'24' movie: Kiefer Sutherland announces release date


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We’re holding our breath, Jack Bauer: Kiefer Sutherland told the women of The View this morning that the much-anticipated release of the 24 movie will be in (drumroll please) …  2012.

Hey, there’s no reason NOT to believe Sutherland (who was on the show to promote his Broadway play That Championship Season). Still, EW hears that the movie has yet to find a director and has no start date. I guess we should stay tuned.

Sutherland told EW earlier this year that he remains committed to a big-screen version of the Fox drama and, in fact, hopes to begin production within a year. Though Fox ultimately nixed a script by Billy Ray (State of Play), the movie remains “the little engine that could.” He acknowledged that 20th Century Fox has been working with director/producer Tony Scott (Man on Fire, The Good Wife) on the project. “Billy did a fantastic job and there are aspects of that story [that will remain],” the actor says. “I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

What do you think, Bauer fans? Will you believe it when you see it?

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  • Mr. Holloway

    While this certainly isn’t anywhere near the ridiculous levels of “I’ll believe THAT when I see it” as the “Arrested Development” movie, “2012” seems pretty vague.

    I’ll get excited when there’s a director and a start date.

    • deedeedragons

      Yep! the 24 movie will come out the same time as the Veronica Mars & Arrested Development films.

      • Rosemary Southard

        Hey I am a big big fan of Jack: I have been waiting on that movie. I will believe it when I see it come out. It was a shame that 24 ended. they should continue with the series. there were too many fans to end it like they did. I will believe it when I see the movie.

    • elionkaraj@hotmail.com


  • Two Words:

    who cares

    • Jay

      That’s four words, imbecile.

    • The BIg Nutsack

      Who cares you ask? Well the numerous fans of 24 that kept it on the air for nearly a decade, that’s who. Now go run along and watch your Real Housewives. Winning!

      • Chance

        THANK YOU … I agree with you 24 has many fans, can’t wait for the movie.

    • Karen

      It was the best show that you could ever see on TV – action packed, kept you on the edge of your seats all the time – absolutely the best show ever – waiting impatiently for the movie -

      • cj

        I feel the same way. I have never enjoyed or anticipated any show like 24. I wish it could go on and on. I rented all the dvd’s to watch it from beginning to end.

      • jacobi/ newkid20

        Your right I can’t Waite for this new one to come.

    • Johanna

      I have never found a tv series as enjoyable as 24. Really looking forward to the film.

  • Outbound

    Holster your release date!

  • Kyle

    I hope they bring back Audrey, even if just for a cameo.

    • Stacy

      YES im hoping for that too!

    • kieferfan

      I’d rather they bring back the red-haired chick (Renee)from the dead like they did with Tony. She and Jack had better chemistry than Jack and Audrey did.

      • Marie

        Oh, I agree! Granted I’m not to keen on the idea of a back from the dead plot, but I loved Renee and Jack much better than Aubrey and Jack.

  • joesmom

    I miss “24”. Mondays just haven’t been the same.

    • Dana

      I totally agree!!! Miss my Jack Bauer.

    • joblo

      Amen, Joesmom. Amen. Jack Bauer, the world needs you.

    • Kim’s Cougar

      Amen, joesmom. I’m hoping the film is set in between a past season so we see such favorites as Bill Buchanan and Edgar Stiles. And no “24” film would be complete without Chloe!

      • skeletor

        I dunno KC..
        Prequel is a nice idea in theory for that reason, seeing old favourites.
        But that kills the suspense for the whole movie?
        Will Jack/Tony/Chloe/Bill/etc survive?… Well, obviously

        If it’s Jack in Europe, I hope the writer watches at least seasons 5-8 and writes something that ties up the loose ends. Going after Suborov and getting some sort of Tony appearance would be my wishlist

      • Hcat

        i just finished watching season 8 and i thoroughly enjoyed it but i did notice that the shocks and surprises werent so surprising as they have all happened before in some way or another i.e. ctu infiltrators,Jack becoming a fugitive etc..but still it is my favourite escape ! A movie should think about reinventing some of the original tension somehow ..my idea for a theme would be a deeply imbedded religious cult as the terrorists going all the way to the top. I think Kevin Bacon should be Jacks old war buddie .

    • Lyn

      Me, too! Why do they never throw us a bone with a “24” marathon? That said, I don’t much care about the movie, unless it’s soon enough to keep Kiefer from doing that idiotic-sounding TV show where he’s the dad of an autistic kid with psychic powers.

      • Johnna

        I can’t go a day without “Jack”! Good thing Netflix has the entire series to watch anytime you want! (: a movie would be great………

    • Pixxifish

      you said it. so miss that show.

  • Reena

    Damn I get all excited with the headline only to get the year…I’ll wait til a director is chosen to actually be looking forward to the movie!

  • Jared

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    That said, at this point, I *do* want this movie to happen and for it to turn out well. I felt like the series finale of “24” was decidedly unsatsifying, and a large part of that was from them trying to leave story threads open for a movie. I would still rather them have made a conclusive, satisfying ending to the TV show (either Jack biting the big one or finally finding some happiness). So for ruining that possibility, they owe the fans a damn good movie.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Very well said.

  • brownhound

    He actually said summer of 2012 but several people were talking over him.

    • Mr. Holloway

      People were talking over him? On “The View”?!?! I don’t believe it!

      • FlickDude

        I have the transcript:

        Sutherland: The 24 movie is coming 2012 in the S-

        Panel: BAWK!!!! Bawkbawkbawkbawkbawk BA-GAAWK!!!!!!!

      • Jon

        FlickDude, comment of the day.

      • Nick

        hahahaha FLICKDUDE! ftw!

  • Janelle


  • James Hardy

    I agree with Jared, the ending of season 8 left too many questions left unanswered. The fans as well as Jack needs some closure. Will he have to be on the run for the rest of his life or will he do some time in the big house and get to watch his grand daughter grow up.

  • Sammie

    As much as the movie is making me curious, the series isn’t named 24 for nothing, it needs to wrap everything up, answering questions that never got answered, maybe the fates of one or two people that were popular ect. I don’t know if they could do that in a movie.

    • Vince from NYC

      Maybe in a Trilogy? The more Baur the better..

      • Jon

        If the movie doesn’t do well, the “trilogy” is a lock. Why? If it fails, KS might get boozin’ again…and fines and court charges are NOT cheap! Yes, I went there. Yes, it WAS a joke. Whine all you want, but it wasn’t meant maliciously.

      • daniel H


      • Pixxifish

        OMG…that would fantastic “24,Pt 1, 2, 3 YES!!!

  • drew

    All Kiefer has to do to get things rolling is grab an exec and scream “DAMMIT….PLEASE…..LIVES AREA AT STAKE.” Those phrases seemed to get the job done on the show anyway.

    • Hcat

      the movie should be 24 hours long so we go through the same time with a break for sleep or split it up into 6 4 hour movies okay that probably wont work

    • tgriff

      you 4got…NOW!!

  • handwasher

    I’d love to hear one more “Dammit!” and one more “Who are you working for??!??!?”

    • jules


      • Tuanmuda

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    • Sal

      I’ll give you my word

  • majamababe

    how about one of those famous Jack Bauer torture scenes? If (insert director of choice here) you don’t do this movie, I will torture you till you do!

    • Pixxifish

      I agree!!!let’s get this movie started!!!

  • Bill

    Please make a free standing movie that has nothing to do with the television show. Make one featuring David Palmer, Tony, Michelle, et al.

    • Sarah

      Copy that!

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