Charlie Sheen says Rob Lowe should replace him on 'Two and a Half Men'

sheen-loweImage Credit: PR PhotosRob Lowe has Charlie Sheen in his Korner.

Sheen took the radio airwaves this morning and endorsed the Parks and Recreation co-star to replace him on CBS’ Two and a Half Men. The two are considered friends, and some in the industry have speculated that Lowe, if offered the post, wouldn’t take the job out of respect for Sheen. But the fired actor suggested he wouldn’t protest a deal.

“He’s a buddy of mine, he’s a beautiful man, a brilliant actor, and I hope he does it and kicks its ass because I still get [paid],” Sheen told Los Angeles radio station K-EARTH 101.

Sheen believes his contract mandates that he will be paid for his role on Men for all the non-produced episodes that were originally planned for this season, as well as all the episodes from next season.

“I don’t even know if they would call the [character] ‘Charlie’ anymore,” Sheen said. “How does the show transition? Do you have [executive producer Chuck Lorre] — that silly sad troll — do you have him talk in the camera and say, ‘Here’s what happened,’ and then Rob Lowe comes out? Or do they just do it, without explaining it, and hope no one notices?”

Then again, given how much antagonism that’s been built up between Sheen and CBS/Men producers, you have to wonder: Is having Sheen’s recommendation a plus?

If the producers of Men decide to replace Sheen (and sources suggest that is, indeed, their intention), they should have no trouble finding actors willing to take the job.

“There are a lot of actors in their 40s who aren’t getting the same movie roles they used to,” noted one source.

If it’s a star on the level of Lowe, Matt Dillon or John Stamos —who are all rumored to have been approached—they could ask for a starting salary of $150,000 to $200,000 per episode, the going rate for big stars for first-year gigs. While it’s a hefty salary, it’s nowhere near the money Sheen was pulling down. That’s why the per-episode price could go even higher; it all depends on the actor (and his negotiating team).

two-and-a-half-menImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBS“Anything below $1.2 million will still be a bargain [to the studio]” says one high-powered suit close to CBS.

As for those names being circulated, Dillon would be a surprise, since he has never shown much interest in doing TV despite a recent turn on Modern Family. Studio insiders, meanwhile, have downplayed reports about Lowe and Stamos, who’s been showing up on Glee. Still, both men are skilled comedy performers (which is harder than it looks).

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  • Ellen

    Rob can not leave Parks and Recreation!!!!!!!

    • Asha

      I KNOW!!! WHY ARE PEOPLE EVEN SUGGESTING THIS?!?!? Ok my moment of hysteria has passed. I am not a huge fan of Rob Lowe’s character on P&R but he is a great addition to the cast and I am LIT-erally very happy that he’s there.

      • katie

        “PEOPLE” aren’t suggesting it. “CHARLIE SHEEN” is suggesting it. And as we know, he hasn’t been the most lucid.

        We’d miss him way too much on P&R for crazy-face-Sheen’s suggestion to be taken.

      • kerry

        It’s not Charlie Sheen’s suggestion. Warner Bros/CBS put it out there. Charlie was just responding to reports.

      • JaySin420

        I like Rob Lowe but Parks n Rec is the funniest show on tv, with or without him.

    • Brett (The Real One)

      What’s Parks and Recreation? Is that a reality show about the Parks Department?

      • Drew

        No, it’s a NBC comedy show featuring Amy Poehler, written somewhat similarly, and by some of the same writers, as the Office.
        And yes, its about the Parks and Recreation department.
        First season sucked, but its now getting really good! Surprisingly.

    • kathy

      Guess Charlie knows that Rob is a bigger
      drug user than himself. Good way to get
      back at the producers, huh, Charlie?

    • Johnification


    • Andrew

      That would, literally, be a bad idea…

    • Jen E.

      I know. I love, love, love his character on P&R. Whereas I got sick of Two and a Half’s one liners in the first two and a half episodes.

    • RJM

      Exactly what I thought! This article doesn’t even mention P&R! What the heck

    • Beth

      P @ R is not a good show! I love the office and I can’t even watch this one. And I love Amy Poeller and all her movies, the show is not good.

      Get ROB IN TWO and a half men stat!

    • Elizabeth

      Over my dead body Chuckles… Chris Traeger 4eva

    • Jethro

      Rob Lowe would kill this show, he has as much comedic talent as a shoe sole!

  • Erin

    No way do I want Lowe to leave P&R to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Pass.

  • Jack

    Rob, do it. The 8 people watching P&R will eventually get over it.

    • KC


    • Sarah

      I love P&R but that was pretty funny.

    • Reuben


    • Amy


      • Will

        LOL! Except…not funny at all. Just because it doesn’t have the big bang theory’s ratings doesn’t mean 8 people watch it…and most of it’s viewers are upper class, while most of Men’s are white trash.

      • Aly

        So teachers and police and firemen and nurses are white trash because they aren’t pulling in 6 figure salaries? Just because someone is middle or lower class doesn’t mean they don’t have any class. And someone like Charlie Sheen is upper class, and has no class whatsoever.

    • Rita


    • DJ

      You’re a schmuck. P&R has a huge following.

    • Mary

      Hey now, Parks and Rec is a great show. Didn’t help any that this current season didn’t begin until recently (hate when networks do this).

      • Sergio

        I think the delay had to do with Amy Poehler having a baby. On the bright side, at least we’ll have new episodes while other shows are on repeat

    • A

      Keep enjoying the drivel that is Two and a Half Men, Jack. Those of us with functioning brains will continue to watch Parks and Recreation.

    • Untitled

      I love Parks and Rec, but the show would be fine / just as good without him. He is by no means the most important or interesting character.

    • yepyep

      what theres 8 people?

  • Jennifer

    I think James Spader would be a much better fit.

    • Ramey

      Has James Spader ever done sitcom material? I remember him mostly as deliciously evil characters in dramas.

      • Erin

        He did do a hilarious guest spot on Seinfeld.

      • Jennifer

        He was HILARIOUS on Boston Legal as Allen Shore.

      • Beth

        He would be really good too.

    • teekay

      I’ve never seen an episode of Two and a half Men, but James Spader could get me to tune in!

  • Lo

    Nope. Rob Lowe is LITERALLY one of the best things about P&R this season. He shouldn’t leave. I’m not having it. P&R may not be a ratings powerhouse, but it is 10x funnier then 2 1/2 Men.

    • Bob

      You’ve obviously never seen 2 1/2 Men

      • George

        It’s now 2 men. hahahaha

      • Will

        No, I’m sure they have. I tried an episode and it was horse crap.

      • Johnification

        You obviously haven’t seen Parks and Rec.

      • debi

        never watched an episode of 2&1/2 Men… as my own private protest of the douchebag…however would def. give it a try with rob lowe! he steals every scene he’s in, in parks & rec, brothers & sisters & californication! rob lowe is winning!

    • tiny tony

      shut it down.

  • KC

    Does this horrible excuse for a sitcom really need to continue? I mean, really?

    • Brett (The Real One)

      Does this horrible excuse for an MB poster really need to post this? I mean, really?

  • EW

    Yes replace Charlie with a loser that makes sex tapes with underage girls.

    • Shane

      Hey, the 80’s called, they want their gossip back.

      • KC

        It wasn’t gossip, dope.

      • Asha

        I just cracked up. The 80’s called, they want their gossip back is my new favorite insult.

      • Bob

        @KC Yes it is/was. Nothing but rumors.

      • kerry

        It wasn’t just rumors. It happened in Atlanta after the 1988 Demoratic Convention. Look it up.

      • phillygirl

        LOL!! Good one!

      • @bob

        No it wasn’t, “Dope”. A tape exists, they showed clips on the newsprograms at the time.

    • Brett (The Real One)

      You sound bitter. Are you jealous he didn’t make a sex tape with you?

      • James

        Good one. They are jealous.

  • Almar

    I Could Honestly see Stamo’s doing a great job as a replacement, and Rob Lowe is a Fantastic actor as well, But the Figures they were throwing out per episode are way too much.

  • angeljake

    Rob Lowe for the win!

  • jk

    I vote for Robert Downey, Jr. Sheen was terrific but not in a good place right now, very sad.

    • vicky

      how about robert downey jr?

    • Sheila G

      Too expensive. I think he is getting ready for Iron Man 3.

      • Bill

        Avengers, Sherlock Holmes 2, AND Iron Man 3. Not a chance in hell.

    • chris

      I agree. And RD has the look, the Brat Pack hookup, and experience with the role in real life – I say this with respect since RD pulled out of the drug problem. Charlie Harper wasn’t a big stretch of character for Charlie Sheen and I think that’s important for a replacement. I’d give Rob Lowe a chance though, he’s a good actor and has some fire to him (but looks too much like “the good guy” to be a Charlie).

      • Beth

        HEY HOW ABOUT EMILLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erik

      Seriously? Robert Downey Jr.?? Yeah…a guy who is making Ten Bazillion dollars a movie is going to take a sitcom job. I know…why dont they just get Brad Pitt? Or maybe Clooney will want to take 50,000 steps backwards and do TV again. I love how people on this thread just throw out names like its just a matter of “deciding” who we want. The actor has no say in it. We move our actors around like chess peices. Are you forgetting the actor actually has to “want” to do it? Why are we acting like this sitcom is the greatest thing since the invention of television? All I know is that anyone who steps in and takes this role would be taking a HUGE risk that it succeeds and I certainly wouldnt leave a successful show to try it.

  • chase

    Dear Rob,

    Please do not leave P&R.

    Everyone Who Watches P&R

    • James

      There’s a “P&R?”

  • Jon

    Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox on Spin City…maybe Michael J. Fox could return the favor.

    (I know, I know.)

    • Beth

      HAHA oh gosh yes!!

  • jack King

    An endorsement from Sheen — the mark of death!

    Lowe isn’t snarky enough to fill that role.

    • James

      “Snarky?” Do you say “campy,” too? Do you fill the one prerequisite for a male movie critic?

  • Ashley

    Rob Lowe would be terrible. They should suck it up and pay Charlie Sheen the 3mil per episode. No one can replace his role. It would be a wasted effort. Lorre and Sheen need to set both their egos aside, there is some money to be made now. Big money.

    • Brett (The Real One)

      What Ashley said. She’s the voice of reason on this board. Ashley for President of CBS! Serious!

    • Simon

      That is way easier said than done. Lorre and Sheen clearly can’t work together anymore. They can’t fire Lorre because he runs their other two most successful comedies as well, and he also hasn’t spent the last three weeks saying every crazy thing he possibly can to the media. So therefore Charlie had to go.

      • Brett (The Real One)

        Sorry Charlie.

      • James

        I thought he couldn’t be fired cuz he’s *ewish? LOL

    • kerry

      I agree. The show won’t work with a replacement. I like Rob Lowe, but I doubt he will take this job, as it brings back an image he worked hard to get away from after his 80s sex tape scandal. That scandal hurt his career for about 10 years. At the time it happened, he was filming a move called Bad Influence in West LA, and people showed up top protest him. It was a big deal. He moved to Santa Barbaba. Bad Influence is a good movie, by the way.

      Matt Dillon? I like him, but I can’t see him on this show.

      Just bring back Charlie Sheen!!


    It`s like AC/DC replacing Bon Scott with Brian JOHNSON,sure it` sounds great, but it aint the same

    • Brett (The Real One)

      I think they should replace Charlie Sheen with… a new and improved Charlie Sheen, when he gets well. Meaning, give Charlie a few months to sane-it up then let him come back to work. Problem solved. Team Sheen!

      • apple

        I agree with Brett they should wait untill Charlie improved and get himself together then let him come back.

    • akdfk

      No one said it was supposed to be the same! Duh. And if you think it sounds “great” then what’s the problem?? Hahahaha

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