Jon Cryer: 'I am a troll.'

Jon Cryer went on TBS’ Conan tonight to address comments his former Two and a Half Men costar Charlie Sheen recent made about him, namely that Cryer is, among other things, a “troll.” Although Cryer did recently appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a receptionist because he “needed the work,” this marks the first time the actor has directly addressed the Sheen media maelstrom of the last two weeks. And frankly, his remarks are quite shocking. Check out the video below: 

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  • Jen Jen

    Jon Cryer = Winning

    • Rick

      What do Cryer and Conan have in common? They both suck.

      • Jackie D


      • Bobby

        Rick is correct!!

      • Clark

        Bobby is wrong!

      • LOL

        Cryer and Conan = Winning!

      • JT

        Conan’s $45 million payout + Jon Cryer $500,000 an episode = more money than Rick makes.

      • jonny

        if you think both are unfunny, why did you even post? loser.

    • Sailor

      LOvEd him in Hiding Out.

    • stu

      & a smelly troll @ that.
      how is ur crazy ex wife doing jon?

    • EDWARD 4 EVUHHH!!!!!

      Sorry, but all these stupid pointless people R loozing! Whos heard of this guy anyway? Go get a life and read the greatest books in the world ever: TWILIGHT!!! Twilight fans willz live 4EVUUHHH!!!!

      • Kayjee17

        I’m sure eventually, if you study REALLY HARD, you’ll learn enough to pass that spelling test and move up from elementary school to junior high. Once you get there, you’ll study this subject called ‘literature’ where they teach you the difference between mediocre books and great ones. Meanwhile, why don’t you run along and let the adults comment.
        * It’s refreshing to see someone treating Charlie Sheen’s comments with the absurdity they deserve. Go Jon!

      • Tina

        You were successfully, and easily, trolled, Kayjee.

    • Steve

      Poor Duckie. Always gets screwed in the end.

    • Diane

      Duckie why did you have to get old?

  • Mal

    Lol….not gay better. He was amusing.

    • James

      If you think he’s amusing, I’m gonna guess you think Two and Half Men is the funniest show ever.

      • Laura

        I thought this was funny and also don’t like Two and Half Men the tiniest bit.

  • ErrolSynn

    He may have been born a troll, but Jon Cryer has taken the high road throughout this whole mess. Thank you, sir.

    • K

      Agreed. The fact that he isn’t really commenting on the situation is wonderful, and these few small things he’s done that put a lighter spin on it are even better. He’s doing a fantastic job handling himself at the moment. Though I would totally understand if he eventually lets himself vent about everything.

    • halo

      I totally agree. It is refreshing to see Cryer try and have fun with the situation. Without disparaging anyone.
      Cryer has proven himself to be the bigger man. If he vents about the situation I doubt it will be in public.
      My feeling is this, that Cryer actually does care about Sheen, but knows better than to try and help him. So when Sheen continues to make a fool of himself, Cryer goes out and tries to focus it on him and make us laugh.

      I have to say, I never watched “Men” but any project Cryer signs onto I will watch.
      A true good guy in Hollywood, not many of those around.

    • Tony

      Game, set, & match to Cryer.

    • KLH

      He’s definitely handling the situation with class. Hoping only good things come to him, he deserves it after all of this.

  • Mark

    that was good, but i can’t believe how short he looked compared to conan. maybe sheen just meant he’s short

    • yepyep

      wow either he is really short or Coco is really tall. lol

      • thin

        It’s both. Conan is a giant boy-man.

      • alan of montreal

        Conan is 6’5″

      • Amanda

        Trolls are short

  • SaraJ

    Love love love Jon Cryer.

    • Rois, 19

      Whenever I see him I just think…DUCKIE!!!!

  • Miss Talk

    Wow, what a gentleman.
    If my friend of twenty years insults me during an interview for whatever reason, I know what I would do and it would look nothing like this video.
    Jon Cryer’s character is actually my favourite man of the 2.5. Charlie is such a hot mess, it’s a good thing he got fired.
    The producers should cast Matthew Broderick to replace him. I don’t recall seeing Matthew in a d-bag role and Jon and him actually do look alike. Could be interesting.

    • amie

      Good call, that would be interesting to see.

    • questions i need answered nao

      I don’t even know why they are in talks to bring the show back without Sheen (oh yeah I forgot, I guess it has decent ratings somehow).

      They just need to cancel it. I don’t watch it but I assume it wouldn’t be the same without Sheen. Would the replacement take over as Sheen’s character? Or would they pull a Blue’s Clues and say Sheen’s character went off to college and the new guy is his cousin?

      • melly

        Why would the show have to be the same? A new direction would freshen up a show that has, lets face it, been very stale for several seasons despite the exceptional ratings. I would love to see what Chuck Lorre could do to prove to that megalomanic Charlie Sheen that he is indispensable.

      • melly

        Jon Cryer is a class act. Even if 2-1/2 Men gets cancelled, people will follow him whereever he goes. He is a brilliant actor and obviously kindhearted!

      • @melly

        I agree with you, two times.

      • cattyfan

        Why WOULDN’T they bring it back? Cryer is the one who won an EMMY for this show…not Sheen. And plenty of shows have had a major cast change and continued successfully. Jon Cryer, Holland Taylor, and Conchata Ferrell make the show worth watching. I say recast. Why not see if Emilio Estevez is available?

      • slkydky

        That could work: Sheen’s character goes into rehab for sex addiction; Cryer’s character still needs a roommate to help make ends meet. In comes Matthew Broderick’s character (cousin) even more neurotic than Cryer’s character (many possibilities).

      • Zakry

        So much to say about a show you don’t even watch.

  • JG

    Winner Winner CRYER Dinner!!

  • I speak the truth.

    NEVER liked Charlie Sheen, something about him just never suited my fancy.

    ALWAYS hated “Two and a Half Men”. The fact that show is so popular boggles my mind.

    However, I’ve always liked Jon Cryer. Good guy, he is.

    • amyc

      agree 100%

  • Misspriss_1

    I agree!! John Cryer has taken the high road, and shown true class without offending anyone!! I have been worried about the rest of the cast during this whole thing. Thanks Jon for letting us know that you are alright and still hilarious!! Whatever happens, I will watch ANY show that you decide to do in the future!! Stay strong Sweety, It is obvious who is the winning party in all of this!!

    • Lorie


  • Nick

    Why does all the good stuff happen on Conan when I’m at work? And my wife’s sleeping, so I really can’t watch the 1 AM replay…

  • JG

    Good Grief – TMZ is reporting that the police are at Sheen’s house now looking for guns – does the crazy never stop???

    • Marianna

      I’d be more surprised to find out there weren’t guns. Almost everyone in the United States likes to excerise their right to bear arms.


    Any one else in Hollywood with a big ego would’ve BASHED Sheen after what he said, but Jon Cryer is such a good guy and after watching this, I gained a lot of respect for him. Bravo.

    Although if it were me I would’ve found someway to insult Sheen because I absolutely hate the guy and the way he thinks everyone is laughing with him right now when they are clearly laughing at him.

  • silkrose

    Jon Cryer is the best thing about 2.5 men

  • Sara

    What a class act.

    • Kay

      He is a class act. I’m very impressed with his restraint and his level-headedness. Shows what a decent guy he is.

  • Ross

    The final words of the article state “And frankly, his remarks are quite shocking.” Am I missing something here? There was nothing shocking aboout what he said. All he did was read off some comedy routine that Conan had his writers come up with for him say. What is shocking about that?! Lolol.

    • Jaded

      Yeah, you are missing something…a sense of humor!

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