'Wonder Woman': First look at Adrianne Palicki in costume -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Image Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Red alert! Or should we say blue? EW has obtained an exclusive first look of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — from NBC’s reboot of the classic 1970s series.

What’s different from what we’ve seen before? Well, how about those shiny blue pants? And blue boots instead of red ones? Compared to Lynda Carter’s get-up, this body-hugging extravaganza de-emphasizes the patriotism and seems to play up the comic’s Greek mythology. And a special shout-out to those bracelets!

Wonder Woman is being remade by Boston Legal writer David E. Kelley, who has incorporated the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the pilot. NBC promises the project, if picked up to series, will offer a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character.

Along with Palicki, Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) and Cary Elwes (Saw, The Princess Bride) have joined the cast. Hurley’s character runs a pharmaceutical company that is creating a drug that makes people stronger while Elwes plays the CEO of Diana’s company, Themyscira Industries.

UPDATE: NBC’s Wonder Woman costume changed! See the first pics of Palicki in action

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  • Angel

    Face? A man! Body? Wonder!!!

    • Douglas


      • Bob

        Boobies indeed.

      • Addison

        Nomination for best comment. Seriously. Yes.

      • Cygnus

        Woh! I second it: BOOBIIIIEEESSS!!

      • Your mom


      • Tom

        Just give people nudity on American TV, and we can cut this BS about comic books.

      • pickle t1ts

        she’s got walleyed cans… yeesh. baaaaad choice.

      • Kelly

        Fake boobies. It’s weird now that men like fake better than real. This outfit emphasizes their fakeness with the intense separation and lift. Yuck.

      • Aaron

        Looks like the picture you see printed on cardboard and slid into the plastic front of the costume packet in those cheesy cheap-o halloween stores. Seriously?!?! This is gonna be a big fat load of some seriously fresh dog poo. NBC = Not Better (than) CBS.

      • Kat

        If they really plan on have the show be a “serious take” on the comic they really should have made the costume more contemporary and less, well, costume-y

      • robert

        i have 3 issues with this. 1-boots should be red. 2-looks like too much red makeup, she should have more natural colors. 3-she looks like she has a flat butt, when she should have a rounder butt and more muscles in her legs as she’s an amazon.
        they should have followed xena’s costume. making it out of leather and changing the colors to ww’s colors/logo.

      • no wonder

        its no wonder that this one there for the boys and if you are a woman reading this just think since when has normal women ever brought or supported for wonderwoman comics that has been running for the past 70 years? it is only because of her loyal male audiences that has kept her alive for so long and ill be happy if it is made for them.however i do think it Fails.

      • Vsxe

        Who cares about boobies!, I want to see more legs! (and I agree too about her lack of muscle tone)

      • MC

        um, is anyone else worried that the plot sounds kind of similar to the halle berry catwoman movie? i really hope this doesn’t suck as wonder woman is one of my favorite characters. i’ll give it a go, but not holding out too much hope for this one.

      • elocutionist

        Required: Bare legs, and one breast bare like in Roman times (bit of body paint to appease censors).

        Also, her crotch is riding down– at least put underwear outside the tights, for god sakes.

      • James Shannon

        I can`t understand why somethings in this life is either to much or not enough.. there is sex all over the tv set these days and noone says anything.. now that some one let some cleavage show all of a sudden just because some idiot.. says boobies.. there is conflict.. why is so much emphasis on one part of a woman`s body.. make a show bad.. come on.. if the rating commission would do it`s job.. instead of just picking certain shows to tackle more shows would be more entertaining and not more criticized… thank you for letting me have this time

      • Victor

        AGAIN…it is all great…THE PANTS SUCK! Not true to the original Wonder Woman. If anything it should have been more conservative back then…NOT NOW

    • Elle

      I don’t mind the costume but I wish she had a more athletic body. I think she is a beautiful girl and I know she’s very tall. But I don’t think she’s curvy or athletic looking enough. She looks too thin. And yes, her implants are distracting. Some implants are fine because they can look real. These don’t look real.

      • Leo

        I agree! I do hate the costume, but I think she should be more toned. She looks frail and way to thin. This looks way too pin up and less Female Empowerment. This costume makes Linda Carter’s look like a pair of military fatigues.

      • Julia

        totally agree Leo and Elle!! THEY are very noticable but not much else is…. I prefer my gal to have more of the fem power then boob power.

      • Big Walt

        I’d always thought she was hot before. This has me rethinking that position. She looks like a drag queen.

      • Big Walt

        They don’t look like implants to me as much as they just look like they’ve been smashed up and in to make them look bigger. Really bad.

      • Shaa-chan

        I agree 100%! I don’t ask much, she doesn’t have to look like a bodybuilder or anything, I would just like her to look like she has strength at all!

      • Rob Mars

        Elle: Spot on. Such casting is inappropriate for this day and age. It’s not as if there are no athletic actresses to be found in Hollywood.

      • Brett

        First off, I doubt that she’s got implants. It’s the costume that makes her breasts look a little more than they actually are. Second: in this outfit, will she be ending each episode with a trip to the local roller rink for some roller boogie action?

      • Tom

        That’s definitely not a man.

      • guerotix

        Absolutely! She needs hips and a very sexy athletic look. Seems she’s not very comfortable with the suit.

      • TVAddict

        After watching her for years, I was quite certain even before this picture that she has some ridiculous implants.

      • Amelia

        When I first saw the picture I thought ‘she’s starved herself way too thin for this role’… then I thought, oh, this is America, boob jobs are normal. She’s probably a naturally tall, thin girl who has just had gigantically disproportionate breast implants. I guess that is supposed to make her the perfect male fantasy & thus the perfect choice for wonder woman…?

        I wish she was more athletic looking, she has no muscles in her arms. And she’d have to have super-human abilities to be able to fight or move at all in that ridiculously tight costume.

      • mari

        @Big Wait – I agree. Her make-up is atrocious.

      • K

        I agree about her lack of muscle tone – maybe she’ll beef up a bit more? I’m not saying she has to be the female Arnold, but Wonder Woman is an Amazon and should look convincing when she beats the sh*t out of men. Also, I actually DO hate that costume. I appreciate that they got rid of the panties and gave the woman some real pants, but the whole thing is just way too shiny and it looks super cheap. They keep claiming it’s a serious, non-campy take, but this outfit SCREAMS camp.

      • Rob Mars

        @K She needs to beef up more than just a bit, and it’s too late for that now. They should let her go and get someone better suited to this particular role (ASAP). Fix the costume too–but that’s not difficult.

      • ashlee

        I agree. She needs to muscle up her entire frame. She is a fine actress but in that Fredric of Hollywood outfit no one is going to notice anything but her cleavage.

      • Kristen

        Well the show is being made by David E. Kelly who also made Ally McBeal. I loved Ally, but it turns out that pretty much every main actress on that show had a eating disorder of some sort. The guy likes his females tiny.
        As for this show, I think even if NBC approves the pilot, it will be another stinker for NBC. I just don’t see it being good.

      • Amy

        I disagree, Big Walt. They definitely look like implants. Not only do her breasts look unnaturally round and high on her chest, but you can practically see the outline of the round implant.

      • Marcus

        i totally agree with you. she is way too thin. that isnt anything super looking about her.

      • jury’s out

        @Big Walt- The problem is that she looks better as a blond and she’s a natural beauty so heavy eye makeup and red lipstick don’t look good on her. Also, the costume is tacky. I have a bad feeling about this.

      • Holy Fakeness

        Well the Eagle has to wedge between em somehow.

      • ATWT

        Why did they make her look like a pole dancer? She’s Wonder Woman, not Pole Dancing Woman. LOL.

      • Daniel R

        The costume just doesnt work. It’s not WW.

      • Missing the Shorts

        I agree about not having the body that Lynda Carter had. There was something about her – she was just more voluptuous all over. This woman seems like a pencil and is more ready for a volleyball game than ready to duke it out with some guy over 200+ pounds. In addition, where are the shorts!!!!????? Men (who I am sure will be the primary focus of the show) want to see T&A – meaning legs and a bikini bottom like Lynda had on. Producers, did you forget why Baywatch was so successful??????????? Bring back the shorts and lets see some leg!

      • IveGottaHelmet

        First off her boobs are real, that’s just the costume doing that lift, they still hang low once it’s all said and done, watch her other “works” or check some of her online pics and you’ll see,
        Yeah she’s tall, but wonder woman should be a super curvy Athletic Gal.
        I’d gone with Jessica Biel, and her perfect tight and uplifted Buttocks. But I’m sure with her film career still going she won’t be going back to TV anytime soon.

        Finally, if this was a movie, they’ve hired a Personal Trainer for Ms. Pallecki and she coul’ve gotten into fighting shape, as it is with TV and their last minute decisions, she’ll go the way of most shows, where the charcters look a lot thinner and better by episode 2 (which usually is filmed several months after the pilot) and progressibely build herself toward the perfect Wonder Woman shape.
        Not my kinda show, either way…

      • Barry

        The costume looks like it was designed for a latex fetish Halloween party from Eyes Wide Shut. Have the writers/designers even read any of the recent comics, or they EXCLUSIVELY influenced by the 70’s show? This DOES NOT WORK. Our family has been eagerly anticipating a Wonder Woman reincarnation since rumors went round about Sandra Bollock playing the role about a decade ago. This is sad and the biggest disappointment since the Lost finale.

    • Wilhemina

      Holy crap. Cheap Halloween costume-meets XXX parody costuming meets the tranny Kardashian. And those boobs are obviously, distractingly fake. Looks cheap all around. To think that this is comics’ premiere female hero. While Supes and Bats get big-budget films, reboots, and Oscar-winning franchises, the alleged third part of DC’s comic Trinity gets a crappy Ally McBeal Meets Smallville TV Pilot that already looks like a disaster…

      • casting couch

        Wilhemina, couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Alex

        DING! You hit the nail right on the head.

      • nick

        100% agree. Well said.

      • Mary

        You just said everything.

        She lacks musles, and some real clothes, not one that looks like plastic. This looks like a cheap cosplay.

      • Anne

        Seriously! And how can they possibly call this a “serious” version of the story when she’s wearing such a tacky, glittery costume???

      • Leo

        This can be fixed. Let’s just hope they take the scads of negative criticism and make changes. If I were in the costume department I would keep only the bustier, but everything else has to go! Cover up those pipe cleaner arms with a Leather jacket, like the “New” Wonder Woman in the comics. Then change the blue latex pants and boots to non shiny black leather a la the Matrix and voila you have a proper costume. And for the love of God fix that crotch!!! The tailor needs to be slapped on the wrists.

      • jared4ever

        AWESOME way to sum it up Wilhemina!

      • aerithreborn

        I was just thinking about how we were missing a Wonder Woman movie, but they give us this…

        @Leo, Anne, and Mary, I know several cosplayers who are crying at this… If a microscopic budget cosplayer can make a better, more faithful WW costume, why can’t a TV budget do so as well?

        And, Leo, the crotch is the crying shame of the whole costume… I wanted to die when I saw it. I mean, really?

      • Kat

        The costume is terrible but the actress is worse. Am I the only person who saw her in Legion? (I hope so, talk about a stinkfest).

      • Olivya

        Amen!! She needs to be a strong woman, physically, mentally, emotionally. This is definitely not it. She is much too thin. Let her be a strong character!!! I like Leo’s idea of black leather legs and boots and a jacket. This is the new millennium for god’s sake, not the 50s.

      • Syka

        This looks like a cheap porn costume. Seriously…I think Party City might have their hands full this year

      • B

        Could not agree more Wilhemina…why is it female superheros always have the worst adaptations?!? Linda Carter was great, but this chick is trash compared to that. The costume is awful…its not even fully correct. And get that girl some muscle and meat on her bones for pete’s sake!!! Way too skinny to be WW…the casting directors were obviously distracted by her boobs when they thought she would be a good idea. This just screams CHEAP and canceled early.

      • ks

        Thank you I agree

      • Amelia

        Agreed. I’m all for a remake of Wonder Woman, but I wish she was portrayed as more than than just a 100% male fantasy. I can’t take her seriously at all. Wonder Woman would be worrying about splitting a seam in her super-tight costume every-time she’s in a fight.

        Let’s just make a whole TV series about Lisbeth Salander instead, please.

      • Sea Ef

        Ding! Halloween Costume all the freakin’ way. That’s just not right.

      • K

        A-f*cking-MEN, Wilhemina. The outfit looks ridiculous, and the actress, who is probably a perfectly nice girl so I don’t mean to be rude…but she does NOT have the look that Wonder Woman should have.

      • NMark

        Awful costume, worse actress. C’mon NBC, you already have the perfect Diana Prince in your stable of actors: Sarah Lancaster from “Chuck”.

      • Flying Tiger

        Truth. So who exactly is the intended audience of this clustercopulation?

      • Brand

        Porn stars and high school drag queens.

      • aramis

        Wil – I couldn’t agree more.

        The problem with WW, is that for some reason, hers is a character that has always been a challenge to write for the movies. Some really smart writers have tried and failed over the years. I think one day, someone will get it right, just not yet.

        I also agree with everything else you said.

      • Lisa

        I completely agree. I am so disappointed,because Wonder Woman was my favorite growing up. I watched the series religiously and even had a Wonder Woman Barbie. I was excited to be able to introduce my young daughter to an empowering female superhero….guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

      • storm

        Isnt she the woman appearing at Supernatural and ally of Sam Winchester?

      • Da Keith

        Yeah, that store bought costume and the overdone store-boughts on this girl are too 1990s. It’s the 10s! Even the Tomb Raider Lara Croft character finally got a mature update. Old fans and new fans of WW aren’t 14 year olds anymore, stop with over-sexualizing of the character just because she’s a woman. If the producer of this effort actually read any of the comic books, he/she would know that WW is much more than flesh and lipstick.

      • Daniel R

        You said. Horrifyingly BAD.

      • Daniel R

        Meant to say: you said it! Horrifyingly bad.

      • guitar39

        Atrocious. They have no taste, no sense of the character, no respect for the audience — gotta believe plots and dialogue will be just as trashy — if it airs at all I’ll give ‘em four weeks.

      • Wonder Goddess

        This comment is a reply to several posts on here! I agree about the WW franchise. That has been a bone of contention for me for quite some time! I WANT A BIG BUDGET WW MOVIE! However please note Joss Wheden (BUFFY) was going to do a major picture and then everything fell through because the studios would not let him stay true to the story line. Many directors won’t take this project on because they fear destroying her story “Like Halle Berry’s Cat Woman” . Also her costume is almost verbatim the costume in the DC comics WW story line (Her pants and boots should be black). I agree the shiny spandex is probably not the best way to go. A Xena look would be preferable to me as well. We have no concept of the story line as yet. Already it is being panned? I was so darn excited to finally have my girl back on screen (any screen) that I was willing to make exceptions. Regarding the comment about WW being for men/boys only and they are the only ones keeping her going is so fundamentally wrong! I am a huge WW follower and a woman. WW helped me become a very strong woman. When women find out about my WW cosplay etc they often tell me stories about how WW effected them in a positive light growing up. I hope that any WW movie/tv series of WW would do this for a new generation!

    • Cohen

      this image says it all: cancellation after one season.

      • casting couch

        Try pilot not getting picked up.

      • Lynette

        This won’t even register one episode. The costume is awful. Can this girl at least do a few bicep curls? Her arms look like spaghetti noodles. The breasts are awful. Cheap cheap cheap.

      • Tom

        If American TV allowed nudity, I think pretty much all of current Hollywood writers would be out of a job in a week.

      • sara

        Lynda Carter must be spinning in her grave.

      • disgruntled redhead

        Sara, considering Lynda Carter is not dead, I don’t know how she’d be spinning in her grave.

      • Jason S.

        Ok Lynda Carter’s career is spinning in it’s grave!!

      • natacha


      • Rachel

        If they go with this awful outfit there won’t be a first season. She should look like WONDER WOMAN not a stripper. Wonder Woman has a certain look and she’s been around for a long time. We all know how she should look and this mess isn’t it. She has a costume that is a classic. Don’t mess with a classic. She still needs to look classic and classy.

      • Charlie

        Give her a real Wonder Woman costume. STAT!!!

      • Simon Anderson

        I don’t give this a season. Hopefully they’ll come to their senses and either fix it NOW or just cancel the pilot.

      • Heidi

        I hope the execs are listening. I get that WW is curvy but she should have SOME tone with the softness. And the costume needs a complete re-do. There is a way you can stay true to the original look, yet be less glittery and shiny. She looks like my six year old neice’s dream doll.

      • Comic Book Guy

        I can’t with this.

      • Hildy Hernandez

        Woah! This costume is waaaaaaaaay more campy than anything they did on that 70s Wonder Woman Show. Come to think of it, it’s waaaaaaaay more campy than the 60s Batman. That’s God-Awful. The pants are really terrible.

    • Wilhemina

      I know TV isn’t the same as films, but is she really gonna have a rope dipped in glod glitter stand in for the golden lasso of Hestia?? Couldn’t they at least afford some sort of special effect to make it look like it’s a fiery, shiny magical artifact???

      • Tom

        Wonder woman was about empowering little girls.. Now you are telling them, hey if you have big breastisuses we can get your work and all the free drinks you can handle.

      • Olivya

        Not to mention her crown looks cheap.

      • Marcus

        That’s a rope? On this costume it looks like a whip! This whole thing is an awful mess. Not sure what the worst part is. Hmmm if I had to choose I’d say the pants HAVE to go.

    • Tom

      When will American TV allow nudity? You can keep the comicbooks, and just give the people what they really want to see.

      • Annette

        @Tom why do all women need to be nude? Sexist bastard what about hot men their not going naked for me so get over it! Women are not sex objects!

      • Kat

        Annette, I’m with you on the subject of women not being sex objects and all that, but…Tom never said all women needed to be nude, and it’s entirely possible he was making a joke, considering the ridiculous p0rn-esque way WW’s boobs are apparently going to be treated in the new show. Then again, it’s entirely possible that you’re making a joke that just went over my head? Ahhh, the internet.

      • Nix

        Thus is revealed the real secret to the popularity of HBO’s “high-end” dramas. Hell even their World War II series are full of boobies.

      • Sally

        I think it is strange that it is OK to use children comicbook themes as a medium to sell semi-pornographic imagery on public tv shows. You are send a very mixed message here to men and little girls. I don’t think this is what WW was originally about either 25 years ago or whatever. It’s a shame really.

      • Joe

        Tom, get over yourself you pervert. Go rent a porno movie and leave serious comments for serious. Surprised you took a moment from besting off to even comment. Like there isn’t enough adultery , STD’s, unwanted pregnancies in this country. If you’re so porn/ sex starved get a girlfriend or boyfriend but probably such a loser or so ugly no one wants you. We get it. Want porn on regular tv 24/7 put THAT’s what the Internet is for. So use it and shut the hell up about even MORE nudity on tv. You’re a disgrace to real men.

      • Sally

        Maybe if you stop selling sex to children like this. I dunno.

      • SKOOTCH

        nudity?TV can’t even give you young black male characters who aren’t criminals.

    • section.nine

      Well, at least they got the boobs right. The gal could also be a shoe in for Power Girl.

    • Biskits

      Well that certainly doesn’t look like something you could buy at Party City…

      • Debbie

        No because they ave SOME quality standards.

    • Sally

      Lucite high heels was the only thing missing from this outfit. Oh and playboy TV.

    • That is HIDEOUS

      Fake Boobie looks hideous in the costume. Did these people not watch the original WW and see Linda Carter in her costume? It makes me so mad that the symbol of female power is played by a chick who has FAKE and bad looking implants. It’s a sacrilege. I hope this kills her career and David E. Kellys b/c they both deserve to be severely punished for the destruction they have done to this amazing superhero.

      • suki

        Seriously! i am so skeeezed out and embarrassed and incredibly insulted. What fools sat in a room and greenlit this ? (Hopefully some decent person leaked this on purpose so the public could kill it with ridicule.) Screw you, if you had a hand in creating this image of a “strong woman”!!

      • Charlie

        Why the ate toward the actress? Shes just in a very awful looking outfit Give her a real Wonder Woman costume.

      • Wonder Goddess

        please people! As a woman with real breasts I wear bustiers. This is what they look like in a bustier. It is kind of the point of a bustier! She is wearing a bustier!!!

      • Debbie

        Put a shiny cape on her to match the costume and she’s Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl’s long lost third sister.

      • will g alvira

        What matters most about this latest interpretation of Wonder Woman is that it portrays an excellent female superhero rolemodel.

      • EJ

        I agree with you. I think the new wonder woman has a nice face but I don’t really like the new costume. Linda Carter to me will always be Wonder woman

    • Hate the Casting

      HORRIBLE casting – couldn’t they find someone with real breasts and actually look like the symbol of female empowerment instead of a sad pathetic Charlie Sheen porn actress w/ bad implants?

    • pickle t1ts

      yuck… she looks like Chyna from the WWE.

    • Adwina Lambert

      Yuck too! that jawline and chin can be deadly weapons!! tee-hee!

    • Jackie Bowden

      Adrianne is a pretty good look-a-like for Wonder Woman! However, the pants don’t have the stars from the AMERICAN FLAG, which Wonder Woman reprents AMERICA!!! Please add the stars and the boots need to be RED!! But that’s just one persons thoughts!! I just don’t want them to mess up the real Character like they did with the cartoon Superfriends!! Please stay with the Character as much as possible!! I know the person that plays “WONDER WOMAN” has to change, but not the whole character!!

      • Muncie

        The pants look really awful. Since when does wonder woman wear pants.

    • Danny Mac

      I’m pretty sure they sell better costumes at Wallmart. This is seriously the BEST they could do? With a bigger budget then Smallville? This is the most Iconic woman super hero. Almost as bad as Cat Womans costume in Cat-Woman.. No wait, this IS worse

      • Jamie

        Amen Danny!! I thought the same thing. The outfits on SmallVille are much much better then this. I am also pretty sure my kids own better costumes

      • Drake

        DANNY MAC!!!!!! You comments always make me L-M-A-O. I’d bang her though.

      • bruno

        Danny Mac 1 – WonderWoman 0

      • Shelly

        @ danny mac – this is the woman character i looked up to growing up. she is a vision of empowerment and a true leader for women. your comment is dead on, she deserves so much better then this. and i agree about the smallville comment, though this makes me worried for the superman costume eeek

      • Danny Mac

        Thanks my peoples lol. I will point out that the headband, the top, and the arms are pretty much dead on. But the whip looks just ridiculous. The pants are horrible. Really very horrible. When she fights will the pants squeak? Don’t even get me started on the cheap ass pimped out rain boots. And honestly, the lipstick just looks like an attempt to make her look like an actual woman. Any and EVERY costume on Smallville has been leaps and bounds better then this. LEAPS and BOUNDS!

      • Bluto

        “@ Shelley: this is the woman character i looked up to growing up. she is a vision of empowerment and a true leader for women.”

        Sluts are empowering.

      • Wonder Goddess

        @Muncie. Since WW #600

    • Jean Genie

      She does not have a man face. Maybe Angel’s jealous? I certainly hope this does so much better than the failed reboot of Bionic Woman.

    • Bluto

      Well I think it’s a lovely costume and I hope she wins FIRST PRIZE!

      • Marcus

        Exactly! Best costume at the next AVN Awards! Yay!!! Go porn!!!!!

    • monleo

      Who the F**k is Adrianne Paclicki???!!Couldn’t they get someone famous?

      • Kathryn

        She IS famous. She was one of the leads on the hit show Friday Night Lights…

    • Diana C

      I think Linda looked soooo much better…just sayin’

    • diego

      Boobs… on a tranny, nice.

    • Charlie

      Now this is what I want my daughter to emulate when she grows up. Great going Hollywood! Stay true to the message behind all those comicbook stories!

    • chase

      she looks cute…. what do you guys want a man to play the part??

    • antonio cail

      when is the wonder woman movie
      coming out thank you i think it will be a big hit

    • Richard

      Adrianne is a beautiful lady, but why not stick to the classic uniform. Why change a good thing? I don’t like the pants at all, stick with what all the fans already know, Wonder Woman does not wear pants!
      Come on guys, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Ann

      Come on is she really wearing that? I watched wonder woman when I was young and I wanted to be like her. She was sexy but also didnt look cheap. Honestly they should copy the old wonder woman constume but also make sure she has the same morals as well. She was a role of a strong woman who was sexy and was not afraid to show it but also had the morals of a good woman. That makes a good show. The current costume looks like a version of the 80s pop stars.

    • mk

      the older wonder woman wore a mini skirt and was much more sleezy and into her feminine side. thats the problem we have to many people punking these producers in how to run a bussiness. porn is a 42 billion dollae industry. at least shes wearing clothes ( lesbian fans) all these woman rights could suck a egg. dont like it, dont watch it. we dont cater to u, theres a fanbase that love to see wonder woman barely naked. if she wears those flea market 99 cent outfits i wouldnt watch it. looks boring and made up. wonder woman is a super hero with sex appeal, not grandma appeal

    • dk


  • ann

    I’ve seen so much better at Comic-Con.

    • CP

      That’s what I was thinking!

    • Boston


    • owais

      ha ha i put the same thing

    • Kat

      Yeah, Olivia Munn!

      • Jim

        Olivia Munn for Pygmi Wonder Woman.

      • ernie

        This is for teenage boys. The woman and the costume are perfect. Go watch Opera if you want Super Woman.

      • Olivya

        WW was created for girls as a symbol of female empowerment. Not as a boy pin-up. WW should look strong, be self-reliant, and forceful. She is supposed to be someone that girls can look up to and admire.

      • mike

        Good point Olivya… its not like SUPERMAN, BATMAN, or SPIDERMAN have skin tight revealing costumes…. OH, THEY DO? DUH… COSTUME IS AWFUL

      • Celine


      • CJ

        Name one female superhero thatdoesn’t currently have boob exposure. Even Mrs. Fantastic got opened up by Jessica Alba on both Fantastic Four movies.

      • Ike Iszany

        Mrs. Fantastic?

      • Android

        Well these are frightening. They are so tightly compressed and shoved up to her throat they could pop her implants. Someone could get hurt!

      • nathan carter

        Supergirl. Read Superman/Batman: Supergirl for proof.

      • LiamNecaise


      • will g alvira

        Anyone who is interested in watching a strong female rolemodel on tv who isn’t a superhero should watch Nikkita on the CW network instead and leave WW alone. Dammit.!

      • Kirk

        if your going to wait for something then you deserve something close. this is a cup cake when we were waiting for a cake. “super Woman” have you ever looked at a comic?

      • LiamNecaise

        Super Woman does exist in the comics and she sux…DC Presents Ann 1

      • crunchberries40

        dumbass. go jerk to your JC Penny’s catalog you teen punk.

      • crunchberries40

        go jerk to your jc penny’s catalog you teen dumbass.

      • AOTS

        Olivia Munn is full of herself and can’t act worth a hoot. All she was ever good for is for geeks to low a nut at – and now that time has passed too.

      • SKOOTCH

        olivia munn??????she’s built like a twelve year old boy,the only person to get turned on by her would be a catholic preist.why didn’t they just give hurley the WW role.sure she has the accent,but maybe that’s what they sound like where diana’s from?this sh*t is gonna go down faster than
        marilyn monroe on a producer.if they want a red,white,and blue-carrying woman,they could’ve got sean hannity for cheap!

    • Jason

      Yes, definitely! Sad that we have seen much better costumes at cons than this one!

      • James Everroad

        she is waering to much, take some off

    • ralphie

      Very true words. I have too. Small budget but awesome work. This is (big budget?) but doesn’t bring Wonder Woman to life. It interprets her into the entirely wrong direction. It just makes her look like a prostitute or pole dancer.

    • CJ

      Show me one for the original Wonder Woman (not Star Sapphire WW). If Geekologie’s annual picture posting is to be believed, you are ALL sadly mistaken and remembering wrong. That is a custom bustier and is not easy to do.

    • John silva

      It’s not any kind of challenge to improve on this.

    • harry

      damn straight!!!

  • kyleo71

    That’s…. awful. This is just reminding me of that Cathy Lee Crosby fiasco.

    • bruno

      yah. that’s REALLY, uh, bad. high hopes for palecki and this one, but not with her looking like a homemade cereal box character. yikes.

      • Henry

        Yikes she looks bad.

      • Rachel

        This costume couldn’t possibly be worse. Whatever designers worked on this need to be permanently banned from Hollywood before they do any more damage with hideousness like this. Ugly campy hideousness

      • K C

        Her action I saw was good, If she could continue to do so, I like to which that movies


      I thought exactly the same thing! Might be better if the boots were red, but otherwise…Ugh!

      • Howard

        Gotta agree on the boots. And losing the stars and short pants bothers me a little, but given that the original costume was designed in WWII, updating the bottoms makes this a little more modern. I don’t hate the costume, but I would prefer the original. I still don’t know if Palicki’s right for the part and if Kelley should be doing the updating. WW needs to be more regal and more exotic looking. TPTB missed the boat when they vetoed Whedon’s proposal.

      • Peter

        The pants are hideous beyond belief. But the boots are even worse.

      • Rachel

        Covering her legs and having her wear this shiny fetish gear ruins it totally. Why did they cover her legs. This is just wrong on so many levels.

      • Jean Genie

        Hey, better pants than “panties” – I called those short pants “trunks”, BTW.

      • Marcus

        Oh god, ditch the pants fast. Trampy!

    • myprettypony

      oh wow that is really bad. i agree. no. just no.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Damn, I liked that version, lol.

    • besimon

      My thoughts exactly. If the show is anything like this costume, sorry Adrianne.

    • Anona Muss

      You know, I skipped right over Lynda Carter to KLC as well. Doesn’t boob well, er, bode well for the show, does it?

      • Emily

        No, Anona. It very certainly does not boob well. Er… bode well. Sorry. Freudian slip.

    • Tom

      Bad’s not the word for this. You are being nice!

    • Peter

      Yeah this is more 70s than the 70s. Tacky disco shiny pants and boots. What’s up with the flashdance sweatband on her forehead where a tiara is supposed to be? Who there up the =w= symbols all over her? Ugly. And way shiny. Why is it so reflective.

      • Wonder Goddess

        Again WW #600. Dc comics changed her outfit. It received a lot of chatter a few months ago! This is almost the same outfit!

  • schaden

    can you say ho ho ho

    • Anna

      Ho! Ho! Ho! Wonder Woman was a princess! She should be classy, not skanky!

      • Mary Ann Ludwig

        You are sooooo right! (I miss the stars also.) Linda Carter looked like someone who could kick you-know-what, but this skinny little girl looks like the one everyone on the playground made fun of when they weren’t pushing her down.

      • Oh no!

        It’s the pants and boots that make her look like a total skank. And the shine. Since when does WW wear pants? Awful! I can’t believe how wrong they got this.

    • Bodhipuff


    • Tom

      There isn’t much wonder left to the imagination anymore it seems.

    • Marcus

      Wonder Woman does NOT wear pants. They look awful.

  • Topher

    Dear TV Deities,

    PLEASE do not let this get green lit. WW will never be able to recover.

    • John silva

      Agree! Don’t go forward unless they have her in her classic costume!

  • Erica

    Poor Tyra, she looks like she knows the show is going to be a failure.

    • Gwendolyn Lee

      I totally agree. What a weak, awkward photo. Its just a tacky plastic outfit, with a just pretty girl with no muscle tone. And whats with the fake halved melon boobs?

      Sigh, can’t they just get Lynda Carter. She still looks good.

    • Yoga

      This was the perfect comtuse for my 2yr old son. Since we live in Florida, I thought that the comtuse sold by Disney was impractical. I think it’s made of some type of plastic. That’s why I think this outfit fr Toysrus is so great. It’s a bodysuit made of cotton. At first my son was hesitant to put it on. Then again, he is in that stage where he wants to wear certain clothes that he picks out. Once it was on, we brought him to the mirror and the smile and gasps on his face was priceless. He was so amazed and kept saying Buzz . It made my husband’s and my day perfect!

  • Joey C.

    Miracle Laurie should totally been cast as WW. This actress is… they’re making her look more like a porn star than a super hero. Ugh… this show is going to tank! I bet it’s canceled after three episodes.

    • scottie

      glad you are not casting. just imdb’d miracle. shes fat, ugly, looks really old, and wouldve been a horrible choice.

      • Kat

        Well I wouldn’t call her fat, but she’s definitely not toned enough for Wonder Woman.

      • Annie

        You’re such an a*@. Idiots like you who call anybody (let alone this lovely girl) fat and ugly are a big part of what makes this world so depressing sometimes.

    • Flying Tiger

      Lucy Lawless or a Lucy Lawless oid. Not this abomination.

    • Bubba

      Joey C. you must be crazy. Miracle Laurie? She needs her teeth fixed lol.

    • BlackIrish4094

      I know some people wouldn’t find her to their taste but I actually think she would be a good choice, nice out of the box suggestion.

  • Micheal

    Cheap, cheap, cheap

    • pitt

      this, this, this!

    • HoMboy

      Cheap in so many ways. They need to scrap this disaster and start over from scratch. Ain’t no salvaging this mess. Eagle design is good though on the top. Just looks too cheap. Is it plastic?

  • Ethan

    Adrianne Palicki is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen… but that hair and makeup just doesn’t suit her AT ALL.

    • Joey C.

      I totally agree, Ethan! But sadly I think NBC is going to go through with it and put it on the air… unless the pilot is as much of a train wreck as the hair and makeup.

    • Javadude54

      If she’s going to be playing multiple personas on the show she will have multiple hair styles. This hair style is probably meant to contrast with her “business women” hair styles.

    • RK

      I just googled her, since I didn’t know who she was…wow, she looks awful here.

      • Debbie

        Blame the hideous costume.

    • darrin

      dont mind Ethan he’s slow and lives up in the mountain region of Virginia and the only reason he’s a virgin is because his sister can still out run him

      • Kat

        LOL. Get your offensive stereotypes straight. You’re talking WEST Virginia. Which is where I live at the moment. And it’s actually quite a lovely place.

    • Tom

      When they drop a ton of money on you, the clothes happen to disappear.

    • Olivya

      As some one stated in the later comics, there is no hint of Greek either in her costume. No strength. No power. She was an inspiration for young girls but this outfit is hideous and the complete OPPOSITE of what WW stands for!

      • Tony

        How was Wonder Woman an inspiration? She ran around in a one piece bathing suit, red white and blue! Wonder Woman, comic and tv show, was for fanboys and horny men. Otherwise, Carter wouldn’t have been crammed into her “Crime Fighting” outfit. Otherwise, I agree. Amazonian should be the goal, not hooker in costume. No digs against the actress, this just is NOT the role for her.

    • liz

      Love all the comments! Hopefully someone from David E. Kelly’s staff will look at some of the comments. There was poll on another site asking which costume viewers prefer. The majority of voters picked Linda Carter’s costume. This new reboot was obviously put together by a bunch of boobs.

      • Amber

        Super informative writnig; keep it up.

  • Troy

    Whoa that looks like garbage.

    • McProphet

      Why is it so damn shiny? She looks like a polyurethane sex toy.

      • Mae

        i know! i thought it was a computer generated image with her face paste on! and those boobs are awful.

  • Kana

    It looks like a tacky Halloween costume.

    • DW

      That’s precisely what I thought!

  • Rob Lopez

    NICE. She’s got the look, she costume is updated, and did anybody notice the stars along the sides of those shiny blue pants?

    • googie

      I LOVE IT! She’s gorgeous!

      • sam

        umm no shes not she looks like a hooker

      • Benget

        I bought this ctumsoe for my three year old and he absolutely loves it! We just got it in the mail today and he wanted to put it on right away! He would push the pretend buttons on the front of it and fly around the room. This was the great ctumsoe for him and I’m so happy I got it! HOWEVER, I did order the 3T-4T and we received the 4-6 so I was a little confused on why that happend BUT my son is tall for his age so honestly I’m happy I got this one, it fits him perfect!

    • Captain Sensible

      Good eye. Missed the stars. Couldn’t get past the man face.

      • Steven

        It’s Tori Spelling in a brunette wig wearing a cheap stripper costume– look at that horse jaw. Better tell craft services to stock up on oats

  • MoxieSue

    This is going to be a disaster.

    • joseph renwick

      Yes it will

  • andrew

    what r u people talking about, it looks amazing

    • Daniel

      Andrew I agree, I don’t get way so many people hate on stuff, just to say crap. The hair and the lipstick is a bit much, but I don’t see anything wrong with the outfit.

      • Bill

        The only thing wrong with the outfit is that it looks cheap. Shiny plasticy cheap.
        Really had high hopes for the series.
        Maybe they are showing this so expectations will be very low going in. If it’s just a little bit better in the final product then we will all think it’s great after seeing this.

      • Aaron

        When most of the replies are negative, it’s not people “just saying crap.” It really means the general consensus is that it’s a bad design. It’s on the same level as a cheap Halloween costume.

      • Zaiya

        Furrealz? That’s mravelolsuy good to know.

    • jon

      I agree! FABULOUS! Bring back WW!

  • Kana

    Disco Wonder Woman!

    • Debbie

      This is a cheap Solid Gold Dancer knock off.

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