'Criminal Minds,' 'Castle,' 'Cougar Town,' 'Supernatural,' 'Glee': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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Spoiler Room is coming to you liiiiiive from L.A. this week, where I’m trolling around PaleyFest looking for word on your favorite shows. Tonight, I’m headed to the Community panel and Wednesday night is Glee. Spoilery questions/musings about these two shows — and all your favorite shows, for that matter — can be emailed to spoilerroom@ew.com or send them to me on Twitter @EWSandraG.

See y’all Friday!


“Lauren” is easily one of the most important episodes of Criminal Minds ever. And that’s not even necessarily in regards to the headline-making events, like Paget Brewster’s exit and the return of A.J. Cook. But as a team, the BAU is about to face what episode director and star Matthew Gray Gubler calls an action-packed, “epic” episode, complete with grenades, machine guns, and some heart-wrenching performances from the cast as Emily is captured by her nemesis Ian Doyle.


Image Credit: Matt Kennedy/CBS

“I think our greatest episodes are the ones where all of the main characters on it get their moment to shine and do their unique thing,” Gubler tells EW. “The writer on this one did a great job of giving us all really great moments [that were] true to the character and true to the situation at hand. Joe, in particular, has some great stuff. I love it when Joe gets to be the old-timey tough guy.”

For Gubler, the highlight was communicating the team member’s unique reactions as they dealt with Emily being in a life-or-death predicament. “These characters exhibit a different form because of the sacrifice she’s making. Not to ruin it, but to save us, she’s going on a suicide mission. With Reid, I sort of wanted to represent the younger brother — almost the child she’s losing. That was my take on it as an actor. Morgan takes it as her boyfriend in a sense; he’s offended that she had this – I don’t want to give away too much – but this relationship with a killer. Joe takes it like he’s losing a daughter, and Hotch like a sister. A lot is on the line in this one.”

Fans know that the result will be Emily’s exit from the team (though most say the door is left open for her return). But what will this mean for big baddie Doyle?

“You never know,” Gubler teases. “There’s definitely some doors left open, and if we ever wanted to find a guy and smash a guy’s face in, it would be this one. If there’s ever a need for a BAU to take something personal, Doyle might have a number on his back.”

Additional note: There’s much more non-spoilery stuff from my interview with Gubler coming on Wednesday. So keep an eye on EW’s Inside TV blog!


The last time we saw Castle and Beckett they were disarming a bomb to save New York City from massive destruction. When we meet up with them again in the March 21 episode, “One Life to Lose,” life is considerably less intense and — dare I say – funny. Not that murder is funny, but their quest to solve a show writer’s murder on the set of fictional soap Temptation Lane certainly is — especially when we find out Beckett is a fan. And not just a casual one. She’s an educated member of the fandom (‘shippers and all!). And while the slew of soap and non-soap guest stars does wonders for the episode — David Eigenberg (Sex and the City), Rebecca Budig (All My Children), Corbin Bernsen (The Young and the Restless), Cameron Mathison (All My Children), and Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) all appear — the highlight remains the banter between Castle and Beckett. Trust me when I say, you’ll want to see the little moment that leaves Castle saying, “Katherine Beckett, I never…”


Waiting for Cougar Town to return? Join the (very impatient) club. But I come with news of the awesome to help ease your sadness. As you may know, when the show returns, Laurie and Bobby will embark on a penny can-selling venture that (surprise!) takes off “despite them,” Busy Philipps told me at PaleyFest’s Freaks & Geeks reunion. But there is an additional twist to the story: You will be able to buy the penny cans using a number that will be said on the show, AND you might recognize the people who answer the phone.

“There’s going to be a real tie-in where our fans are going to be able to buy penny cans, and [creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel] — even though I’m not suppose to say this — are going to give 300 away. There’s going to be a contest. And also, just so your fans know, the number that I say to call to order the penny can is going to be a real working phone number. And someone from the cast will have it at all times and answer it,” she said…blowing my mind. “Yes,it’s going to be f—ing awesome. Bill asked me if I would be okay with having it for an hour, and I was like, ‘An hour?! I’m going to have it all week!’ I cannot wait.” Neither can we.


Need some Glee scoop, please! — Deena
Are you ready for Regionals?! You better be, because Jane Lynch told EW’s Carrie Bell at the premiere of Paul that Sue is armed and ready to go. “There is a tea party candidate judge played by Kathy Griffin and a judge that is an ex-stripper-turned-nun and then the local broadcaster. I appeal to their religious side by having my group perform “Jesus Is My friend” manically,” Lynch tells us. “Sue has a way of getting inside information and then using it to great advantage  and also floating misinformation — like the stuff about sex appeal. The other groups are busy working on sexy songs and I don’t think our religious judges will have any of that.”

Image Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW

So, we all know you went to the Supernatural panel at PaleyFest. So DISH! — Amanda
How ever did you know? It was probably the sound of the heaven’s opening up that alerted you. Anyway, to add to the season finale scoop I posted this weekend, Jim Beaver also told me that as we cruise through the rest of the season we can expect to see a lot more of a group dynamic, meaning more Bobby and Cas!! “The last few episodes of the season are very much a team effort. My sense of it is it’s not a lot of us going off on our separate ways. It’s a lot of us working together on the big questions facing us and we answer a few of them – but not all of them,” he said. As for what questions will be answered, he couldn’t say much, but offered up this extreme tease: “Certain relationships among the group have some rather climactic shifts. Don’t expect the four of us to all be relating the same way at the end of the season as we were at the beginning.” The sound you hear now, is my heart thumping in fear.

So happy for you that you finally met the Supernatural boys. I’m hoping you brought some scoop back for us! — Jen
Was my desperation that obvious? And yes, I bring you back word on the big reappearance of Momma Winchester (Samantha Smith) in one of the future episodes. Jensen Ackles hinted that her return may not be a welcomed one. “She comes back under some different circumstances. And whenever she shows her face – especially for Dean – it’s very difficult and very emotional,” he told me. “Especially when she comes back different and is trying to trick them or a demon is using her to lure them into something. We just shot a scene with Sam, who’s fantastic, and we love it when she comes back for any reason. Evil or not.”

Please bring us scoop on Supernatural! – Megan
Do I detect a theme here? All right, so despite a montage hinting that we’d reached a conclusion to the Lisa and Ben story, Ackles told me there will be a more definitive end to the story of Dean’s domestication and time with the mother-son pair. “That, I believe, is going to be a weak point or an achilles heel at some point,” he said. “There’s definitely a conclusion that comes, and it’s a very emotional conclusion.” And as we all know, their crying makes for the best episodes.

Parks and Rec scoop is always appreciated. Specifically Jerry, who is my favorite character and not just because of his awesome name. — Jerry
Jerry, you are officially the first winner of the Week’s Wittiest Question, awarded to readers who manage to make me chuckle at 3 a.m. And if you’re like TV Jerry, it’s the only thing you’ll ever win. So enjoy it. Meanwhile, your namesake won’t have any particularly major storyline in the next few weeks, but he definitely gets some of the biggest laughs, like when he refers to rappers as “rap-ists.”

I just found out that Drop Dead Diva comes back in June, but there’s no promos. Anything? PLEASE! — Michelle
By “anything” I’m sure you’re referring to Grayson’s brush with death, correct? Well, I wouldn’t worry. It is, indeed, a brush with death, but it will make for great Jane/Grayson moments (and musical daydreams) when the show returns in June. (I will let you know at first notice when there’s a specific date.) By episode 3, Grayson’s just fine and preparing for his wedding to Vanessa, which of course includes the intimidating task of asking her judge father for her hand and having a bachelor party! Jane especially enjoys (aka is completely mortified by) the latter — because she gets a lap dance.

What’s Morgan going to be up to on Chuck? — Laurie
Well, if you watched last night’s episode (and you really should have), you saw that Morgan stepped up to protect John Casey’s secret second assignment with the GRETAs (who are no more)! According to co-creator Chris Fedak, that somewhat speaks to the relationship the writers are building between the two. “We have some really funny stuff coming up in regard to the odd couple that is Morgan Grimes and Col. John Casey. It’s a peculiar decision to decide to room with your girlfriend’s dad. But they’re also very good friends and Morgan needed a place to crash,” he dishes. “Going forward, we really like the idea of Morgan as Chuck season 1, the guy who’s experiencing the spy world anew, fresh. We have some really interesting ideas about where we’re going with him in this season and how it all folds back to John Casey and his girlfriend Alex.” And if things get out of hand, it’s good to know that Sarah always has her tranq gun.

So Chuck brought the Old Spice guy [Isaiah Mustafa] and Stacy Keibler back to the show last night, any chance we’re going to get to see Summer Glau come back? – Rick
It could be a while. Not that Fedak doesn’t want to see her return, but it’s a creative pickle. “I would love to bring Summer Glau back,” Fedak says. “She, of course, left on bad terms at the end of her episode. She had kind of run afoul of Col. John Casey, but, listen, if we have the opportunity, I would love to bring summer Glau back. She’s just wonderful.”

I’m dying for some White Collar scoop, can you help me, please? Most burning question: Regarding [Hilarie] Burton is now regular. How much attention and screentime will the romance storyline get?
An inside source tells me there’s only a handful of episodes for next season penned, so I can’t say for sure in the big picture. But if there is any significant romance time, expect it to be kept to a minimum because there’s definitely a ton going on next season (specifically, a metric ton of treasure to be dealt with). Moreover, any romance/flirty time will definitely be split between Sara and Alex. But if it’s the boys getting screentime you’re worried about, don’t be. I can tell you that the first episode back will have more Neal than you can handle.

I feel like Walking Dead has completely dropped the storyline with the father-son duo who saved Rick in episode 1. Will Morgan and Duane reappear in season 2? — Sarah
I actually answered this in last week’s column, but speaking of being saved, Andrew Lincoln tells EW’s Carrie Bell that when we return for season 2, the characters will be struggling psychologically with being survivors. “I think the second season is going to be even more emotionally charged and dig even deeper into these survivors handling surviving. Why them? Where do they go? What do they do now?” Lincoln told us at PaleyFest. “The CDC was their big hope and that’s gone so the future is bleak but humans also have a strong survival instinct.”

Please don’t say that a major character from Bones is being whacked. — Shayna
Okay, I won’t say it — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. At this point, my hunch is based on the tiniest rumble, and I’ll let you know if it gets to code-red panic level. Meanwhile, I honestly can’t think of a single member of this team I’d want to see gone. Can you?


Image Credit: Adam Taylor/Fox

Sweets scoop! The Freaks & Geeks reunion (I was there, too, by the way!) at PaleyFest made me fall in love with JFD even more! – Sarah
If you’re a John Francis Daley fan, you’re in luck. Daley told me before he hit the stage at the reunion that the upcoming Mythbusters-themed episode, which he penned along with his writing partner, Jonathan Goldstein, will be a Sweets-heavy hour — much to his chagrin. “I didn’t want to write myself into it too much because I didn’t want to be that guy. But it happened to be when they were filming the spinoff episode, so they needed Emily [Deschanel] and David [Boreanaz] to go to Florida for half of the time when we did the episode we wrote, so we had to put in a lot more Sweets,” he says. “I ended up being that guy who wrote himself into every scene.” No complaints here.

It’s been driving me crazy, and I just had to ask: What ever happened to Zack on Bones? Was he just written out of the storyline for creative purposes or did Eric Millegan leave the show? Is there any chance of him making a guest appearance or coming back for good? I like the interns but nothing can beat Zackaroni. — Rebecca
First off, Zackaroni is an amazing nickname I wish the show had used more frequently when he was around. Second, they likely won’t get a chance to use it any time soon. I too am completely not over Zack, so I posed this exact question to executive producer Stephen Nathan. “I know that there’s a group of people who want him back, and Eric was a very important part of the show for the time he was on the show. Whether he comes back is partly a schedule of scheduling and partly a function of how the show is working now,” Nathan tells me. “He is locked up in the fiction of the show and that makes it difficult for him to return — as well as Eric [Millegan]’s schedule. We have some new viewers, many of whom don’t really know Zack. So while we’ve always loved him on the show, it’s not a priority at this point, as much as we love Eric.”

A little more V finale scoop, please! We’re dying over here. – Vfan
For one, the episode reportedly features the best look at the Visitors’ true lizard-alien form that we’ve seen to date. As for the rest, let me quote an inside source: “Now THAT’S how you kill an annoying character!” Now who could said person be referring to…?

Anything on 90210? I feel like that show doesn’t get much love here. — Robin
I have a bit of casting news: Sam Levine told me at PaleyFest that he has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part coming up as the moderator of an academic bowl. It’s nice to see that even with all their scheming, some of the kids still have some time to actually do school-related activities and not just pretend to attend. Listening, Gossip Girl?

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Darren Franich.)

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  • MGL

    Love White Collar. The winter finale’ was fantastic. But must admit that I am glad to see “Alex’s” name. Really missed her this winter season and want to see romance with her, a lot more than Sara. Can’t wait for summer!

    • Tenney

      I agree MGL, I think Alex and Neal are so much hotter than Sara and Neal. Maybe because Alex challenges Neal but we have been seeing a different Neal lately. It seems he may want a little of what Peter and Elle have and he can’t really have that with Alex.

      • TJ. Church

        Nobody wants more of Neal or Peter; What we need is more Mozzie! The bullet didn’t kill him, but he seems to have disappeared.

    • Flip

      I hope SPN makes the right choice and kills off Lisa and Ben!

      • Dana

        I second this. I really don’t understand what is left to tell about the most boring guest cast Supernatural ever had to endure, Lisa&Ben. They should have died early in Season 6 already!

      • amanda

        couldnt agree more

      • Jenn

        Yes. If we have to see them again, I hope the next time is the definite last. Achilles heel? More like the ball-and-chain dragging on the show.

    • Billie

      Ditto! I this this is the first time I’ve seen Alex’s name mentioned with her being prominent for next season. Her chem w/Neal is soooooo much more interesting than Sarah’s, and she makes sense in the story, too. This gives me hope (tiny hope) that maybe Alex has a shot and it’s not all going to be one-sided for Sarah.

    • marcy

      White Collar is the best show on TV and as a handicapped viewer, I have seen a lot of tv The writing is fresh and th acting from the two male leads has great comic and dramatic tension. BUT IT NEEDS A BETTER TIME SLOT! Come on, USA, give it to them!

  • LisaP

    penny can!!! take mr. sunshine away and bring back ct. i can’t wait until april.

    • Asha

      Word. Every Tuesday I think to myself “At least tomorrow is COUGAR TOWN day!” and yes my brain does shout the words Cougar Town. Then I realize there is no Cougar Town for many many more weeks. Did they get a full season or is it abbreviated due to the Mr. Sunshine interuption?

      • Heather

        The season is 22 episodes

    • Larry

      I thought they were going to cancel this show? That’s what they said last week.

  • SlyMac

    Wow, love that picture of Gubler… very GQ!
    I hate that Prentiss is leaving the show, and although JJ coming back is a consolation, I really liked this team the best. Their chemistry makes the show great. To see one of the strongest characters leave the show is sad to see!

    • Billie

      I didn’t recognize him at first! I knew he was good looking but never realized he was so, like you say, GQ!

  • Ele

    Thanks for the Criminal Minds scoop!!!!! I love that show and can’t wait for Lauren to air!!!!!! Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore aré just hot!!!!

  • brandinb

    Sandra you’ve made me so happy I could literally cry tears of joy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for finally interviewing Matthew Gray Gubler for an EW story. I’ve been singing his praises and begging for some MGG coverage on these message boards for quite some time. Thanks for finally giving him some of the recognition he deserves. Thanks for the scoop and I can’t wait for the rest of the interview! Also, I agree – LOVE that picture of Gube.

    • Cari

      I agree! There’s hardly ever Criminal Minds scoop/spoilers/interviews. I wish it was happier news, since I really don’t want Prentiss to leave, but thank you for getting it!

    • Ann

      I agree with all of the positive comments about MGG and CM! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for interviewing Matthew Gray Gubler and for the spoilers! I look forward to the next MGG installment on Wednesday as well! LOVE CM and won’t miss Lauren!

  • Lori

    Finally some clarification on the non-priority status of Zack’s character returning to “Bones.” Too bad. I don’t watch “Bones” anymore, but would have started watching again if they found a way to bring him back.
    Can’t wait for the “Criminal Minds” episode, though, and I think Marc Singer showing up on “V” is long overdue.

    • Sophie Ann

      Sure, Zack is missed on Bones, but since you haven’t watched since he was on, your opinions doesn’t count and – you are missing a still great TV show. The writers never had ANY intention of bringing Zack back and have been saying so for years now. And let’s face it – the Bones crew works for a federal government agency along with the FBI. Zack MURDERED someone. No way can that man EVER get a job again or come back to the Squint Squad.

      • Tracy

        Zack didn’t kill anyone. He was complicit, however. Only Sweets knows.

      • Mary

        Sophie Ann:

        And, Tracy is right — Zack never murdered anyone, and so, at best, he would be guilty of conspiracy.

        Also, remember, that Jack Hodgins stole evidence in the Gravedigger case, and tampered with evidence in a previous case. That behavior is also criminal and would preclude him from working for the Federal Govt. in any capacity. But, he is still there, right?

    • Asha

      1.) I have continued watching so by your criteria my opinion counts.
      2.) I miss Zack. I miss him very much. I liked him much more than the rotating interns. I was invested in him
      3.) He didn’t kill anyone
      4.) I think they should never have written him out. He was like everyone’s kid brother. He really connected everyone else in a way that the others don’t.

  • Q

    “Meanwhile, I honestly can’t think of a single member of this team I’d want to see gone. Can you?”

    *picture of Sweets*

    For a second there, I thought you were sending us a not-too-subtle hint.

  • Phillip

    Stopped watching Bones…. very
    boring. I beleive the writers
    have are no longer writing stories
    of any interest.
    Bones has become a Soap Opera
    with all the love affairs.
    Put the show on day time TV for
    the stay at home mom’s to watch.
    I would rather watch reruns of
    Law and Order and All in the

    • melanie

      I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t want to watch your crappy TV show thanks.

  • MCS

    Sandra, your scoops have been awful lately. Like Jerry awful. I have always been a big supporter of you, but really, step it up.

    • soup

      It’s 10am. And you were on the EW website looking at spoilers. Get a real job.

  • Silent E

    Well, if HH and everyone just love Eric Milligan, WTH did they write him off the show?? He didn’t want to leave, he was actually surprised by the Apprentice storyline, if I remember interviews from that time correctly. Zack’s locked up, but not justly, because he didn’t really kill the guy, he confessed because in his logical mind he as good as did it because he helped Gormogon. Sweets knows this. Given the crap they’ve been writing, surely they could come up with a way to bring Zack back into the story, if not back into the lab. Kills me that they are worried about it making sense, given what they’ve done to character continuity with Bones.

    • Holly

      Well, technically, he’s not unjustly locked up because in the eyes of the law, helping someone commit murder is essentially the same as doing it yourself. Personally, I can’t really say I was sad to see Zack go. He and Brennan were both so painfully socially awkward that it was hard to watch them most of the time. One really smart, super socially awkward person is more than enough, and Bones already fills that role.

      • Cari

        What was great about Zack though was how his social awkwardness and Brennan’s social awkwardness meshed so perfectly that, together, they weren’t awkward anymore.

    • Flyer

      Didn’t Zack’s departure have to do with the actor’s real-life struggle against depression, or something like that?

      • Mary

        Hi Flyer:

        While Eric did have some personal issues, that was not the reason why he left. In addition, those personal issues have since been resolved.

        We don’t know entirely why Zack was cut and have heard several “explanations”. The one explanation that does make sense is that 1 particular producer wanted him off the show (and, we
        can’t say who that producer may
        be). It’s the only explanation
        that truly makes sense.

        In the end, we can only hope
        that someone like FOX will step
        in and bring the character back.
        Zack Addy helped define the show,
        and it’s not the same without


      • Flyer

        Thanks for the clarification, Mary! I really like the interns, but Zack was a compelling character as well, so it would be nice to see him pop up again on the show some day.

      • Suncatcher

        @Mary – interesting… We all know the producers are David Boreneaz and Emily Deschanel. Care to venture a guess as to which one wanted Eric out – and why?

      • Mary

        @Suncatcher — Oh, my God, that’s a joke, right? The executive producers are Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, and Barry Josephson. While David and Emily do sometimes produce and direct, they are not the main producers, and they are certainly not the ones I had in mind.


  • Fridge

    Sandra, best Spoiler Room ever–two of my favorite shows getting sccops, Supernatural and Bones. Kind of worried for Bones now though…who would they kill???

    • Chloe

      I hope no one is killed off on Bones!! I love the whole cast.

  • Brett

    I’m going to buy a penny can!
    Is it April yet? I want my C-Town!

    • ElisaN

      Oh my gosh, me too! I read it and I started screaming! I’m sooooooooooo excited, I feel like I’m a little girl.
      Penny Caaaaaaan!

  • Sue

    Thanks for all the Supernatural coverage the past 2 days !

  • alice

    so Tyler is among the soon-to-be-dead? Now V- why didn’t you think of this sooner?

    • CylonRyder69

      I really hope it’s Tyler. Most annoying character in the show!

  • Jeff

    PENNY CAN!!!
    A few months back I was looking on the ABC website to see if they’d sell Penny Cans as tie-in merchandise for the show, but no luck (at least until now). I know a few people who’ll place an order.

    • Sully

      If you send me $19.95 (plus shipping and handling), I will send you one certified empty coffee can and one brand new United States one cent piece. And if you call within the next thirty minutes, I will DOUBLE your order (you just pay for processing). Call 1-800-PENNY-CAN right away!

    • Brit

      I think they should donate proceeds of this to help Japan!

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