Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin in HBO's adaptation of 'Game Change'

Julianne-MooreImage Credit: Brian Bowen SmithOscar nominee Julianne Moore has landed the starring role of Sarah Palin in HBO’s adaptation of the bestselling book Game Change.

Moore (Boogie Nights, Eagle Eye) will take the sure-to-be-buzzed-about role of the Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee in the HBO film.

Game Change is directed by Jay Roach and written by Danny Strong, who previously teamed for HBO’s docudrama on the 2000 election drama, Recount. It’s based on the book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin following John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

What do you think, will Moore make a convincing Palin?

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  • Liza

    She doesn’t look anything like her but she’s certainly a talented actress who should be able to pull it off. It’s hard to tell without knowing the tone and exact storyline of the movie. Since it’s directed by Jay Roach, will it have a comedic tone? If so it maybe hard for her since she’s more of a serious actress but I’ll still like to see how she goes about it, Sarah is already a parody of herself.

    • RT

      Moore is a first rate actress and taking this part is a gusty move give how spot on Tina Fey is as Palin.

      • joblo

        No way. Have you heard her terrible Boston accent on 30 Rock? She’s a great actress but it doesn’t mean she’s great for any part. I can’t see this at all. Thumbs down.

      • Lyn

        What Joblo said. A bucket of bronzer on her lovely pale skin still won’t make her look anything like Palin. Hillary Swank or Helen Hunt might have been good choices.

      • @joblo

        Her Boston accent on 30 Rock was supposed to be terrible and way over the top. I don’t know why so many people failed to understand that.

      • @@joblo

        Thank you! Yes, her accent was supposed to be cliche and unclassy to show where Jack came from. It was perfect for what they wanted. If it was off, they would have had her change it after the umpteenth time she was on.

      • the dude

        Speaking of Moore, Palin once offered me moore blow in the bathroom…I declined as I find her politics detestable.

    • Jackie

      She may not look like Palin, but they could do a lot with make-up and a wig. I could definitely imagine Moore doing Palin’s voice, though, and she does have such a distinctive voice.

      • ew-bot

        Oh dude, she’s gonna kill it. My only fear would be that she might play a more likeable version than the real life brash harlot. It’d suck if anyone was induced to perceive more humanity than is really there in the real Palin. Bring it, haters.

    • Le HIROSHI

      Why NOT Tina Fey? (It’s so natural that the very first sec. I saw the headline, I thought of Tina Fey and her glasses.) Doubtless be she Julianne Moore an actress so well talented, but Tina Fey is “SO” Palinesque. Just say’n.

      • katie


      • Simon Jester

        In case you guys have failed to notice, Tina Fey is just SLIGHTLY busy with other projects these days.

  • Shane

    Well she has the acting chops to pull off being a total idiot when she herself is very bright, self-possessed and well spoken, that’s for sure.
    Recount was terrific, having read the book(s) it very much captured the behind the scenes atmosphere, fun and tension and larger than life characters, and Game Change the book was AWESOME so this should be fab!!

    • dee

      yup the book was so entertaining it’s perfect for HBO, can’t wait for it.

  • Jenny

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to characterize SP in any kind of nonfictional context. I know she doesn’t need the money, so it’s pretty disappointing that Julianne Moore actually chose this role.

  • Reena

    Great casting choice…but I dont think she was in Eagle Eye..right…

    • Shane

      I remember Rosario Dawson and Michelle Monaghan but unless Julianne was “the voice”, I don’t remember her in Eagle Eye.

      • billy

        she was the voice.

    • MCS

      More importantly, why mention that average movies from her fantastic career? Why not her award-winning roles in Far From Heaven, The Hours, A Single Man or THIS SEASON’s The Kid’s are All Right, not some uncredited role in a Shia Lebeouf film.

      • the dude

        What about Big Lebowski…why do we all forget the Dude…the dude abides…Palin is married to the First Dude…Sarah Palin peed on your carpet…it is all making sense now.

  • Dinjab

    After nailing the Boston accent as Nancy on 30 Rock, Ms. Moore can do anything!

    • Buffy Freak

      You’re being sarcastic, right? Because that was one of the worst Boston accents ever.

    • Miffy

      She did a TERRIBLE Boston accent – worse than that stupid mailman on Cheers.

      • Ted Kennedy

        Er, ah, Cliff Clavin did the most authentic Bawstin accent I’ve evah heard.

    • Art

      Her Boston accent on 30 Rock was meant to be that exaggerated. Anyway, I guess Meryl Streep is still filming the Margaret Thatcher movie. I’m sure she could portray Sarah Palin.

  • Shane Heslet

    Dear James,

    Julianne Moore was not in Eagle Eye, that was Michelle Monaghan.


    • BecauseYou’reWrong

      She was the voice of Eagle Eye, she was never on screen

    • Shane

      LOL!!!! I just said the same thing, different Shane!!

  • Cleetus

    Please stop giving the Alaska hick more attention than she deserves

    • the dude

      Come on, now, Cleetus. A train wreck like this…one that keeps on going and going, deserves at least a little more attention. Just wait until we start to forget her…that’s when she’ll open her real can of magic.

      John McCain looks like a pile of dump that my truck left in the yard under the frigerator.

      If we didn’t have Sarah Palin, Fox News would bore the betinkles outta me.

    • Marian Carcache

      I agree! Let her evaporate like yesterday’s puddle.

  • powerpoultry

    The thing is…Julianne Moore isn’t pretty enough to play Sensational Sarah Palin. The movie is directed by a Roach, the book was written by a pair of tumble-bugs. Doesn’t sound like a formula for success. Just sayin…

    • GM

      Julianne Moore is much prettier than the Harpy of Wasilla any day of the week.

      • A FAN

        Julianne has got The Look and acting chops !

  • Lee

    Julianne Moore is way too pretty to play ho hum hag Sarah Palin. Besides, what a waste of film making. Anything about Sarah Palin is a waste…she’s a waste!

    • HD

      Um, have you read the book? It’s about the 2008 election. Kind of hard to talk about the election without talking about Palin.

  • Keith

    Hmm. Well, she is a fantastic actress. I hope she’s ready for the barbs that will come her way, although I doubt she cares much. Great casting choice. I have a feeling her portrayal will be less about an imitation and more about getting to the heart of what is in the script. Should make for an compelling performance I bet.

  • shane K


    • Shane

      Wow, the Shanes are smart!!
      All three of us said the same thing!

      • Color Me Impressed

        Haha thats awesome! There must be some kind of “Shane” brain-link.

  • V

    Don’t be so quick to judge! James is absolutely right, Julianne was the voice of Aria, the “evil” computer in Eagle eye!

  • Clarke

    Also who would want their major credits to include Eagle Eye?

  • John Walsh

    The book wasn’t really about John McCain. It was more about the whole election, especially Obama and Hillary.

  • Chris

    Was Tina Fey busy?

    • Alec Baldwin

      Tina Fey can only do a cartoon of Sarah Palin for about three to five minutes at a stretch. Then, her shortcomings as an actress really start to show.

      • Phil E. Drifter

        Right, that’s why 30 Rock has gotten Emmys repeatedly and has been on the air for years.

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