'Survivor: Redemption Island' -- Russell threatens to sue tribemates and calls Boston Rob a 'Survivor whore'

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The third time was not the charm for Survivor villain Russell Hantz. After making the finals in his first two seasons (Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains) he was voted first out of his tribe on Survivor: Redemption Island, and then officially booted from the game after losing a duel to Matt. In this exit Q&A, Russell talks about the tears he shed, his threat to sue his tribemates, why Boston Rob is a “Survivor whore”, and reports that he leaked information on previous seasons. Duck for cover. Here comes Russell!

You know I’m going to start right off with the crying thing. Tell me what that was all about, how emotional that moment was for you, and where it all came from.
You know when you watch the Super Bowl and you see these big ol’ boys on the sideline that just lost crying? Why do you think they cry? They cry like that because they gave their heart and soul all season to win and they thought that they could, and then they don’t — that’s one aspect of it. The second aspect of it is, they didn’t show the part of me talking about my little girl. My little girl was going to be my family visit. And I’ve apologized to my family for swearing on them, something I said I’d never do, but I wanted to see her here so I could apologize where it happened, on national television. So it goes a lot deeper. And then what got it all started was when I looked at Jeff and Jeff put his hand up, looked down, and said “Give me a second.” When he did that, it broke my heart because I felt like I let the whole crew down, even you, because I talked to you before. And I wanted to do it. I knew I had a huge target. Everybody knew it was going to take a miracle. I just wanted to do it. My fans are upset. I wanted to do it for everybody — not just for me this time. I wanted to get to the end again for everybody that believes in me. And it just broke my heart.

What did you mean when you said, “You respect the game too much” to go out by crying? Were you worried that would be interpreted as weakness?
No. I just didn’t want to go out on a challenge. Usually I’m good at the challenges. I didn’t want to go out like that. There were a bunch of things rolling around in my mind. I felt sorry for Krista and Stephanie because I always took care of my alliance and I knew that they were in big trouble. I knew that they were playing with a bunch of dummies. They’re on their own. But if Julie had made that one move, she could have eventually won the game. Because I eventually would have voted out my own alliance, because you have to. Not everybody can win. Stephanie’s a great player. I would have probably gotten rid of her because she’s a strategic, good, charming little girl. And then it would have been me, Krista and Julie in the final three. Guess who would have won? Julie.

Julie was actually, along with Stephanie, one of the few people who told me before they game that she liked you.
Time will tell if she made a mistake or not, but trust me, I’m praying to God that she doesn’t go too far, because I want all my predictions to come true. I told my tribe, “If you get rid of me, Rob will eat you up and spit you out.” They’re weak out there. I would have never thrown a challenge. Never. I should sue every single one of them because in the contract it says you can’t throw challenges!

How satisfying was it for you to get Ralph to out himself as having a Hidden Immunity Idol?
Dude, you might get rid of me, but you ain’t getting rid of me. I’m gonna be there forever! That’s how it is with me. Yes, okay, vote me out. Guess what? You’re going to be hearing my name now and for the rest of your life. Ralph is really a cuckoohead, man. He is really off the rocker. And he ain’t even fun to watch. Who wants to see him jump on there and crow like a rooster? At least Shambo had a little sense.

Ralph clearly thinks he outsmarted you by coming across the Idol. What do you have to say to that?
If Julie would have made that move, Ralph would have gone home with that Idol in his pocket. And he stumbled across the Idol. You know how he stumbled upon it? Because I told to go look for rocks to put in the fire to make the fire hotter, and he did, and if it was a snake it would have bit him. So please don’t give that guy credit for finding an Idol without a clue.

How do you think you would have fared if you had pulled the orange buff at the start of the game and ended up on Ometepe?
Oh, dude. You tell me! Because you knew. You told me before the game that I was going to have a tough time. But seeing their tribe! First of all, The three girls — you better believe I would have had the girls on my side. They would have trusted me because they always do, And then they had Matt. I would have kept Matt. I see how Rob got scared because he saw them as Russell and Parvati. He didn’t think Rob and Amber. He thought Russell and Parvati — that ate him up. That’s what scared him. But Matt’s no Russell and Andrea’s no Parvati. He could have controlled that alliance.

You said right after you were eliminated that you’ll never play Survivor again. Just for the record: I don’t believe you.
You think I would actually go out there and ruin my legacy?

I think you would. I believe you meant it when you said it. But I also think you’ll be back.
Believe me, I’m getting calls from a lot of people. I’ve got some interesting things about to happen. So I’m not a Survivor whore. I don’t want to be considered a Survivor whore like Rob. I’m surprised he ain’t been on Big Brother yet. Those three: Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother. That’s a Survivor whore. I want my own show! That’s what I want. And trust me, I got bigger and better things coming.

And what kind of show do you want?
I want a show about me and you, man. We can do this!

And what are we going to do on our show?
You’re gonna follow me around.

And then what, you talk crap about me to the camera?

Okay, let’s get into the other news involving you lately. You were accused of being the source of leaks on seasons 19 and 20. You have denied it, yet emails from “Hantztankering” providing spoilers surfaced on TMZ. Are you still claiming that you did not provide any spoilers at all on those seasons?
I did not do anything like that. That’s what pisses me off about all this stuff. I don’t like to give it any kind of credit whatsover, because every time we talk about it, it gives this guy credit, like “Oh, my name has been said.” We’re talking about some fat ass sitting in tighty-whities eating Cheese Puffs and hollering, “Momma, where’s my pot pie?” That’s who we’re talking about here.

Do you expect me to believe that? Dude, you’re the ultimate Survivor villain — this is right up your alley. Why don’t you just own it?
There’s nobody that has passion for Survivor like I do. Nobody. Nobody that’s ever played this game has the passion that I have for that game. I am the ultimate villain, but I’m also the one that loves it the most. So why would I do that?

You realize right now you sound a lot like Ralph claiming he doesn’t have the Hidden Immunity Idol! No one believes you!
That’s fine. People believe me. The people that know me, believe me.

To check out a deleted scene from last night’s episode, as well as lots of other exclusive video, click on the player below. Also, don’t forget to read Dalton’s latest Survivor recap, as well as Jeff Probst weighing in on the episode. And for more Survivor news and views delivered right to you, follow Dalton on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Jeff M.

    Well you can’t be the best villain of all time and think that you wouldn’t be the first one out of the tribe even if they didn’t throw the challenge they would have lost at least one before the merge and you would have been gone anyways

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t understand how he considers himself the one who loves Survivor the most when he said that he had never watched it before he was on it. A true Survivor Fan/Player has watched every episode, and auditioned at every oportunity.

      • Aaron

        That is not true actually. He watched, he just wasnt as big a fan back then. It is very obvious he is deeply in love with the game.

      • Lori R

        I don’t think he’s in love with the game…I think he’s in love with himself.

    • Rosalie

      In the game of Survivor, everyone is put ina different situation. Everygame has been different and the way people behave is different. It is knowing how to deal with every situation that takes you to the top. Sandra used to fight with Johny Fairplay until she was on the oust. Then she kept her mouth shut because she knew she was on the chopping block, but still managed to wiggle her way to final 2 and win. She did the same thing in Heroes -vs- Villains. Adapted to every situation and made moves if and when it was convinient to her. Even Parvati said she would have voted for Sandra. Russell is entertaining to watch, just like Boston Rob, Shamboo, Big Tom, Phillip and Coach. However this players are not sole survivor material, just good television. Actually, I think Amanda, Boston Rob and Russell are all in the same league. They are forces to be messed with, but they just lack a certain something.

      • teto

        thank you Bishop cole, but i don’t think Sandra is the best example at all, because i think she got lucky both times

      • Lee

        I disagree with teto. IMO Sandra played an excellent game both times and deserved to win both times. That’s what Russell doesn’t understand. YOU HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE!!! How was he flexible this season? He did the same things as he did in previous seasons. He said he was a changed man? Yeah–maybe because he couldn’t get the idol this time around. Other than that–he was the same exact guy. No wonder he got eliminated so early. I think he’s one of the worst players to ever play this game. If you want to see one of the best players to ever play this game–check out Richard Hatch and Yul Kwan. Those were great players. I’d even throw in Sandra into the mix. They were excellent because they were flexible. Yul was in an alliance of 4 against 8 and still managed to take his alliance to the final 4 and then win it!! That’s a great player. Russell is not a great player.

      • anne2ken

        sandra is good.. but like what toto said, i also think that LUCK was really on her side on both season she’s in.

        what so good about sandra is her words, she always says something with sense. straight forward, hits you where it should. she should be in sales.

        what russell lack is SENSE. sense to know what HE looks like in others eye. thats why he never won.

      • Rosalie

        Teto, if we are going to talk about luck, then we should say that luck was on Russell’s side as well. The first time he was LUCKY and found idols without a clue. The second time he was LUCKY no one had seen his game or else he would have probably been the first out in Heroes -vs- Villains. I guess his LUCK ran out the third time. Lee, I don’t think Yul is a great player or strategist, he was LUCKY he found the idol and everyone else was threatened by it. I think Ozzy was the one who really carried that alliance by winning all those challenges. Remember that some of those challenges weren’t just physical, they were tough puzzles as well. He straight out beat everyone back in the Cook Islands. As much as I disliked Russell’s way of playing, I think this time he had a HUGE dissadvantage. It was not an all star season, so everyone wanted to be the one to oust Russell. It was a huge let down for them to throw the challenge just to oust Russell, and I don’t even like the way he plays the game.

      • terri

        i disagree i love n sandra, she horrible in challenges, yes we know that, but she smart i good strategic player

      • FFD

        Sandra was great in Pearl Islands, but HvV??? No way! Parv>>Sandra all the way..

      • Geoff

        lol i cant believe anyone would think sandra is a good play. She won nothing, her opponents lost. she adapted to nothing.

  • Mike

    Andrea and Matt were like Russell and Parvati? In what world would that be realistic? He does bring up a good point about Julie, she is on the outside of that alliance and if they had gotten rid of Ralph, that idol would have been gone.

    But Ralph is a heck of a lot better competitor from a challenge standpoint, and losing him would have really hurt.

    • Lee

      If you were Julie, who would you trust? Russell, Stephanie and Krista OR Ralph, Mike, David, etc.? Julie made the right decision. That’s what Russell can’t understand. Most people find him untrustworthy. But he’s too stubborn and hard-headed to realize that. That’s why he’s a lousy player.

    • anne2ken

      whats wrong with russell?? Boston Rob ain’t seeing russel and parv, before that duo there is already…ROB AND AMBER.

      good thing that julie didn’t change her vote. in her mind she might have thought of tyson. LOL

      • Genevieve

        And I’m pretty sure Rob actually said the reason he wanted Matt gone was because Rob was afraid of the kind of alliance he had with Amber.

  • Cynthia Short

    Russell Hantz is just a simple bully. He didn’t care how many people he hurt, back-stabbed, or trod over to get farther in the game. Then the minute he gets the same treatment by others, he blubbers like a baby and then starts his ridiculous ranting. The game is much better without him. In the 2 seasons he was on before, his deeds ruined other, better player’s chances to win, and yet everyone watching KNEW he would never be voted the prize. PLEASE, never have him on the show again…

    • Here & There

      Hear! Hear!

    • Eric

      I’m going to respectfully disagree.

      While I can completely understand that you’re tired of him; I’m a fan of his and I’m needing a break from him on the show. Yet those other players went home because Russell WAS better.

      • Lee

        I respectfully disagree. Those other people went home because THEY WERE DUMB. Especially the players on Samoa. And Tyson–biggest idiot to probably ever play the game. Next to J.T. That’s why Rusell made it far in both seasons. I don’t think it was because of his strategic skills–it was because he was playing with a bunch of idiots in both seasons. Now if players like Richard Hatch, Yul Kwan, Rob Cesternino were playing–there’s no way he would’ve made it as far as he did. They wouldn’t have been so gullible and stupid to believe what Russell said. But that John guy in Samoa sure was stupid to believe everything Russell told him.

    • Snsetblaze

      Agree 100%. Having respect for the game mean having respect for the social aspect which includes other players which he never did (and the challenge aspect as well – other players have lost because they lost a challenge). While he has fans, there are many of us who could not stand him. His rantings in interview and in one other I read this morning just show how delusional he is.

    • roseann

      Finally, a there is one opinion that merits my total applause. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Your insight and opinion finally shows there is a viewer out there who thinks for herself! Good for you.

      Russell – hope I never have to waste another moment of my life listening to you. You are a sad excuse of a human being.

      Toronto, Ontario

      • chrispy

        You get a gold star!

      • pinkpeachlips

        Hey Russel I hear there is an open spot on a sitcom which recently has become vacant. Acting Skills required are::

      • Aaron

        Your Russell envy is a little pathetic. The producers have already invited him back, it is just up to him to decide now.

    • anne2ken

      i have to agree with lee and cynthia at some point

      yeah tyson and jt made the dumbest move ever on survivor. they don’t think rationally. they were like fish on his bait.

      on the other hand, russ is really a vicious bully. he ain’t gonna win survivor without digesting the jury and people-relation concept.

    • Greg

      Erm, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t care either. It’s a game for a MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!!

  • JJ

    Can we stop talking about Russell now? He is so annoying. Russell played the same strategy for all three seasons. Boston Rob has evolved his game play based on previous experience. Russell, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    • SLB

      Exactly. Rob is a much better player than Russell. And “My little girl was going to be my family visit”? Giving away more secrets Russell? So he’s saying the family visit isn’t a “surprise”? No one wants to see you on anymore tv shows Russell.

      • Breeze

        Every season they have a family visit and they probably tell the producers who they want it to be. That is not a spoiler at all!

      • teto

        please give me a break! Who doesn’t know that every season of survivor has a family visit? That’s not a surprise!

      • Maybelle

        I love Boston Rob!!! I also love how he has come back to kind a the villian again. I am just happy he outlasted that idiot Russell!!!

      • terri

        there was one r two survivors that did not had family visits

    • Pat

      “Russell, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

      If you’re going to use that quote, use it in a proper context. Russell DID do the same thing and got DIFFERENT results. He was expecting the SAME results.

      • anne2ken

        LOL on that.. same failed moves but expecting a winning result… sooo RUSSELL

  • Simon

    He might not be back soon, but he’s too big of a character to not be back eventually.

  • greta

    Thank God he is gone! Hurray! Love Boston Rob – he is so funny in his private interviews. Too bad that hillbilly had to tell him about the idol – it could harm that team’s chances. What about Philip’s underwear! Too funny.

  • frankie

    I believe him that he didn’t leak it. Russell does love the game and knowing something that others don’t. I can’t see him leaking anything. I can see him teasing about it, though. I was a little saddened to see him leave, but I’m pulling for Rob!!!

  • Holly

    I miss you already, Russell. You were such great entertainment.

    • tihs

      Holly if you like that sore looser you are even worse than that little man who is nothing that a bully who pissed himselg when got arrested last year for beating a pregned woman… still miss him? you moron

  • Bob

    Well, Russell maybe you should have changed up your game. Do you think everybody is stupid but you? Glad you’re gone.

    • Brian

      It had nothing to do with his game play. They voted him out because of prior reputation alone. They were groaning before the game started that they got “Russell Hantz”. Russell may have lied or back stabbed, but that is part of the game. I’m not mad that he was voted out, but it’s the way they went about it. They literally threw a challenge just to vote him out which made no sense. They could have waited until they lost a challenge. They rambled on about how Russell is a liar, cheater, and all that (when he hadn’t even done anything to them yet lol)… well what does it say when the same ones criticizing him did everything they accused him of? They cheated by throwing a challenge (which Russell says in the contract it says you can’t throw challenges), and lied by denying it even when Russell caught them right off the bat. What they did wasn’t Survivor. That was cheating. It’s called outplaying, they didn’t play at all. I don’t blame him for not wanting to play anymore. His own tribe didn’t even give him a chance to play the game. Can’t wait to see Rob pick them off one by one. Russell didn’t burn socks, hide tools, or cheat anyone this time around. He did change his game up. Survivor is getting stupid now. Last season, two people just quit almost at the end for no reason… and now tribes are purposely losing. Survivor is getting lame, and Jeff needs to do something about it. That challenge should have been nullified when he found out they were throwing the challenge. Would you watch a superbowl if one of the teams purposely lost because they didn’t like their quarterback?

      • stacey

        Couldn’t agree more. Well said

      • Here & There

        Aw, come on Russell, get off the site. You know you leaked the boot list. We know you leaked the boot list. Stop lying.

      • wsugar

        Your fingers must hurt.

      • Patra

        Ditto.. agree..well said

      • Juneau

        You do know that challenges have been thrown in at least 4 seasons of Survivor, right? And who is to say they wouldn’t have lost anyway. I was feeling for Russell before this interview. Who’s the Suvivor Wh*re? Boston Rob FTW!

      • Anonymous

        If it were in the contract, wouldn’t you think more players in the past would have been disqualified for throwing callenges? Wouldn’t you think there would be a few lawsuits for breach of contract filed?

      • Teresa

        I agree with you Brian, that is why I completely disagree with what his so called team did. To me it shows their weakness because you are using others to get where you need to be which was Russell’s strategy..don’t hate the player, hate the game

      • bh

        Oh Russell, I mean Brian, you are delusional.

      • pinkpeachlips

        May have lied may have backstabbed… wow! You and Russel are cut from the same delusional cloth. I am sure if Russel had thrown a challlenge you both would have considered it a brilliant, startegic move. Fact is, it happened to him, so now we have to hear him whine about it. He should appear Charlie Sheen webcast and they can both cry about how people are unfair. The Sheen and Russel crycast, I am sure you would be right up your ally/

      • LastAmericanExit

        Well said Brian! I hope karma comes around and bites them in the ass and they get picked off one by one. Aside from Russell’s alliance, there is nobody on that tribe that deserves to go far in this game.

      • Tonic

        They did what you do with cancer…you don’t sit around, you cut it out immediately.

      • Aaron

        The most sought after item from a reward item is a tarp. Ask any ex=player, and they will tell you the same. Zapetara gave up the tarp, simply due to their inferiority complex. SINGLE WORST MOVE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY. I can now guarantee you, that the winner will be from Ometepe

      • Lori R

        They didn’t throw the challenge – they out witted and out played him. Period.

      • Lee

        Totally disagree with Brian. This was the perfect time to get rid of Russell. They knew Matt was on Redemption Island so if they got rid of Russell, there was a bigger chance that he would go home. They also knew Russell was weak with that rash under his armpits. Finally, they knew if they sent Russell to Redemption Island early in the game, it would be harder for him to come back because he’d have to beat more players. They saw an opportunity and seized it. And it worked! They did the right thing. Russell is just full of sour grapes by calling them idiots. He’s the idiot.

      • anne2ken

        i think it has.. isn’t his attitude with others part of game play? russell and ralph are clashing and he let anger spark. he was obvious on his scavenger idol hunt. he approached a girl to be his ally which is pretty obvious to everybody..

        ISN’T THAT HIS GAME PLAY? his same old game play.

      • terri

        survivor fans, will definnetly know that they did the right thing, destroy russell now, n i hate ralph, should never let the other team know about the idol, if he get 2 the merge with it, he is going to be out early, n if boston rob know wht good for he , get rid of phillip

  • Craig

    Russell is a huge competitor and will be missed!

    • madeleine

      amen that

    • mik

      He’s a HUGE ass and will NOT be missed.!!!

      • pinkpeachlips

        amen that

  • Cathy

    Russell claims that he never threw a challenge, but some of his tactics, like stealing socks and pouring out water, left his own tribe weaker. So isn’t that just a more subtle version of the same thing? I mean, it’s fine if he thinks these tactics accomplish anything, but then don’t suddenly play the integrity card.

    I don’t trust what Russell says, but I hope for his sake that he wasn’t the source of those spoiler leaks, because he could be sued big time if that ends up being the case.

    • Snsetblaze

      Good point about weaking your own tribe so it loses challenges being akin to throwing challenges.

  • bh

    I think he’s lying about the snitch thing. That is something he would do. He is totally untrustworthy.

    • Minn

      Liars lie. It’s just what they do.

      • Bob

        True that.

    • Justagirl

      It’s not like he has shown himself to be the epitome of morality and honor on the show. He totally has it in him to snitch and would because he is a sore loser.

  • John

    I love Russell…hes my favorite player in Survivor history.

    • wsugar

      But do you love fishsticks?

      • teto

        stfu! u must be really dumb!

  • Jon

    Russell is a troll. If things go his way, he’s a genius (according to him); if things go against him, it’s a subversion of the gang. Stop infesting my favorite shows and sink back into your swamp.

    • SLB

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    • roseann

      Oh John – excellent comments! Funny wish I’d thought of it.


    • Bob

      Totally agree with you Jon.

  • Rob

    I am going to miss Russell. No hate here. he made the show fun to watch. without him his first season would have been boring.

    If everyone was nice, trustful and good and true then where would the game be?

    • SLB

      Boring? Are you kidding me? We have Ralph, Phillip and Rob for entertainment.

      • Rob Grizzly

        His FIRST season. Not this one.

      • teto

        And can you say rob, philip and ralph are all the above? smh

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