'Glee' and Gwyneth Paltrow equal great ratings (If only 'V' could stunt cast like that, too)

GLEEImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxThanks again, Gwynnie! Last night’s original episode of Glee, which featured the return of Gwyneth Paltrow, was the highest-rated program of the night among adults 18-49, teens and adults 18-34, according to early estimates. The episode earned a 4.6 rating/14 share in the key demo – up 5% from its most recent telecast on Feb. 22 — and averaged 12 million. In fact, last night’s episode drew its largest audience since week two of the season (excluding the post-Super Bowl telecast).

Fox, which was bolstered by the fact that ABC and CBS aired mostly reruns, finished No. 1 for the night in 18-49 (3.4/10) and in other key demos like 18-34 and teens. And fortunately, Glee’s strength more than made up for Traffic Light, Fox’s new comedy which posted a mere 1.5/4 at 9:30 p.m. and only averaged 3.8 million. Raising Hope at 9 earned a 2.8/8 and 6.8 million viewers.

A repeat of NCIS was the most-watched show of the night with 13.4 million viewers. Other notable (or not-so notable) performances: an original episode of V only pulled a 1.7/5 and 4.9 million viewers, and The Biggest Loser did a 2.9/8 and 8 million.



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  • cara

    OH God, this mean Gwynneth will keep singing!! Enough, she is not that good and wish EW and her reps would stop telling her she is a good singer and stop selling her as a singer to the public!!

    • Peter

      Can’t agree enough Cara. EW – ENOUGH! She’s not that good and compared to the collection of other people that have been on the show, she’s one of the last special guests I would prefer to have on again. She’s decent, but enough with the G-love.

      • TBONE

        I dont know what you heard, but she did a great job on landslide and sounded great.

      • reason

        I love her, she is a joy to watch and hear.

      • andy

        she’s a whiny irritating smug diva….in other words, a perfect fit for glee

      • @andy

        which is why everyone in Hollywood seems to love her? Your comment doesn’t make sense when you consider that and the fact that I am sure you don’t even know her

    • Molly

      I couldn’t agree more!! They need to stop acting like she has a strong singing voice!

      • CK

        my goodness, what is wrong with you,,she is a guest star..no one billed her as a “singer” get over it…she was there for entertainment !!!!

    • To Cara

      Are you deaf? Do you think YOU could do better job?

      • jimmyjo

        Actually go visit any kareoke bar and they are dozens of people who can sing just as good if not better than GP. She is being overhyped by EW and her agents.

      • @jimmyjo

        and the millions downloading her songs and viewing them on youtube, and tuning in to watch her on Glee….

      • BlackIrish4094

        Oh if millions download her song it must be good! Please there are plenty more than a million Americans with little or no taste which the downloads of Gwyneth singing clearly proves. Sheep…

      • kev

        get over yourself Blackirish! Seriously you are a bitter betty

      • Truthhurts

        To those of you saying she’s got millions of fans.. So did a lil guy named hitler back in the day. Just cause they have millions of followers doesnt mean they’re right. Just means they’re easily duped by PR.

      • Wha’ever

        Woaw, Truthhurts. Comparing Gwyneth Paltrow to Hitler is just ridiculous.
        Jeez, I don’t like Gwyneth as a singer (I honestly sing better than she does), but your overreaction about it is just annoying.

    • Ran

      Love her character, tho my fave songs were Afternoon Delight and that Kurt/Blaine dance number. Just wish they’d stop making Gwinnie say “thought you’d never ask” and making Rachel say “this song expresses my feelngs” — nuff already. Love Santana’s meltdown, didnt’ see it coming and it was very touching; all of her acting out comes from her troubles with identity. She was a character we loved to hate but now we love her, hope she can find some real love.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Ugh, I totally agree. I’m sick of the stunt casting and definitely sick of Gwyneth thinking she can sing.

      • Alice

        She can sing, and quite well…

    • Marie

      Totally agree. EW’s eternal gushing over Gwyneth is just as bad and as irritating and Kelly Ripa’s constant gushing over JLo’s “glowing skin” on American Idol. Enough already!

    • Alice

      Gwyneth is fabulous – anybody who’s somebody knows that!

  • Jay

    I really think its time EW started giving some love to Raising Hope. The show is consistently funny, and it keeps getting better.


    • abadstroller


    • Dody

      TOTALLY agree!! Raising Hope is one of the best shows on right now, and one of the most underappreciated.

      • Kim

        I adore Raising Hope.
        “My Cousin is an Ultra-Gay Conservative. He is a member of the Herbal Tea Party.” That line made me laugh so hard.

  • jfms777

    Gwyneth. Glee. Twilight. The EW “specialty of the house.” Enough already.

    • Mole

      If you don’t like the product being sold, go buy a different one, it’s the only way to change things. Therefore, go read another entertainment site. There are plenty out there.

    • anonymous

      I agree, I’m starting to think that EW has a huge crush on Gwynneth or they have stakes in her career. It’s ridiculous how much love they give to this very average, mediocre singer. I expect more from EW, but they can’t seem to tell anymore what is real singing talent???????

    • Al

      Thank you jfms777!!! Couldn’t agree more! I don’t mind some Gwyneth here and there, but the coverage that EW gives to Glee and Twilight is excessive, especially considering there are better comedies (see Raising Hope) and far better movies out there.

    • bingo

      You forgot Charlie Sheen.

  • Skippy

    I used to be a HUGE “Glee” fan, but recently…I’ve really grown to dislike it! Ryan Murphy is running the show into the ground and causing it to “jump the shark” on a weekly basis. EW covers “Glee” non-stop, the Cd’s are thrown in our face, the stunt casting/guest stars are too frequent, the cast is annoying and the show is getting sillier and sillier with each passing episode!

    • BlackIrish4094

      I agree, still trying to feel it but I’ve definitely lost that loving feeling this season (and really the 2nd half of last season starting with the pathetic “tribute” episodes.

    • Doug

      Yes, Glee has jumped the shark several times…don’t know how much more of it I can take. The show used to be funny and refreshing. Ryan Murphy is dragging the show into the ground with all of his platitudes and celebrity arse-kissing.

    • abadstroller

      Yeah, I hate how they’re sneaking into my wallet, buying those Glee CDs without my making the decision myself, and putting them in my CD players and burning the songs onto my iPod. Yeah, that would happen if I were unconscious and the products were forced on me against my will (geesch….).

  • Jay

    “V” is still on the air??!!??

  • tigersmurfette

    okay, i know there is freedom of speech and all that whatnot, but if you dont like a show. dont watch. and dont comment about how awful it is blah blah blah. i dont like or watch gossip girl, and i also dont go to webites/articles about that show bashing it and its stars/plot lines/continuity/nonsense.

    • COPE


    • BlackIrish4094

      The comments section is not just for positive comments so if it bothers you to that degree perhaps you should take your sensitivity elsewhere.

      • cat

        the only one appearing sensitive is you sir

      • Doug

        I totally agree. This is a forum for both positive and negative opinions. Deal with it.

  • Luke

    Question of the day: How much is Gwyneth paying EW for these positive PR? Ever since she acknowledged that people hate her, she’s been on this campaign to be well-liked. Well unfortunately, Gwyneth, ruining Glee and helping to turn it into another guest-star fiasco like Will and Grace won’t help much at all.

    • reason

      it is not positive PR, it is ratings, and they speak for themselves

    • anonymous

      Wonder same thing. Is her agent bribing mags to say she’s great singer? Many in my office said they cringed watching her with CeeLo and on Glee, that she has taken her “singing” as far as she can and needs to STOP (in the name of love!!).

      • sam

        It is hilarious that EW only seems to mention “Forget You” in reference to her, when CeeLo is the real singer who has made it a hit. She made that song mediocre, like everything else that she sings.

  • Buffybot

    I guess no one has watched a Ryan Murphy show before. Ever heard of Popular or Nip/Tuck? Both of those shows were crazy weird and lacked continuity, but I don’t watch his shows for continuity. I watch them for the shear weirdness and fun. Plus, Gwyneth is awesome and her voice is pretty. Why does everyone have to sing like Barbra Streisand to be “allowed” to sing in your eyes? Her voice is not terrible and her character is fun. MORE GWYNETH PLEASE!

  • Jose

    How could The Good Wife not get a mention here, it wasn’t a rerun!

    And Raising Hope continues to be one of the best (if not the best) comedy on television. Was anyone else surprised by who the guest star was? I would’ve thought that he would’ve gotten a mention in EW.

    • Jose

      Never mind, it was!

  • anonymous

    Found out recently that Gwynneth has the same PR agency as another overhyped, mediocre talent…Jennifer Aniston. That says alot, that it doesn’t always take real talent, nope just a good PR firm to make it in Hollywood.

    • carla

      And a connection to Brad Pitt perhaps as strangely both are still better known for being with him than anything else they have done.

    • kenneth

      that…and millions of fans

      • Welcome1

        Apparently those millions didn’t show up for “Country Strong’!

      • kevin

        country strong was a limited release and has already earned a profit on its budget and the soundtrack has consistently been among the bestselling albums on amazon

      • Jose

        Kevin, it did make back its production budget, but a $20 million gross isn’t all that impressive. And Country Strong eventually went wide 2 weeks after its limited opening and did not do well.

    • amy

      and an Oscar…or an Emmy

  • tryst

    Gwen isn’t Aretha Franklin but then again no one is. I don’t understand why people keep jumping all over her… Is global warming her fault too?

    • Mimi

      Gwyneth has gone on record several times stating her ill feelings toward Americans and how stupid we are. I guess living in London brings out the worst in this snob. I used to like her until she started dissing people in her home country.

  • suebrody

    Lovely. I am so over Holly Holiday. Special Education was a fun ep: this was not. (They also gave her pretty much the same lines as in Special Ed, only they were funny then, not now.) There was so much that was wrong with this episode that I can’t even begin to list them. What the hell has Ryan Murphy done to his show?!

  • Diane

    Okay, so Glee/Gwyneth went up against reruns and won? Wow, you guys at EW are setting the bar really low.

  • Karen

    Gwyneth’s return didn’t up Glee’s ratings, the fact that NCIS was a rerun, did!

  • Goopie

    I never watch the show Glee much, but if she’s on It I wouldn’t miss it!!! Gwyneth is a well-rounded entertainer and she lives her passions and has exemplary ambition and remarkable talent. I hope to see much more of her…

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