'Parks and Recreation,' 'Community' and 'The Office' earn early pickups for fall


Image Credit: Trae Patton/NBC; Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Harper Smith/NBC

NBC reaffirmed its commitment to three of its critically beloved comedies today by announcing 2011-12 pickups for The Office, Parks and Recreation and Community.

“I am so pleased to renew these three outstanding comedies which are all at the top of their game creatively,” said Bob Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment Chairman, in a statement.  “Along with 30 Rock, they represent the best of what the NBC comedy brand stands for in terms of originality, wit, and sophistication. The Office continues to fire on all cylinders on the most competitive night of television, Parks and Recreation has come into its own this season as the rightful companion to The Office, and Community is one of the freshest comedies on any network and a solid foundation for Thursday night.”

NBC has yet to decide whether to renew Perfect Couples or Outsourced. It’s likely that call will be made at crunch time in early May, when the Peacock is preparing to announce its fall lineup to advertisers in New York.

The Office averages a 4.0 rating/10 share in adults 18-49 and 7.7 million viewers. Parks earns a 2.8/7 and 5.5 million viewers, while Community gets a 2.1/6 and 4.7 million.

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  • JC

    Great news! My 3 favorite NBC comedies all back!!!

    • Kendall

      30 Rock has been repeating itself for the past 2 seasons and feels like its running out of ideas, this should have been the last year. Parks and Rec has been terrible this year for some reason compared to the hilarious previous season – I blame the two new male characters who don’t fit taking time away from the others

      • Bobby’s Robot

        30 Rock is as great as it’s ever been, and Parks is still one of the funniest shows on TV.

      • Mitch Logan

        McDonalds has been repeating itself for the last two years. This should have been it’s last year.

      • Dash

        I don’t know what you are talking about in terms of Parks & Rec. The addition of Chris and Mean Ben has been perfection. They moved in seamlessly.

      • conditionals

        I agree with Dash -the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe has been awesome. Parks and Recreation has been outstanding this season, easily on par with the high quality of last season. The Time Capsule episode was a rare misfire, but not nearly as bad as the ‘Sister City’ episode from season 2.

      • bob

        Parks and Rec has been stellar this season, it’s essentially just carrying the quality we got from Season 2.

  • RP


  • Jen E.

    Great, good, whatever! Love P&R, praying The Office will be great w/o Michael & never got past Community’s pilot.

    • Dan

      You’re cheating yourself… Community is by far the funniest show on TV right now. Give the episode ‘Modern Warfare’ a shot. Or pretty much any episode past the first 3.

      • Jake

        Yes. After the first couple of episodes, it got exponentially better

      • Joe

        You guys are making me wish I would have stuck with it…I gave up after the first 2.

      • Sarah

        No, actually I think Community is becoming a little annoying though I did think last season was quite funny. Love P&R though.

      • Kate

        Community really is the funniest show on TV. I was so afraid it would get cancelled like all of the other funny TV out there (I’m still really bitter about Arrested Development).

    • Adam

      If you never got past Community’s pilot your ability to decide what is quality comedy is obviously subpar. I’m not surprised about the others, Community was the one I was worried about but this is great news.

      • Mo

        “If you never got past Community’s pilot your ability to decide what is quality comedy is obviously subpar.”

        Excuse me, but “decid[ing] what is quality comedy” is an individual, subjective assessment. In layman’s terms, you can’t tell someone what’s funny. Clearly it’s not funny to everyone- 7.7 million people is certainly not representative of the WHOLE world…it’s not even a tenth of OUR country’s population. So get off your comedic judgment high horse.

      • Alpha BIts

        Mo – Usually, you’d be correct. In this case, however, Adam is right.

      • Asterisk

        Community is the only show out of the comedy lineup that I was worried about, so this is good news!

        @Adam – I totally agree with everything you said.

      • The Truth

        Mo-Actually you can tell somebody something is funny. If a crowd sees something and a very large majority thinks its funny then those who don’t are wrong. You may now return to the fantasy world in your head.

      • davey

        Adam is right about this – Community FTW! I was so worried too.

      • Monty

        Mo, I’m sorry, but if you can’t find humor in Community then you must have been born without a funny bone. That, or it dissolved from watching too many laugh track sitcoms like 2.5 men…Give Community another shot. Check out Modern Warfare, the finest 22 minutes of television in all of 2010.

      • Jason

        Monty I can’t even find humor in what you probably thought was a funny comment so how can I believe you when you talk about humor in Community?

      • Trey

        I like Community but I have to agree with Mo here. It is arrogant to diss other people’s sense of humour just because they aren’t the same as yours.

        I can see how Community can be off-putting and unfunny to people who are not familiar with pop culture. A lot of its jokes are “in-jokes” that can only be appreciated if you know about the stuff they are talking about.

      • claudenorth

        I am so sick of people who, when faced with negative criticism of something they like, attack the critic’s intelligence rather than defend the thing in question based on its merits. The “you’re too ____/not ____ enough” argument is worthless.

      • Matt

        I love Community (along with Parks & Rec and The Office) but it’s comments like these that make people not want to give shows like these a chance. If people don’t want to watch, it’s their loss, but there’s no need to be condescending about it. That only turns people off to these shows more.

    • DaveR

      I’m with you Jen. I never got past the pilot either.

    • whatevs

      I don’t blame you, the first few episodes of Community were painful to watch. I only stuck with it because of Joel McHale, but I’m really glad I did.

    • Neb

      Community #1 comedy atm!
      P&R and 30rock come close but community is by far the funnier one

    • Christine

      Honestly, I had to force myself to get through the first few episodes of Community, but I am so glad I did. By the middle of the first season it was the funniest show on tv. You will not regret giving it a second chance!

    • K

      My husband swears to me that he saw an episode of Community on a plane once and didn’t think it was funny…but I started watching from the beginning this year and now we both LOVE it. I’d say that it’s worth giving it a second chance, if you’re interested in adding another comedy to your TV schedule.

    • Dash

      Yea, Community is on of the best shows on TV right now. You are really missing out if you stopped after the pilot. Give it a try. Just power through and you’ll end up loving it.

    • Untitled

      I stopped watching the pilot 10 minutes in, it was so bad.

      I started again midway through season 1.

      It’s now my favorite show on television. Give it another shot.

    • miss k

      Yeah, the first episodes were hard to watch (and I absolutely adore Joel McHale) but give it another shot. I swear I’ll never forget ‘Modern Warfare’ for as long as I live.

    • Maddie

      The first five or so episodes of Community were pretty bad, the episode where I knew it was my new favorite show was their 1st halloween episode. It’s been love ever since then.

      • Prashant

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  • Dan

    YES. COMMUNITY! <3333333333333

  • DaveR

    Hoping Outsourced gets picked up too. I’m really getting into that one.

    • Jake


    • AC

      Outsourced is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The past few episodes have actually been really good.

      • Michael

        Also hoping that Outsourced gets picked up. It and the Office are the only two NBC shows I really care to watch.

    • AltDave

      OUTSOURCED has developed into a pretty good show. I went in expecting to hate it on every level and have been plesantly suprised at how good it is. Plus, Pippa Black is one of the hottest women on TV!

      • gypzyjedi

        I agree with you on every point. I did not want to like it, and it won me over. It’s kind of like looking at American culture through a “funhouse mirror” . I think Pippa Black lookes like a young Nicole Kidman.

      • grag

        Rebecca Hazelwood for me.

    • Kate

      Outsourced makes me really sad. The actors are some seriously funny people, but it’s hard to get past the cheese factor. It’s a really cheesy show.

  • Laura

    THANK GOD Community is renewed! I don’t know what I wouldn’t done without my favourite show on tv!

  • tina

    i love these shows but the new timing slots stink. i know they ditch that couples show so we can watch community, parks, office and 30 rock as a bundle. let couples die out there after outsourced.

    • tina

      probably one of most inarticulate posts i’ve ever done. time slot and hope they ditch. ugh.

      • davey

        …are you typing with one finger again?

  • Brent

    Parks & Recreation is completely UN-watchable. MUST-MISS TV!

    But glad to see The Office is back. Will be interesting to see if it’s still good without Steve.

    • B

      Wow. The Office has been mostly miss this season while Parks and Recreation is the best comedy on TV! I wish they’d let The Office end this season.

      • Mary

        Agree with B. Parks has been a real hoot (especially Ron Swanson) and this year’s episodes of The Office have been really sub-par compared to past seasons.

    • stacy

      I disagree, I Parks & Recs is very watchable.

  • Adam

    Love The Office and Parks. Office will be fine without Michael, there are so many characters that will get more screen time. I want more Meredith, Creed and Angela!

  • Adriaan

    YES, The office renewed <3

  • Fernando

    We’re not watching any of them anymore. We love Joel McHale on ‘The Soup,’ but we never got into ‘Community’ after giving it a half dozen episodes. ’30 Rock’ has gone waaaaay downhill. That was the first one we stopped watching. ‘The Office’ has suffered too, and the herky jerky camera style, zoom effects and cutting, makes us motion sick. We’re still recording ‘The Office,’ just to see how they phase Michael out, but it’s not must-see for us anymore. We’ve moved on to ‘Modern Family’, ‘Traffic Light’ and others.

    • Nathaniel

      This would be the ROYAL “we,” I assume.

      • loser

        The Editorial…

    • Kris

      Great you watch Modern Family, even though they do the same zoom in and camera moves just like the Office. So does Traffic Light, but the difference between The Office and Traffic Light is that one of those shows is getting cancelled. Just by reading this article, guess which one?

      Modern Family I agree with, it’s hilarious. However you won’t be seeing Traffic Light anymore than one season due to ratings. And the whole “camera is shaky, zooming in, etc.” stuff, you watch other shows that do the same thing. That’s an invalid argument if you hate The Office for that very reason.

  • Kyle

    Glad these shows were picked up again, all three are great. I also hope Perfect Couples gets picked up though… at first I didn’t like it much but it has really grown on me. Outsourced can go, however.

    • AltDave

      PERFECT COUPLES is really a good show. Come on NBC, just renew PC and OUTSOURCED, you have a strong lineup on Thursday, don’t mess with it.

    • Lizabeth

      I really like Perfect Couples, too. I hope they renew it. I haven’t been able to get into Outsourced.

  • mandy

    I am so pumped!


    Parks and Rec really went from a so-so first season to being quite possibly the funniest show on television. That cast is simply amazing. Ron Swanson = My hero.

    • Blame Leno!!

      Agreed! I also love Community it is fresh and innnovative. I also encourage people to give Perfect Couples a chance. The last few episodes have been HILARIOUS and it has earned as spot on my DVT which was already pretty full.

      • Anna L

        Good to see other people like Perfect Couples. It would be a shame if this one wasn’t renewed also.

    • Aubrey Plaza Marry Me

      Absolutely was funny all the way from start to where it is now, I love every single episode, it is really good.

  • B2

    I will miss Michael Scott, the funniest individual sitcom character in the last ten years… I watch EVERYTHING… Steve Carell will be missed… the show could do okay w/o him… however he should be recognized for what he brought to the show…

    • tnsmoke

      Amen. I don’t think people truly appreciate how hard it is to play Michael Scott and make people care about you and see the little boy in him who is just looking for friends and love in his life. These episodes where he and Holly are in love are amazing. Just the look on his face when he looks at her, pure love. I will miss you Steve but I will honor your memory and keep watching The Office as long as NBC keeps renewing it!

    • Christy

      He should be recognized with an Emmy……finally!

      • Ilyas

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