'My Fair Wedding With David Tutera' season finale sneak peek: It's a royal wedding! -- Exclusive

I’m pretty upset that after this weekend’s season finale of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera I might feel obligated to start looking for something productive to do on Sunday evenings. Not that texting one of my best friends (who is recently engaged, which finally makes us look less crazy) back and forth during the episode isn’t productive. But anything else on a Sunday night just seems so much less fun than coveting TV weddings.

If you, like me, can’t wait for Sunday night, here’s an exclusive clip from the episode (airing March 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WEtv), which features a woman dreaming of a “royal wedding.” Of course, what David Tutera finds when he gets there isn’t exactly regal. In this clip, they’re on the path to getting back on track, though, as they search for a new wedding dress! Enjoy!

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  • Kaite

    I cannot stand reality TV. I don’t watch any of it, but this show is so cute. I stumbled across it a while ago and catch it when I can (I don’t have this channel). Dave is great. Just proves you don’t have to be a jackass to have a fun show

  • Cindy

    I love this show and had no idea that it was already to season finale time… Nooooooooooooooo.

  • idahodave

    this show is one of my guilty pleasures. I love the way he treats his brides. He gives them what they need to have the wedding they dream of.

  • Dina

    Ahhh David is amazing and I love his show. If I could I would pay for him to be my wedding planner.

  • dianne

    love this show!!!!

  • dee dee1

    One of my favorite shows. David is so great at what he does and makes each bride feel so special. He’s magic!

  • wishfullthinking

    wish they would show a person getting married for the second time have a dream wedding because the first time they didn’t get one.
    Especially an older person who has missed out on feeling like a princess (or queen) and fears they will never feel special at a wedding

    • debbie williard

      Yes I agree this would be nice for him to do for someone.For example,my baby sister which is getting marrried in Oct.2011.This is her second wedding and her husband to be also.She has been with him for over 9 yrs.T

    • CruiseDiva

      I would love to see a second marriage wedding with 50+ year olds — NOT a renewal of vows but the real deal with the works.

      • Tom

        I truly agree. My wife of 32yrs had to settle for a “little Cupid” Vegas wedding. I was in the military at the time and did not have the resources to give her the wedding she deserves. But she put up with me and blessed me with 3 beautiful daughters. Thank God for brining her into my life.

  • upset

    why so many minorities getting the big wedding? there are many whites out there who deserve to feel special too

    yes this comment is racist but it’s true it seems every time I turn on the show it’s a minority person getting all the perks.
    I am tired of seeing them get everything while “we” have to work and pay for everything and not get the freebies and handouts

    • R

      We don’t even know if white people are signing up for the show. Its hard to say that “only minorities” are getting the big wedding if white people aren’t signing up…

    • R

      And furthermore, white people are not the only ones who work hard to pay for everything. There are plenty of minorities that work hard as well. I know its hard to believe given all the media puts out there but it is true. The way to feel special is not to get a free big wedding, but to ensure you have a good heart and good people around you. If you need a handout to feel special then you have bigger problems. Plus there have been plenty of white people on the show this season. Its not the minorities fault you only turn it on when they are on. Your comment makes you seem unnecessarily bitter…

    • bubbles

      I have to agree with your (“Upset”) comment but on the other hand I do feel that the minorities have been squashed from being out front in the past so I am happy to see them on the show so much. I would be nice to see a balance of everyone.

      • Hannah

        Well you shouldn’t agree with her comment. Obviously neither of you have watched the entire season. 1/2 – 2/3 of the brides have been white; truck bride and belly dancer most recently. Also if you understand the concept of the show, the brides have already planned their entire wedding and have most likely paid for the majority of it. David comes in mostly because the plans need a professional eye to get carried out properly. Maybe before you post such “racist” comments you should watch the show more often so you have a better grasp on what’s going on.

    • A

      This comment is idiotic. Upset, clearly you’re turning into the show at odd times because every other bride is a White bride. The week before bride (Belly dancing) was white, and 2 weeks before that (Hearts bride) was white, and two weeks before her were the Mini Truck and Breast Cancer survivor brides, both of whom were white. As a matter of fact, about 12 of the 24 brides this season have been White. The rest Black, Asian, Latina, or bi-racial. So 50% isn’t balanced enough for you since the other minority groups have to share the other 50%? Since you feel like minorities get “everything”, why don’t you hand over your white privilege? I’m sure they’d love to experience a taste of that.

      • HAPPY

        I love your point A. I could not have stated it better myself. And (Upset)if you know your comment is wrong and racist, maybe you should not make it. What a small minded individual you are. And you may be not be a minority, but perhaps you have a cold “black” heart, which is why you will not be picked for anything good as you are sitting around begrudging other people’s happiness and good fortune. So sad.

    • Susan

      Yes your comment is very racist. You may not admit it but that comment proves you are racist. You need to examine your own heart of why your so jealous & judgemental.
      You need to learn from David Tutera who treats all his brides with respect and dignity. He wants his brides to have a wonderful magical day no matter what race or religion they are.
      You need to stop being spoon fed this garbage that minorities don’t work hard, don’t pay their own way and are taking from white people.
      As a Christian I believe we were all created by God and that includes all people not just whites.

    • Mary T

      I was thinking the same thing so I agree with you completely….you were brave to say what you were thinking.

      • Nette

        Wow! How ignorant the both of you sound. I love the show and enjoy when he does for brides regardless of their race.

        By the way, I’m an African American woman who could afford my wedding if I was to get married.

      • A

        Yes Mary T, they are so “brave” to make bigoted comments while hiding anonymously behind a random screen name on the EW website. (rolling eyes) Morals, character, and principal aside, if you look at the stats I provided above (assuming you have an above average capacity for literacy) you would see that you all are wrong based on numbers alone. I didn’t even count the brides of color who were bi-racial or marrying White grooms – that would give you bigots even more White to love.

    • billy

      Welcome to our world!

  • Annie

    Love this show!!! My guilty pleasure, David is great.

  • debbie williard

    Yes I agree this would be nice for him to do for someone.For example,my baby sister which is getting marrried in Oct.2011.This is her second wedding and her husband to be also.She has been with him for over 9 yrs.They both were afraid to ask one another so she proposed to him on Valentines Day.We lost our mom in 2004 suddenly so I have become her mom for support.Our dad is still living but is 77 now and she wants to have a Church wedding so he can walk her down the aisle.She has never had a wedding before to make her feel like a Princess or special.They are on a limited budget so can’t have anything special like I would love to see her have.These are truly two people who would really deserve to have a dream come true like you give to special people.
    Your show is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.The wedding date they have chose is that of which would have been my mom and dad’s anniversary date.

  • Allie

    WOW! What a shame that in 2011 people still making such racist comments as those made by the “Upset” person…he/she is entitled to his/her opinion, of course, but he/she needs to know (because apparently he/she doesn’t) that many of us African-Americans and Latinos (I happen to be BOTH!) can and do work hard for everything we have and are just as deserving of dream weddings as the whites you claim no to see on the show…wrote about.

  • jr

    this show is sweet and david is too. but he seems very one dimensional when it comes to his decor. he uses different colors but it all feels basically the same.

  • Allie

    …and BTW, who gives a damn what color the bride is…LOVE IS LOVE and I think every couple who decide to share their lives deserve a shot at the dream wedding David and his crew can provide…that’s why this show is such a HIT!!!

  • Trudie

    Just watched this episode. What was the point of having the bride get her hair and makeup done, dress in an evening gown and then take a helicopter ride with David? Should have been the bride and groom in the helicopter….

  • Deejaan

    May I just say I am really sick and tired of women who like to pretend they are “royalty” for their wedding. You’re not royalty and you are not a princess, queen or dame. We have real royalty from England who are getting married in April and they are the only ones who get the royal wedding. Get real ladies – it is your special day, but you are not, I repeat, NOT royalty. Just be who you are. That is perfect enough.

    • Katie

      The bride (and groom) are more than likely paying an exorbitant amount of money on what will hopefully be a once in a lifetime event… if they want it to be “royal” they are more than justified in wanting to feel that way!

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