing matter.

      • Brenda Barrett

        I don’t need to re-read it. After her comments about CS being manic depressive, she goes on to say that “no grown man could really look himself in the mirror knowing that he delivers s— jokes,” implying that Sheen has a problem with the show’s scripts. My point was that I think he has NO problem with the scripts, and in fact has the exact same viewpoint as his character. I don’t disagree that Sheen is ill and needs professional help – even Charlie Harper could see that.

      • Ana

        I actually think Roseanne might be on to something with her description of Charlie as being manic. A lot of addicts take drugs as a way of self-medicating. It would explain why he’s testing clean but acting more loony than ever.

    • Marjanne

      Brenda–you’re exactly right. And another thing no one seems to care about, is the fact that Chuck Lorre doesn’t/didn’t write every one of her shows, or 2 and a half men, either. Anybody laughing at Big Bang Theory? Yeah, me too: and Chuck writes a lot of those eps. Charlie “acted” like a zombie on the show and didn’t have to worry too much about what he was saying. The continued slams vs. Lorre are insane. Charlie has the problem, whatever it is. Meh.

  • stephen

    That line about the tea partiers… DEAD ON! Good job Roseanne! Nail meet head.

    • Flip

      Loved that one too!

    • Dean

      Yes, that was a win.

    • robin T

      No one I know who watches that show is in any way affiliated with the Tea Party. The show seems to reflect Hollywood’s values more so than those of middle America. Just stating the obvious.

      • Aman

        Merton’s concept of the self-fulfilling proephcy stems from the Thomas theorem, which states that If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. According to Thomas, people react not only to the situations they are in, but also, and often primarily, to the way they perceive the situations and to the meaning they assign to these perceptions. Therefore, their behavior is determined in part by their perception and the meaning they ascribe to the situations they are in, rather than by the situations themselves. Once people convince themselves that a situation really has a certain meaning, regardless of whether it actually does, they will take very real actions in consequence.

    • stevenjaba

      Well… I’m a conservative and have always thought that show was crap. Would love it if we could not use mass generalizations here in order to insult those who think differently from ourselves.

    • Dayat

      yeah.. but who`d actually go pay money to see him do it? I could name a mloilin better things to spend money on. His show has gotten terrible reviews and quite frankly, im REALLY not surprised, and if any of you are, I’m deeply worried about you.. Like what’s he REALLY gonna talk about during that show? That stunt he pulled was funny for a full 3 days, but to try and make money off of it like this, is forced and a terrible idea.

  • Kate

    You know what I am waiting for? Someone to point to the happy go lucky cast and crew of the Big Bang Theory full of actors who are actually known as intellectual people on their own.

    • K

      I am so pleased that they’ve all been classy enough to stay out of the whole thing (as far as I know).

  • Stacey

    Well she’s had experience with Chuck. And firing him made her show better although in the end, it floundered by that was year nine. I personally don’t think Charlie is on drugs. She might be right, he’s manic right now. And he’s tired of Chuck, tired of the writing and the mania he’s in is making him not shut up. He’s acting out. The media is his high. She’s relevant because she’s had experience working with Chuck but everything else is her own opinion. Most fans think the writing sucks lately on Two in a half Men. He needs to stop creating new shows and concentrate on the ones he has…BBT could use his supervision.

  • Glenn

    Roseanne Barr…..WINNING!

  • Ethan

    Honestly I love this, I don’t think she’s wrong, except to say that one of the things about Sheen that may make Roseanne look sane is that Sheen may have actually thought it was funny. It would most definitely suck to deliver such terrible lines, though.

  • smaggs

    None of these people has problems with these lines when they are on all his hit shows, pretty amusing.

  • LOL

    If you paid me enough I’d agree with her, and Sheen. I’m sure he had no trouble saying whatever was written for him as long as the check didn’t bounce. I always figured she was a Vatican assassin witch–emphasis on witch.

  • Mac

    When was the last time you saw or heard of Roseanne Barr working in show business? She’s a bit like Sheen and has been basically black-balled – her reason for acting the cynic.

  • Anna P. Mcleod

    I will always Like Roseanne and Chrlie Sheen. Reason. They can act yet are showing a reality check on what the world is really all about. Every ones wants and needs and now Looking at Charlie a “Broken Spirit” not who he is any more!. Wipe the dust off your back Charlie and move on! You are # 1 in my books!

    • shelly

      yes, you are correct!

    • Jan

      Anna, try punctuation and then maybe your sentences will make sense. Maybe.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Kind of sad a woman would defend a wife beater and someone who sleeps with prostitutes.

      • Dean

        You’re misinformed on all counts. They’re porn stars and models, and he doesn’t pay for them. What a guy.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        You are misinformed. Check Google. Remember Heidi Fleiss?

      • Sharon Sherman

        really? that has what to do with what is being done to Charlie Sheen,

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