Chuck Lorre slams Charlie Sheen's lawsuit as 'fantasy'

Two and a Half Men executive producer Chuck Lorre fired back at Charlie Sheen via after the actor filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against him and Warner Bros. today.

Lorre’s attorney Howard Weitzman issued the following statement:

“The allegations in the complaint against Mr. Lorre are as recklessly false and unwarranted as Mr. Sheen’s rantings in the media. The accusations are simply imaginary. This lawsuit is about a fantasy ‘lottery’ pay-day for Charlie Sheen. Chuck Lorre’s concern has been and continues to be about Mr. Sheen’s health.”

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  • Darin

    Well Charlie has been talking crazy lately although I think he’s mainly been having fun playing with the media and most of what he says has been joking, but Mr. Lorre seems to be unliked by most of his present and past shows stars from all the comments I’ve read from them, so I hope he has to pay up. Besides Charlie has problems, but he’s definitely the one that made the show’s producer rich, definitely not the producer.

    • Jason C.

      You hope he has to pay out to Charlie Sheen because overpriveleged stars like Roseanne Barr and Charlie Sheen bad mouth the man who gave them gigs that made them household names? I don’t hear the cast of Mike & Molly and Big Bang Theory talking smack, but that’s because they’re currently on top. Charlie Sheen’s phone was exactly ringing off the hook before he started on Two and a Half Men, and then it became the number 1 comedy on television. Sheen wouldn’t have had that job if someone didn’t create the show. Lorre created a character that worked perfectly for Sheen, it’s not like Sheen had to reach deep within himself and work very hard to make that role work.

      • Glenn S

        Jason C. I agree with you 100%. Wow that was well stated. The public knows the stars; they don’t know the bosses and they assume the star is the nice, easy going guy when many times the opposite is the case.

        I don’t know Chuck Lorre. But the fact that he has created so many top shows not only proves his talent but his ability to work with a variety of personalities both on and off screen. Seems to me there is always a breaking point and Lorre, WB and CBS sucked up a lot.

        Had the production team not put the show on hiatus and Charlie Sheen died on the set, his family would have sued the studios saying they killed him because they refused to put the show on hold and Sheen’s health didn’t matter.

        For as much money as Sheen made, the network and WB made even more. To end the top comedy on TV must hurt. And to then get beaten up must burn.

        They really ought to be commended for doing the right thing even though it cost them dearly.

      • Anita

        I have to agree fully with Jason C.

      • Welsh

        Well said. Charlie is a proper charlie.

      • Truthhurts

        Really jason c? lorre made them household names? May wanna do a lil research before you go spouting off about something which you clearly dont know very much about. Charlie had a pretty stellar career long before chuck lorre started ripping off 70’s sitcoms and regurgitating them as new shtick today.

      • Welsh

        Also Sheen’s lawyers must be laughing all the way to the bank. Just like his women.

      • Ed

        It should also be noted that of the three people Lorre “couldn’t get along with,” one (Ms. Butler) has taken responsibility for her ill behavior and has made amends to Lorre while the other two were well known for either not getting along with anyone in production (Ms. Barr) or not getting along with either production or other cast members on multiple shows (Ms. Shepard).

      • Truthhurts

        And really lorre created the character for charlie huh? Looks more to me like he said “hey look at charlie, that guy would make an awesome character on my show” and then went on to regurgitate stuff he saw in the 70’s on sitcom’s thinking that his “hip and young” audience wouldn’t remember any of it and luckily for him.. he was right. Good thing he writes to the lowest common denominator crowd or 2 1/2 men wouldnt have made it past yr 2.

      • Lucy

        Disagree Jason C actually just before Chuck Lorre show Charlie Sheen was successful on Spin is Michael J Fox who gived him a tv gig.
        Before that he again struggled with his addictions and before that he was a movie star.

      • JM

        Charlie Sheen’s character was a spin off from the Michael J Fox show that MJF was too ill with Parkinson’s disease to continue.. I’m no Sheen supporter but obviously your not around the television business much. Unfortunate as it may seem, Lorre did ride the wave of Sheen’s questionable celebrity. he was always crazy and they knew it going in. Well before the show started Sheen was up to his antics and when I met him he made trips to he bathroom at Barney’s Beanery every five minutes to do blow. Suffice it to say the show did become a monster success that millions loved. I wouldnt know..I never watched it (Winning!) The television producers in this town are a tight knit group of nepotistic people, usually in the deal on the coat tails of a relative.. or in this case pitching the show using a major “star.” I never considered Sheen one of those so I dont understand that..but hey, they agreed tp pay him 1.8 million plus residuals for a reason.. they must have been making SO much more and that’s the only reason they did it. Sheen’s character was based upon his life to a lesser degree and idiots from other towns.. who come here and ride around outside the studio in vans with fringed cloth tops, and English double decker buses with the tops chopped off liter Sunset and Hollywood blvd. They have made an entertainment town that was great into a town filled with gawkers and idiots that come to have a looksie and see if the can have what they consider a “brush with greatness.” When I grew up we used to run into Clark Gable all the time in his deerskin fringe jacket and his silver gull wing Mertcedes 300 SL , my dad and him would always be doing something special to their sports-cars..Now anyone in music or TV is hounded my paparazzi ..beseeched by helicopter coverage and watched by everyone.. when I go to lunch at La Scala boutique..both the front and back doors are littered with papparazi…for lunch.. I wish it was safe here, but this constant battering and shows like ET and Access just need to cover everyone. Living near Paris Hilton’s old house we were constantly in the orbit of helicopters as she would drive to court and back. My best friend lives in between Sheen’s house and his neighbour Gene Simmonds.. they are going CRAZY from the choppers. No one bothers Chuck Lorre..but he is worth hundreds of millions from that show alone.. and the show had to do with Sheen.. I could care less what happens to either of them.But as a person used to dealing with record producers and movie people just like Lorre.I hope Sheen kicks his ass. If you are in the entertainment industry, surely you understand the constant wars between producers,Studis, and Artists.. if your not in the industry then i understand as well. Sheen is definitly out there. I think he’s found some kind of natural drug that doesnt read in blood tests..they hace that for Marijuana with that Salvia ..excuse me I might have spelled that or pronounced it wrong but I understand they have discovered some kind of alternative natural un testable cocaine substitute..he could be on that..or he could very well just be out of his tree. The thing is..true artists need their space and all this press is just bad. again, if your in the industry you understand. If your not in the industry then it’s just an opinion from someone from a different worl (were all from a different world than Charlie’s) but really..we dont come out of the studios and discuss the united farm workers, or the tie salesman. If everyone leaves Sheen alone.. he will fade REAL soon

      • Stan

        Gotta agree with Jason. No one HAS to work for Chuck Lorre.

      • L

        @Truthhurts — No, YOU should do a little research. Sheen’s movie career was tanking and his “bad boy” persona was causing people not to want to hire him. Lorre came along and wrote a role especially for Sheen.

        I agree with Jason C. Well said.

      • Jason C.

        truthhurts: I hate it when people tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m a movie/tv journalist. You know nothing about what I know, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I know about Charlie Sheen. This is a guy who has had only one memorable role since 1989 (when Hot Shots came out) and that was taking over for an ailing Michael J. Fox in 2000 on Spin City, that fizzled after 2 seasons of changing leads. Then he got Two and a Half Men. So after a decade of floundering he only got a good role because another actor was retiring due to illness, and then got picked up on a sitcom by Chuck Lorre. Had he not been picked up on that sitcom he’d probably still be floundering around for credible work. Sorry, but the truth hurts!

      • sam

        JM, My grandfather worked on a dude ranch in Tucson, Az and would act as a stunt double for stars, John Wayne in Stagecoach and Clark Gable. I’m not sure what movies he worked with Clark Gable in because my grandfather never talked much about himself. We only found out from my grandmother after my grandfather died. I digress…My grandfather use to drive Clark Gable to Mexico and they would go fishing together. Eventually, my grandma and grandpa moved to California and settled out here. My husband has been working in the movie industry for 15 years now and through my experience, producers tend to be greedy jerks. The only reason IATSE 399 gets drug tested is because they have to drive the trucks and have a commercial drivers licence. The industry is filled with with substance abuse problems, usually in recovery or using. The industry is crazy and cut throat and as a wife

      • Sherri

        Lorre created a character that worked perfectly for Sheen, it’s not like Sheen had to reach deep within himself and work very hard to make that role work.

        Oh, exactly…which is why that show is absolute toast without Charlie Sheen…..sooooo, we could look at it EITHER way. Charlie made the show, or the show made Charlie. To each their own, I say…..I am TEAM CHARLIE.

      • Nancy

        Somewhere in the dust, back there, was a point that everyone said F it, lets continue with this, no matter on the consequences and eventually we will make Charlie into this crazy person. If there is one thing this town does best.. Make people into stars and can also destroy them at will.

      • hmm

        studio had a contract with a highly functioning addict. but just cause a writer thought that since he has tbbt and the new fatties show, he can cancel the best relax sitcom ever, they will pay the price. charlie had contract and since he was able to work, it was them who forced him to go to rehab for some pr and not for care for his life, they will pay him money for this season and the next one. studios are enablers, in this case chuck lorres. anyway, just tell us how come raj has 25k per episode and jim parsons 250k per episode.

        even if charlie died on set, his family would not sue, Mr. Sheen knows his sons flaws …

      • Jason C. Rocks

        I totally agree. Chuck Lorre, however, for all his talent and success is also get his comeuppance. When you promote a rattler, don’t be surprise when he eventually tries to kill you. CBS, WB and Lorre are getting their just desserts. They poisoned our culture by promoting cretinous behavior and now they created a monster who is trying to destroy them w/ due to the exact same cretinous behavior. Lesson here children – don’t try that stuff at home.

      • mark

        Stop the presses Jason C is a movie/TV journalist. Who cares, you still dont know what you are talking about, your a journalist not a studio exec.

      • Jason C.

        mark: Obviously you do know what you’re talking about since all you can really do is tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      • ashlee

        I agree with both Jason & Glenn. Lorre does have a history of creating great shows, making stars of the featured players & making everyone rich. But he also has a history of picking actors who are paranoid egomaniacs, treat cast & crew with contemp, are alcohol or drug addicted & are self destructive narcisists. CS’s father had asked last year to halt the show so CS could get help. His efforts got him shut out by CS. For CS to claim he has to support a family is a laugh since he fought bitterly to keep his divorce settlements as small as possible. He spends more on his female escorts than he pays his exwives. I hope he gets locked up in a rehab center before he ends up dead from an OD.

      • Psych

        Sheen has become the Idiot God to losers, tweakers and jerks who have crawled out from under rocks to celebrate that weasel. Instead of admiring Charlie his loser minions should be observing that the public and media are laughing AT Charlie, not with him. At the very least Charlie’s jerk fans should put down the Zima and male body spray and realize at last what people really think about jerks like them.

      • Nobody Knows Anything

        @Jason C: Hot Shots came out in 1991, not 1989. That doesn’t diminish your other solid points, however.

    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. Chuck made Charlie rich.

      • Ian

        ummmmm Charlie was born into money and then made plenty of money before the show 2 1/2 men came along. I think they did do the right thing by putting the show on hold and then firing Charlie because he was acting like such an idiot and still is.

      • @JM

        Ummm wow…if you could care less I would hate to see your opinion if you DID care.

    • ZakTh

      I hope Lorre doesn’t have to pay squat to Charlie Sheen. I do on the other hand believe that Sheen should recompense the staff and crew of Two and a Half Men for their loss of income due to Sheen’s behavior. On two separate occasions production has been halted on the show causing the initial order of 24 episodes to be dwindled down to 22 due to Charlie Sheen’s total lack of professionalism. In the lawsuit, Charlie Sheen advocates for recompensation from Lorre not just for himself but for the whole crew of Two and a Half Men. Where was this chivalrous behavior when he personally, without provocation, caused production to be halted? Lorre maybe an awful boss, but that doesn’t excuse any of Sheen’s behavioral inepitudes!

      • Anita

        Zak Th… Well Put!!!!!!!

      • Kath

        Darin’s assessment is based on the reality of this situation and not on whether we personally like Charlie Sheen or not. Lorre and CBS not only breach Charlie’s contract but violated some EEO regulations as well.

    • heyman29323

      No, Lorre is very well liked and respected as a nice guy in the business. If you look at who Sheen’s Lawyers cited Lorre of not getting along with; they were Roseanne Barr, Brett Butler, and Cybil Shepard, the three most notorious tyrants on any television set in history.

      • Nancy

        It’s an ego thing. This is not really as much about Charlie as it was about greedy people getting rich on Charlie the trained monkey.

    • Nancy

      This would not have happened at any of the other big studios. This smells like the kind of thing that would happen at WB. I don’t know how many complaints I have heard over the years about WB, and the way they want to run their business. It’s reckless, and it’s a really bad image, and they set those standards for themselves all the way too. For Hiam at this point to say this is totally Charlie’s fault, and yet seem to completely know what Charlie was about going in, and then fire him because he isn’t Hiam’s trained monkey anymore or puts the show in a strange kind of light, is just what Hiam is calling Charlie, delusional! Charlie has a perfect textbook case – breach of contract, and WB and Hiam will most likely settle out of court eventually for millions. This is a case of Egos and Pride more than anything else, and the obvious fact that nobody did anything about it sooner means they were ok with it as long as it continued to make the company rich. But this is nothing new to anyone that has ever worked for WB either. Another mess. That’s all folks. Don’t work for them. It’s not worth the money.

    • Sherri

      WB will not allow this to become an out and out circus/distraction. Out of Court settlement, for sure. Charlie wins.

    • stacy

      Sheen is an actor who was paid to do a job. Lorre does not owe him a cent. What could he have done with the knowledge of Sheen’s behavior? It had not affected his job or the show yet. Now it has-he has been fired-Sheen needs to move on and be glad no one is filing suit against him. This is another example of a star thinking his behavior is fine and should be excusable at any cost-and while he is at it throw him more money than his entire lifetime is even worth-GO AWAY SHEEN!

      • Nancy

        That’s your opinion. I blame whoever was in charge. Period. Charlie is only a performer. They knew what he was about going in, and they ran the show this way for years, many many seasons. This is not a Charlie problem. This is a WB problem now. And they misjudged Charlie 100 percent too.

      • NeutralParty

        Why on Earth would Sheen be sued, etc.? He was ready to walk into work.

        This newest “oh he forgot some lines and was late a few times” stuff is BRAND NEW. Unless they were liars before, they swore he was never anything but professional when it came to his acting duties.

        I don’t like that show at all, and Charlie Sheen is a sleeze, but this jag-off Lorre is a lot worse.

    • Tom

      If there is one thing that Charlie is doing right now, that is winning! He is a thoroughbred performer, one of the best, and he is going to make WB and Hiam look terrible, as they themselves have allowed this mess to fully become with their complete lack of foresight, and imagination.

      • andy

        so Sheens enablers are also anti-Semites? no surprise there. bet you think the Holocaust was a meida invention, huh?

      • linda

        andy fyi charlie sheen is not anti-semitic his third wife brook mueller the mother of his two children is jewish so is his lawyer so is his agent so before you talk your mess get your facts right.

    • andy

      Sheen is a psycho druggie and his enablers on this Board are moronic fools

    • Victor

      I absolutely agree with you. There is def some story behind the Sean statements to the press about producer. I am sure they probably forced him on rehab or something like that. This is probably why the blablabla and jokes that charlie is saying to the news. But I hope he wins so that shows don’t think that they can break star contracts so easly just because someone is talking real or not real to medias.

    • Seth Rogan

      LOL, you’re all idiots.

  • k

    Yes because Charlie made up the words and hired the staff and the show comes together like magic. The people Lorre did not get along with – alot of people do not get along with those people. Nothing special there.

    • Nancy

      It’s WB, what does anyone really expect?

  • mad_andy

    wow darin, you must be quite the connected insider to know what “show stars” think about Mr. Lorre.

    Or of course you could just be some nobody posting your own little dreams on an internet comments board. Yep, that’s my guess.

    • Darrin

      Not the same person as Darin, but he wasn’t claiming to have any inside info on what every actor thinks, but Lorre’s

    • Darrin

      Lorre’s disputes with past leads Roseanne, Cybil Shepherd and Brett Butler have been pretty well-publicized, so I think your sarcasm and insult were pretty unwarranted, mr. Mad Andy.

      • Javadude54

        And, of course, Brett Butler has recently made comments taking full responsibility for her problems with lorre and admitting that her problems with substance abuse adversely affected her relationships with many people she has worked with in the past. I imagine that someday Charlie Sheen will make similar comments if he ever gets the help, and medical treatment, he obviously needs.

      • Leonard

        Wow, those are three of the craziest people ever to have been on TV. If these are the types of people that don’t get along with Lorre, than I think most sane people would do fine.

      • Don Alex

        LOL, it would be bigger news if he had managed to get through their shows without arguing with them. Cybill Shepherd learned her princess diva routine from her days with Peter Bogdanovich, Roseanne Barr is a flat out pig, and Brett Butler was always an overbearing white trash wretch, and her show one of the worst in the history of television. But, Lorre is still working on multiple shows, and those three women are … still living off the profits they made from their work with him. Sarcasm is not only warranted, its required.

      • stacy

        uhem-those actors have proven to be true “beasts” for everyone-Lorre is not the problem-the mega sizes of the stars’ heads-not there the problem has proven to be

    • retired iatse

      you must

    • retired iatse

      producers are greedy maggots i was in the business over 25 years i want to know why in the movie business only local 399 teamsters have random drug tests makeup props grips set lighting sound set dressing dont have any drug tests double standards not to mention producers directors lots of drugs and alcohol on movie sets beleive me if the public only knew

  • Hey Now

    Why did Lorre agree to resign Charlie to the show when he knew that he was having problems? Why didn’t he tell Charlie to get help instead of agreeing to work with him for another 2 years?

    • Jason C.

      Hey Now: It’s not all Lorre’s decision. You think he funds the show? No, the execs above him make the decisions that are going to best line their pockets. They don’t care what issues Charlie has, they just care about the millions of dollars in ad revenue and syndication rights the show will get them.

      • linda

        Hey jason c is warner brother and chuck lorre paying you to write against charlie sheen or are you just brown nosing so they would hire you since your in the business also, everyone seems to forget that chuck lorre wanted out of the show because the looser ran out of material hey he made his money when charlie asked him where is the script he had nothing so lets say their weren’t any problems how can they work without a scripts one more thing chuck lorre is so respectable that he puts down his star of the show in
        his vanity cards and this was before they had problems so its ok for chuck lorre to put down charlie sheen like that by saying he is dead and has no soul o yeah he really care about poor charlie sheens health liar and this is the gradatude he pays charlie when charlie sheen put half billion in chuck loosers pocket what a way to treat your stars.

    • Tom

      The people that worked on that show made it look wonderful. This isn’t about great writers, and without Charlie the show was toast. They blew it. And they broke their contract with the big guy.

      • hmm

        exactly charlie is a functioning addict and so they breached the contract and will pay for everything he was supposed to get. unfortunately it wont get us back ttahm …

  • Jess Cuellar

    I think it’s hilarious when people cry about actors being overpaid. The producers always pretend they are the ones that make everything possible. They forget that it’s always been the talent that makes the producers rich. Let Chuck Lorre do that acting and see how many episodes get bought.

    • LA

      Please. A good show needs more than a good actor. Let Charlie put together his own show.

    • Jason C.

      Would Charlie have anything to act to if Lorre didn’t create the show? Sheen’s complaining that they took money out of his pocket when he was getting paid way more than other established actors out there. On top of that, Lorre gave Sheen the perfect part, it’s not like Sheen had to do any real work, the role is Sheen! Lorre was brilliant in creating something that Sheen could do effortlessly.

      • CHARLIEfan

        he could do it effortlessly because he has comedy running through his blood, the creator got nothing without his subjects, and charlie was the main one, along with the cast that cashed lorre up.

      • Jason C.

        Keep drinking the kool-aid CHARLIEfan, Lorre’s got more hit shows to his credit than Charlie. It was the writing as much, if not more, than Charlie that made the show a hit.

      • Truthhurts

        Ahh jason c. once again proving he knows 2 things for certain.. jack and squat. Before the great chuck lorre picked up charlie from the streets charlie had a few acting credits Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these movies, wall street, major league, lucas, hot shots, men at work, cadence, navy seals and for god sakes man platoon.
        Look at that jason, he’d been acting for 19 yrs and in quite a few big movies too. But you’re totally right! lorre is the one who made charlie rich! You set of clown shoes you

      • Truthhurts

        and you are right about one thing jason c. Lorre does have more shows to his credit a whopping 23 since 1984. Where as the relative unknown charlie in that same time frame has 67 credits in MOVIES. But yeah lorre definitely is the biggest talent involved here…

      • Jackie

        @Truthhurts – Look at Charlie Sheen’s IMDb page. The last movie he made that was in any way entertaining was in 1994 (all the movies you mentioned were filmed before that), and the only thing noteworthy that he’s done since then was taking over from Michael J. Fox in ‘Spin City’. And yes, I realize that ‘Being John Malkovich’ was in 1999, but I honestly didn’t even remember him being in that, so obviously, it wasn’t that memorable a performance (for me, at least).

      • Jason C.

        truthhurts: Once again you show that you missed my point. The movies you mention are pre 1989, he hasn’t done crap since then until Spin City. Had it not been for Lorre giving him Two and a Half Men right after that, Sheen would have gone back into drug fueled obscurity. Meanwhile since 1989 Chuck Lorre had created or written for 4 shows with longevity, and currently without Two and a Half Men has two shows that are still huge in the ratings. Since getting fired from Two and a Half Men what has Sheen got? A popular, but non paying, Twitter account and a non-paying online video cast that was hemorrhaging viewers before Sheen pulled the plug. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

    • stacy

      He is NOT the actor-but the producer-he has proven himself as such. Sheen is responsible for his own signature on that darn contract. Stop excusing the person doing the terrible behavior.

    • kerry

      Those of you saying that Lorre “made” Charlie Sheen are full of it. Charlie has a long resume with GREAT movies to his credit like Platoon and Wall St. He made Two and a Half Men the hit that it is, and that’s why he gets paid so much. None of Lorre’s other shows have been as successful as this one. And don’t say Roseanne because she fired Lorre after two years.

      I saw the Wall St sequel and the only good part was Charlie’s cameo!
      Today’s young actors lack charisma and good looks, which Sheen has in abundance.

      • Ms. Dipesto

        Those looks are fading by the minute. He looks older than his father now. And he has as much charisma as my electric stapler I have at my desk here at work. It’s not a stretch to play yourself on a TV show so let’s not paint him as the second coming of DeNiro. He blew it, had the world in the palm of his hand and frakked it up so he deserves nothing.

  • mike

    Good bye Charlie!

    • Tom

      Hiam is sweating like crazy thinking to himself was it really worth it?

      The answer to that question, since he will probably lose is, No it wasn’t.

  • Donna

    Charkie Sheen did not make millions for Chuck. The show worked due to the ensemble cast. Not one person individually made that show work. They all did. What an ego Sheen has to think the show was a success just because he was in it. He ruined it for everyone and only talks about himself. I’m glad he’s gone!

    • CHARLIEfan

      you’re mistaken, they made over 1bil via that show and there’s absolutely NO WAY they would have made that figure ever without Charlie Sheen – keep your eye on the lawsuit!

    • Nancy

      They make money on the first and second airs, that’s CBS, and the rest goes towards the executives for syndication. Oh Charlie helped make everyone rich, and once their little trained monkey got out of line, they treated him like some average hollywood hack. This misjudged a situation that WB is going to probably want to get away from as quickly as possible. I smell settlement.

  • Cynthia

    When this much$$$$$$$$$$$ is involved
    things get crazy, I’m still sticking with Charlie, just because he likes to party in a big way doesn’t mean he should be fired. His show was the only thing on TV I watched.

    • CHARLIEfan

      here, here Cynthia, I agree, and millions of others on the planet are right behind him.

      • tahonia

        “Hear, Hear” if you are agreeing with something you are listening to. “here, here” if you are correcting behavior.

    • Jason C.

      If they wanted to fire him for partying he would have been fired a long time ago. The point came when he started biting that hand that feeds him. If you have a dog that’s coming around that you feed and he starts lashing out at you, what do you do? You cut him off. That’s what needed to happen to Charlie. He was starting to become detrimental to ratings and the network.

      • kerry

        Re” He was starting to become detrimental to ratings and the network.”

        There is no evidence of that. You Charlie haters just make things up.

      • Jason C.

        kerry: Just because people are getting tired of the Charlie-lovers licking his balls doesn’t mean that people are Charlie-haters. If he’s going to oversaturate the market and badmouth the creator of the show and the network then people are eventually going to stop tuning in. That’s what happens. On top of that, he could cause problems with Lorre’s ratings for other shows and the ratings for CBS shows in general as people stop tuning in on the advice from Charlie Sheen. Obviously, people are easily swayed by the comments of a celebrity, look at this board.

      • ihatefanboys

        kerry is correct JASON, the ratings went up, not down…in fact the repeats were beating first run shows the week of his 20/20 broadcasts…so to say that the ratings were going down is “charlie hating” on your part…and u do seem terribly uninformed for a “movie/tv journalist”…just so we’re clear…having a blog on the internet where u share your own biased opinions does not count as being a journalist. sorry dude……charlie is WINNING the lawsuit.

      • linda

        o my god jason c i am convinced that chuck lorre is paying you or you are desperatly seeking a job with cbs. you are a chuck lorre brown noser. Without charlie that show would have suuuuuucked and its true all the new actors have no charisma and suck

    • Dubble A

      Judging from the intelligence of your comment I’m not surprised this show is the only thing you watched.

    • Donna

      First of all Cynthis it wasn’t “his” show. Your also gonna wake up one morning and hear that he’s dead. The man needs help and your praising his actions. I can’t believe your falling for all this “warlock”crap. Sad.

    • stacy

      He is not just partying in a big way—what he is smoking and doing in most ways is ILLEGAL! Geez!!!!

  • nrf

    Yikes, you people actually sound like you think this stuff is important.

    • CHARLIEfan

      well you must have too, to leave your 2 cents worth:)

    • Nancy

      Oh, I don’t think it is really important to 99 pecent of people out there. If you work or have ever worked in the studio system in Hollywood, everyone knows this is why you don’t work for WB

      • sick of all the Charlie’s

        Nancy what exactly is your problem with Warner Brothers?

    • Mary

      Totally agree with you…..but then again, we’re reading it.

  • CHARLIEfan

    I hope Charlie’s got a lawyer with a third-eye to win him this lawsuit!

  • John Galligan

    You promote Charlie season after season in 2 and half men as a reckless jerk with all the real life issue’s drunkeness-being horror-drugs-womenizing-on and on and 2 and half men is based for the most part on the life of the real Charlie Sheen-well you owe charlie millions and millions of dollars-pay for the exploits!!!!!!

  • Ted

    Get Luke Wilson to replace that porno slut and coke riddled bum!

    • linda

      luke who?

      • Kipli

        The fame and fortune from 2 and 1/2 men has gone to Charlie’s head. A rllaey big head. I give the writers and the supporting actors of the show most of the credit for its long run. Other good shows in the past have also been destroyed by prima donna lead actors.Hopefully these good writers will find a way to write his character out and replace it with some clever and thoughtful writing. Remember the name of the show is 2 and 1/2 men, not Charlie and his antics!!!

  • kevin

    Anybody who doesn’t think Charlie was the whole show is delusional at best, any fat retarded kid could deliver the lines the kid was fed and John Cryer is in old balding hack of an actor and frankly not very funny at all.

    Charlie Sheen was the star of the show, stars are what make the shows work. Period.

    • Jason C.

      So if the rest of them weren’t funny you’re saying that 15+ million people would still tune in each week. You obviously don’t know much. And I hate to tell you this, anyone could play Charlie, it’s not like it was a difficult role.

    • Donna

      Jon Cryer is a far better actor and much funnier than Sheen.

      • Mary

        Yes —– always!!!

    • Muggy

      Jon Cryer is not funny at all? Of the two leads, Cryer is by FAR the better actor, comic and otherwise. Sheen can’t hold a candle to Cryer.

    • SM

      Not only is Jon Cryer a huge part of the shows success, as well as “jake”, but let’s not forget “Evelyn”, “Rose” (when she was on) and my personal favorite, the housekeeper!! Those women deliver some of the best lines on the show!!

      • Rere

        Strength 215# power clean 2 reps on :45 for 12 setsCF 7:20 as rx’d. First time in a long while I’ve had to break a set of 95# ohs, chaining the set of 21 besltad the shoulders and hit shoulder muscle failure at 10 reps on round 2, it was awesome.Rowing intervals 1:1 rest work 250 3, 500 3, 750 350, 49, 46, 1:52, 1:50, 1:47, 2:40, 2:35, 2:22

    • linda

      here here!



  • Philip Clark

    Charlie ! Dude ! Do yourself a favor and just STFU !!

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