Syfy renews 'Being Human' for second season


Image Credit: Jill Greenberg/Syfy

Another Syfy freshman show is getting a second season. On the heels of yesterday’s news that reality show Face Off will return, Syfy has just granted another round of Being Human.

Syfy notes the show has averaged 1.8 million viewers, making it the network’s most successful winter scripted series launch in six years. Also, the show has a 53 percent female audience, making it the channel’s most female-skewing series ever.

Being Human has proven to be a winner for Syfy on all fronts,” said Syfy programming president Mark Stern. “Using the original format as inspiration, showrunners/writers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke – along with a superlative team of writers, cast, and production – have created an amazing, compelling series in its own right. We can’t wait to watch Aidan, Josh and Sally continue their struggle to be human in the second season!”


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  • tigersmurfette

    ach, you americans bastardizing good shows. watch the uk version, they stole all the plots and its much better. better actors, and most importantly, better chemistry between the actors.

    • Kendall

      agree, these american ripoffs suck – I just hope they never remake a version of my two favorite british comedies, the Inbetweeners and Outnumbered

      • RecceR

        Im pretty sure MTV is working on a remake of Inbetweeners. sorry

      • adam

        I thought I heard about an American version of Outnumbered in the works a while back, but I haven’t heard anything since.

      • johnc

        I think there are enough differences between the UK and US version!

        I like many UK version drama, but Being Human, the UK version, is one that I can’t get into!!

        One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

      • Purple Testament

        It’s hardly a “ripoff” when the BBC approaches Syfy and asks if they’d like to remake it. How dumb are you guys?

      • JaneWonderfalls

        You know they will and it will be an epic fail!

    • Dana

      The American version followed the original very closely for a few episodes, but now it’s expanded a lot and changed some major storylines. It’s really starting to have its own life (and hopefully they’ll continue to do more original stuff with the stolen premise). I do agree that the actors don’t have as much chemistry in the US version, though. But it could be that they’re building the relationships more slowly to spread it out over more episodes.

      • AB


    • Flip

      Agreed. The American version is so awful—I could only handle 3 episodes before I had to turn it off. The producers must take Americans for fools—they basically used a brick to hit them over the head with the themes!!! “We’re not normal”, “we need to be more human”—we get it! Try subtlety!
      Just stick with the UK one—it’s amazing.

      • Michael TX

        Only watch the UK version. It is Head and Shoulders above the other rip off

      • AB

        Well, since Toby Whitehouse, the creator of the UK version, is a producer, you just insulted the UK version. Get your facts straight before you start sounding off.

    • Lois

      I prefer to think of the Syfy version as a Canadian show, since it’s filmed in Canada. That way I can deny any American involvement with ruining such a great British show. I have tried watching the Syfy version but it is just so inferior to the British version. I especially hate how they took the complex character George and turned him into comic relief Josh.

      • tigersmurfette

        ya, but as a canadian i take serious fault with that. its not like people consider fringe/smallville/supernatural and everything else filmed up here as canadian. so the blame still lies with american tv.

    • fanboy

      I hope they stay away from misfits!! I agree the UK version was better.

    • lesley

      well, it obviously does not suck to 1.8 viewers a week. calm down and change the channel

    • AB

      they didn’t steal it since Toby Whitehouse is a producer, dumb@ss

    • Carlos

      Yes, the British version is the best. I love Mitchell and I had to see him go. Sometimes, Mitchell and George act like lovers. LOL

    • Alexis

      Wow, hostile much?

      To be honest, I hate British television in general–I can’t understand the accents when the actors speak too fast. The original Being Human series was good, and I definitely prefer the British ghost over “Sally” — she is so annoying — but sheesh! Clearly, if the show has 1.8 mil people watching it, they have to be doing something right.

      So, let me enjoy my bastardized American TV shows, please.

      • Jamers

        British TV rules…and technically, since we both speak English, and they are the ones in England, WE have the accents…where are you from the South? they don’t sound that far off from where I am in Eastern PA….

    • Sharon Dewitt

      I like them both

  • Deebo

    This good news, I am really enjoying Josh. The actor who plays him is doing an amazing job as well as the woman who plays Sally. You can really see the chemistry on screen now with all three. This and Community, what it is it my birthday!!!

    • JenR

      I really enjoy Josh too.
      What is that picture with this article supposed to be?

    • Lois

      Can’t stand Josh. Too sitcom-ish.

      • Carlos

        @Lois; I agree. Josh acts too much like a little girl by complaining all the time.

      • autumn

        LOL you guys are all doing a pretty good job of doing the same!

    • Snsetblaze

      I’m suprised at how much I am enjoying this show. I have not seen the British version as my cable does not get BBC and I haven’t gotten around to it on my Netflix que. I think the actors have plenty of chemistry and I particularly like the actor who plays Josh.

    • Brianne

      I enjoy it, too. I wasn’t so into it at first, but I feel like it’s gotten progressively better.

  • topoopon

    I enjoy both versions. Of course the UK version will always be the original and is slightly better. But I am enjoying watching the US version to see how they twist the original storylines. Also enjoying “Becoming Human”.

    • Solange

      I too like both the UK and U.S versions. I still like the UK a little better but the U.S is really getting it’s footing. Plus Josh is so funny!

      • Melly

        I love both versions. With the dirth of quality Sci-Fi programming I am happy it has been renewed. I find it amusing how some people on here act like the British version should be the only one. It’s entertainment for cryin’ out loud – take a chill pill, change the channel, or don’t read EW blogs that make you feel you have to dis other’s enjoyment.

  • Valley Girl

    I’m stunned. The BBC original is so much better.

    • Mitch Logan

      Your comment makes no sense. What were you expecting? That the BBC would send bombers in to destroy the Hollywood studio?

    • Melly

      Haha! You’re stunned? Obviously it doesn’t take much to flummox a Valley Girl.

  • Sam

    Syfy did something that MTV (Skins) did not. Make me enjoy this version almost as much as the original. I’m glad to see the show got a second season -it has a very good talented cast and great production values. The BBC original will always be better but in time this version will gain it’s own identity as it diverts off the original storylines and I will continue to enjoy watching them both.

  • TQB

    But when will Syfy’s excellent ORIGINAL programming – Eureka and Warehouse 12 – return????

    • RecceR

      Most-likely July, the box sets usually come out right before they return and are coming out the end of June. They always come back in the summer and end in the fall.

      • RecceR

        also: it’s Warehouse 13

      • TQB

        Sorry, 12 was a typo! The season premiers are usually summer – but the fall was (allegedly) only the mid-season finale. Where’s the second half???

      • RecceR

        With Eureka, it was supposed to be the first half of season 4 last summer, according to the box set (season 4.0). I’m not sure why, but Syfy has been doing this to Eureka since season 3. They only air in the summer, but every 2 summers they call that one season. In all actuality, Eureka should have 5 seasons and the 6th on the way. Warehouse 13, is not being split yet, according to their season 2 box set, respectively named “season two” and not 2.0, like the split seasons on syfy are usually named. They did air Christmas specials of both in December and they are currently on Hulu, but they were stand-alone episodes that did not continue from where the finales left off.

  • mary

    I’ve come to enjoy the show. I still prefer the UK version if I had to choose, but the US version takes things a little further. Like this past Monday’s ep with Bernie.
    Sally is still annoying tho. I much prefer Annie. She’s not a brat like Sally.

    • Dave

      What was the deal with Sally in this week’s episode? Why did she care so much about Nick needing to have his “death echo?” Why did she make it all about her? I really just didn’t understand why it bothered her so much.

    • Devon

      I agree with the dislike of Sally! She’s whiny and self centered. She’s the only thing that really taints this show for me.

    • AB

      agree w/u, Mary. I am liking the US version – the guys are great, but Sally needed a better-cast actress. She’s just annoying.

  • Allie

    Yay!! Great news. I love both versions.

    • jslost

      I agree…Great News!

  • Denise

    Great news! Never saw the UK version, love this one. (also, might just be me, but I sometimes need the subtitles for british shows)

    • Flip

      You’re ridiculous.

      • Bill G.

        Flip why is that ridiculous? You sir are ridiculous.

  • RecceR

    I’m really glad it got renewed; it’s a great supernatural drama that seems to have no limits.

    I honestly don’t get why people get so upset about remakes. Most of the time, the originals get to finally come out on DVD or if they already are, they are showcased more often. Plus, you don’t have to watch the remake, because it’s not a sequel or spin-off, usually it has nothing to do with the original. It’s like people feel like their loyalty is being taken away or something if their beloved show or movie gets remade. Guess what, it’s not. Just ignore the remake if you have no interest in it, just like fans do so with sequels and spin-offs that look really bad.

    I love the original series and have increasingly grown to love the remake very much also. The reason people keep saying the “chemistry” is not there with the US cast is because they started almost like a prequel to the UK series. When they started in the UK series, they had all been living together for a while and knew each other fairly well. The US version, they have only just met and are growing closer as each episode goes on. Give it a chance, they’ll probably have great chemistry soon enough.

  • Raechel

    I’m so happy about this being renewed. I’ve never watch the UK version to compare the 2 but this weeks show with the Bernie story like had me to up in arms.

  • Beth

    Yay! I’ve seen a few episodes of the UK version after seeing the American… I know I’m in the minority, but I really like the American better. The pacing and story lines are more fleshed out.

  • adam

    Umm, EW, the picture you put up is of the original British version, not the American Syfy version.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I’m surprised the first person to mention this is so far down in the comments!

      • tuneman

        seriously, why are they announcing season two of the American version with a picture from season three of the UK version. Just lazy…

      • tlw

        I checked this when it was first up and there wasn’t a picture associated. But hey, I don’t mind seeing Mitchell

    • True

      Me too1 I agree though, for a publication like this–not a good sign about proofing.

    • Whiteotter

      Yeah, fix that, please!

  • greg

    EW: Er, you do realize that you’re running a cast photo from the British show, right? Not the Syfy version?


    • Michelle

      I was going to say the same thing! Come on, EW! At least use the right picture for the right version! Sheesh!

      • Sharon

        I was going to mention this as well. What the heck, EW?

    • as

      EW should be promoting the BBC’s fantastic….it’s dark and sexy, but has HUMOR. The Sy-Fy remake is just awful.

  • nltvwatcher

    I enjoy both versions of the show but the UK version is edgier. Glad to see the North American version renewed though. By the way EW, the picture you’re showing is of the British cast.

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