'American Idol' contestant Casey Abrams on his health: 'I'm feeling really good'

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Four days after missing Thursday’s results show episode of American Idol, contestant Casey Abrams told the public on Monday: “I’m feeling really good.” Abrams, who suffers from ulcerative colitis and had to forgo the show to get blood transfusions, made the declaration while sitting on an American Idol panel at the 28th Annual PaleyFest at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. The healthy looking 20-year-old Illinois native attended the session, which was moderated by EW’s own Dave Karger, alongside eight of his fellow Idol contestants (the show’s minors Lauren Alania, Scotty McCreery, and Thia Megia were busy with schoolwork); judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler; executive producer Ken Warwick; and Fox’s head of alternative programming Mike Darnell. 

The always-jovial Abrams even offered to dance to prove how well he’s doing. “I thought I was actually going to make it,” he continued about last Thursday’s show, “but I had to stay behind. It was fun and everyone waved at me, and I felt really supported by everyone, and I loved watching.”

How did he feel about the show and the group performance? “I hated seeing Ashthon go,” Abrams admitted, “but it was awesome seeing the group performance.” In fact, Abrams insisted on giving a shout out to the  contestants who picked up his slack: “Thank you, Stefano [Langone] and Haley [Reinhart], for taking my part.”

Check back later for more details from the American Idol panel at the 28th Annual PaleyFest.

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  • Ambee

    I’m really glad he’s doing well.

    • He’s fat and ugly

      He can’t handle the heat…he should get out of the kitchen.

      • May

        Dear idiot – if you had a working brain cell, you might be able to use a thing called Google to look up Ulcerative Colitis. Then you would find out it has nothing to do with not being able to handle the heat.

        Alas, unfortunately you are a moron so no such hope that you might be able to educate yourself. Too bad for the rest of us.

      • Hilda

        Sensitive and emotional people do get problems with their digestive system.
        Please give Casey credit for going after his dream. Colitis is no joke, be glad you don’t have it.

  • Brian C.

    This guy HAS to win, right?

    • !


    • jav

      YES he must win and he WILL!

      • CA Watcher

        No way Jose..ahh…uumm jav.

    • Mac

      I hope not. He just not very interesting, although he has a good voice. Clean up, already!

      • sara

        go listen to some more Bieber then. idiot.

      • Nay

        Not interesting?? Seriously? He, Hailey and Paul are the only interesting voices there. Everyone else is so unbelievably milquetoast. Yuck.

    • BruceMpls

      My concern for him is I can’t figure out who his fan base is going to be. Like last year where as Crystal was musically more talented, Lee picked up a lot of the young voters as contestants lost. So far Casey is in the same boat as Crystal: he seems like he will appeal to the older audience more so than the teenagers, who vote the most. No doubt, he’s the most talented but to win in the end, where are the votes going to come from?

      • Rachel

        It doesn’t really matter who wins that much. Crystal has sold more cds than Lee. I believe Adam sold more than Kris. JHud has an oscar among other things. Chris D has had the best career so far from his season and he came in 4th. The important thing is to stay in the competition long enough to get noticed. Once idol is over–it is a matter of hard work, luck and talent.

      • BruceMpls

        Rachel, I totally agree. I was simply responding to Brian C’s original comment about Casey winning it all. Personally, of the men I like Casey best. But of the remaining women, I prefer to see any of them win over Casey.

    • Kathi Monique Boggs

      He rocks from his heart!!! He deserves to win American Idol!!! He is in my non-stop prayers!!!:)

    • Sherri

      Um, no. Hoping not, anyway. He’s not really good, just good.

    • Hilla

      Top three “YES”. There is too much talent to predict the winner so early.

  • Ana

    I am so happy he is back! Can’t wait to see him on Weds Take care Casey we need you to win this and I hope they let you play the bass soon!

  • I-Ninjabringsit

    He’s a white guy so he has a 25% shot at winning at least.

    • Peggy

      Well, since the last 3 winners have been white men, the odds are in his favor … or any other of the white guys in the competition.

      • Vince from NYC

        The last three winners have been handsome white guys.. He’s nto so handsome..It’s not the shows fault, but the little girls who vote 1000 times each for who they would rather marry..

      • DTC

        Vince, it’s absolutely the show’s fault. The little girls shouldn’t be allowed to vote 1000 times each. The producers should limit the number of votes just like they do on DWTS.

  • Jason Bentley

    spell check! “supporeted”

  • KB

    I love this dude! Hope he stays well, as he is so much fun to watch and listen to.

  • The inrevitable results

    American Idol, like Keeping up with the Kardashians, another Ryan Seacrest production, is nothing more than a scripted reality show. It is so insulting to the intelligence – interesting how when JLo tried to be real and “broke down” because in spite of all her years in the biz and how tough as nails she is, she breaks down because judging is “so hard,” while they get a perfect shot of her legs. Scott McCreery will be in the to 5 because he reminds people of Clay Aiken; Stefano Langone and Jacob Lusk will make it to the top 5 because, well, ratings in certain populations, Jacob Lusk is just too desperate, JLo, stop telling him how great he is, be honest, do these people a favor and be honest; this is all about ratings, folks, it has little to do with talent; Casey Abrams will make it to the top 5 because, I have no idea, he is marginally talented; the winner should be James Durbin, but the winner will be Pia Toscano. Until then, they will keep all demographics happy.

    • marge

      I don’t see how you can compare Scott to Clay Aiken. Not being disparaging; they’re both very talented, but I see no comparison.

      • CA Watcher

        ITA Scott is more Hank Wms voice-type, to my ears.

    • BruceMpls

      I agree with marge. I don’t see a comparison at all. Scotty comes off very polished (especially for his age) and decent looking in an Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine) kind of way. Clay’s stage presence was awkward and oh, how he needed that makeover. Scotty so far appears to be one dimensional in his singing voice and style where as Clay had an enormous range in both his voice and the types of music he sang. It will be interesting to hear Scotty during the upcoming Mariah Carey week.

      • BruceMpls

        I may be wrong about Mariah being on the show. Someone mentioned it but I can’t find any proof.

    • karen

      Although Seacrest has produced 31 tv reality shows, AI is NOT one of them. For this show he is paid to be host only.

  • Mary


  • glamous

    So glad the very talented Casey is feeling better. I have UC and it’s a very tricky disease to get under control. I’m sending positive energy his way so he can stay healthy and blow us away on Idol.

  • JJ

    This guy is Taylor Hick Part Two! Awful one trick pony who growls and yells but doesn’t actually sound great. Having TEN back-ups singers isn’t remotely fair as he was COMPLETELY DROWNED OUT IN A CHORUS last week.

    Wait for around week 5 when he shaves/gets a haircut to keep himself going in the competition.

  • Matt

    Soul Patrol.

  • to JJ and Matt

    Although being drowned out in a chorus didn’t hurt Lee DeWyze.
    The American Idol machine knows from week one who will win, they just say and do all the right things so we will follow their lead and elect their preordained winner. Also, I do not believe it is “America” who selects the next Idol. It is Seacrest.

    • karen

      “The American Idol machine knows from week one who will win…”
      Really? I don’t think they thought Ruben would win over Clay in the first week. I think they very much thought Daughtry would be the winner of AI5 and in no way saw in the first week that Taylor would be as popular as he turned out to be. I don’t think they thought Jordin would win in the first week. I don’t think they saw that Kris would win by the first week….it is only because he came on so strong toward the end week after week that he pulled up from being a dark horse. Obviously they can pick out a few from week one, but after that I think they have to wait and see the viewer reaction before picking who they want to back as the winner.

      • G-Mom

        I agree. I don’t think they knew who would win. I know that if the judges had had their way (and believe me, they TRIED) Adam Lambert would have won. Personally, I voted many, many times for Kris because I thought he was the best, most versatile singer. And absolutely adorable!

    • karen

      and there is no way Seacrest picks the winner. He is NOT a producer on this show…he is only paid to be host.

  • yawn

    So glad he’s well!

  • Gina

    Love this guy,so different. Keep well Casey, love seeing you every week.

  • Titina

    I am so happy!
    Casey is the best. I hope he keeps surprising people and gaining new fans.

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