TeenNick goes retro with '90s programming -- EXCLUSIVE

All-That-Cannon-KenanImage Credit: Lisa Rose/NickelodeonIf you’re a twentysomething who’s been jonesing for repeats of All That and Clarissa Explains it All, then this news is for you: EW has learned exclusively that starting this fall, TeenNick will dust off old faves like Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Show, All That, and Clarissa and air them in a new midnight-to-2 a.m. programming block dubbed (appropriately enough) The ’90s Are All That. The tween cabler came up with the idea after seeing the huge interest in early Nickelodeon programming on social media sites. There are several Facebook pages — followed by millions of fans — that are devoted to Nickelodeon shows from the ’90s.

“At the time, we were completely devoted to that audience ages 9, 10, and 11,” Keith Dawkins, senior VP and general manager of TeenNick, tells EW. “It was groundbreaking and, for the young viewers, a powerful and pivotal time in their lives. Those kids who are now 22, 23, and 24 want to bring that back.”

Over time, TeenNick hopes to use the retro block to showcase other ’90s programming and movies. So if you didn’t get a chance to see Good Burger then…

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TeenNick teaser for ’90s block: See it here

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  • James The Greatest

    Is it just me… or does that look like Nicki Minaj on the left?!?

    • bob

      RIGHT?! i thought i was crazy… or racist.

      • Lame

        nah, but I have to say good for Nick, they have always been better than Disney, even their current shows are awesome like Big Time Rush, iCarly, and Victorious

      • d

        whooooooaaaHHH, DISNEY IS THE ISHHH!!!

    • Jane Doe

      LOL I thought it looked like Jennifer Hudson

    • kim

      I thought the exact same thing!

      • myrea saunders

        LOL Wow.

      • Juan Sumkok

        I thought it was Randy Jackson!

    • xxc

      This news has me so freaking excited.

      • ll

        They need to rerun “Are You Affraid of the Dark”

      • Allison

        Yes! I loved “Are You Afraid of the Dark!” And “Roundhouse” – does anyone remember that one?

      • kimmy

        “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” used to scare the crap out of me. Loved “Roundhouse” for all the dancing! My personal favorites have ALWAYS been “Hey Dude” and “Salute Your Shorts”!!!

      • Melissa

        Are you afraid of the dark used to scare the crap out of me lol

      • leslie

        totally am afraid of under my bed because of that show. lol

    • Juan Sumkok

      I thought it was Oprah!

      • Jason

        Nah, it’s Christy Knowings. But I thought the same thing… that was the best sketch they did.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Rugrats, The Amanda Show and Kenan & Kel?! Bring in the dancing lobsters and get me a celebratory orange soda, because this is the best news I’ve heard all week!

      • SUSANP


    • Color Me Impressed

      The only thing that could make this better is if they brought back Doug.

      • Deb

        yes! Doug!!!!

      • tasha

        doug yes doug OMG OMG and also the show with the monsters….

      • EM

        As long as they don’t show the Disney version of Doug I totally agree!

      • TheKillerAnna

        Ahhh! Real Monsters would make an amazing addition to the line-up.

      • Mike

        The Beets!!!

      • cee

        i know! i remember that, reel monsters, rockos modern life

    • Benjamin Velez

      It’s Christy Knowings, but yeah, she does sort of look like Nicki Minaj in that photo.

    • Amanda Whicker

      YES YES YES it has to be her!

      • A.M.

        its nick cannon dressed as a girl…idiots

    • j.d.

      exactly wat i was thinkn

    • Sadie Gabrielle

      bahahaha. Funniest comment ever lol

    • 90s4ever

      F@ck nicki manaj and f@ck all the b@llsh@t the 90’s are back no more of these stupid pop singers, lame tween drama, and sparkly vampire… wooopwoop I love the world… they better bring back are you afraid of the dark and eat my shorts too… sorry baby bopper we are take nick back to its prime

      • js

        thank you! finally someone with some sense

      • retrofreak

        Like I said, Don’t forget the gameshows. I agree about the whole “bringing nick back to its prime” thing. Do you think they’ll bring back “Hey Dude”? But yeah, I gotta tell everybody. I’m gonna start a facebook pagecalled “bring back the good shows on nick”! Heck yeah! And, yeah! I FREAKIN LOVE “LEDGENDS OF THE HIDDIN TEMPLE”

  • Spandex

    Nice.. they should add some game shows into the mix.. “Legends of the Hidden Temple” anyone?

    ..also, I wouldn’t mind if they played “Hey Dude” and that camp show…

    • Jess

      Agreed! Temple and Guts were awesome shows. My brother and I used to watch all these shows when we were kids. Were now 24 and 21

      • Kaia

        My brother and i watched nick together too. Now i’m 23 and he is 19 and i love that they have bought these shows back it brings back so many fond memories for me. I hope they show salute your shorts, what would you do? And of course are you afraid of the dark! And i loved rugrats! Ah the memories… I remember the first show i watched from nick was clarissa explains it all lol

    • christine

      I loved Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts!! I was never too crazy about All That or Pete and Pete, so these shows are not really exciting me at all. I agree with the other posters; bring back Doug! That was one of the best cartoons ever!

      • Jason

        Doug was the best! Aaaah! Real Monsters! Wild & Crazy Kids?!!

      • ChadlyMc

        Camp Awannawanna we hold you in our hearts and when we think about yout, IT MAKES ME WANNA FART! It’s I hope we never part now get it right or pay the price!

      • stacey

        I totally downloaded Doug on iTunes and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while.

      • Dan

        iirc, they sold the rights to Doug to Disney. I don’t know if they would be able to reair it anymore.

      • Sam

        Hey Dude!!!

      • Kelcie

        Yes! I’d love to see more retro Nick ’90s movies too! Like Two Heads are Better Than None… I’d like to see the Nick Cannon show too.

      • Misty

        Patty Mayonnaise!!!

    • Penny

      Legends of the Temple was great, but no one ever finished that last challenge. It was ridiculously hard!
      I’d love to see Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts. Donkey Lips! My mind kept trying to call him Donkey Punch… yikes.

      • Michelle

        LOVED Hey Dude!!

      • ChadlyMc

        MUST have Hey Dude!

      • Jenn

        I had SUCH a crush on Ted!

      • Liz

        Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts need to be brought out of that nickolodean vault too.

      • Ali

        People never finished the last challenge because those Temple Guards were terrifying.

    • Meg

      They used to show Legends and Guts on the Nick GAS channel. I haven’t watched the channel since 2005, but they were still on then.

    • DizzySnazzle

      Hey, Dude! Salute Your Shorts! Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts and Pete and Pete would be awesome. I’d never sleep. God we had it good in the 90’s…

      • Kelli

        Oh yea I see… Hey Dude! Duh! Totally missed that Lol

      • Jericho227

        U got that right DizzeSNazzle. “What Would You Do”, “DoubleDare”, “Wild & Crazy Kids”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. need I go on

    • saki

      i forgot about that show

    • tammy

      eat my shorts, is the camp show

      • Martin

        Salute Your Shorts is the camp show!

      • Allison

        I always accidentally called it “Eat Your Shorts.” Has anyone from it gone on to anything else? Christine Taylor may have hit the big time with “The Brady Bunch Movie” but she’ll always be Mel from “Hey Dude” to me!

      • kimmy

        Allison-Christine is married to Ben Stiller. so yeah….definitely hit it big!

    • D

      They do show the game shows already, on a separate cable channel called Nick GAS (Games and Sports). Double Dare, Family Double Dare, Legends…etc.

      • Boo

        Nick GAS went off the air in 2007, was replaced with “N” and then later changed to teen nick. Really it’s all the same channel, just changed the programming.

    • Jade

      Temple was rerun on Nick’s GAS (Games and Sports) channel, a couple years ago, but I am unsure if GAS is still around. Along with my personal favorite, GUTS!

      • B

        I loved Mike O’Malley the host of GUTS! Now I love him even more as Kurt’s Dad on Glee…Anyone ever made the connection??

      • Angel

        B, I did! I loved him hosting GUTS when I was all of nine, and I love him as Burt now.

      • S

        The only thing I know Mike O’Malley for now is all the Time Warner Cable commercials he’s in.

    • AN


    • JS

      all excellent choices!

    • Lauren

      That “camp show” you are referring to is “Salute Your Shorts” and that was by far me and my brothers favorite show.

      • Alicia

        Your comment reminded me to mention the show My Brother and Me. I loved that one too along with every other show mentioned. They could bring back any of these, and I would feel happy.

    • Samantha


      • maggie

        my friend was on legends of the hidden temple!! she was a blue barracuda and she and her partner made it all the way to the end. they didn’t win though.

      • Krystal S

        Figure It out rocked!! I always wished to be in that audience and get slime flung on me by Danny hahah XD and that is pretty cool maggie! Even if the kids didn’t win I still always thought it was still worth it to even be on the show.

      • Meghan

        These 2 kids I knew growing up were on Figure It Out- their family owned a cheese factory. I think they only made it to the second round of prizes though.

    • Jaclyn

      Salute your shorts was the camp show…agreed!!!

    • ani

      What about the Secret World of Alex Mack??

      • Gene

        OMG YES. Lovvvvvve Alex Mack!!

      • Imani Beal


      • Trish

        OMG. YES. That and Are You Afraid of the Dark were my favorites.

      • Ian

        That show is SO overrated.BTW,the show aired on The 90s Are All That on its Party Likes Its The 90s special.I watched it and got bored.I hope they don’t put it on this years Party Like Its The 90s.The show (to me) is garbage.Wheres your sense people?!

    • Jessica

      I loved Salute your shorts! I loved Blake Soper who played Ronnie Pinky and later Joey on Boy Meets World. I even like his band Rilo Kiley! Its crazy I watched every episode of Clarissa when it was on and then all the Sabrina’s and to this day Melissa Joan Hart is still one of my fave actresses. I catch every movie and such she does. Oh and I loved Alex Mack. So many shows. I miss Hey Arnold! Why didn’t they continue that series? Damn you Nickelodeon!

      • Stash

        Thanks for mentioning Blake, I kept wanting to while reading these comments but was worried it was a little tooooo dorky. For the record, He was Blake Soper back when he acted, but it’s Blake Sennet now. Rilo Kiley, and his side project The Elected are two of my favorite bands!

      • melissa

        Hey, and Larisa Oleynik (who played Alex Mack) had that three-episode spot on Boy Meets World too. I never thought about that connection…still to this day think she was awesome with Rider Strong, I wish that role would’ve gone further. But I wish Blake’s wouldve too, for that matter!

      • KriKris91

        I miss ALL 90’s shows! Boy Meets World, Out of the Box, Clarissa, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, EVERYTHING! All the 2000’s stuff got retarded. I mean, I miss all of these shows. I had the biggest crush on Kel<3 I always wanted a Good-Burger! (: THANK GOD NICK CAME TO THEIR SENSES. I miss you ninety's :'( SIMPLER TIMES!

    • Nick T

      I cried when I saw the word ‘Clarissa.’ Forgot about her…

    • Jioep

      Yep, it was called “Salute My Shorts” or something like that!

    • Hilarious

      I am only 9 and this is amazing! You adults don’t know what it’s like to be a kid now and since I was born in 2001, I never really got to see any of the 90s shows. It’s depressing.

  • Matthew

    Doug! Bring back Doug! That show was my number one show growing up

    • ash


      • John A


      • Jason

        ….fourthed?! At any rate, Doug was the best!

    • Melinda

      They can’t bring back Doug because they sold it to Disney.

      • saki

        noooooooooooooooooo seriously

      • sln

        really????? damn disney

      • ManicRaider

        @ saki – Anyone who’s knows anything about Doug knows that there is a Nick’s Doug and Disney’s Doug.

      • ManicRaider

        @ sin – You’re mad at Disney? Why? You DO know that Disney made episodes of Doug, right?

      • J. R. Braden

        @ManicRaider They completely ruined the original series. Doug was a heartfelt masterpiece of animated comedy. Disney’s Doug was a soulless travesty.

      • Josh

        Yeah and they sucked.

      • JT

        They didn’t sell it to Disney. They sold the rights to make new episodes, but the original episodes continued airing on Nickelodeon while Disney was airing the new episodes. If they wanted to air the Nickelodeon series they could.

      • Jehron

        They are going to air it. Wikipedia said so.

      • K

        @Jehron,Wikipedia is not an accurate source.

    • Kurt Russell

      My Friend is green

    • deja


    • GHA

      My Fave character was Mr. Dink…and his funked teeth and lisp.

      • Kaden

        You keep it up now, udnesrtand? Really good to know.

  • alice

    Adventures of Pete and Pete!

    • Meier

      I love that show so much, I bought the first season. I showed some episodes to my friend’s 6th and 4th grade sons, and they ate it up as much as I did! It’s timeless, but then again, what do you expect from a show featuring “Artie, the strongest man… in the world!”

      • WTF?

        Yes! I have seasons 1 and 2 of Pete and Pete on DVD, but they never made a season 3 DVD, sadly. At least now I can DVR those episodes!

      • abracadabrab

        Just so you know, but Toby Huss, who played Artie, is also the voice of Cotton Hill and Kahn Souphanousinphone on King Of The Hill and he also was Elaine’s boyfried The Wiz on an episode of Seinfeld.

    • maryb

      Yes! Now I can DVR season 3!

      • Tony

        I’m just worried that they’ll edit them to put in more commercials. Anybody know if the shows will be uncut?

      • Mattia

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  • tvgirl48

    Looks like I’m going to be getting less sleep from now on! I miss Doug as well, but my top request is Hey Arnold. I would love to watch Kenan & Kel again as well as All That, as long as it’s the original cast. Who couldn’t love Good Burger and Repair Man man man man?

    • steph

      I watch Hey Arnold on demand all the time. I LOVE that show.

      • listerine

        Hey, football head!

      • Meghan

        Haha yeah, I watch it on netflix a lot too- that and rocko’s modern life, ren and stimpy, and beavis and butthead.

      • abracadabrab

        Um, Meghan, you do know that Mike Judge is working on NEW Beavis And Butthead episodes for MTV, right? Set to premiere in the end of October.

      • Brandy

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    • Krystal S

      Totally agree on the OG cast. Amanda Bynes was okay, so I’ll go for up to season 4.. My favorite was always Josh Server though so that’s the only reason why I continued watching All That for 2 more seasons.. “I’m Detective Dan!”

    • Genevieve

      Anyone notice that Helga’s mom always needed a “smoothie”. Me thinks she was an alcholic. lol

      • Hilarious

        Yeah… My mom drinks shakes.

  • kristine

    it would even be awesome.to have some episodes of double dare! us late 80s/early 90s kids need our shows too!

    • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

      ^^ THIS! I would loooove to see Double Dare again!!

  • Meier

    So many faces we haven’t seen in so long. Mike O’Malley,… Christine Taylor,… Michelle Tratchenberg,… Steve Buscemi,… One sacrifice of kids’ programming: You fall off the face of the Earth…

    • Jenn

      Mike O’Malley actually has a recurring role on Glee right now as one of the main character’s father, Burt Hummel, Michelle has been on Gossip Girl and actually had a starring role in another prime time drama recently, did Steve Buscemi just win the Golden Globe for Boardwalk Empire? Not trying to fight with you, just point out that you are well, wrong.

      • Rob

        And you are, well, completely unaware of the word “sarcasm”

      • Michelle

        I was thinking more along the lines of “You are, well, a b*tch”

      • Jason

        hahahaha Michelle – nice.

      • bob

        he was also nominated for an emmy for glee

      • Buffy

        Super informtavie writing; keep it up.

    • John

      Was that a joke? lol Most of those people as someone has pointed out are all on big shows.

      • Meier

        Yes, it was a joke, everybody. And Jenn, since you didn’t recognize Christine Taylor, allow me to enlighten: Formerly Melody on “Hey Dude”, she’s now Mrs. Ben Stiller.

    • Quiana

      Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful asnewrs.

    • abracadabrab

      And Iggy Pop! Haha, I LOVED The Adventures Of Pete And Pete. And wasn’t LL Cool J in an episode of that as well??

  • Katie

    Can we just scrap most of the stuff on there now and just show ’90s repeats on a loop? And I mean ALL ’90s repeats — game shows (which they do show on GAS), sitcoms (Clarissa, Salute Your Shorts), cartoons (Doug, Rugrats), sketch comedies (All That, Roundhouse) and dramas (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Tomorrow People, Animorphs)?
    ‘Cause, you know, that would ROCK.

    • Penny

      Roundhouse! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember the name of that show!
      SNICK! Woo-hoo.

      • jen

        “Whenever my life gets me so down I know I can go down To where the music and the fun never ends I know that I can find a friennn-ennn-ennndddd down at the Roundhouse!”

        Loved, loved, loved that show and I’m 31 now!

      • Rack

        Roundhouse and Hey Dude were two of my faves!

        “Its a little wild and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range. Singing yippee ki-yi-yay, like the cowboys say, yippee ki-yi-yay til the break of day” and I’m 34.

      • Jessica

        I remember RoundHouse! I could never remember the name of that show!

      • Allison

        I’m 32 and I still try to make random references to “Roundhouse”… which most people don’t get, because they weren’t sitting at home watching SNICK. They missed out!

    • Jackie

      LOVED ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ and the ‘Tomorrow People’ new series! Not to mention ‘Hey Dude’ and ‘Salute Your Shorts’. This is almost enough to make me want to get cable…

    • Bob

      omg Animorphs! completely forgot how much I loved them til just now!

      • Andrea

        Me too. I used to read the books when I was a kid too.

    • tvgirl48

      Definitely yes on Are You Afraid of the Dark! And yes to Animorphs. I lived and breathed that book series when I was a kid. These two shows influenced my current love of horror and scifi.

    • EW

      No because the 90s sucked

      • tmarndt11

        you’re just saying that because you don’t have a childhood.
        Or, possibly, a soul.

    • jess

      omg i loved ‘are you afraid of the dark?’ i hope it comes back too!!!

    • Dave

      Anyone remember The Secret World of Alex Mack?

      • J. R. Braden

        The Secret World of Alex Mack, The Journey of Allen Strange, and Space Cases. My god, if those could come back I could die happy.

      • Sam

        Yes Alex Mack awesome.

      • sd

        I was just talking about that show this past week as my niece brought home some slimy thing and I was like “Hey it looks like Alex Mack” to blank stares…

      • Anya

        Yes! Thank you! Somebody remembers Alex Mack! I have been looking for that show for a few years now and I am jonesin’ for an episode. but i’m still psyched Clarissa is back.

      • Hilarious

        I’ve watched some clips on YouTube! Pretty cool am I wrong?

      • Hilarious

        I do but one problem NEVER watched it cause I was little

    • Jane

      YES! Roundhouse! Someone remembers that show!

      • Hilarious

        What is Roundhouse about? I never got to see it!:(

    • melissa

      sorry, that should’ve posted where someone was talking about the game shows…

    • Hilarious

      I so agree Katie!

  • yearOfTheTIGER

    yes I too am 24 and so psyched for this!! adult swim has got competition! this generation rocks. i now demand bring back muppet babies (used to be on nick jr) Alex Mack!! rockos modern life and anyone remember WEINERVILLE!?! the head puppets guy/show/weirdness. by the way you can see big pete from pete n pete sing to his penis in the movie “slackers” so funny.

    • JBW

      Alex Mack was my favorite book and tv show when I was a kid! I still have all the books. I even dug them out a few months ago to read a couple and I’m 25 now!

      • Jessica

        I picked Alex Mack book(s) up at a thrift store a few years ago. I wish there had been more episodes.

    • Crystal

      “I’m boney, I’m boney so leave me a-loney” My God, I thought I was the only one who remembered Weinerville! lol! That show needs to come back also. Nickelodeon was amazing..now, eh.

    • Kristie

      OMFG I loooved Weinerville, no one ever has any idea what I’m talking about!!!

    • Kate

      That must be what these new videos with Boney are about! Search Weinerville on YouTube, and you’ll see that Mark Weiner has been making new videos saying it’s coming back! Maybe they’re going to show Weinerville too! YAY! Now we just need Kablam! and it’ll be perfect. I just wish they’d get rid of The Amanda Show; that show marked the beginning of the downfall of Nickelodeon. As a 19-year-old, I remember the fall of Nickelodeon very well. I’m so glad they’re bouncing back. These shows are the reason our generation is so great. And, I’m hoping that once kids these days watch Pete & Pete, they’ll realize what good music sounds like. I can’t wait for this!

    • Kamberley

      That\’s way more clever than I was epxceting. Thanks!

  • Sheli

    I’m excited. My oldest is in her twenties now, and we grew up together with these shows. Some of the shows (Rugrats, Ahhh!! Real Monsters) are available for instant stream on Netflix, so we watch them a lot.

    • IrishBlonde2

      AHH!Real Monsters needs to come back. I LOVED that show and Hey Arnold. Football head hahaha

  • Rob

    Early Nickelodean programming…from the 90’s? What about the 80s? You Can’t Do That On Television, Out of Control? Those crazy Canadians (including a young Alanis Morissette)

    • Mike

      Out of Control!!!! I freaking loved that show. Dave “Cut. It. Out.” Coulier before the awfulness that was Full House.

      I agree, we 80s Nick kids need some love too.

    • nte1igentwon

      The 80’s were the $h!t! Fifteen and does anyone remember the Third Eye. I’ve been trying to get the complete Under The Mountain set.

    • Me

      I was just thinking I want to see You Can’t do that on Televison.

    • FabK

      Exactly what I was thinking. I loved Out of Control, YCDTOT, Fifteen (which had Ryan Reynolds as the whiny brother!). I also remember a show called Turkey TV. I think it was animated but it also showed the “Fish Heads” video. Fish heads Fish heads yummy yummy fish heads!

      • Kim

        I remember after he became famous telling my daughter that I was sure Ryan Reynolds had been on a Canadian teenage soap. Turns out I was right. Thing is , no one I know knows what the heck “Fifteen” is and they look at me like I’m crazy when I mention it, lol. I was too old to be watching it (around 19, I think), but it was like Degrassi, so cheesy yet it sucks you in and gets you hooked!

      • Lori

        AND Fifteen’s Ashley was a main character in Dead Like Me!

        And Neve Campbell was in an episode of Are you afraid of the dark!

        Yay for repeats!!

    • Camie

      Yeah, can we go back one decade before? YCDTOT was it as far as I’m concerned. I was in college during 90s Nick, so I can’t relate to any of those shows at all.

    • Roz

      OMG!! I’m 29, but I totally remember 80’s Nickelodeon with “You Can’t Do That On
      Television”, “Fifteen” (which no one I know seems to remember & I totally remember Ryan Reynolds being on that show!), Then 90’s Nick with “Double Dare”, “Wild N’ Crazy Kids”, “Ren & Stimpy”, “Rugrats”….

  • deedeedragons

    The Secret World of Alex Mack.

    • Kp

      I loved that show!

  • ST

    I think this block of programming should come with a 2 liter of Orange soda to help keep us awake while we watch. Great idea!! Loved All That, Clarissa, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Salute Your Shorts & Hey Dude. Wouldn’t mind me some Alex Mack & Doug too!

    • amber

      who loves orange soda…?

      • WTF?

        I was thinking a big orange couch….

      • Kel

        I love orange soda. I do, I do, I do, I do-oo

      • moriah

        i know right

    • Cris

      I had such a crush on Alex Mack. Hope they bring that one back too!

    • Jalene

      YES! Alex Mack needs to be in the lineup too!! It’s like the teen version of Heroes and Dark Angel.

  • TH

    I want to see reruns of Fifteen. A young Ryan Reynolds! I used to watch that all the time.

    • Mrs.Me

      I loved fifteen! I was young when it was on but it was my fav. show. DEF bring it back!!

      • Me

        I loved Fifteen and Welcome Freshman!

    • Cris

      My brother LOVED 15. Ryan Reynolds was the fat little brother on that show, wasn’t he?

    • Caryn

      YES! Fifteen and Welcome Freshmen. My god–my life has been so empty with out them!!!!

      • melissa

        I even bought whatever “books” it was that came out from those shows at the time. I didn’t think anyone else remembered them…

    • Tim

      I agree…that show was so over the top. I watched it all the time in college. Never thought Ryan Reynolds would be the one who would make it big from that show. Always thought Laura Harris would be a bigger star than she became.

  • Katy

    Hey, I’m in my 30s and remember Clarissa. I loved that show.

    • Suzie

      Me too (turned 30 not too long ago). I loved Clarissa! I thought she was so awesome (I also worshiped Punky Brewster, but that’s a whole other era of nostalgia).

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