'Glee': Behind-the-scenes of last night's PaleyFest panel


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What do 2,000 Gleeks sound like when they’re all together watching Tuesday’s episode “Original Song”? LOUD. They are very, very loud. Last night, I had the privilege of moderating the Glee PaleyFest panel at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles during which producers opted to screen this week’s crazy-good episode. Backstage, the cast and creators, including Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk, watched the episode and could hear the joyous fan reaction (the Blaine/Kurt kiss definitely seemed to be the favorite moment). 

Finally, the Glee group gathered on stage for a lively discussion. Here are my highlights:

  • Kevin McHale discussing Artie’s fondness for finger-wagging and testifying during performances.
  • Naya Rivera saying that her happy ending for “Brittana” would be for Santana to get Brittany pregnant.
  • Co-creator/exec producer Ian Brennan pushing for fans to start calling them “Santittany” instead…which sounds vaguely dirty.
  • Chris Colfer accidentally revealing that Kurt was coming back to McKinley — yay!
  • The news that there will be an entire episode dedicated to Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Rumours album.
  • Murphy discussing the mysterious New Directions piano player, Brad, and saying that his one note to the actor was that his character hated the glee kids. Genius.
  • Kristen Chenoweth returning this season and singing the original song, crafted by Brennan, called “It’s 10 a.m….and I’m Drunk.”
  • Murphy saying that Gwyneth Paltrow will likely come back in season 3! Dear Gwyneth, stop doing movies and just join Glee. Love, Tim.
  • Murphy also revealed that he’s plotting for Blaine to audition for New Directions in season three.
  • The Gleek stampede when the panel ended and the entire audience appeared to rush the stage for autographs…for the cast, not so much for poor Tim.

It was a great night overall. If you were at the panel last night, what were your favorite moments?

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  • P.

    They should have talked more about Puck/Rachel.
    I want them to be back together but as usual it was all about Finn/Rachel, Finn/Rachel and Finn/Rachel.
    I am so sick of it.

    • jon

      Even Mark Salling wants Finchel, cmon

      • sam

        doesn’t mean it’s remotely smart for the show. and if you watched the video he didn’t look totally convinced on finchel. besides. Cory Monteith also said finn and rachel are more interesting when they’re apart and that’s saying a lot honestly. they need to reevaluate some things.

    • SaraJ

      Most people don’t feel that way. I’d rather see Finchel, and then Rachel move to NY and they don’t work out (more realistic). Puck isn’t right with Lauren either though…

      • Mike

        Why is it realistic that it wouldn’t work out, Finn can find work in NYC.

  • Michael

    I dream of a world where Ryan Murphy missed his pitch meeting that day.

    • Tarc

      Wow, evil much? Is it so hard to let people enjoy what they enjoy?

    • Sarah O

      I dream of a day when Mr. Schue gets to do more than just watch other people sing while smiling and clapping in the background.

      • SaraJ

        YESSSS!! And not one where he’s rapping.. not that I don’t like him rapping, but watching him do songs in season 1 like “Tell Me Something Good” to Sue Sylvester were golden.

      • Caroline

        I think Matthew Morrison’s talent is completely wasted on Glee this season. If you have a Broadway caliber singer/dancer on the show he should be able to do what he does best.

      • Finn FTW

        Like sing “Kiss”? I loved that Tango!

  • Ran

    So what did Tim Stack have to do to get the plum gig of hosting the Glee panel? Kidnap Kristin Dos Santos’ poodle? Whack Maureen Ryan in the knees with The Club? Super glue Matt Roush’s feet to the floor? One has to wonder, because it sounds like a pretty cushy job.

    • Becca

      Lmao…I was wondering the same thing, there were probably lots of them fighting over it

    • Hater

      Apparently, promise to write nothing but daily, glowing, gushing posts about Glee for EW. And I like Glee, but his posts and reviews make fan fiction seem understated and measured.

  • Jeneva

    Bring back Jesse! I love Jonathan Groff

    • Brenda Barrett

      Yup. I love Cheno but her character doesn’t contribute much. Jesse is needed!

    • Jackie

      Totally agree. Jessie was more electric on screen than any of the New Directions. Bring back Jessie, get rid of Lauren and Sam (sorry Sam). As much as I love Gwyneth on Glee, no more Gwyneth or Kristen Chenoweth! Kristen’s nasally voice kills me. Bring back Rachel’s mom (Idina of course) and bring a little more to that storyline…

      • FarAway

        Totally agree with you on this. I love Idina Menzel.

      • Mike

        Jesse sucks but Lauren is awesome

  • Mike

    So any word if Finn/Rachel will happen again or is that dead?

    • Angel

      Are you new to television? Finn/Rachel are the one couple who will definitely be together. It’s called endgame. All the couples right now are with the wrong people. It’s called happy endings not happy middles.

  • enough

    Enough Gwyneth on Glee! Her episodes are fun and all, but I miss seeing the Glee kids, since all of McKinley seems to revolve around her when she’s on. At least cut down to her getting only one solo per episode, ok?

  • Angel

    The last thing we need is Blaine in New Directions. All the solos would be Lea and Darren! As it is he has sang more than ANYONE this season except Lea. More than Kurt, Puck, Artie, Mercedes… That is just wrong. I like Darren but less is more.

    • Marianne

      Not necessarily when Jesse joined…it didn’t suddenly become a Jesse Fest in every episode. I think Darren would make a great addition. I think he only sings so much now, because besides him and Kurt, we don’t know the other Warblers.

      Besides, A Darren and Lea duet wouldn’t be such a bad idea. They had really good chemistry for “Don’t You Want Me”.

      I love the name Brittana more than Santitany…seriously.

      And we definitely need Jesse comeback. I mean I would be really happy if he came back and did a song…but hell one little cameo would be good too.

    • Shawnuel

      I like Darren’s acting but he is a decent singer at best. If you have to overload one vocalist with solos I’d rather here Santana/Naya than anybody else. Then, Mercedes/Amber, Artie/Kevin and Finn/Cory, in that order. Rachel/Lea gets on my nerves, even as I recognize a great voice. I just don’t like her interpretive choices.

      • maria

        disagree a lot!

      • G-A

        I think that’s been part of the plot, though– we saw it this week, the whole concept that the problem with the Warblers is that they don’t work together as a group, they are just Blaine and his backup singers. I think it’s done to contrast the way New Directions features everyone. If they didn’t overuse Darren right now, they wouldn’t have been able to show that difference.

      • Finn FTW

        I like Lea except when she “whines” MANY of her notes. It drives me INSANE. She can hit those notes, so please, Lea DON’T WHINE THEM! It sounds so cheap. Sing the notes clearly!

    • Thom

      I love Blaine and his songs so far. I’m happy that he’s transferring to McKinley because Kurt and him are so wonderful together. I hope they don’t have to deal with the cheating that the other couples face. They’re my favorite couple on the show and I want them to have a realistic relationship while keeping the fact that they’re the two best communicators (they are) and have them deal with whatever obstacles come their way.

      • Jen

        I hope they keep Blaine and Kurt together for awhile to explore the different aspects of their relationship. We have yet to see Kurt’s household with both his dad, Finn, and his mom. And I wonder how Kurt will be accepted in Blaine’s family. It was nice to see the other side of Karovsky during the Thriller episode. I hope he gets the help and support he needs to feel good about who he is.

    • Michelle

      Remember, in front of the warblers committee, he recognized he “hogs” the spotlight and suggested to them to allow others to step up and take the lead…

  • mel

    Since when does anyone “audition” for New Directions? Is there any remote chance of Blaine *not* being accepted?

    • Brenda Barrett

      Agreed. Mike and Lauren can’t really sing, so the group only has ten singers right now.

      • Flip

        Mike hasn’t really been given the opportunity to sing, so you can’t actually make that judgment call.

      • Yesenia

        If he could sing he would have already.

      • Marianne

        @Flip : He did have the chance. Tina and him did “Sing” on the episode Duets.

      • Brenda Barrett

        What Marianne said. And on Mike’s dance ‘duet’ w/ Mr. Schu, “Make ‘em Laugh,” Schu did all of the singing, because Mike can’t.

      • Flip

        @ Marianne—He wasn’t really singing. His part of the song was just goofing off. Give him a REAL song so we can know one way or another if he can really sing.

      • Jak

        Uh Flip, that’s the reason they gave him a song where he can “goof off” and not have to really sing. It’s pretty well known that the guy who plays Mike was hired for his dancing skills and not his singing.

    • SC

      Er, most of the characters have auditioned. It means singing a song before Will and/or the club.

  • Laura

    Yeah, please Gwyneth just join Glee! =)

  • Flip

    They also revealed that Terri will be part of Sue’s “League of Doom” that will come together to bring down Nude Erections. YES!!!!

    • alan of montreal

      that’s good news–it’s been sad seeing Jessalyn Gilsig’s name in the credits and only being featured in a couple of episodes early in the season (i stage managed a university production she was in in montreal)

    • DUH

      so did “on the next episode of glee…” not really a revelation since it’s common knowledge

      • Flip

        ….except where I live they don’t show the next episode preview, so STFU.

  • Ace

    As much as I’m rooting for Brittana, I’d hate for Artie to be dumped by a girl for the second straight time…even though it seems to be leading in that direction.
    The group definitely needs more Artie solos, though. And Tina solos, for that matter. “Reducing Rachel’s role” on the show seems to have just resulted in a couple other characters snagging the spotlight from the others.

    • Jen

      I agree.. I loved Tina in Theatricality. And Artie has a great voice as well. He’s been so sweet to Brittany. But we’ll see what happens.. I don’t think she’ll run into Santana’s arms that quickly.

  • Davey

    Where did Cheyenne Jackson go?

    • Flip

      He is coming back and joining Terri and Sandy Ryerson as members of Sue’s “League of Doom” to take down the glee club.

  • SAGirl

    I am so excited about the Rumours album episode. It has been on my wish list for songs for the longest time. It definitely warrants an episode more than the Brittany or Lady Gaga ones.

    • Flip

      Who the hell is “Brittany”? Do you mean BRITNEY Spears?

      • Finn FTW

        I am embarrassed for you, Flip. Britney is not a singer, she is a sexy dancer who is a tabloid joke. Glee did the fans a disservice by paying so much attention to Ms. Spears. That said, Brittany S. Pearce did a great job!

    • Flip

      Also, Rumours is totally irrelevant to Glee’s target audience. It definitely doesn’t warrant its own tribute episode unless it’s the adults doing the singing.

      • Finn FTW

        Fleetwood Mac’s story is totally like a high school drama with all the switching mates and in-fighting. Hmm, sounds like a relevant story to me! Rumours is a historical album in rock history. Britney is a joke who only gets attention for putting out songs with sexual innuendos and flaunts her body. She is a pop stripper.

  • DivaSoulSista

    When will Mercedes get a real storyline and a love interest? I vote for her to get with one of the Warblers.

    • Jackie


    • G-A

      I believe they’re auditioning for her love interest as part of that Glee reality show.

    • Finn FTW

      Yes, it is about time. Mercedes is my favorite singer! I’d love for them to seriously address the weight issues on their team as well, since they don’t shy away from any other topic.

  • SM

    Will any of these kids ever graduate high school?

    • Flip

      Yes, at the end of next season. Why?

    • Finn FTW

      Jesse St. James graduated last year and he’s going to UCLA…IN LOS ANGELES.

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