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As I file this, my airplane is hopefully fueling, Roomies, for my trip to PaleyFest to dig around for scoop on your favorite shows. So email in your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com or stalk me on Twitter (@EWSandraG) where I will no doubt Tweet when I meet someone worthy of a photograph (or when things get awkward, and I need a reason to look at my phone). See you next Tuesday for another edition!


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There’s quite obviously a rough road ahead for Lisa Cuddy and Co. at Princeton-Plainsbro now that House has fallen back into his addiction following the big Huddy breakup we saw last week. But just how grim are things going to get? (After all, we saw him on the ledge of a balcony in the preview for next week’s episode!) Well, Lisa Edelstein tells EW that things are going to get much worse for everyone before they get better.

“She took a major risk this season, and it didn’t work, which is extremely disappointing, but it was something she had to do,” Edelstein tells EW. “But now she’s dealing with the fallout.”

At least in next week’s episode, House deals with that fallout with a healthy diet of pills, prostitutes, other extremely risky behavior. (I can confirm that’s as fun to watch as it sounds. J) And while the ever-poised Cuddy doesn’t quite spiral out of control, her reaction might surprise us, Edelstein teases.

“As mature as you think Cuddy might be, she’s still dealing with House and his reactions are so extreme, it puts her in a position of having deal with really extreme choices, which happens really quickly,” she says. The team also feels the ripples, she claims, as the out-of-control House threatens the quality of care they’re able to give their patients. Sum: It’s a rough road all around. (And we happily anticipate the train wreck…)


Oh, you didn’t really think everyone would be safe, right? Of course you didn’t. But what you won’t anticipate is how big these three (incredibly bloody!) main character deaths are as ABC’s sci-fi series closes its second season next week.

“I think that the people who die are going to affect everyone in different ways,” Elizabeth Mitchell tells EW. “The people they chose, they chose for a reason because they will mean something. I think it’s going to create an entirely new dynamic for everybody. Nobody is going to be unscathed.” (And you can bet that the terrifying Female-Visitor Lizard-Tail figures prominently in at least one of these death scenes.)

“There will be some interesting betrayals, which I always enjoy, and there will be tears and hopefully some fun. We’re all very active in this and everyone has an important part,” she adds. Some more than others — as will be revealed when Marc Singer (star of the original V series) guest-stars as the leader of a top-secret anti-V organization. And to know exactly what I mean by that, I ask you to review the above quote about “betrayals” once again. Yup, prepare to see some surprising faces among the ranks of the said top-secret org.

And that’s only where the twists, gore, and horrifying acts begin. As for where they end…that news is just as grim. “I’d love to say the fans will be satiated because I’m a fan and I know how wonderful it is to feel like, ‘Oh, thank God.’ But you’re going to want to see the rest,” Mitchell says.


Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/CBS


When I first started watching Blue Bloods, I knew I’d form a strong attachment to the Reagan family (with Tom Selleck sitting at the head of that diner table, how could I not?!). What I didn’t expect, however, was how immensely I’d enjoy the partnership between rookie beat cop Jaime (Will Estes) and his training officer Anthony Renzulli (Nicholas Turturro). But word is there might be trouble ahead for this fan-favorite pair.

In tonight’s all-new episode (airing at 10 p.m. ET) Jamie is going to run into some trust issues with his partner after Renzulli catches Jaime searching through an internal affairs file and refuses to explain his motives. But should fans of the two be worried? Probably not, says Estes.

“Nick and I want to do more [scenes together]. We’re looking forward to some crazier storylines coming our way,” he tells EW, adding that should a season 2 happen (and that looks promising!), he hopes to soon find his way out of his newbie policeman status. “We’ve definitely discussed the fact that my character can’t stay a rookie forever. So we’re excited about getting into some other police work, not just the basic stuff rookies handle.”

And as I teased in a recent column, Estes said the Blue Templar storyline will, indeed, come to a resolution “in a big way” this season, giving way to other plotlines. But before that could happen, can we expect Pretender alum Michael T. Weiss to return? (According to reader mail, I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed his guest spot!) “My guess would be yes, but I don’t answer above my pay grade,” he said with a laugh. I’ll take that answer…for now.


I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m a Walking Dead fanboy. So I want to know which characters are going to be showing up that we haven’t seen yet. Thanks. — Steve
Done and Done. Perhaps the best way to do this is to let you spy on the conversation EW’s Carrie Bell had with creator Robert Kirkman at the fantastically fun PaleyFest in Los Angeles:

EW: Can you ballpark the chances that in the next season we will see, Tyrese?
KIRKMAN: I’d give Tyrese a 69 — no, 68 percent chance of showing up second year.
The Governor?
Zero percent in second season. Third season 92 percent.
We are looking 50-50 right now at Michonne. We are in the writers’ room right now and trying to sketch out a season 2 plan. Anyone who knows how that process works knows that stuff changes day by day. We are in the massive brainstorming phase. We are talking it all out.
What about Morgan and his son?
As much as everyone would like it to be 100 percent because everyone loves Lenny James and we’re just dying to get him back in the show as soon as possible, I think those odds are probably 65-35. He’s such a great actor. We want them both back as soon as possible.

I know lots of people are into this love triangle storyline on Walking Dead, but sorry, it’s all about Andrea to me. What’s she going to be up to? — Marcus
Laurie Holden is totally great, and you’ll be excited to hear that Kirkman says we can expect a major evolution from her in season 2. “I think of her as the strongest character in the cast — even more so than Rick,” he says. “She has a unique skill set that develops that would allow her to possibly survive completely on her own. It is going to be a lot of fun for me to see Laurie go from grief-stricken sister who can’t even find a safety on a gun to someone who can hold her own with the boys. And Laurie is a tough chick and a great actress so I am excited by that transition.” Um, so are we. Bonus scoop: It’s 204 days until October, the rumored month of return for the series. Impatient whining starts now.


Image Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Chuck‘s awesome. (<<CHUCK PUN!!!!!) Any news? — J.J.
[Breaking news: Your question made me laugh out loud. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…] Monday’s Chuck is going to answer many of the questions you have about the GRETA, and in many ways acts as a launching pad for the next couples of episodes. It also marks the return of Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keebler, who find themselves at odds with Chuck and Sarah. “We definitely wanted to see some of the GRETA characters we established earlier in the season and see what happened to them next and explain what the government was up to and why there were GRETAs inside the Buy More,” says co-creator Chris Fedak. “Once we got the order for more episodes, after the initial 13, we were like ‘Oh, we gotta get in there and explain what the GRETA project was.’ And so it was kinda neat to take those characters, who we’d only had a little big of time with in episode 2 and episode 3 [of the season], and say, ‘Well, let’s explore them; let’s meet them a little bit better.'”

I need me some Chuck scoop! — Elise
There’s trouble in the spy world — and not in the normal way where they can simply shoot something and solve their problem. It’s more of an internal issue. “Casey is very much tied into what’s happening with the GRETA project at this moment. He might very well be in charge of this project. So there’s tension within the team. There’s a rift growing,” Fedak explains. “The question, and essentially where the A-Team title comes from — is: Who is the A Team? Is it Chuck and Sarah or is it Casey and his new team? That’s definitely at the heart of this episode.”

Bones! PLEASE! — Sharon
Here’s the truth: The upcoming Radical Honesty-themed episode that Mandi Bierly told you about a few months back, will include major reveals for all members of the Jeffersonian team. For example, Angela takes the opportunity to tell Hodgins exactly what she doesn’t like in bed. If the others are this good, we’re in for a treat.

Peter and Neal better still be friends when White Collar comes back, or I’ll be unforgivably mad. They MAKE the show. Please tell me this is the case. Need my bromance!! — Shana
You don’t have anything to worry about. Jeff Eastin is totally aware of the appeal of this dreamy twosome, which is why he tells me he plans to preserve their friendship. “Ultimately, in season 3, we will restore the friendship that Peter and Neal had to get us here. But it’s a rocky road to get there,” he says. But even through those hard times, he adds, he stayed strong on one important principle: “Neal never lies to Peter, and he still doesn’t. But keeping him from lying to Peter has been a real challenge.” A conman with a conscience — and they wonder why we’re smitten.

Thanks for the White Collar interview this week. The finale was great. I felt like Elizabeth was a little snubbed, though. She’s never been a huge part of the show, but I love Tiffani-Amber Theiessen! I never really recovered from my SBTB girl crush on her. — Alison
You and about 1,000 of my male friends of a similar age never quite recovered from Kelly Kapowski’s spell, Alison. No shame. As for season 3, now that Thiessen is back on set full-time (Her pregnancy interfered with some of the filming during this recent season, and some of her scenes were even done on green screens) creator Jeff Eastin says we can look forward to a more active Elizabeth, thanks largely to the art treasure plotline. “We’ve added to her responsibility; she’s no longer just an event planner. One of the things we had initially in the series was that she worked at an art gallery, and that’s where she and Peter met. We found a really great opportunity in the first episode back with all this art — this treasure — to have Elizabeth go back to that word a bit,” he says. “It’s actually something I’m pretty excited about — to get her out of the Burke house a little bit more and see her more active in these cases.”

Big Bang Theory scoop would be greatly appreciated! — Emma
But first a question: Are you in love with the girl trio as much as I am? If so, here’s something to look forward to: Penny, Bernadette, and Penny are going to have another one of their girls’ nights by going to a club — with Sheldon. Do you like your 2% milk shaken or stirred?

What is the status of Make It or Break It? I keep hearing about all these new and returning ABC family shows, but nothing mentions MIOBI! Plus some scoop about this upcoming season wouldn’t hurt, you know! — Audrey
Not to worry, MIOBI will be back March 28 for the second half of season 2. And the first episode back picks up with all the major players as (you won’t believe me…) vampires. I’ll let you guess as to why. Go on; guess away.

I need some more Nikita finale scoop!! Things are really getting good! — Sarah
Agreed! And should the show get a second season (those fingers crossed? They better be. Toes, too) you should look for some existing regulars to slowly become more prominent, namely the people at Division, who each have their own dark past. And I’m told Amanda (Melinda Clarke) will become more and more important as the season rolls on as well.


Image Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Parks and Recreation. Dish, lady! — Annabel
Those of you (um, everyone?) missing Rob Lowe’s character, Chris Traeger, won’t have to wait long for his return. He returns in episode 8, “Camping,” when Pawnee city manager Paul (Phil Reeves) is indefinitely unable to fulfill his duties for a while and appoints Chris to the position in the interim. He literally cannot contain his excitement, as you might guess.

Needs some April and Andy scoop stat! — Lori
I can confirm that this couple is covered in awesome sauce. And love is what makes the sauce so awesome. In all seriousness, after a huge moment between these two in the “Harvest Festival” episode, the sweet moments that follow in episode 8 will only make your love for the pair greater, particularly Andy’s tent of love.

Dear Spoiler Goddess!!! Love the Parenthood spoilers!!! Thank you!!! Just discovered the awesomeness of the Beavermans On-Demand. Any news on Jrosby (Crosby and Jasmine)? — Nerla M.
I’ll definitely have more for you on the Jrosby (hehe) front after I chat with Joy Bryant, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, may I offer consolation scoop? No time to answer, so I’ll pretend you said yes under the condition we agree never to use the word “goddess.” (It reeks too much of Sheen to be a term of flattery anymore, no?) Anyway, prepare to see the Bravermans as you’ve never seen them before. Well, they’re sort of the Bravermans. In an upcoming episode, we learn that Sarah’s play is a major nod to her own family’s dynamic (in other words, completely nuts). In fact, they’re more than similar — there’s a character that represents practically every core member of the family. Casting is underway for the interpreted version of the family! It’s almost meta, if you think about it. A fictional version of a fictional family…ouch, my head.

The Middle is such a great show. Anything on what’s coming up? — Juliana
In an upcoming episode, Axl competes with others for a lifeguard job while Sue faces a young girl’s most daunting task: wearing a two-piece bathing suit in public. Cue teen freak-out scenes because, honestly, no one on TV can melt down quite like Sue.

(Additional reporting by Darren Franich, Sara Vilkomerson, and Carrie Bell)

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  • Flip

    Boooo! Where are the Glee/Smallville/Supernatural/Pretty Little Liars spoilers?

    • beast-man

      All the shows you mentioned suck donkey bawlz.

      • Jason

        The Middle is hilarious!

      • Flip

        No they don’t, they are tons of fun and my favorite things to watch. I don’t watch crap like the garbage covered in today’s column.

      • AB

        right on, Flip!
        but you forgot Fringe!

      • @Flip

        I think Flip likes the donkey bawlz as beast-man so succinctly put it.

      • Steve

        This show is soooo boring. I don’t know how in the world you people can stand watching this kind of crap!! !!! ! ! !

    • Remy

      Since the Spoiler Room is twice a week now, I’d imagine stuff needs to spread out. Wait till Tuesday!

    • Josh

      Seriously! Doesn’t she know that Flip only likes 4 shows, and those should be covered? Also, Flip, I’d like to introduce you to the remote control. Use it to find good shows.

      • Flip

        Those shows are the best. Get the f**k with it, Joshua.

  • ripleyaeryn

    I’m yet thrilled about V! Hope Hobbes will stay alive!

    • tipsy

      I just want Cryler dead. Horrible death preferably.

      And yes, Hobbes gotta live.

      • frostysnowman

        Please, can Tyler also die?

  • TQB

    UGH, of course Cuddy’s relationship and now break up with House is ALL ABOUT HER. She took a risk? She played with the emotions of an unstable dude, even though she’s a parent. And then she decides it’s a bad idea. I was a huge Huddy fan but her reasons for dumping him were just dumb – like House says, PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE. Don’t date them expecting them to.

    • Kris

      But Cuddy believed House did change. He was off vicodin for a year and a half and things were looking up. When he took the vicodin again Cuddy realized that there really was no change. There is a reason it took them seven years to get together. In season 7 Cuddy finally believed House had changed enough to make it work, but it turns out he didn’t change as much as she thought he did.

      • Andrea

        I disagree. He told her in the first episode of this season that one day she’d realize that he hadn’t changed and she’d leave him, and she denied that. And then, that’s exactly what she did. She knew exactly who she was getting into bed with, so to speak, and then forgot, somewhere along the way, everything she’d known about him before. She tried to change him and push him and force him to fit into some idealized version of a boyfriend/partner, instead of dealing with the reality of who she was in a relationship with. Once that delusion came crashing to the ground, she couldn’t handle the reality that she’d been ignoring all year. Sad. I really liked her character in the early seasons.

  • GS

    They have got to renew Blue Bloods! I love that show!

    And I would love to see another season of V so they can wrap everything up and not leave us hanging. Can’t wait for Tuesday’s episode! It’s cheesy but I love cheese!

    • Timo

      I agree. I’m really loving V this season together with my other Tuesday addiction The Good Wife. And it would be a shame if the show doesn’t get to wrap up all the storylines with one more final season.

  • melly

    jrosby??? Please NEVER say that again.

  • Maisie

    Um, Sandra, are you sure Chris Fedak said that a “riff” is growing with the team? Or did the word “rift” just get bollixed up when the interview was transcribed?

  • Jake

    Melinda Clarke. Not Miranda.

  • Andy

    I can’t wait to see V season finale! I want Hobbes alive too! Love him with Erica!

  • tracy bluth

    Uh, nobody who watches The Walking Dead that I’ve met is into the love triangle AT ALL. In fact, everyone (including me) seems to hate it.

  • magreeda

    Um, did they say just we thought Cuddy was mature? Because she hasn’t been anything remotely like that since s1-s2.

    • Mike C.

      I choked on the “mature” Cuddy comment as well. Doesn’t anyone on House actually watch the finished product?

  • Cleoni

    I really like Lisa Edelstein. I love the House and Cuddy relatioship and i hope they´ll be back together but i think this break up can bring a lot of new possibilities for the show and season 8.

    • J

      Can someone explain the (its as much fun to watch as it sounds. J). What is the J for???

  • Crystal

    Sad to hear House is going back to their doom and gloom formula. It worked for a few years but now it is to the repetative point.

    • TQB

      I agree. I’d sooner see it bow gracefully and come to an end than retread the same ground. They’ve made their point: create the meanest, coldest, least sympathetic character ever, and make people fall in love with him. It’s called character arc! The audience accepts him and is willing to let him be happy. The showrunners need to admit the story is over, not just rehash the past.

      • Michele

        But there are so many stories left to tell. I still want to find out about House’s childhood, and Wilson’s brother and wtf is happening with 13. Just because House had a regression doesn’t mean the show has to end. It’s always been formulaic, but it’s also always been entertaining. I’m still excited to see more.

    • Jeff

      Agreed –
      I’m tired of the whole “no one can ever be truly happy” theme.

    • David

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  • Jack

    Thanks for the mention for The Middle — a great little workhorse of a show with some great writing and acting (those kids are a hoot), and it’s a nice charming lead-in for Modern Family. Why doesn’t this show get more recognition from viewers and the Emmys?

    • Cris

      Agreed. And as great as the kids on Modern Family are, the young lady who plays Sue Heck is the most underrated young actress out there today.

      • frostysnowman

        Sue Heck is one of my favorite characters in all of TV land these days!

  • Lori

    Will either of the Winchester boys on Supernatural be getting any love sometime soon? It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to them shirtless!

  • Cara

    I, too, formed a strong attachment to Blue Bloods since the first episode. The whole cast is awesome, from the kids to the great grandpa (len Cariou). The chemistry is great and natural between all members, be it: Donnie Wahlberg-Jennifer Esposito, Bridget Moynahan, Amy Carlson… they’re all very natural and believable ii personifying their characters. I’d, definitely, like to see more of Will Estes-Nicholas Turturro and as you mentioned Tom Selleck is amazing. Blued Bloods is a awesome and solid show that must be renewed. I’d like to have some spoilers on NCIS, The Chicago Code, Private Practice, Criminal Minds and specifically what are Paget Brewster projects. Thanks for the infos.

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