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But of course it is!

TLC has ordered Charlie Sheen: On the Brink, an hour-long documentary about the unraveling of Charlie Sheen’s career and public image. The special will include news footage and original interviews, tracing the actor’s story from his childhood all the way to… well, whatever madcap stuff is happening in Sheen’s world right before the program airs (if the program were on VH1, it might be called Behind the Winning). The special includes reporter Jeff Rossen’s exclusive details about Sheen’s life and Mackenzie Phillips discussing life as a celebrity on drugs and recovery.

The special is produced in association with NBC News and airs on TLC on March 20 at 10 p.m.

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  • Joe B.

    Ironic that TLC used to be called The Learning Channel.


    • stu


    • Zen

      It sure beats shows about midgets, cakes, families with 19 children, and toddlers dressed like w hores.

      • Allison

        It does, and yet… still sad. And not exclusive. And a better subject for an E! True Hollywood Story.

        TLC does need to change though.

      • ThisIstheEnd

        No, it fits right in with that crap.

    • Joan

      Damn. This guy is everywhere. I mean, literally. How many radio interviews, primetime, daytime, exclusive chats has he done? Is he gonna shou up on Jersey Shore and America’s Next Top Model next??

    • webgirl


    • Color Me Impressed

      Can we please just get over this guy already?! Surely I can’t be the only person whos had enough f*cking Charlie Sheen already?

  • LOL

    Learning about “winning!”

  • TLC

    The Loony Channel

  • lynn

    Tender Loving Care…thats what Charlie needs…I am praying for you Charlie.

  • DavidJ

    Lol. Didn’t the Dr Drew special already cover that exact same ground?

  • Eddiehaskell

    Wow, so sad that he gave all these interviews. Now all these media outlets can just recycle them over and over again and with nothing new being shown, but still make money from it selling ad space. Unfortunately for Charlie he probably won’t get a dime from TLC, and in the mean time his reputation goes further down the tubes. Poor guy is too sick to realize what he did to himself.

    • sxycindy

      Still WINNING Charlie boy! Knew you would. Love your crazy ass! Keep it coming baby!

  • jj

    A train wreck.

  • L

    “Behind the Winning”. LOL.

    Maybe it will include genome mapping of his Adonis DNA.

  • bb

    This is not good. Sick.

  • experienced&WINNING!

    EXTREMELY SADDENING!!!I always have been a huge fan. but mr.carlos estavez stated on mr. p. morgans show,HE IS NOT AN ADDICT!!! sadly enough that only means there is no help for our boy presently!! he first has to admit the problem & WANT help! (i HOPE & PRAY we do NOT LOSE him BEFORE that happens!!!)i’ve been there,done that!(& almost died in e.r.)he cant do it for his family,nor his children,HE HAS TO WANT IT FOR HIMSELF!!!!! LOVE YOU CARLOS!!! I PRAY FOR YOU EVERY SINGLE MORN! & EVE! & honey programs are not for lame people,its just not for everybody!!! i do not participate in them myself!but still live a clean productive life,i’m 43 yrs.of age now,THANK GOD EVERY YR. I’M STILL HERE!!!@;-)

  • experienced&WINNING!

    i dont understand why everyone can respond to the idea of this show so negatively,IT IS LEARNING,ESPECIALLY TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION,OR YOUR CHILDREN WHO IDOLIZE STARS ON TELEVISION!!!!!!!! (like lohan,miley,they wanna be like them,THEY’RE DRUGGIES!!!!)the money,lifestyles,power,alcohol,drugs,sex,COME ON PEOPLE,THEY SHOULD SEE HOW THEY END UP!!!! DETUR IT IF U CAN!HELLO!!!!!?????? DO WHAT U CAN!!! LET THEM SEE THE OTHER SIDE OF IT!!!GEEEZ!!!if it saves 2 kids,its worth it, if it makes a teen or young adult who is experimenting or has’nt been using long stop & THINK,WOAH! & saves a couple that think about the reality of it!AWESOME!i never had that kinda reality,or knew about addiction,that it could happen,or what it could do to your life,LONG ENOUGH SOME1 LIKE THAT!! SO YES,HANDS OFF TO TLC! I HOPE KIDS & YOUNG ADULTS ARE WATCHING!and stop buying his product,dont buy tickets to go see him! if u REALLY LOVE OR CARE FOR HIM DONT SUPPORT HIS HABITS!!! YOUR ONLY ENABLING HIM!! REALIZE YOU ARE HELPING HIM KILL HIMSELF!HE NEED TO HIT BOTTOM!!!I LOVE HIM<BUT I CANT PARTICIPATE IN KILLING HIM!!!!!!!!!!@:-(

    • Cris

      Wow … speaking of drugs, you might want to try some prozac, dude.

    • tim

      The term is “hats off”, not hands off dummy.

  • Goatslinger

    When did TLC go from The Learning Channel to Air-Complete-Trash network?

    • Greg

      A long time ago

  • Cris

    Why do we need a recap show about something we’re watching happen live … as it happens … and it’s happening right now?

  • Carol

    At first Charlie Sheen was funny, even entertaining, but the more he goes on he is getting scary and the people he hangs around with just seem to urge him on with no regard for the human being he is. Obviously everyone including myself just can’t stop watching. I now find myself tuning in to the news every day just to see what is going on with him and to see his latest commentary on himself and everyone else so I’m no better than anyone. The media has to stop feeding us the latest news on what he has done. I know his children,(the older ones who can read and understand)must just want their dad back not the monster we are letting him create. It must be so hard on his 2 daughters when they go to school and the kids say things that they have heard their parents say. This has become as addictive as soap operas people watch. What I’m doing is what I’m saying should stop. He knows that the wilder he is the more intrigu ed the public are to see it.

  • JGreen

    I wish he was who I thought he was, not who he really is.

    • janet

      Do you really know this guy personally? How can you judge? He’s an entertainer and I love it. I never watched T&Half, but I watch it now. I think he’s interesting and is speaking from his heart. For real. Heck he’s just saying what all the other actors are thinking. HECK when you make that much money for acting it’s called winning! I want a front row seat to watch this trainwreck. Heck Industrial light and Magic couldn’t have done a better job than this. Thanks TLC, I’ll be there!

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