'V' producer on second-season finale: 'The best of the show is ahead'


Image Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

If all goes according to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum’s plan, tonight’s V season finale will be a hugely dramatically satisfying hour — and will still leave viewers wanting more.

That choice, to end V with a cliffhanger despite being very much on the bubble for a renewal, was made back in October. In the middle of production, ABC told Rosenbaum that the show’s order was being reduced to 10 episodes, leaving the writer-producer with little time to figure out how to finish up Season 2.

“We had been given an initial episode order of 13, so I had planned a 22-episode season,” Rosenbaum tells EW, referring to the usual “back 9″ pickup that most shows receive if they’re delivering strong ratings. “When they reduced the order, I had to make a decision. I didn’t feel like it was possible to wrap the show in that amount of time, so I said, ‘You know, I’m going to hope there’s another season, because I’ve pushed the story too far [and] it won’t make sense [to conclude it this soon]. I don’t feel like the audience will feel like we’ve earned those moments.’ So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and leave it organically where I think the show should end after 10 episodes. I went with hope, and tried to make it feel like a satisfying conclusion.”

The result, Mother’s Day, features several character deaths and a guest appearance by Marc Singer, who starred in the 1980s original V mini-series.

And so far it seems like the cast is betting on hope too — they haven’t lined up other jobs in fall pilots, having been told by the network they’re still on hold, unlike the stars of No Ordinary Family. “It’s risky to cancel a show that’s actually garnering some buzz for the network and instead role the dice on something untested,” Rosenbaum says.

Though some fans have been impatient for all-out war to break out between the Resistance and the Visitors, Rosenbaum says he’s always wanted at least one full season to properly set up the conflict — something the show never received (the first season was only 12 episodes). If he does get a third round, Rosenbaum promises to deliver fireworks. “What’s so interesting,” Rosenbaum says, “is I feel like the best of the show is ahead of itself.”


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  • Goredsox

    Duh! Of course the best is ahead. the show has gone from bad to worse. It shouldn’t be too hard getting there since the bar is so low

    • Tom

      Does anyone you know really watch this show??? I don’t know anyone that does.

      • KFlem

        I actually like this show. I didn’t at first, but like someone else said, it’s getting better

      • Angel

        Yes there are many that do watch the show but i do understand that many other people would rather watch the Kardashians spend there money, Housewives belittle eachother, and Hobo lose 3 lbs. I guess thats great TV

      • sriv

        im actually watching this show from the 1st season. have not missed even a single episode.The show needs to be renewed for another one having atleast 22 episode, only then can the writers give audience the fullstory in a smooth way.

      • dlb

        Everyone that we know watches it
        most TV SUCKS these days
        if you don’t like it
        why post or watch it?

      • NSF

        I used to watch V series in 80’s then I was only 10years old. And I love the V series now even more. I really hope we get to watch more… I miss it. Yes everyone that I know watch it.

      • Nikki

        I actually really like this show!!! I’m sad that they might cancel it.

      • Robynne

        Well why are you reading & posting on this page???

    • V rocks dude!!!

      Hey Goredsox the reason you hate V so much is because you just have really horrible taste, and your opinion is not needed.

    • sash fan

      The first season was slow. The second has really picked up — looking forward to the third & some “fireworks”!

    • Gaz

      Why bother not only reading but also POSTING on a show you don’t like!

    • Will

      V Rocks I watched the old and the New ones.Well deserving a continuation.Sci-Fi people love this show.

    • Steve

      I like the show first season, but felt the show would be canceled before a conclusion. So I DVR’d season 2, and decided to watch it if they conclude the series, but if not will just delete the unwatched episodes.

      The major networks keep coming up with sci-fi themes I like, but I am tired of the shows getting canceled with no punch line.

  • Styrch

    I haven’t always been a fan of this show, but it has been getting better. I do hope the network realizes that and also that it translates into viewership.

    • Tom

      I have never met anyone that stays current with this show. Maybe an episode or two. But that is it. I didn’t even know this was still in production anymore.

      • Barry

        Maybe because you’ve been too busy watching trash like AI.

      • Matt

        you are an idiot……

  • Adam S.

    NBC made a mistake by pulling Heroes off the air one year too soon (the show may have been going downhill…but the loyal viewers deserved a conclusion). ABC would be making a similar mistake here. At worst NBC (with Heroes) and ABC (with V) could drum up a lot of publicity for a “final season” even if it was only a handful of episodes. Keep V on the air one more year!

    • SAVE EM

      V is awesome, Heroes should have been a mini-series ending in one season with a bit more finality than the hot garbage that followed. But, I do believe Heroes was one of the many shows that was “Killed” by the Writer’s strike during its second season.

      • Jack


    • MWeyer

      Considering the garbage NBC put out this season in new shows, I don’t see how one more season of “Heroes” would have been a bad thing.

      • kenn

        I don’t understand all the hate on NBC, The Cape was an awesome, fun show. People complained about its identity and genre, duh it’s a comic book the thing got it’s own genre! I am so mad we will not get a true finale for it.

        The Event on the other hand… what a disaster of potential

      • Dextermorph@gmail.com

        Uh yu got it arse sdrawkcab, the cape; which im a comic book nerd, is sooo lame, if they replaced the main character with a unique hero or more traditional it wouldnt be bad, just the inanimate object from years ago(the actual cape) is wut makes it lame, now no ordinary family i like but if theyd gone in the direction of the incredibles; why do certain movies/tv feel the need to show how the hero is “born” maybe a little flashbackness, they coulda started out with them allready establshed as crime fighting family; the kids couldve been support if thats an issue; daughter interegating/infiltrating the son; in the “lab” creates devices and such, the EvEnt has potential, but i enjoy xfiles/fringe/independence day….anything alien invasion/end of the world ill pretty much be a fan…..what bout hbo canceling CARNIVALE right when it got good, dont be HBO please ABC KEEP V or finish w/4+part miniseries heck its filmed mostly with green screen thats gotta be cheaper than building sets

      • mamiesmama

        Apparently, Heroes was canceled due to lack of funding and not ratings. Their budget ran out, that’s why it stopped so abruptly. Liked that show too. Didn’t start watching V until Season 2 started. Went back and watched all Season 1. Hope they do a 3rd.

    • Tom

      After what they did to Conan, I couldn’t give a damn about what they do anymore.

  • john

    I love “V,” but I want something to happen! I hope Tyler get killed…he annoys me. This is the best sci-fi show since the “X-Files,” so I hope it stays for a while

    • joblo

      Seriously. If the show lasts another year, TYLER MUST GO!

      • Peca

        Well…you guys got your wish, we also got to see Marc Singer, even if only for a minute. Hope it comes back, but highly doubtful it’s cheaper to just make more Dancing with Nobody’s.

    • wsugar

      The best since the X-Files? Wow someone doesn’t get out much.

      • AC

        V is OK, but if you like Sci-Fi, then FRINGE on Fox is the way to go…

      • Casey

        “Wow someone doesn’t get out much.”
        That makes no sense in this case.

    • davey

      I guess you haven’t seen Batttlestar Galactica, Firefly, Fringe….the list goes on….

      • Johnny

        I was gonna say “Battlestar Galactica”. That sci-fi RAWKED!

    • tracy bluth

      If you want a great sci fi show, watch Fringe. This show can be campy fun, and some of the actors (Elizabeth Mitchell, Hobbes) are great, but it’s not really a good show.
      Also yeah, let’s kill Tyler now.

      • Dicazi

        The first series was campy fun…..this remake is just a boring attempt at SF soap opera.

    • xoanito

      I think every viewer is rooting for Tyler to die. I can’t remember an actor/character who has annoyed me so much for quite some time.

      • TV_Pete

        The only character/actor I can remember who annoyed me more was young Annakin from Phantom Menace.

        Sure, he looks about right. But they both share a lack of charisma. Read the Star Wars books, especially the 2nd one by R. A. Salvatore. They are a little better and Salvatore gives insights into WHY Count Dooku beat the Jedi so easily… until he ran across Yoda.

      • adam

        Yes, Tyler (aka, THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE) can die a slow painful death. Or a quick one. I don’t care. I want him gone.

      • godzilla_foil

        Actually, I too dislike Tyler, but had never thought of him dying. Now, the idea of his mother going 100% berserk over it, turning into an alien-killing machine, organizing a planetary rebellion and all makes the show amazingly interesting. Nice thought.

      • Boomchuck

        A first and last name… Wesley Crusher.

    • tipsy

      They can toss “satisfying” out of the window if Tyler doesn`t die but bunch of characters fans alctually care for do. Tyler must die. C`mon, it isn`t that hard to please your fans for whom the show is made.

    • Tom

      I think the first couple of episodes were great.. That’s about it ..

    • KFlem

      Dang! You got your wish. Tyler’s dead.

      • Jenn

        And a good gory death it was. But where did the Brit/Aussie go? And I don’t hold out for Chad. They did tis toward the end of the original weekly series, killing off alot of original cast. Where IS Mike Donovan and Juliet? If Diana still exists(ed) why not them? And is the Lars guy is Mike with an alias? Love it, but confused on some points

    • AT

      Just no. Fringe is the best sci-fi and V is just okay.

    • usualsupect

      Try Fringe for best sci fi show. But, I’m with ya on killing off Tyler. Hoping V comes back for a 3rd season since I’m tired of investing in these series and getting no conclusion…even bad series.

    • HelloMyNameIs

      I totally know what you mean! I was hoping for a car out of nowhere to go and hit him just so he would shut up, LOL!

  • Michael Sacal

    I’m not a fan of an open war scenario. That didn’t help the original TV series much.

    I wouldn’t be against the identity of the members of the Fifth Column becoming public and forcing them to go underground. That would be more in keeping with the original.

    I’d love to see a V scout ship chase Erica down the street shooting its lasers at her like it happened to Donovan in the original mini series.

  • John

    The show being cancelled probably IS for the best.

    • Tom

      Absolutely in agreement there John.

    • donovan

      Your face being cancelled is for the best.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        John, you going to take that from this little a-hole?

    • James

      You are an idiot. Go back to watching your crappy “reality” shows…

  • MikeB

    I fear this will end like “Invasion.” This show is campy sci-fi fun. I hope it comes back.

    • Dave

      I’m still frustrated about Invasion’s cancellation!

  • venkman7

    I hate how they keep calling this season 2. Is it not just the second part of season 1? 10 episodes does not a season make!

    • Abe Froman

      You’d be amazed what some cable series can do in 10 episodes.

      • fish eye no miko

        British series tend to be short as well, anywhere from 6 to 13 episodes; rarely are they any longer than that. Heck, “Sherlock” was three episodes. THAT was the whole season. Even taking into account that it was three 90-minute episodes, that’s only 4.5 hours of material.

    • Tom

      The sooner they wrap this up the better. Move on to something that people will actually watch and enjoy

  • mickey

    The show is terrible. Every episode is the same thing. Tyler becomes enamored with the V’s through bad acting; Anna bleeds through her nose, mouth, eyes, etc.; Ryan betrays the 5th column and then comes to them with advise but they need to trust him; Anna mulls over taking a human’s soul; Anna and the other V’s all show emotion, even though it is hammered through that V’s do not have emotion; Anna cradles Ryan’s baby; Anna’s mother scowls in the swamp room; the TV reporter does news reports; the priest (now former) trys to convince Erica to do something opposite of what she is planning.

    It’s all recycled storytelling from week to week. There’s nothing new. It’s boring. No one dies because when someone does die they come back to life…unless it’s Erica’s husband which does not matter since he had never been on the show before.

    Where is the President and the world leaders? There over 500 known ships hovering over the planet. Couldn’t the Secretary of State speak with Anna at the very least?

    Why are the humans so easily trusting of the V’s and Anna?

    The show lacks any authenticity or suspension of disbelief. I’ll watch the finale because I think I can sustain one last episode but I am most likely not returning for a 3rd season should it come back.

    NOTE TO ABC: Take a shotgun to this show. It’s legs are in the bear trap.

    NOTE TO THE ACTOR PLAYING TYLER: Find another job…like maybe a UPS driver. You must have the best agent in Hollywood if he is able to get you work. You’re terrible.

    • Amnesia76

      BWAAHAAA! RE: the note to Tyler

    • SAVE EM

      I agree with your assessment of Tyler, however I kindly and strongly disagree with everything else you have written Mickey.

    • @mickey

      For someone supposedly hating this show much you sure do know a LOT about it – there’s this new invention called the remote control and it’s REAL EASY to use…

    • Joe

      Why does Anna bleed red. Shouldn’t she bleed green?

    • Angel

      I guess watching Kim Kardashian purchase her new pair of loubitins is so much more fun to watch…or tubby losing 5 more pounds is worth it…how about pauly dee spraying more hairspray on his head and dj a club full of hoes ..gimme a break V is much more entertaining than watching these no moral celebrities become richer by brainwashing America

      • Dan

        Amen brutha. I would take a silly but earnest pulp sci-fi series over the barf that passes for reality TV any day. Too bad they had to rush all these plot twists into a single episode, would have played out much more satisfyingly over the course of a real season.


    Cancel it and the world misses out on a great story and excellent characters.

  • Danny

    It’s unforgivable the way they’ve squandered Jane Badler’s Diana (in the basement of the ship!). As fond as I am of Elizabeth Mitchell and criminally underused Scott Wolf, this reboot is disappointing. Unless it draws an excess of 7 million viewers, ABC will probably pull the plug. And airing the finale in mid-March is a bad sign: it will be all but forgotten come May (when the network will officially announce the 2011-2012 schedule).

  • Lilly

    I really hope it gets another season, As a fan of Jericho, I can’t stand another show that I love get cancelled without proper closure. If there is a 3rd season, (please ABC), I hope Lisa and Joshua’s story is a big part of it. I want those two together not so much romantically but as partners (but a romance would be nice too.)

  • Wesley Crusher

    Lots of hate for Tyler. Haven’t heard this much hate for a character since Star Trek: TNG. Of course Worf…not me!

    • Jack

      I’m worried that this will mark the end of that great Tyler/Wesley slash fic out there.

  • Roger

    Please renew for two reasons. I have a crush on Morena Baccarin, the Brazilian beauty that plays the queen and I am also in love with the actress that plays her daughter. I guess I am a little kinky.

    • Abe Froman

      Do yourself a favor, skip this crap and watch Morena in a GOOD show– Firefly.

      • smdpkdfnjqe

        “The sausage king of Chicago?”

  • echo

    It’s easy to make jokes about this series but I have to admit I watch it every week and would like it to continue.
    I think if there are going to be character deaths, Tyler has got to be one of them. That should really motivate Erica…

    • frostysnowman

      Yes, we can only hope this happens!

    • Mr.Man

      Tyler is dead and so is Ryan and so is Diana. Tyler got his neck eaten off by a fake Lisa, Ryan got his neck broke by his daughter, and Diana got stabbed by her daughter. Why are all the daughters in the show being so mean?!

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