'General Hospital' sneak peek: Look both ways, Jake!

Uh-oh, General Hospital is prepping another triple-hanky storyline: EW obtained this exclusive first look of the ABC soap’s next big arc that commences March 17 and continues through the month (and beyond!). The son of Lucky and Elizabeth is involved in a tragic accident and is immediately rushed to the hospital. Will he live? Will he die? Will we die waiting to find out whether he lives or dies?

And apparently, there’s more: Someone may be to blame. Like we said, uh-oh. 


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  • Flip

    Josslyn has cancer. Guess who needs a transplant?

    • Spinelli Must Die

      The character of Spinelli MUST die. What an annoying waste of television. Just like that Dr. Who junk.

      • Jordan

        SAM and MICHEAL SHOULD DIE ALSO.. waste of airtime. well Jax also sucks

      • Matt

        Considering Dr. Who’s been on the air for nearly 50 years, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Why don’t you take a walk…away from your computer.

      • Erica

        Get rid of Ethan, Jax, and any other idiot with a terrible accent.

      • KC

        I wish the make-up artists on the show would find a way to connect all of Lucky’s facial hair.

      • Miller

        KC – LOL! That facial hair is ridiculous!

      • @ Erica

        Jax’s accent is authentic (Ingo Rademacher is Australian). You may think it’s terrible, but I appreciate that they didn’t force him into a bland american accent.
        I can’t say anything about any other accented characters though, never seen them.

      • lulu

        @Erica, He’s actually German, but I get your point. I like Jax and his accent! plus, as much as I love the messy conflicted mob stuff, Jax is one guy who you’ll always know where he stands

      • bootsycolumbia

        @lulu: Ingo Rademacher is an Aussie born to German parents. I remember seeing him interviewed on some talk show years ago when he first started out on GH.

      • jlc

        This guys funny///spinelli is annoying

    • Andrea

      Love how this is all about Jason. They twisted around that it was all Liz’s idea to keep Jake from Jason, but it was more Jason. Especially after Michael got shot and Jake got kidnapped!!!

      • Linda

        Not liking one bit that the central focus looks like its going to be on Jason? Jason fan here and all, I even liked Liason, but WTH? Jason is NOT Jake’s father, he’s the “donor.” I have no doubt Jason loves Jake, but Lucky knows where to tickle the little guy, and his favorites foods, WHY? Because that’s what father’s know! Huge LL2 fan with Jon and Becky, and I know they’ll have me using an entire box of tissues, I have no doubt Steve will be great too, I’ve just had it with GH being so mob centric. It is called General HOSPITAL. If they are going to kill Jake and give up the chance at future great stories, so be it, but at least make it realistic. It needs to be about Elizabeth more than anyone.

    • sjlev

      Yup -sadly jake dies so jocelyn can live…..

    • trina

      I hate that they are killing Jake off but if they are can lulu be holding one of Jake’s hands and Sam the other when he runs into the street? Can Sonny and Spinelli be driving and fly into the windshield when they hit them and all 5 die. I’m just saying Jake shouldn’t die for nothing.


    This sounds like when Bobbi’s daughter died and her heart was given to Maxi.


      …And isn’t Jake Elizabeth and Jason’s son?

      • Annie

        Yes, Jake is the biological son of Elizabeth and Jason. Lucky has been raising him as his own since Jason’s life is so dangerous.

      • Martha

        Yes he is

      • Stopped watching because of saint Jason

        Jason is a loser deadbeat dad so to try to white wash that fact they will kill the jake character off. The show is so lame. It’s all about saint jason the murderer . Jason will never look like a good decent root for character unless they bash his head and make him forget AGAIN!

      • Elvin

        Sopranos lite.

      • jlc

        why doesnt anything happend to elizabeth//// shes anoying also it’s all about mememememmeme

    • Lorrie

      GH hasn’t been good for at least a decade, so I doubt this storyline will compare to the classic 1994 “Maxie gets B.J.’s heart” storyline. That story was genuinely heartbreaking. Today’s GH is just one cheap stunt after another.

  • Dana

    Oh my God. My stomach hurts just watching that. It is going to be heart wrenching!! I hope they don’t have him die. He’s is such a sweetheart and looks just like Jason…

    • Sally

      According to spoilers online Jake is going to be brain dead and his kidney will go to Josselyn. It is going to be heartwrenching like when BJ died.

      • Kvivik

        Unless Edward has a few more illegitimate offspring out in the world, they are killing off all of the Quartermaines!!!!!!!! Sheesh!

      • SueN

        Since when did Josselyn need a kidney? Can’t the writers come up with something more original? Lame!

      • lori

        Why do they have to kill off Jake. Enough with Carly’s kids getting hurt. How many times do we all have to pity her. Elizabeth is a much better mother but her child dies to save Carly’s. Oh please. Between this and the ridiculous Lisa and Patrick storyline I think its time to find a new show

  • Marie

    I think Steve Burton is at his best during these emotional scenes. I cannot wait for this storyline to start.

    • Ha Ha Ha

      *wipes eyes*

    • Kris

      I jst hopehey have more Jason/Sam stuff than what is shown. I hope they don’t ruin this with Jason/Liz BS.

      • KK

        It’s Liz and Jason’s son, not Jason and Sam’s. And really Jake is Lucky’s son because he has raised him. There is no room for Sam in this story, other than in her usual role as prop.

  • mahovolich

    I still get sad when I think of BJ’s death years ago. Jake’s prognosis does not look good with Becky Herbst extending her contract.



    • Stopped watching because of saint Jason

      If they killed off sonny and Jason the show would see a staggering boost in ratings. Lol

      • SaintSonny

        Or it MAY DIE SOONER

      • pai

        Oh good call, Stopped Watching!

      • Mike

        Thank you. Each year the show focuses on those two, the smaller and smaller the audience gets, as the only viewers left are the fans of Sonny and Jason.

      • Brenda Barrett

        ITA – those two characters being treated like GOOD guys is the reason I haven’t watched in years.

      • sus

        Amen to that! The hero worship of a bunch of gangsters.. and a bunch of woman with low IQ’s and or low self esteem who do anything to prop them, and be with them is ridiculous!

    • bootsycolumbia

      Amen. It’s like watching Joey Tribbiani playing Dr. Drake Remoray on Friends.

    • trina

      Thank you! finally someone who gets it .Sonny is a selfish father who ruins everything he touches.

  • Nikki

    This is going to kill me. BJ’s death was so long ago and I still remember the scenes with Tony took my breath away. I did hear that Josslyn has cancer and a transplant will be needed and soon. As for who hit Jake, there will be a few people on the road at the time.. Sam and Carly? I hope neither is the driver. It’s going to be one hell of a month in PC.

    • tryst

      The driver will be Alexis because she kills everybody! Someone should really take her license away.

      • wentworth

        is it me or did Alexis get breast implants?

      • Jess

        Not breast implants- she’s pregnant.

  • da

    OMG…the BJ storyline was absolutely gut wrenching…and these kids will be even younger than BJ and Maxi were. And with Carly and Liz being such bitter enemies…wow. wow.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Oh,please. Carly is bitter enemies with every other female character on the show. If Josslyn lives and grows up, Carly will figure out a way to become enemies with her own daughter.

  • N Morgan

    Should be an interesting and heart breaking story that encompasses much of the cast. It shouldn’t be about your favorite couple or your favorite character. But about the show on the whole and how this one event will affect the entire town. That, to me, is what a good soap should be about.

  • mary

    GUZA at his best; which child can we killed for sweep!

    Would be interesting if Jason really gave a fig about Jake; the sporadic moment he did; we saw all those moments on this little clips!

    THAT is how much Jason cared about Jake!

  • Rob

    Tearjerker alert??? Are you KIDDING me? As a longtime fan of GH, I’ve been crying about the decline of the show for the past 10 years. A show once full of heart, hope, friendship, action, humor, and drama now is dark, depressing, violent, and full of characters I could care less about. Credit the horrible prognosis of GH to Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps and Head Writer Bob Guza. The Q’s have been wiped out as Alan, Emily, and AJ were killed off. Monica gets no airtime, nor does Bobbie, even though she’s Carly’s mother. The mob and it’s violence has reduced the show to being a Soprano’s reject. Michael, barely 18, was raped in prison. Georgie was killed off in a dopey serial killer story. Zander was killed off in gruesome fashion. Emily was raped, then later killed off. Lucky is dating a leprechaun (don’t ask!). Laura (of Luke & Laura fame) is drooling away in a mental ward. I could go on and on. Now Jake? Why would ANYONE rush home to watch this? GH is a prime examply why soaps are dying. ABC needs to either fire Phelps and Guza or cancel it now. Rebecca Herbst, you should have stayed away…GH doesn’t deserve you back.

    • UGH

      Well said.

    • Buzz Stryker

      I couldn’t agree more. Seems all that hack Guza knows about writing is the old wash, rinse and repeat method. We have seen this tragic type of sl with BJ all those years ago. The difference is that we were really invested in those characters and the actors who played them. The lines and scenes the actors were given to act out were gripping. Guza has no clue how to write a compelling scene with heartwrenching drama. He is going to do this as a vehicle for his favorite character, Jason the murdering thug of a hitman.

    • Laura

      Actually, I was cured and live in France.

      • Linney


    • Kris

      Laura is actually lucid now. She got her happy ending and went to Paris with Scotty Baldwin.

    • bootsycolumbia

      A round of applause for Rob! (and I loved the leprechaun line!)

    • DJ Rogue

      Oh Rob, i’d be happy with nothing less than ABC firing all THREE stooges – Guza, Phelps and FRONS.

    • Wrency

      excellent post!!! I am sick over them killing Jake. Elizabeth is my last reason to watch GH.. if they don’t start writing her for the better NOW I don’t think I have any hope of even caring enough about this show to post any more.

    • Lola

      Well said Rob! Hopefully someone at ABC is listening.

    • Lorrie

      Well said.

  • UGH

    bring back Frisco

    • Michelle

      hell yeah!!! Frisco and Felicia were the best next to Luke and Laura!

    • dee dee1

      Yeah! loved Frisco!

  • Y

    Jason is the sperm donor but Liz and Lucky are the parents. Poor LnL2 that’s their little boy fighting for his life. Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Herbst are gonna do awesome!!

    • LuLu

      JJ’s gonna rock it, but quick q… only recently started watching the show (found out there was a character named Lulu!) so does LnL=Luke and Laura, LnL2=Liz and Lucky, and LnL3=Lulu and Logan?
      Only started watching full eps last Dec, otherwise catching everything Dante on youtube…

      • bootsycolumbia

        In this case Y is referring to Liz and Lucky. Luke and Laura had two kids together and named them Lucky and Lulu. A lot of L’s, so it gets confusing, but I hope that helps!

      • Kelly

        There it is! They should kill the BORING BRAIN (& TIME)DRAINING Lulu & Dante. So self obsessed are those 2 “aren’t we great & dramatic?” And MINDNUMBiNG. Killed with them? Nikolas & skanky Brooklynn. BORING. And please DO KILL the ANNOYOYING LEPRECHAN! Brenda also HAS to GO, this chick is Unbelievable in her vapidness. I’ve been struggling thru GH for more than a few years now. If they DO this Jake/Josslyn story, color me DONE w/ GH. They really DO need to AX Guza, Phelps, & the entire LOT of them. If they do that story, the show’s gonna DIE. Stop thinking DOLLARS, think QUALITY. Killing SMALL CHILDREN is WRONG, & will KILL GH, & ALL the soaps for good. Dunzo. OVER.

  • Alice

    Hopefully Next they Kill Sam to give Steve Burton some more tragic material.. not that he is good at it.

    • diana

      Oh man, I would LOVE that!

  • Zo

    Lord, they really are going to repeat the BJ/Maxie storyline. Gimme a break.

    So glad Becky is staying and that she is finally going to be given meaty material again instead of just sniping at Brooklyn (who I wish would take a flying leap off her namesake bridge).

    But I think the producers are just trying to finally kill off the last connection between Jason and Liz. They want the public to love Jason and Sam so much, and want them to have a baby together– but Jake is too much of a “complication” in their goal. HATE THIS storyline.

    • Erin

      I completely agree with your statement! They are just trying to finish off Jason and Liz so they can justify Jason and Sam having a baby. I think this is the stupidest thing ever. I stopped watching after they ruined Elizabeths character and ruined any Jason/Liz chance.

      • Carolyn

        As sad as it is to kill a child, I’m glad it’s Elizabeth. She’s a total slut and then forced Jason to stay away from his only child. I really wish that Rebecca Herbst really was fired, she is the worst actress on the show. This is going to be a great storyline for some real, CHEMISTRY filled romance between Jason and Sam.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Right on, Carolyn! Jason and Sam are fantastic together and I hope TPTB keep them together.

      • KK

        Carolyn, you need a reality check. Liz has had sex with five men one the show, as has Sam. Only we don’t know Sam’s history before she came to town. I seriously doubt she was a virgin. That doesn’t make her a slut. RH has also been nominated for an Emmy and has received several Emmy pre-noms, hardly making her the worst actress on GH. Your comment has no grounds as it is based on opinion. Check your facts before you post.

    • Jess

      But BJ and Maxie were related! Jossalyn and Jake have no relation to each other. As a long time Liason fan the idea of them killing off the only link between this couple is insulting. Why does GH keep daring me not to watch! There’s only so much I can put up with before I quit.

      • Roma

        I’m sure if we look hard we’ll find a relation between them. After all, all the leads have slept with most of the rest of the cast, haven’t they?

    • mommaof3

      I agree with you 100 percent…I am not in the mood to watch as jake dies and they shove a jason and sam baby down our throats..I am so Done with GH

      • diana

        same here. Can GH get any worse? I don’t know, but the writers keep trying.

    • Kris

      Um lots of people DO love Jason/Sam. They had a huge fanbase before Jake was born and they still do. Just cause you like a couple, doesn’t mean everyone does.

    • diana

      Yes I agree, that is why Jake is being killed off so Sam can have Jason’s ONLY baby. Then people will forget about Liason and turn their attention to Jasam. Too bad Jasam SUX!

    • SueN

      @Zo, you may be right about their motives, but since all the kids will be teenagers in a couple years, and then adults in a couple more it makes no sense. Jake could have a half-sibling and all kinds of great future story lines.

    • trina

      I THINK SO TOO. I am so tired of gh trying to shove Jason and Sam as the best couple down our throat. If anything I hope it bring liason together.

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