'Glee' scoop: Blaine and Kurt try to go to prom! Plus, more spoilers from PaleyFest


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Look who’s about to get some matching tuxes ready! EW has learned that new couple Blaine and Kurt will attempt to attend their high school prom, which may not be a simple proposition. “That story is going to be ripped from the headlines,”  creator Ryan Murphy told reporters tonight in Los Angeles. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?” Murphy later elaborated slightly during a panel discussion moderated  by EW’s Tim Stack, teasing that the big dance will feature a performance or two from the Warblers.

Speaking of Dalton Academy, now that they’re out of the running for Nationals, Murphy said fans shouldn’t worry about less Blaine in season 3. “I think Blaine might have to try out for New Directions,” he said to roaring applause.

Murphy — who together with the Glee cast is participating in a Paley Center tribute to the Fox show — also announced that Kristin Chenoweth will reprise her role as the boozy former glee club star April Rhodes. And here’s an exciting change in Glee’s modus operandi: The plan in the near future is to center an episode around Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours.

Showrunners and cast were relatively mum when it came to the specifics about how some of Glee‘s many couples would be shaken up in the episodes to come. But Murphy did offer up news on the romantic future of Mercedes (Amber Riley), the only member of Glee who has not had a romantic interest, saying that this summer’s Oxygen reality show, The Glee Project, will aim to find a guy for her. “One of the things that was in the back of my mind [when conceptualizing the character] was, ‘How is this guy going to be with Amber?'” he said. Riley added jokingly, “I’d like to be part of this process.”


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  • Alex

    Tim Stack is THE WORST.

    • Tom

      You a ho

    • RT

      Look I’m gay and even I have to admit the show has gotten too gay.

      • bippy

        Then don’t watch, dumbass.

      • Caren

        I am straight and I love Blaine. He’s hot…and I am way older than him.

      • greg

        Sorry, you gayer than Blaine

      • Jason

        original songs made me realize the show is actually supposed to be for tween girls, not an “everybody” type of audience.

      • MissMel

        Jason,this is the second article I’ve read in 10 minutes on which you left the same comment. You either enjoy the show or you don’t but if you didn’t care at least a little bit, why would you be coming here to read/comment on all the articles?

      • Daryl

        Too gay? You need to brush up on gay history and realize what a privilege it is for such positive portrayals of gays and especially the message it sends to gay youths who need role models and need to know there are other people out there like them. Too gay!—that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Al

    “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?”

    I’m a John Lennon fan, so of course I can. I imagine that day when it doesn’t matter who you love all the time……

    And YEA to Kristin coming back!

    • Chandelier

      But isn’t Dalton Academy supposed to be gay-friendly and all for gay equality? That was the whole reason why Kurt transferred there. Internal consistency FAIL.

      • Zook

        Dalton Academy has a zero tolerence policy towards bullying. This is the reason why Blaine and Kurt transferred there, not because it was gay-friendly. No internal consistency fail, just your memory FAIL.

      • Craig

        I think that’s why he said Blaine would be auditioning for New Directions…Because he would be attending Mckinley High and then they would be going to prom there, at least that’s how I took it.

      • Yesenia

        Craig’s explanation makes much more sense

      • Rush

        Perhaps it’s the McKinley prom they want to go to.

      • JB

        What would make the most sense is that Kurt goes back to WMHS after the Karofsky thing is sorted out. Then Blaine asks Kurt to go to the Dalton Junion Prom, that’s a fiasco, and Blaine decides to transfer to WMHS as a result.

        I agree with Zook. Blaine said Dalton doesn’t even have a sex ed class. I don’t think Dalton is progressive, just strict.

    • Elizabeth

      I know Ryan Murphy is “originally from Ohio”, but holy hell he makes us out to be so backwoods and unaccepting. Unless Blaine & Kurt wear Miami Heat jerseys, it might not be that big of deal.

      Move on Ryan… you’re not accomplishing anything but proving how uninformed you really are.

      • Rush

        I was just going to comment on that. He grew up in Indianapolis, ID. I don’t understand why he portrays Ohio as a hick state. Sure a lot of it is rural farms, but I think the folks from Cincinati, Columbus, and Cleveland would disagree with the portrayal of their state. It’s not exactly Wyoming. Where’s Drew Carey?!?

      • Tess

        Yeah I don’t get that either? “Imagine them going to prom in Ohio?” Uh, I imagine it being like them going to prom in pretty much any suburban high school across the country. And I know suspension of belief but I won’t mention how kids that go to school in Westerville would get coffee in Lima everyday.

      • Tess

        Uh, that’s wouldn’t get coffee in Lima everyday. I know Kurt’s from Lima, but is Blaine too?

      • Katie

        Seriously! Ryan Murphy needs to get off his high horse and learn something about the great state of Ohio. We are not a bunch of hicks who are close minded! I have always found the majority of Ohioans to be very forward thinking and Columbus (where Ryan claims that Lima is) actually has the 2nd highest gay population per capita! Do some research Ryan! Its not hard!!

      • Lauren

        What’s with the Ohio comment Mr. Murphy? I mean not all of us are close minded hicks! Just because some live in rural areas doesn’t make them close minded country bumpkins.

      • Elizabeth

        I live in Cincinnati and it is nothing like they make Ohio out to be.

      • Emily

        As someone who’s gone to college in Ohio for the last couple years,I totally agree the stereotypes are well, stereotypes. But it seems what RM is really talking about is small-town, conservative Ohio (aka Lima)-not the cosmopolitan,relatively liberal cities. RM is forgetting that Ohio is a political swing state-liberals and conservatives levels are pretty much equal, but liberals are concentrated in the cities and RM is talking about the small-town, conservative parts of Ohio.

  • Viv

    I’m a girl from Ohio (a town comparable to Lima) and I went to prom with my girlfriend. All stripes of the GLBTQ rainbow were well represented at my prom. It’s not really a thing that makes headlines.

    • Kat

      Seriously, it might have been ripped from the headlines like 7 or 8 years ago.

      • Viv

        I get that they want to do a Constance McM story, but it’d be more ~subversive to have the kids go to prom and it be no big deal.

      • karen

        There was a story just last year that made headlines when a lesbian wasn’t allowed to bring another girl to prom with her. As much as I wish your statement were true, it does still happen.

        Viv- I disagree about it being more subversive to allow it. This ignores the problems of discrimination that gay students face in this very scenario. It is more powerful to show the discrimination and to acknowledge there is an issue with it, rather than to pretend it doesn’t happen. Ignoring discrimination only reinforces the status quo.

      • Craig

        Exactly and it happened in the deep south, I’m from PA and GLBT kids regularly attend the prom and it’s not that big of a deal.

      • Mellissa

        Actually, the headline Murphey is speaking of when he said “ripped from the headlines” is most likely the headline of Constance McMillen, who was not allowed to take her girlfriend to the prom. That happened in April of 2010. Seven or eight years ago, or about 11 months ago. It happens. Constance made headlines because she fought back.

      • Jenna

        But Constance McMillen is from Mississippi. Why does Ohio get portrayed as being as conservative as the deep south when in fact at every election Ohio is like the biggest swing state?

    • mela

      I read an article just last year where a girl was forbidden from bring her girlfriend to the school’s prom. It’s great if a school is inclusive and doesn’t make a person’s sexuality an issue, but this kind of thing does still happen.

    • Tams

      I thought the same thing when I read that quote – there were several same-sex couples at my Ohio prom, and no one batted an eye.

    • Anya

      I know stuff like this still makes headlines every now and then, but it’s still offensive that he just said Ohio and wasn’t any more specific then that.

  • Chris

    This is no longer shocking. Queer As Folk did this years ago with Justin and Brian.

    • Yesenia

      Now that was an amazing episode. I still remember Brian holding the bloody scarf. Made me fall in love with him.

    • aleksa

      Yeah, but Justin got bashed after the prom. Probably not the best example.

    • Ali

      That was great, but as someone else pointed out, it ended horribly. I don’t want to be crying sad tears for Kurt’s prom – they should be happy tears. And remember, not everyone saw, or will ever see, QAF. Glee reaches a broader audience, it’s important for people to see two boys trying to go to prom and maybe being denied – it happened to two girls not too long ago.

  • Marilyn

    Love Kristen & Gwenneth – but I think we can skip those two for the rest of the year and focus on the kids in the show.

    • K

      LIKE MERCEDES. Can they please give that girl an episode where she actually does stuff, particularly stuff that is not related to eating/being overweight? And I’d love to see Lauren go one episode without anyone referencing her size…but I’m mainly infuriated on behalf of Mercedes, who’s gotten jack sh*t for decent storylines this year.

      • Jacob

        I completely agree! I also think Tina should get some more recognition. I love her character and she has an amazing voice!

      • Corina

        Episode 17 will feature Mercedes being the fierce diva that she is. Agreed though on featuring more of the kids then the Adults. I am not worried with gwen’s character it is only one more episode with her in it.

      • kisha

        Amen! I so tired of the stereotypes when it comes to Mercedes and Lauren.

      • Elizabeth

        This show needs more Quinn. She is definitely the prettiest character.

      • Maddie

        I think Tina and Mike need to come up from obscurity and shock everyone by winning prom queen and king. Also cause they are the only functional couple on Glee this season.

      • Dee

        They article does say that Marcedes will get a love interest.

    • B.A.

      Agree. They’ve both had enough time on Glee.

  • Amy

    Yay! I just ADORE Kurt…anyone who makes him happy, I’m all for it. I hope Kurt is the prom king!

  • casey

    oh my god can we please stop doing “centered” and “theme” episodes

    • dave

      agree. i love the show, but come on. the best episodes are the ones that dont force themselves to be centered around an artist or genre

    • Joe

      “The plan in the near future is to center an episode around a single album — Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours, to be specific — as opposed to an artist”

      I know what you are trying to say here, but to center an episode around an album is to center it around an artist.

      • Mellissa

        What if the album is a soundtrack, or some sort of other compilation album, where the it’s by “Various Artists?”

  • susie

    I live in Ohio. Yes, I can “imagine” it, but I don’t have to because I live in Columbus which is a very gay friendly city.

    • betty

      Thank you, susie! I am tired of seeing every city in Ohio portrayed as Ordinaryville. I have lived in Lima and Columbus, and if two gay teens were prevented from attending a prom at a private school in Westerville, I think the school would feel the backlash for years from our large, vociferous and active gay community. Also, people in Lima may be conservative, but no way would any of the school administrators tolerate kids being bullied, let alone the kind of systematic physical and mental abuse many of the kids are portrayed as being subject to. I think Mr. Murphy could stand a reality check and a contemporary visit to the cities he writes about.

      Love the idea of a Fleetwood Mac show, though.

  • Darrin

    Let me guess – they’ll be faced with lots of bullying and name-calling, from the “jocks” and from Sue, then a few people will give speeches about how awesome Kurt is again, and the Glee kids will stand up for him at the end, as anyone who opposes is played as an ignorant villain. Did I just write this episode?

    • ps in seattle

      What are you talking about? They both attend Dalton Academy, which is a more tolerant school, where Warblers are idolized and revered as celebrities. Shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Anya

        Except that Ryan just said that there will be a problem.

    • RT

      LOL…..I think you could be a writer for Glee

    • Strepsi

      @ DARREN: Seriously, in the show and in real life, anyone who opposes two boyfriends attending prom IS an ignorant villain.

  • Gael

    why is everyone ignoring all the FLEETWOOD MAC in this article?
    how is this anything other than AMAZING? best album of all time, maybe? hallelujahhh

    • Margaret

      True that, Gael.

    • fish eye no miko

      This! I agree with others that a lot of the theme episodes try a bit too hard, but… dude, it’s “Rumours”, one of the best albums ever. In theory, it could be awesome.

    • David

      PREACH, GAEL. As one of my favorite albums ever, this news makes me ecstatic.

  • Carol

    I volunteered at my son’s homecoming dance. I live in a VERY liberal town but I only saw one lesbian couple and no Gay couple at the dance. I love the idea of Klaine going to the prom.

  • Daniel

    I think it would be cool to see them go to prom together

  • dave

    I dunno, Dalton Academy seems very gay friendly…..

  • Mindy

    I can’t imagine that them wanting to attend prom in Ohio in 2011 is that big a deal.
    Doing an episode about Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” sounds great! However, there is no way anyone on Glee could do those songs better than Fleetwood Mac. Still, having better music performed will be a step up from hearing more terrible Bieber and Kesha.

    • B.A.


    • Mellissa

      It was a big deal in 2010 for two girls to attend their prom together, so why wouldn’t it be a big deal in 2011 for a gay or lesbean couple to attend prom? See Constance McMillen for details of the 2010 incident.

      • Vicky


      • Mellissa

        My point is not WHERE it happened, but THAT it happened. And not some place that we’ve never heard of, but in the US. It happened last year. Period the end. Moving on.

      • KCC

        Thank you melissa! i live in Illinois and if a lesbian or gay couple came to prom people would flip out…i wouldn’t care but other people would! it doesnt matter where it happens, it still happens!

  • Mike Jones

    So does that mean Kurt goes back because DA seems like it would be ok with gay couples.

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