Charlie Sheen's 'trailer' driven off Warner Bros. lot -- PHOTOS

Charlie Sheen’s “trailer” has left the Warner Bros. lot, where it was parked for years beside the Two and a Half Men stage.

The vehicle is a bus that Sheen converted into a “total hang-out pad,” and it nested beside Stage 26 for the actor’s use during breaks while shooting Men. It was going to be towed, but Sheen sent a repairman to fix it up so it could be driven home on March 10 with dignity.

Still, having your trailer driven off the lot is the celebrity version of packing up your desk and carrying the box out the door. Here are some exclusive pics. It’s the end of an era, the Sheenpocalypse Now version of the last helicopter leaving Saigon. Winning?


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    • Victor


      • matt

        The End.

      • L

        The end was last week…unless you mean THE end.

      • mike

        Ah, I think having your bus tossed off the lot IS the end…lol. Sheen is history.

      • JLR’s Dad

        LOL! Reading this again makes me laugh. Give ‘em hell, Ashton! LMAO

    • LOL

      I bet the gasoline is really inside a school bus. This trailer is just filled with sand.

      • Joe

        And Mel Gibson is driving. Consider the irony.

      • Tim

        Yep, hollywood has no original ideas anymore. Oh well.

    • stu

      this is lame EW! worse than TMZ showing furniture on the 2 &1/2 Men set covered in sheets.

    • James D

      He gave his bus some dignity. That’s a WIN!

      • Karl

        It’s about the only thing in Sheen’s life that has been afforded any dignity lately.

    • Tom

      WB doesn’t deserve Charlie Sheens trailer potty water!!!

      • Luca

        Yeah how dare they cut the contract and fire an actor who is not only a drug abuser, woman beater etc, he is also clearly mentally ill.

      • Tom

        That describes about most of the people that work in this industry idiot.

      • Piranha urdu

        Yes…every other actor in LA beats women and tells the creator of their show he’s an abortion…I think not. You need to lay off the tabloids Tommy-Boy…

      • sxycindy

        Marry me Charlie!

    • Steve

      The love machine has left the building.

      • Jeremy Sheer

        Tom you probably are on Charlie Sheen the drug. Go soak your head. You’re the idiot thinking its ok an actor cost hundreds of cast and crew paychecks and time and abuse. moron

    • Carlos

      Enough of Charlie Sheen please. The guy will be dead in a few months due to his own death wish.

      • Tim

        Hollywood died a long long time ago. It doesn’t really matter at this point does it?

      • Karl

        Or an overdose of tiger blood.

    • paul

      what a horse’s pattoot!!!

    • MARSUE


      • kay seger

        I love this show I dont think anone can fill his shoes, and the will be a bust without him please come back… you are the one that makes the show what you do on your time is your business no one else as long you never hurt anyone… come come please

    • Charlie

      You guys can all suck my left one.

      • dave vandale

        is that really you Charlie,
        too bad you couldn’t keep doing your show, oh well you are winning, right?

      • bj

        Yah and you can take that to the antique rd show

      • Tom


      • Jeremy Sheer

        Kay i would rather smack my head against the wall repeatedly then watch tripe as 2 1/2 men. people who are on drugs like weed watch that show.

      • Joe-E

        Ahh haa!!! He said you can all suck his left one, thats funny…

      • Diva

        Yes Charlie – since you only have one Goddess left I guess your “left one” is lonely!

      • tonya

        you don’t remember, I already did. Oh, I forgot you were stoned.

    • Charlie

      They should rename this show Hiam and the runaway slave.

      • gp

        WB HAS NO CLUE
        WE LIKE YOU

    • Tim

      This show was the stupidest thing on TV. The only reason anyone ever watched it was because of Sheen. Haim knew what Charlie was about going into this whole production with him. Sheen isn’t your slave! You are going to lose that lawsuit big time. You and WB should be ashamed for yourselves for driving the poor guy crazy.

    • T. Blore

      Quit acting like you are 4 and a half Charlie. The drugs and booze are screwing with your mind. And lay off the jewish racism. If Hiam was recist, he would not have hired you.

      • Tom

        Hiam didn’t care if he was a coke addict.. He just wanted his gold coins..

    • Tom

      WB and Hiam are going to lose the lawsuit. They will probably settle out of court eventually.

    • Vicki

      Dont worry Charlie, Two and a half Men will not make it without you. You make the show. I say, sue thier asses off!!!!!

    • Kelcie

      Oh please. ಠ_ಠ

    • Sue

      Charlie, I don’t care what crap people are sayiing about you. You and Two and 1/2 Men was hysterical and i’m going to miss watching it. Take care of yourself.

  • brandon

    charlie sheen is a loser !!!!

    • Victor

      Doesn’t look like a loser to me! He does have more money then you OR me. So unstead of calling him names let him fight is case.

      • derek

        Kim Jong Il has more money than Charlie Sheen. So that must mean he’s a great guy as well. Great logic there buddy.

      • athena

        As though having money is THE criteria for being a “Winner”….ah, NOT (duh).

      • Mary

        The amount of money one has does not make them a winner. A winner is someone who is happy, well adjusted and has enough money to live comfortably. Most important a winner has and gives love to family, friends, spouse and children! Charlie Sheen is a neurotic attic who is unable to give love or feel empathy.

      • Jane

        That money isn’t going to last the way he’s going. Goddesess ain’t cheap.

      • heyman29323

        This is how you measure success and happiness. Because he has more money than everybody. Just look at how he is acting, an act or not, I assure you most everybody is happier than this guy

      • naql

        Yes, but Kim Jong Il’s money is all in North Korean Wons, which are worthless. Besides, not only has Sheen managed to impregnate Denise Richards, he has also banged many other notable hotties, including Stephanie Seymour in her heyday. Winning!

      • Zen

        He also banged the gorgeous Kelly Preston and later shot her in the arm. Can her current husband (John Travolta) say the he has banged her AND shot her like Charlie? I don’t think so. #WINNING

      • kathy

        He HAS no more money! He blew it all up his nose and on prostitutes!! He is a LOSER!!!

      • mike

        yeah, brilliant logic that no rich people are losers. Being a loser has nothing to do with money and everything to do with character. But we can compromise and say that Sheen is a rich loser. A rich loser that stinks of desperation.

      • Ryan

        Kim Jong Il owns an entire country of slaves. You think he cares that one dumba$$ “derek” thinks he’s not a great guy? Yes, being human means it’s luck of the draw, if you were born rich, like Charlie Sheen, the world is handed to you no mater how twisted you are. Born poor, good luck, less than 5% of anyone changes classes in America

      • Barb

        I like your reply Mary.Shortly he’ll have no money, kids, family, love or hookers. He’s done!

      • Johno

        I can’t believe someone used the words class and America in the same sentence……

      • JJ


    • mary canfield

      Charlie is a shell of man. He has no moral soul. It’s all about him and only him, self gratification. he’s pathetic.

      • Anthoy

        How about this word PRAYING!
        For Charlie and a whole bunch of other people who find any of this entertaining

      • Svlad Cjelli

        PRAYING! Is for heretics. Try DOING something instead. DUH! TROLLS!

      • Tim

        Watch Charles cooking video on youtube. Winning!

    • Nancy

      WB is a joke. They are so going to lose this fight. That’s all folks!

      • Kris

        and you’re a moron.

      • Nancys Mom

        Yeah Nancy, you’re a moron!

      • Jeremy Sheer

        you are a nimrod. Harry Potter is almost 5 TRILLION dollars in movie money making WB owns Batman which made about 5 million dollars. Charlie will lose. You are the idiot who thinks writing in blood is an art called calligraphy moron. WB is amazing.

      • Jeremy Sheer

        whoops *500 million dollars not 5 million thats how much charlie sheen has left in money and he needs to seel out the chicago theatre to make it back

    • Steve

      WB has no chance in this fight. They knew what Charlie was about since the beginning. They allowed it to get to this point. It’s entirely WB’s fault, problem, whatever. All those people out of work right now have one person to blame. Haim.

      • kathy

        Nancy & Steve – you are complete idiots!! If you think that for one minute WB or CBS would take this to court unless they could win, you are fooling yourself. Their army of lawyers are going to BURY sheen and his entourage.

      • Tim

        Army of lawyers? They don’t appear to be winning lately.

      • thin

        Winning what? The lawsuit hasn’t gone to court yet, and in the public PR battle, Sheen has come off as a lunatic, while WB is the reasonable partner that tried to get him to get help and fired him when it finally became clear that the situation was becoming more and more untenable. The lawyers are winning because Sheen is doing their work for them.

      • Barb

        WB contract says they CAN fire Sheen on grounds of Moral Turpitude. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. You will see a picture of Charlie Sheen beside the definition!

      • Tom

        What does this industry know about morals? Are you on crack?

    • Tom

      He is kicking all of your asses! Winning!

  • JC


    • Victor

      Cmon CHARLIE is the man that stands up. STAND UP AND FIGHT!

      • sls

        Charlie Sheen is The Man alright: He has poor white people thinking he is beaten down on and standing up for something.

        Pro Tip: He is a rich Hispanic Drug Addict who just got his trailer with coke residue pulled off the Warner Brothers Lot. His twtter account is written by one of his enablers and sponsored by McDonalds and Target. Charlie Sheen is the man alright and you are all being played.

      • L

        Correction: He isn’t Hispanic — his family is not from the island of Hispaniola. His family is from Spain.

      • Steve

        Everyone HATES working for WB.. That studio is the WORST is all of Hollywood. That is a fact!

      • googliezoo

        @L….Hispanic has nothing to do with the island of Hispaniola:
        His·pan·ic (h-spnk)
        1. Of or relating to Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America.
        2. Of or relating to a Spanish-speaking people or culture.
        1. A Spanish-speaking person.
        2. A U.S. citizen or resident of Latin-American or Spanish descent.

      • anthony

        Settled, he’s Hispanic.

      • janet ramsos

        I was wondering how long it would take for you to bring up his heritage..for christ’s sake are you people sick or what…jealous..CHARLIE is Winning and ohhhhhhhhh…that really hurts…WINNING ALL THE WAY…GO CHARLIE…

    • Steve

      Hiam sucks donkey balls.

      • @Steve

        You sound like a former disgruntled employee of WB.

      • Jeremy Sheer

        Steve WB is awesome you probably got fired with WB

  • OCC


    • Jay

      no-one held a gun to your head and made you click this article… and then you commented on it.

      YOU are exactly the type of person causing these stories to run rampant all over the internet.

      • Victor

        Absolut*ly Agree with you that would be the person that brings these discussions boring to watch.

      • Pee Wee Herman

        Can I come play on your bus Charlieeee? Pleeeaassseee? I’ll bring my cabana !

    • Natalie

      I agree! I click on these articles in order to comment and protest EW’s constant coverage of this sad and disturbing trainwreck. I want to read fun news on EW, not see lame coverage of Charlie Sheen’s bus rolling along the road. I no longer want to see his haggard, drug-addled face or see his hate-filled nonsensical rants on this website in every other headline. You ar enabling him and only gicing him more of a forum. This is not entertainment…we are watching a very addicted and possibly mentally ill man self destruct.

      • JeffreyMixed

        This is the final straw for me. REALLY? You are reporting that his TRAILER is being driven off the WB lot when scores of people are suffering in Japan today?

        Honesty EW, if this constant Charlie Sheen coverage does not stop than I will not renew my membership come this Spring. Many of us are sick of this.

      • kerry

        If you want to read about Japan, then go to the CNN website. This is an entertainment website, and they cover entertainment stories. If you don’t want to read about Charlie anymore then don’t. But leave the rest of us alone with your whining.

      • JeffreyMixed

        Um, Kerry, I FULLY understand that this is a entertainment website you moron. My point is that the Charlie Sheen coverage is out of control. EW is trying to compete with TMZ when they are reporting on such non news as a friggin trailer being driven off the WB lot. And yes, on the day when most people’s minds and hearts are tuned into a global tragedy. Charlie Sheen is a self-made tragedy and the media fueling his ego and delusions of how important he is in the scheme of things is just sickening at this point.

      • Robert

        disagree with you completely…not sick at all of Charlie and his story…I hope the court case happens soon, and that Charlie WINS!

    • Tim

      Charlie is Winning!! Don’t mess with the best!

    • MARSUE

      I totally agree with you. Let’s get real news to listen too not crap like him!! PLEASE!!!

    • Aris

      things about my job is getting to see my llitte clients growing-up each year.a0 Do you remember Charlie from last year?a0 Yes!a0 She was just an adorable baby then.a0 So when her parents scheduled a Lifestyle Session


    I adore the show and even if Charlie ruined it, I’ll really miss the entire cast. I kinda hope they keep it going with somebody new, who can carry the lead effectively.

    • nicky harrison

      dont be daft who can replace charlie the show is finished without him

      • lynn


      • lsingy

        I don’t get this…Charlie Sheen just walks around on the show w/ the same expression, same energy, spewing one liners in a dead pan way…he is NOT some gifted actor, just found his nich, he could be EASILY replaced. Umm, it’s not that complicated a part….

      • Tim

        It’s the writing for this show. NOT!

    • Tim

      I’m not working for WB for that Hiam.

  • mojo hojo

    Go Charlie!!! We love you!!

    • Tim

      Charlie has this in the bag. Millions are going to be paid out to Charlie by WB and Hiam. That studio is a trainwreck, and you guys know it too.

  • Amanda Faulk


    Find out why you are so miserable and have lost evrything and everybody.

    Please get sober for yourself first and your kids second.

    We Love You and are sad watching you destroy your health and your life.

    Please do it before it is too late.



  • Sha-Sheen

    Party on CHARLIE!!!

  • charliequit

    no more two and a haft men he’s so winning winner winner sheen dinner

    • Noriko

      None of them are essentially free. You can make a prilofe, but anything after that requires a fee.. You can’t even flirt with some sites for free. You most definitely cannot see who viewed you..It’s gonna cost ya anywhere from $ 25-$ 119 most places if you want a yearly subscription..

  • lynn

    charlie – take your tshirt money and help somone besides youself- end it to help japan for those people – they don’t have Tiger blood- you are a a very sick person!

    • jelly

      u need serious help lynn

  • Bob

    Sort of like when they packed up Joan Crawfords bungalow even before she knew she was fired! They were packing her car while she was being told she was “Box Office Poison”! I guess Charlie is “TV Poison”!

  • Allison


  • Laura

    Well when you see the ratings seems like Charlie Sheen is more ratings winning ! (and i doubt of this ratings system..but he is also ratings or rather viewers winning on the net !!)..anyway Sheen can make america keep interested to say the least..even some waste their time to bash him instead of being interested in more important things like financial crisis or Bradley Manning’s fate..Charlie seems smart even in his manic crisis whereas american seem very say a lot about america sadly..and Charlie knows very well his country..

  • julie

    soooooooo over him. he can go away now.

  • PamelaJaye

    >Sort of like when they packed up Joan Crawfords bungalow even before she knew she was fired!

    Thankfully, then, Charlie’s kids are elsewhere. I’m guessing when Joan found out she was fired, her kids bore the brunt of her ire. And I’m guessing when Kate Gosselin’s 15 minutes are over, life will not be pretty for her 8, either.
    A while back I saw someone asking Sheen’s 2nd wife how she explains it to their little girls. She said there were books.
    I’m pleased RDJ is still C&S. I wish he could have pulled it off before being fired from Ally McBeal.

    • anonymous

      WTF with the acronyms?

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