'Castle': Date or wait? Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic take sides. Who's right? POLL!


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If you’ve read this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story with Nathan Fillion, you know that he and his Castle costar Stana Katic have different opinions on when Castle and Beckett should get together. She thinks sooner (Moonlighting curse be damned); he thinks later. We asked them to plead their cases, then got show creator Andrew Marlowe to weigh in (his opinion is, after all, the one that really counts). Read their arguments below. We’re taking it to a vote. 

Stana Katic says date: “I might be naively romantic, but I believe that a relationship can be just as spicy when people get together as it was in the chase. The complications that happen when characters like Beckett and Castle get together can make for interesting viewing. They have ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, he has a certain kind of lifestyle and she has a certain kind of lifestyle — and then on top of all that, they actually really care for each other. It would be neat to see how these two people attract each other and drive each other crazy. I’d love to see what happens when Beckett actually touches on a couple of his pet peeves. It would be fun to see her torture him a little bit, you know, in a fun way.”

Nathan Fillion says wait: “When you get people together, [viewers] stop with the yearning, they stop with the wanting. They go, ‘Ah, finally. They’re together. All right, what else is on?’ I know as an audience member, I enjoy knowing more than the characters I watch on TV know. [With our show it’s] looking at these two, saying, ‘Just turn around! She’s making the face right now! She’s making the face! You’ll see it! Ah, you missed it.’ The lack of resolution is what keeps people coming back. I think the challenge is how do you serve that so it’s not repetitive.”

Andrew Marlowe says wait, but not too long: “Fans wanting them together, network keeping them apart? Sure, there’s a dance to be done there. Look, I know from other shows that if you get the characters together too early, you can lose the audience’s interest. But I also know there is a certain point which, if you go beyond it, you’re just jerking fans around, and the characters on-screen become more like bickering brother and sister. They act like that, and the romantic spark goes away. I think there are real-life obstacles that get in the way of a relationship, which we’ll get into. And I do feel there’s storytelling to be had, once the two of them get together, because there’s stuff to figure out there — but I don’t think we’re at that point yet. I feel like my job is to keep the audience invested in the relationship without them feeling they’re getting jerked around.”

Who’s right?

I vote wait, but NOT until the final season. I don’t think you can keep putting Castle and Beckett in life-threatening two-parters (which have been the show’s best episodes) and not move their relationship forward. Plus, Castle was crowned the TV character EW.com readers would most want to date — I think the show’s strong female fan base would stick around because they want to see what that actually entails. In the end, I think Katic and Marlowe are on the same side. Chatting with her, she reminded us that unlike the audience, Beckett doesn’t know that Castle’s still coming to the station because he’s crazy about her. “These are things that he’s admitted to himself, maybe to his daughter. Beckett can guess at it, but I think to her, he’s still the man about town, a cheater, a gigolo. He’s not interested in her in that way,” she says. “I was talking to Andrew, and I said, ‘I don’t remember Beckett knowing why he broke up with his last two relationships.’ I know that it came up in one of the episodes that Gina cheated on him at some point, and I said to Andrew, ‘I think I would have remembered that if Beckett had heard that.’ He said, ‘That’s because it was information that came out in his loft, and Beckett wasn’t there.’ So there’s stuff that Beckett still doesn’t know about Castle, and there’s stuff that Castle doesn’t know about Beckett, too. There’s still some growth for the two of them along those lines.”

How close will the duo get in the coming months? Marlowe offers two teases: “We have an episode where Castle and Beckett go out to Los Angeles to investigate a murder that puts them closer than they’ve ever been in their relationship,” and, “We’ll really be dealing with where they are in their relationship in a serious way as we get to the end of the season.” Katic is equally vague: “I think the audience will see his feelings for her in a way they haven’t seen before.” Fillion, asked point-blank if we’ll see a second kiss, claims to be clueless: “There’s a story that Andrew has presented to me that I know we could play around with the possibility of a kiss,” he says. “So I know something is coming up where it could indeed happen. How’s that for a terrible hint?” (Additional reporting by Jeff Jensen)

For more Fillion — including Katic and Marlowe’s take on how much of the actor is in Richard Castle — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly now on stands. Or, you can click here to buy this issue online.

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  • Casey

    I hope they are able to make them exciting as a couple when they do get together eventually.

    • Bethany

      If they were able to use the general plot outline (non-cop become’s cop’s partner) and make it fresh, original, and always interesting, what’s to say they can’t make a relationship just as interesting? They’ve already broken so many TV “rules” successfully–I’ve got faith they can break this one too.

      As for wait v. date? As much as I’m dying to see them together now, I could probably wait for the rest of this season and half of next season before I start pulling my hair.

      But whatever the case, I’ve got patience and hope for these two!

    • Eddie

      Might I say, Chuck!!
      They got together and they seem to have the same ratings. I also find the show watchable because it about more than the tension. I but if any show can make it happen Castle can.. dating doesn’t men it works.. and the making it work is key.

      • Cara

        Eddie, I agree! Chuck managed to get Chuck and Sara together without lowering the tension or emotion. So I hope Castle follows its example…

      • Saad

        Yup, Chuck is so far the only show I can think of that has defeated the will they/won’t they mechanic and has managed to create an entirely new dynamic from it.

      • Lin

        Only Chuck is terrible now… only it’s actually not because Chuck and Sarah are a couple.

        The show is just shockingly horribly written and ill-conceived these days.

      • ST

        Er, much as I like Chuck, I have to point out that ratings staying the same for Chuck is not a good thing…

      • KG

        Exactly they got together and it was what made me want to never stop the show.They plaid with Sarah and Chuck’s hearts made the connection and obsticals and then they dated and made the show even more amazing expescially with all of the cliffhangers.I am just upset that the finale sucked!I have been watching Castle for four years and it is getting near time for them to get together, but there needs to be some fun obsticles and flirting.

    • Tina

      The only show I remember to successfully have the leads date and keep viewer interest was “Friends” with Ross and Rachel. I think that’s just because they dated for a while (gave viewers what they longed for) then broke up and the tension was allowed to re-kindle, thus hooking viewers again. If Castle can pull off that same type of thing, they could probably have a win-win.

      • Jane

        I’d have to disagree with you on that one, they had Ross and Rachel on and off so many times they annoyed me. The relationship I really liked in Friends was Monica and Chandlers. They were interesting watching to see how they grew.

      • Kayla

        Um has everyone forgot about CSI’s storyline with Grissom and Sara? They are MARRIED now and CSI is still the number one show on CBS! They did the whole “will they won’t they” but they hid it from the team and only showed some scenes of them together for real and some looks and touches in the office!! Castle and Beckett can do the same thing, we already have looks and things but to see them together as a couple out of the office and being secretive then the show will have no problem at all and the show will be PERFECT!!! perfect actors and actresses and the perfect characters and the perfect couple EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Get them together because I am tired of this jerking around!!!

      • KG

        Kayla, I have to admit that would make Castle pretty dang good.I still want something like a life or death situation to happen like Castle gets hurt and he is in the hospital and Beckett comes and says that she can’t live without him or something at that she can’t risk loosing him.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I agree with Andrew, I want to wait, I’m enjoying the chase right now. It’s fun, it’s exciting, I love turning on my TV every Monday and waiting for at least one longing look between them. It’s fun going online and speculating with friends on when, how and why they will get together. Fanfiction is always written from the perspective of “What if this is how it happens…” once it actually IS cannon it isn’t as much fun after awhile…

    HOWEVER: It is true that if you wait too long then it gets boring. I love NCIS and I’m a big Tiva fan but I haven’t seen the last 6 episodes or so because as a viewer I am just bored with the relationship. Marlowe is right, you wait too long and the chemistry is gone.

    So basically it is a balancing act, the fact that Marlowe is aware of that makes me optimistic that he will find that happy middle ground to keep the show amazing.

    • Kristen

      Agreed. I vote for wait, but not until the last season. There is fun in the chase, but there is also fun to see how the relationship plays out. I want to see both.

    • Vanessa

      I agree on your NCIS example. Big Tiva fan as well but I stopped watching because I got tired of it.

    • Brittany

      I agree, wait but not for too long. They still have some things they can discover about eachother, but if they wait like the JAG writers, I will be moving on. There chemistry is so great…DON’T LET IT DIE!!

  • fuzzbait

    I think it’s better sooner than later. One of the greatest things about Hart to Hart was they kept on doting on eachother and enjoyed eachother WHILE married and in love.

    • queue55

      Exactly! Hart to Hart had great casting and chemistry (as does Castle) AND they were already married. It can be done!!

  • Hot for Nathan

    I was a big fan of HIMYM but after six seasons with very little payoff concerning the mother I’m done with that show. I hope Castle and Beckett get together sooner rather than later before the fans lose interest.

    • Casey

      Even though the title of the show is about him actually meeting his future wife, I actually think the show is about a group of friends and their life experiences. That’s what I watch it for anyway. Gosh, I can’t imagine someone watching the show just to see who he actually ends up with. If that’s the case you should have quit watching a long time ago.

  • Dani

    Season 3 had seen some fantastic closeness between Castle and Beckett. But the significant others as obstacles are beginning to get tiresome, especially when it is made so obvious that Castle and Beckett have such a strong connection. As Marlowe and Katic discuss, there are quite a few issues that remain between Castle and Beckett and can be explored over the course of the next season as the sexual tension continues to boil. But I think it would be difficult to maintain the chemistry between Castle and Beckett without bringing them together in season 4 or early season 5. These two in a relationship would be so exciting to watch; the actors and writers on this show have the talent to keep it interesting and fresh. In the meantime, I hope they avoid the significant other obstacles in the future.

    • MCO

      I couldn’t said this better. 100% with you on this one

    • Bethany

      I think I agree. For me, it’s not so much (nor should it be) about the sexual tension, but the love. Sexual tension can fade over time, in real life and on TV, but true, honest real love? That doesn’t just disappear, no matter what people say.

    • cc

      Perfectly said! 100% agree!

    • Jill

      I agree wholeheartedly. I’m with Stana Katic, I think it’d be so much fun to watch them working out a new aspect of their relationship and seeing them push each other’s buttons. They’d be a lot like they are now, only with more kissing. Plus, I love the idea of Beckett being Alexis’s new mommy!

  • Lisa

    Middle of next season or I am done caring. I will still watch cause I love NF, but I won’t care about the ship anymore.

    Castle writing is awesome they can do right, so just let it happen.

    • talkin’

      I’m with you, all of the above.

  • Kelly

    Note to Marlowe: with the whole ‘Josh not going to Haiti’ thing, I already feel like I’m being jerked around. Not amused.

    I really hope we don’t have to wait until the final season. I mean a) not every show knows when it’s going to be their final season, so the story can get cut off before they intended it to and b) what if it runs for several more years? I don’t wanna wait until season 9 for them to be finally together like I did with The X-Files.

  • Vanessa

    I’d be interested to see them treat it like Remington Steele. They can have romantic moments but it doesn’t have to be a fully baked serious relationship.

    • KB

      I don’t think they could work it like Remington Steele (as much as I loved that show). It may have worked back in the 80’s, but might not be very credible today. I think it would be more effective to get together and then maybe have issues along they way that break them up and get them back together.

      • Vanessa

        Yeah you’re probably right. Not very modern to wait to sleep together like back in the Remington Steele era.

  • Tom

    Right now I think Castle is on the edge of turning boring. They’ve teased the Castle/Beckett relationship a few times now and it’s starting to near that “jerk around” point. They can probably get through this season without seriously addressing the relationship issue; but beyond this season, I think the writers either need to put Castle/Beckett together or change the story line away from a relationship. Otherwise it’s just going to become a sweeps period ratings gimmick. I’m going to stop watching if that happens.

  • ctf

    They just can’t wait much longer! I don’t even want to wait till next season! But I realize it will probably at LEAST be that long. They have made it obvious that Castle is completely & madly in love with her – there is NO going back now, and I don’t want to watch him suffer for another year or so! (or another week really!). Just DO it!!!!! Let’s lose Josh please, and let them make some progress towards getting together!

    I LOVE this show, and BELIEVE me Nathan – I WILL not stop watching once they are together – I will love it more. Stana is right on this one. (And Andrew).

    SO Please Mr. Marlowe – SOON! (Oh and by the way, this easily the BEST show on TV).

  • ctf

    I will say it is getting very very close to the jerking us around. I enjoy the chase, as long as it appears to be making progress. And right now, I’m not so sure. I guess Beckett staring him down as he walks away (in Countdown) is a little progress. But not really, because we know she loves him too! There’s only so many times they can open their mouths to say something to the other and then hesitate and change their minds!

  • krystal

    Chuck shows a relationship can still be interesting once the characters get together and admit their love. I think that’s sexier than will they, won’t they.

  • ctf

    Just one more thing..Please Please don’t wait till the final season! I want to see them married, and how the crime fighting together would work in that – I just love this show, and have not doubt with these actors – it would WORK!

    • MCO

      I don’t want to see whem married with children. Just together it’s enough for me. And with this two strong characters, a relationship between them, would be really fun !

    • talkin’

      nah, not married….

    • Libby

      I loved Hart to Hart and Chuck so I really don’t have a problem seeing them get married eventually as long as you keep up that titillating swordplay going which is very doable when you consider the chemistry between these two.

  • mary ann

    If you wait too long you risk the audience not even caring any more. Why not show how a fun sexy relationship can be done right? These two have a lot of baggage that will need to dealt with, surely enough for a few seasons AFTER they get together. IS the network telling us everyone who is in a long term relationship is boring?? These two are definitely not boring and yes the chase is fun but at a certain point people really will just give up and go to another channel. When is it too long? I think they HAVE reached the point and I would like to see a cliffhanger that leads to them getting together early next season. I envision at the end of this season one- probably Castle saying look we both care about each other- I’m not asking you to marry me but why not just give this a chance and see where it leads?? Even Castle’s family relationships would be affected there is just so much that could be done with the characters AFTER this point. ABC be daring- or you WILL lose your diehards eventually- this is not Bones- these two are so ready it’s painful.

    • MCO

      I will quote Marlowe on twitter “I heart, not Hart”

  • Brenda

    I agree with Stana Katic and Andrew Marlowe. You don’t want to jerk the audience around too much and I’m glad AM realizes this. I would say they start to try dating late Season 4 to early Season 5. There are still enough sexy Scenes that these two can pull off and still keep things fresh. I would hate it if they pulled a JAG and only gave us 8 minutes of togetherness for our dynamic duo at the end of the Series! I want to watch their journey and I’m happy to know that AM gets this. I’m loving the journey so far.

    • sabrina W

      i never saw the last season of JAG usa for some reason never showed it in reruns, dunno why, then i stopped having cable sooo…really was a good show!

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