'Supernatural' finale scoop: What's going to happen to Sam? Hint: Jared Padalecki says they've saved 'the scariest for last'


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Ever since Sam got his soul back in episode 11 of this season’s Supernatural and the horrific memories of his one year without a soul were trapped behind a wall in his mind, we’ve been left to wonder if the wall would ever come tumbling down. Well, brace yourself.

At PaleyFest’s salute to Supernatural Sunday evening at Saban Theater in Los Angeles, executive producer Eric Kripke revealed that in the season finale, Sam’s wall is going to crumble.

“We’re going to deal head-on with the story of what happens when those memories come flooding loose. That’s in the finale, which I just wrote and turned into Sera [Gamble] yesterday,” he revealed.

When the wall was constructed by Death, the brothers were warned that the mental and physical consequences of its destruction could be dire — and we shivered in fear at the thought of Sam in that awful condition. According to star Jared Padalecki, we should be scared.

“We’re saving the best for last — and the scariest for last. It does come down, and as Death warned, it’s a catastrophe,” he told EW. “Sam has to battle something he’s never battled before, which is himself.”

“Sam is going to have to ultimately confront what he did soul-less and did in hell. There’s a lot of Sam soul searching,” he added.

In related finale scoop: Kripke said fans can look for everything to “come to a head,” including the war in heaven, the showdown with the Mother of All, and the mystery behind Purgatory. “It’s just sort of turning everything up into a high boil,” he said.

And in case you were wondering, showrunner Gamble confirmed that fans will be stumping hard for a seventh season after watching the finale — because it’s a monster of a cliffhanger.

Excited Supernatural fans?

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  • david

    The sixth season has been terrible and the thought of a seventh is not all that welcome.
    Sera Gamble has been a big failure as showrunner. The season has been all over the place and Castiel is officially listed as MIA.
    Should of finished at the end of season 5.

    • Roy

      I agree it has been a weaker season but to say it’s been terrible? Disagree. The problem is both major story arcs (Mother and Sam’s soul) are not “big” enough to have major show-mythology elements develop on a consistent, week-to-week basis. The last few seasons have had that stuff jam-packed into almost every episode and it is unrealistic to be able to keep up that pace I think. They really need to bring the Mother character on screen more if they want us to invest our interest in what she has going on. Also, as much as I like Cas, the show is about the brothers. I’d much rather Cas show up sporadically than as…oh, say a Dean Stockwell-esque character from Quantum Leap that serves as a informant/guide.

      • Brandon

        This is what happened with Charmed (and I know the two shows should never be compared), but instead of Leo being a once in a while character he became a go find out what we have to do informer it was one of the things that destroyed the creativity of the show. Supernatural was amazing its first and second season, even season three had strong points but after word it has gone down hill and has been overrun by angels and daemons.

      • cheese

        I couldn’t agree with you more on the Supernatural points Brandon. Seasons 1 and 2 were far and away the best the show had to offer. The move away from saving people and hunting things and the move towards tormented soul searching and a troubled relationship between the brothers with the borefest of the angel plot lines are like cancer for this show.

        It was bad enough Dean went to hell and was all tortured over it (and considering what he did to other souls down there and he liked it, he seems pretty damn normal now compared so the PTSD or whatever you’d expect him to have). I can’t believe they gave Sam another reason to be evil (first demon blood now he lost his soul) and to rehash the snorefest conversations they both had since season 3 and got seriously old before season 4 even started.

        I am had hope for the show reviving a bit once Lucifer died but the tearing down the walls thing sounds like the worst possible direction this show could possibly go at this point. End the misery please.

        Just because people will watch it doesn’t mean you should make it. Sometimes there’s value in bowing out gracefully before you’ve fully degenerated into a really expensive soap opera.

    • Carrie

      I totally disagree. This season has been different, but by no means terrible. Even at its worst, SN is always better than 90% of the other shows on TV. I think people are quick to jump on the bandwagon of SN not being up to par this season because they know Eric Kripke isn’t the showrunner anymore. It didn’t bother me that Dean started the season w/ Lisa and Ben or that Sam was soulless for a while. They have to change things up or the show truly will get boring. The brothers can’t be the best of friends, riding around in the Impala w/ no care in the world in every episode. They have to constantly face new challenges and the stakes need to be higher w/ each new season.

      • cindy

        I agree with you.The characters have to evolve with all that they have been through they have to change. They couldn’t remain the boys from the pilot.

      • Olivya

        I agree, but they could have fleshed out the season with more on the war in Heaven. Show some Castiel fighting, losing, hiding, whatever, more.

      • Clyde M

        For me it has nothing to do with who’s in charge. It had everything to do with plot arc–and that arc built to an inevitable confrontation that occurred at the end of Season 5.
        Brother pulled back in against his will winds up making the ultimate sacrifice. Brother always trapped inside gets shot at normal life. Satan and his rogue heavenly nemesis are imprisoned. God is found. Their mission, in the large sense, concludes. Their story concludes (and as Kripke himself has said, that was the very intention of Season 5, to conclude their story).
        Everything after that conclusion has just felt hackneyed and tacked on…primarily because it was.

      • PMD

        I agree – everyone is quick to hate because they know that there has been a change. But honestly it has not been that bad. Is it my fave season? No. However, it is still one of the best shows out there.

        The biggest complaint that I have is the fact that it has felt like the story has been tacked on. I know it has been – but they could have done a better job at hiding it. But the story line is picking up and the last few episodes have been really good – there has been a feel of the old SPN.

        I did feel like the S6 finale scoop is sounding a bit like a series finale. I hope to God it is not! Especially considering Dawn Ostroff is leaving and while she does not have the greatest record in keeping good TV shows on air she has been a huge supporter of SPN.

      • AKP

        I agree. I didn’t expect to like Season 6 at all, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t think anything will match my love for Seasons 3 & 4, but I’ve been satisfied with the new season and think Supernatural has a lot of life left in it.

      • angelcop74

        i agree. It’s still the best “supernatural” show on cable (current). It’s always funny, and creepy which is what a show like this needs to be: Horror with a Heart. And even though this season has not been great, i would absolutely die if the show ended now.
        I totally agree that it should’ve ended at the end of 5. Everything tied up, and my favorite Winchester finally getting a shot at a normal life. The problem now is the same as it was with other great shows (The X-files) where the “creature of the week” episodes are great, interesting, hilarious, scary, and the continuously running BIG picture storyline is not-that-interesting-and-i-kinda-dont-wanna-hear-about-it-boring.
        Hope they can fix it so when it does end, it’s on a high note.

      • Sherry

        I agree, still one of the BEST shows out there. I really really hope there is a season 7 and beyond.

      • Fred

        Am a late comer to this show; I watched all five seasons in about a month and am starting all over again! Love it. This season had I think the funniest episode in the French Mistake. I have watched that like 4 times and am still laughing like it was the first. I agree with one of the posters, this season is still better than 90% (I think 95%!) of other shows on television. Don’t hate on it….if you don’t like it, don’t watch. Enjoy it while we can!

      • Jenny

        I have loved season 6. It’s been brilliant. Not an episode I haven’t sat on the edge of my seat. I’ve laughed, cried, cringed and just LOVED it. Sam’s acting has been just the best. I for one can’t wait for season seven…bring it on. This season is one of my highlights. Love it, best show EVER.

      • alex

        I wouldnt go as far to say this season is at the shows worst. I will always bf a fan of supernatural, but I agree with whoever said its being over run by angels and demons, I want them to get back to more of the saving people etc. Also I think if they brought jess back, thats be pretty good

    • Clyde M

      Agree. The brothers’ entire plot arc climaxed and wrapped up nicely with Season 5. Season 6 was done for money and it shows. After watching all the other seasons religiously, I watched 3 episodes of this one, found it rambling and pointless, and gave up. This is like tacking a 6th Act onto Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet and I just tend to pretend it never happened.

      • Q

        “Supernatural Season 6: The Search For More Money.”

      • Debbie Olson

        Season 6 was sort of getting to know a new show on
        T.V. because it was a NEW start of the same show. I
        always give a new show several episodes to get itself
        sorted out and learn more about where the show is going. If you watched at least the Vampire episode
        you would know that Sam is not himself.Quit whining about the differences between seasons!!!

    • Jen E.

      I can’t agree with terrible. I haven’t been as in love with it as I have in the past…that is, until I saw The French Mistake. That was the best 60 minutes of television I’ve seen in a long, long time.

      • DW

        Agree about The French Mistake. But unfortunately it was just a reminder that the show used to be that great on a regular basis.

      • Steph

        I didn’t enjoy that episode peronally. It felt like a rehash of the Supernatural book series from season 4. Too meta for my taste.

        My favorite this season was with the vampires; it was scary and creepy and more old school SN. I also liked Weekend at Bobby’s.

      • Lena

        I have loved every season of this show… season 6 wasnt my best I still think season’s 4 & 5 were the best so far. But Supernatural is by far the show of it’s type on tv……… and what better eye candy has been on screen since Prison Break?…….The Winchesters!!!!!!! Including John!!!!

      • Lena

        I agree the French Mistake was awesome!!!!!!

    • Carlos

      Season 6 hasn’t been that great with Castiel in less scenes, but I look forward to a 7th season. I like Sam and I wish he didn’t have to suffer or have such bad luck in life. I look forward to seeing more Angels representing good and not hate.

      We have enough Demons to deal with on earth and in hell. Angels are supposed to be good and represent good. I would like to see Angels helping Sam and Dean fight Demons like on the old CBS ‘Touch By An Angel’.

    • Callie

      Disagree. I’d rather have season 6 of Supernatural than Season 1 of V, Season 1 of The Event, Season 1 of The Cape… In other words, six seasons in and now that Lost is gone, along with Fringe and maybe the BBC version of Being Human, it’s still the best Sci Fi/Fantasy/Episodic programming on television. I’m happy to have Season 6. Without it we’d miss gems like Weekend At Bobby’s, Live Free or Twi Hard, The French Mistake. Bring it on. I’ll be tuning in.

    • AB

      “Should HAVE” finished, not “should of” says the grammar police!

    • wino

      the season has been all over the place, plot wise. thus i feel the series needs a season 7 to end on a high note. it would be a disservice to the characters and the fans if season 6 was the final chapter. IMO

    • Ang

      First, sorry to be a ggrammar hag, but it’s, “should HAVE” not “should of”. Second, it been even close to “terrible”, and while I agree it started slow, the last part of the season has gelled story-wise. It seemed that the writers didn’t really know what to do with Castiel, but it looks like they finally have a story arc for him. And they’ve gotten their obligatory one-really-crappy episode-per-season out the way, so that’s good!

    • Hali

      David, are we watching the same show? We can’t be. As for Brandon’s Charmed comment, you can’t be serious. This show has DEFINITELY not de-volved into that show’s seasons 7 and 8 awfulness. This season still managed to make sense and didn’t pull two randoms out of thin air to end the show.

    • jeff

      could not disagree more. most fans are in this for the long haul, and we can deal with a few weaker episodes while the new crew gets it together. plus, the fairies episode was awesome and the meta ep hilarious!

  • cupcake

    I cannot wait! It’s going to be awesome. And as usual, Sandra Gonzalez has the best scoop.

  • Carly

    I love this season, and I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I could always use more Castiel and the civil war in heaven deserves more screen time than it’s gotten so far, but overall I am excited to see how the diverging plots eventually converge. Plus I’m not ready to say goodbye to the four amigos yet.

  • Jacob

    The only thing I would change this season is more Castiel, but for story purposes it makes sense why he is only appearing sporadically right now.

    Like Desmond in seasons 5 and 6 of LOST.

  • Heather

    Absolutely can’t wait to see it! Although I agree the season has been a tad uneven, I think it has come up with some terrific arches to takeover the empty space the apocalypse left behind. I thought soulless Sam was great (and Jared obviously had a field day playing him), I am excited to see where the Mother and War in Heaven stories both go, and I am looking forward to the wall coming down. I hope there is definitely a season 7 and maybe an 8. I am just so hooked on Supernatural, I can’t fathom living without new episodes yet.

  • Smarty

    Excellent show. Powerful seasons. Bring Sandra to Comic Con. Excellent scoops!

  • Grant


  • winchester13

    This has been the worse season so far. The only episode that I enjoyed was “Weekend at Bobby’s.” Season four was by far the best, and season five was too unevendue to the fact that no-one knew whether or not the show was going to end with season five or not.
    The show should have either ended with seasone five, or become a Samuel Colt spin-off, with the same actors. I have conned many of my friends into watching the show and buying the dvds. And now that the show is in reruns, I have been watching the still-amazing Fringe–and I encourage my fello viewers td the sa.

  • Akane

    Considering the ratings the CW has, no matter what people say Supernatural is a winner and this season has been great, so why even doubt there would be a 7th season, seriously those executives would be very stupid not to renew the show ASAP! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • cindy

    The last few episodes are going to tie it all together.

  • TJ

    I have really been enjoying this season a lot. I am looking forward to the final 6 episodes and am so excited. Hoping to hear of a 7th season soon

  • Erin

    This season hasn’t been my favorite but I do want to see a season 7. The plot lines have great potential been none of them has really been touched on enough to make them as epic as seasons 1-5. Hopefully season 7 will embelish some of those storylines and give them the life they deserve. I have never been much of a CW fan but LOVE this show and want to see it continued.

  • Adam

    Everyone expects the show to remain exactly as it was for the last 5 years and that is ridiculous! It’s evolving and changing just like everything should. You people who call yourselves fans are never satisfied! You complained about the show moving away from the monster of the week set up when they set up the AWESOME Apocalypse arc. You complained about Kripke’s amazing season 5 finale. And now that Sera Gamble and the talented writers are trying to bring it back to the monster of the week formant for all you whiny people-but doing it with a dynamic, interesting twist and setting up new mythologies and mysterious bad guys-YOU STILL COMPLAIN! I agree that a few episodes this season weren’t up to par with almost every other episode of Supernatural-but it was 1 or 2-and they still had stuff in them that I like. The funny thing is, those 1 or 2 mediocre episodes followed a more “monster of the week” style format to please all you HATERS out there. Watch the show, enjoy what is there, and SHUT UP! So over the negativity! Or don’t watch and let the real fans stay tuned in.

    • JPop

      I cannot wait to see what happens with the War and the souls and Purgatory and- oh yeah, Sam fighting himself again. Everyone likes to blame SG for this, but this has been Kripke’s thing since the first season- Sam fighting his father, his anger, his destiny, his brother, outer demons, inner demons. I like it, I always have. I like this season, and if they don’t renew the show, I will be bitterly disappointed. Esp. if they renew One Tree Hill (aren’t they collecting Social Security by now?)

  • Cat

    I think this season has been alright. Not the best but by no means terrible. Perhaps it suffers from comparison to the epicness of season 5.

  • Darun

    I am greatly enjoying season 6 and I hope for a season 7. One reason why I wonder if they are not renewing shows yet is if they are waiting to see who looks to be taking Dawn Osteroff’s (sp?) place as the head of the CW.
    Regardless of why, I disagree with the people who have said the show is completely different because you can still find many similarities to how the show was done in previous seasons and if you were expecting the characters to go through 5 seasons without changing then I encourage you to just rewatch the same season over and over again because what you ask for is unrealistic and boring. I think Sera has been doing a fine job and has surprised me with some plot twists she has made. Just because Kripke isn’t calling every shot doesn’t mean that there’s still a loving family of people making the show as awesome as it was and is. Jared, Jensen, Jim, the writers, directors, crew and more all help the show progress and it is their piece of art they create together. If you think they should do things differently then by all means make your own show, but I think I’ll spend my time watching these fantastic people at their craft.

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