Kristin Chenoweth joins 'Good Christian' pilot at ABC


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Kristen Chenoweth has joined the cast of Good Christian Bitches, a drama pilot in development at ABC from the producing auspices of Darren Star. She’ll play Darlene in the sexy soap set in Dallas that also stars Leslie Bibb (Amanda), Jennifer Aspen (Sharon), Annie Potts (Gigi), Miriam Shor (Cricket), and Marisol Nicholas (Heather).

Here’s the official logline from ABC for the drama: “This primetime drama … asks the questions – is it possible to start over in a town that thinks they already know you? Amanda, once the ultimate mean girl in high school, returns home to Dallas after her marriage ends in scandal. Humbled, Amanda is nothing like the girl she once was, but as her old classmates reacquaint themselves with the new Amanda, will these “good Christian bitches” give her a second chance or is this their shot to seek revenge?”

Answer: Probably not, or there would be no series. ABC will decide in early May whether this pilot, among with many, many others, will make the cut for fall. See our ABC pilot wrap for all the details on the network’s development lineup.

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  • Dave

    Perfect. Now just add Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, and Ellen Greene to the cast, and tweak the premise just a tad to make it about a piemaker who can bring the dead back to life.

    • Miffy

      No – that idea already bombed.

      • A

        Your face bombed, Miffy.

      • RT

        I guess the midget with the high pitched voice will rack up another TV bomb

      • @RT

        Hate much? Kristin won an Emmy, and while the ignorant populace lap up Jersey Shore, original shows like Pushing Daisies keep network television interesting even if they are cancelled. Kristin is an amazing talent, which clearly, you are not.

    • W

      Wow, if only ABC would make a show like that…
      I still miss that frakin’ show everyday!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marshall1

      Second that!!!!!
      Bring back Pushing Daisies…

    • katie

      i have been boycotting abc ever since they got rid of that show!
      it was fantastic!!!!!

    • Delia

      lol YES. Every time I think about Pushing Daisies, I cry a little and then get firmer in my resolve to become a director so I can straighten up this mess that is Hollywood.

  • Andrew

    I hope this works out for her because she’s very talented. The last pilot she did was dropped from NBC.

  • Jay

    Does Hollywood really think America is dotted with a few dozen churches visited by a handful of old ladies? Last poll I saw showed that over 75% of Americans still identify themselves as Christians. I hope ABC and Disney get all the backlash they deserve. This is beyond offensive.

    • shut up

      how is a show you no nothing about already offending you?

      • Rob

        That’s what christians do…they get offended and tell you how to live YOUR life while do the opposite in THEIRS.

    • A

      Jay, untwist your panties and get the sand out of your vagina.

    • Kat

      What, wait? Who said Hollywood thought there were only a few churches with only old lady members? Where on earth are you getting that from? This show doesn’t sound remotely offensive.

    • Maurice

      No, we know that there are many young people with delusions too.
      Being brainwashed during childhood does that for you.

    • HoneyB

      I identify myself as Christian, and I am not offended at all. There are many hypocrites, myself included at times, who profess their Christianity and then behave contrary to Christ’s teachings.

    • Andrea D

      Absolutely right, Jay. This title is offensive to Christians AND women. Can you think of other titles that one could substitute either the religion or the euphemism that might be too offensive? I can! that’s why this is WRONG!!!

    • kevin

      Chenowith is devout

    • kevin

      and what is more offensive, as a Christion, are poeple who use God as their ammo to judge and ridicule others, which is my prediction for what this title is referring to

      • kevin


  • susan

    I know about the First Amendment but
    why does the Entertainment Industry in this country think racy (for lack of a better term)language equals edgy….how sad to be controlled by greed….It’s doomed to fail

    • Kat

      Susan, if you knew about the First Amendment, you’d know that it’s completely irrelevant to whether a TV show should be allowed to use arguably vulgar or profane language in its title. The First Amendment is about being able to criticize your government without being thrown in jail. It has nothing to do with people being able to say whatever they want in any situation. I won’t even get into the absurdity of the idea of “bad words” considering the people who use a certain language are the ones who decide what words are “bad”, so it makes no sense that certain collections of sounds are taboo…I think the use of “b*tches” in the title gets across the idea that this show will be humorous, soap opera-y, and might examine the common occurrence of people who claim to be good Christians yet who actually are mean, intolerant, judgmental, and unforgiving…which is a good thing for everyone to remember. Christian does not necessarily = good.

      • Dave

        “I think the use of “b*tches” in the title gets across the idea that this show will be humorous, soap opera-y, and might examine the common occurrence of people who claim to be good Christians yet who actually are mean, intolerant, judgmental, and unforgiving…which is a good thing for everyone to remember.”
        Well-said, Kat. I happen to be Christian (Catholic, to be precise) and I don’t find anything wrong with the title at all, mainly because I’ve come across quite a few Christian b*tches.

  • bruno

    someone please tell her to stop tanning.

  • Susan

    Sounds like a promising premise, but they might want to figure out a new title….

  • Holly French

    Thanks, I didn’t much care for Hope Floats the first time around.

    I hope Chenoweth will still be around on Glee from time to time!

  • Luke

    Sounds interesting. Beats a boring reality show anytime. I’ll give it a chance.

  • Christine

    As a Christian, I find the title of this show VERY offensive! I LOVE Kristen Chenoweth…I find her a brilliant actress and singer, but I am disappointed that she would go for a show with a title such as this one. Please don’t call me “uptight” or “closeminded”, I don’t want to hear it…as a Christian woman, I would NEVER want to be referred to as a “Christian b*&$h””! I wish the best for Kristen, but as for this show…not so much.

    • Kat

      Lord. There’s really nothing intrinsically offensive about the title. As a Christian, I find it embarrassing that so many of my fellow Christians believe that an arbitrary collection of sounds can somehow be immoral. If it’s not the word itself but rather the idea of “Christian b*tches” that offends you…well, there are honestly a lot of those out there. It’s worth remembering that just because someone considers herself Christian, it doesn’t mean she’s a good person. A lot of Christians are judgmental, intolerant jerks. (Most are not, of course, but it’s still important to acknowledge the existence of the jerks.)

      • Dave

        Again, well-said Kat. I’m glad there are other Christian individuals like me who are reasonable and logical.

      • TONY

        I agree with Christine, it is a very offensive title. Maybe if they changed it to “F- You, Christians!” that might be intrinsically offensive to you, Kat!

    • Delia

      I wish they would change the title. I mean, I understand it and Kat is right, but still. I generally avoid shows with the word b***h in the title.

  • Mandy

    Kristin Chenoweth and Leslie Bibb? Definately giving this a chance.

  • nicole

    I’m hoping CBS will add a show to their lineup called “Sweet Muslim Sluts.” I’m sure it would be totally accepted.

    • A

      I would totally watch that show.

      • brokenclay2

        That’s just typical of the hatred for Christianity. They’re not afraid to pick on people who love them. They should be sued for this. I wouldn’t call down muslims either. Many muslim families are very nice people to get to know.

      • Carla

        @brokeyclay2, hatred of Christianity is engendered by the hateful and hypocritical behavior of so-called ‘Christians’.

  • Delia

    Kristin, I love you. And because of this, I will give this show a chance. But I really wish Kristin would pick better roles. She’s played the typical southern bimbo several times in a bunch of different so-so movies (Four Christmases, You Again, RV, Deck the Halls), and I’d really like to see her in movies or shows that really show off her talent and range of acting. I mean, this pilot looks okay, but it’s not an Emmy winning show. I want to see Kristin in a good show where she plays a character with some depth. She has an Emmy for her amazing performance in Pushing Daisies, so she‘s already proven that when given a good part she can shine. I‘m not hating on any of the shows Kristin was in, but wouldn’t it be nice to see her on shows like NCIS or movies like Avatar, Sweeny Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Alice in Wonderland? I am seriously dying to see Kristin in a good movie that isn’t a lighthearted romantic comedy where her only role is to smile and act silly.
    I think the real problem here is that no one can find a vessel for Kristin’s huge, ginormous talent.

  • wierdalexj

    Sounds like the tv version of ‘Hope Floats’ (one of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies)!

    • Heather

      Exactly what I thought too

  • Tom

    Ugh Leslie Bibb

  • Elizabeth The Non Holy Roller

    When you have to include profanity in the title to sell your show, are you trying to put out a good product or just get on the air?

    Its not clever or creative – its desperate.

    • liz

      I agree – ‘S&$@ My Dad Says’ has some modest success, so here come the copycats! I just hope folks will have more sense than to watch this junk!

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