Could Charlie Sheen return to 'Two and a Half Men'?


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How unlikely can something be and still be within the realm of possibility?

That’s the impression we’re getting about the current reports that Charlie Sheen could get his job back on Two and a Half Men.

The story was launched by a Radar Online story and also NBC News reporter Jeff Rossen posting the following to Twitter: “Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal.”

The first flag that goes up when one reads this is that it’s Warner Bros. who does the hiring and firing on Men, not CBS, though the broadcast network is hardly a silent partner. Indeed, Rossen later clarified that CBS wants Sheen back “IF Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre, and Sheen can settle [their] differences” (even all-caps don’t do that “IF” justice). The news also comes on the heels of reports that Sheen met with executives at Fox. It could be, some speculate, that Camp Sheen is engaged in a whisper campaign to try and drive up the actor’s price in the marketplace. The actor apparently met with HD Net chairman Mark Cuban today, with the executive telling Access Hollywood:  “What we do with Charlie will be interesting to see. We’re going to meet, today actually, and talk some more about what those opportunities are. You know, Charlie’s a smart guy and I don’t think he’s getting nearly as much credit as he deserves for just how much he’s manipulating the media and those around him to his benefit and I think that would make a good reality show.”

CBS and Warner Bros. had no comment the rumors. But one line of thought goes like this: Sheen was fired. If the company wanted to keep him, they wouldn’t have let him get away the first place. His rants before and since being fired have scorched the earth with his former employer about as charcoal black as the soil can get. Plus, duh, he’s suing Men‘s creator and Warner Bros. So what’s really changed? That he’s sold a bunch of tickets at Radio City Music Hall? Big deal, so have the Rockettes. He’s still an enemy combatant and his “war” with his former employer is ongoing.

On the other hand, as I wrote weeks ago, if the all parties could find a way to settle their differences, this fall Men could have its biggest ratings ever. This story has had more twists and turns than can be counted. And, hey baby, it’s Hollywood. So nobody wants to state anything definitive when it comes to the SheenGate, because any confident sense of the possible and the impossible took a gibbering holiday weeks ago.

What do you think, Sheen-obsessed/fatigued readers: Should Sheen receive a second tenth another chance?

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  • John C.

    One guy has a safe, and the other guy has the combination. Unless they work together nobody is going to get anything. Nobody cares that Sheen is crazy. If anything the American public wants to see him more now. CBS knows this, and so do their advertisers. He’s still a cash cow.

    • davey

      So very sad…but very true John C.

      • James

        Cold, hard (cash) Reality, sad but Tiger Blood-True points, John C.

      • UGH

        Never watched the show and probably never will but I bet cash money that if this deal goes down, they will incorporate his newly-coined catch-phrases into the scripts.

    • joblo

      This is ridiculous. Sheen’s on a crash course to self-destruction. Enabling him by excusing his behavior is the worst thing you can do for the man. His well being should be put first, and right now he needs tough love.

      • Docko

        All of it is ridiculous, this is Hollywood right? We don’t know how much of this is hipe and how much is not. Charlie is no different then any other actor, actress or person. No one can help Charlie except Charlie and that is up to him to decide not us or his job. It is ovious that he has a problem as do many other stars and every day people, his are just more advertised. Big business will always want to make money and actors will always go to extreams to work. Take one avanue away from him and Charlie will find another one (adah) namely the web cast and live shows. So by tought love and keeping him off the show; that is going to make him better? But I love the show and do not think it will be the same with out Charlie. His job is not going to either help or hurt him with his personal problems. He has to make the best choices for him. I hope that he does choose to get help but no one can do that for him. .

      • lisa

        He can hire a good psychiatrist.

      • Everyday American

        This isn’t ridiculous. This is WINNING. Lorre/WB/CBS capitulating? LOL! Sheen ups his profile, and the network comes back groveling at his feet…that’s about as WINNING as you can get.

      • SJS

        Joblo, This isn’t about Charlie being on a crash coarse. Supposedly he is clean and sober… He is no different off stage than he is onstage. If you watched the show you would know this. He is smart and will get what he wants. Sit back and watch…

    • kerry

      Bring back Charlie and get Two and Half Men back on the air!

      • lisa

        That’s the point. I want to see Cochata Ferrell!

      • Luka

        double that

      • Dan

        Really want the show back.

      • Mar

        Triple that….love them. I just hope they can work together again.

      • tammyt

        Charlie and the other crew make the show as a team. The new addition is not the same. Would love to see him back. I am stuck watching reruns with charlie in it.

      • kristina

        No matter what his personal life is, he MAKES the show. Ashton just doesnt take the place of charlie. I watch it everyday and u would be stupid not to bring him back. Its just NOT the same and im very disappointed!! So change it back very soon.

    • Carlos

      I look forward to the Angel of Death coming for this drunken fool Charlie Sheen. The guy has had every given to him on a plate because he has money and he’s reckless.

      Good riddance to Charlie!

      • SANDY


    • Bluto

      I think it’s fake.

      • DJ

        I have been thinking the same thing about all of this. Maybe it started out as real but it just seems to be WAY too much hype. Great way to generate major buzz.

    • JaySin420

      Yea I never had any interest in this show but I’ll definitely tune in if he returns, so there you go.

      • chacha

        And I won’t tune in if he comes back. He’s the reason I stopped watching it a year ago.

      • Mike

        He’s probably the reason you watched at all, though. No Charlie, no show.

      • Karen

        Beautiful and great idea. I have a few questions. Do you sand your pieecs before painting them? Do you ever do dark pieecs? like cherry and if so how do you treat them before painting them? thanks

    • Charlie

      Winning!!! Brrrrring.. brrrring.. Bring it!

    • Charlie


      • stephanie

        LOSER!!!! LOSING!!!!

    • SANDY


      • bubba

        Talking in all caps doesn’t make your comments appreciative.

      • SJS

        How the hell do you know he is a crack head? He may have done coke but I want you to tell me how you know he’s a crack head? Wasted space? You are a Moron Sandy. He is much smarter and richer than you I am sure! He knows what he is doing and you watch and see what happens Sandy, he will “win”. WINNING!!!!

      • Bryce

        Why that just makes it all the better.(;

    • Bebe

      Do they really think that if they rehire him, he’s not going to pull the same crap again? How stupid are these people?

    • Laundry

      If they did a show called Zero Men, they wouldn’t have so much trouble with the actors.

    • Tom

      The only way I would return if it Chuck got the boot. And the show had a whole new head-production staff. Otherwise, Charlie is winning, and honestly he will make more money just doing nothing at this point probably.

    • Bayberrybear

      Not true for everyone. They leave him off the show, I might actually watch it. I love all the other actors/actresses. Hate Sheen, therefore have never gotten into that show. He’s nuts and needs to go away. Hope he loses everything he’s got… I feel so sorry for his children. Everything he does is gonna hang over their heads forever.

  • Kendall

    Nah, make Herb the new main guy along with Alan and Jake.

    • Nathan

      Yeah, that would last about 2 episodes before everyone stopped watching it.

      • SANDY

        So you support a show with a drug addict … wow … no morals at all , hey ..

    • Annabelle

      Please, enough about Charlie’s return. He’s a done deal; hopefully no one would tune in. There are great leading characters, Alan, Herb, Jake and Berta.

      • Andrew

        i will tune in for chucky

      • OVER sheen

        Sheen will lose his shine with the public and TV exec’s eventually . He is at the controls of the TRain wreck . We can only sit back and watch . Now how terribly sad is that!

      • bubba

        They aren’t capable of being leading characters. Charlie was the show. It revolved around him. No Charlie, no show.

      • storm

        why not? Please be reminded not all people condemn charlie and besides he is not positive in his drug tes. we like charlie sheen and we welcome him back to this show.

      • Everyday American

        I’ll tune in for sure, if only to offset all the sanctimonious, self-loathing losers that are jealous of Charlie Sheen and his life and claim they won’t watch the show.

        Plus, it’s about the only good sitcom that I watch.

      • Mar

        Love all the cast….but it wouldn’t work without Charlie. Sorry…………..

      • daniella

        I agree with bubba…

      • greg

        sandy….u’re stupid,actually u’re all stupid
        u’re all talking ,like its a decision for u to take—u’re talking about a story in hollywood .charlie is a very smart guy:he got everything he wanted.
        he is gonna get everything he want
        what you gonna get?u’re all slaves

  • nick

    they’d be stupid to let him go.

    • windrider2

      They’d be stupid to keep him. The man is a raging lunatic and his drug and porn addictions are only PART of his problem. He’s unstable, unpredictable and a potential menace. No one can lock him up in a psychiatric rehab facility but the least Hollywood could do is to stop enabling his insanity.

      • Tuzday

        He’s been that way for years! He gets the job DONE! It’s NOT Two and a half Men without him. The role is HIM. If they don’t bring him back, the show will die!

      • Aunt Sassy

        I doubt they will be able to get insurance to cover him – especially since he’s an admitted drug user (and crazy to boot). Sorry, but Charlie has blown it in big ways.

      • Benz

        Thats BS windrider2 he knows what hes doing. America loves crazy< you dont get that popular and be an average joe. they want something to talk about and Charlie Sheen is the man who gives it to him. duh!

      • roger

        ANd the problem is,,, this is TV were takling about. Let him be, he is a GROWN MAN…

      • Kaeley G.

        Do you think that Charlie Sheen is keeping the Porn Industry Alive! Gee… There may be a few others that enjoy porn or work in the industry. There’s drug abuse and rehab. Unless you have had a serious addiction and know how hard it is? You’re hardly one to judge! The man put together a 7 million dollar deal on his own. You should be so crazy… I agree that he shouldn’t go back, he’s doing just fine without CBS.

      • SANDY

        I agree .. but it’s all about greed .. and CBS is knee deep in it ..

      • bubba

        The only reason the media and public are blowing up on him is because after he was fired, he decided to film his life himself. Two and a Half Men was his a show about his life. Nobody seemed to care that much. But once he filmed his life himself, everybody starting freaking out. That’s why this whole controversial situation is just dumb. Get over Charlie and his habits, it’s his life and his choice.

      • Everyday American

        Speaking of “unstable,” your rants against Charlie Sheen really make me question your stability and clarity of mind. For someone to have such obsession with someone, and to make the rash assumptions that you make, does not describe a mentally sound individual. Windrider seems to be the last person I’d go to for a reasoned assessment of another’s mental stability.

    • Luka

      no Charlie, No Show. Not that we don’t love ypu all. Its a team. Don’t spoil the team Charlie. They work hard too

      • Diana

        I agree, the whole cast work very hard, and I dont think no one could replace anyone they all have there cercein rolls, but no one can replace charlie he just needs to lose that big head he is walking around with it is sad for everyone, the people the cast hopefully they all with work out there problems and get back on track

  • kcusick

    Enough of all the Charlie Sheen news! It’s time for some Charlie Sheen parody. Check out “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now. You’ll be doing all the “winning.”

    • pamelastuart

      I love the show too, its actually been the first sitcom Ive sat and watched in years

  • C

    Another chance after how many chances? Sheen’s lucky he’s not Black.

    • windrider2

      He’s lucky he’s not Kanye West, either. One drunken rant and Kanye was banished for almost a year. Sheen, on the other hand, could walk in and spray the studio with an Uzi, and some network poobah would be on his knees begging the lunatic to come back.

      • Nadia

        What are you talking about ? Kanye West after his bash of gletter Taylor oh so sweet Swift did gain more tweeters followers and popularity albeit more controversial vibe but still more fame and popularity (and in this business it is good). His career still remain pretty good..he did not suffer of anything if not some silly bashing by some self-righteous medias like Sheen does now but in a far more harder way.

      • Mike

        Yeah dude, Kanye West never had a public induced down-time. He chose to lay low a bit, while Charlie chose not too. What about OJ Simpson? Huh? And Michael Jackson even turned white, and look how that turned out for him.

    • lisa

      Now that’s true!

  • Eddiehaskell

    Holy cow, can you do anything in America and make it work. The land of opportunity. Seriously though if he really is clean and was doing his job I don’t know what the point was to fire him. I guess Lorre is looking silly now.

    • windrider2

      If that lunatic is clean, I’m Cleopatra. He’s not just an addict, he’s severely mentally ill, and completely unreliable. He’ll be back to dusting his face with coke, banging hookers and porn stars on the set, and generally ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth in no time at all. If he were a dog, somebody would have put him down already.

      • Jay


      • Benz

        you talk about banging hookers and porn stars like its a bad thing. if you could you would. maybe not so much on the hookers tho. but like he says then theres no hurt feeling when they leave

      • Charlotte

        And you know how ?
        Your bitter hatred of this famous actor is pathetic. Move on for your sake. It is not the end of the world, wake up !

      • Mike

        Windrider has posted about 10 rants against Charlie. Dude we get it, you hate Charlie Sheen. Move along.

  • Roger Barthe

    Keep him , He is essential to the show . I enjow watching the chemistry between him and Jon Cryer.

    • suska

      Holy moly, get a real life. It was only a mindless show. Watch discovery or history channel. Or if you must, go out and buy the boxed re-runs.

      • Steve

        Dude Charlie sheen is awesome and CBS and Warner bros wouldn’t be nearly as rich as they are now if it wasn’t for my man Charlie. He knows how to party and people need to leave him alone. I support him all the way.

  • Roger Barthe

    Charle Sheen and Jon Cryer have such chemistry on the show . Keep him .

  • krazy

    check your facts. hollywoodlife got the scoop 1st (only useful info) and the report of talks is confirmed. CBS let him get away, so funny! you know the ads/syndication won’t be high w/o Charlie….

    Why is this crazy? Are you 12? C’mon bottom line is $$$$$. And he makes a lot for them. This is not the craziest story of the week.

  • dman

    james… in hollywood people hate each other one minute and are winning an awards together the next… big effing deal… it’s in everyone’s best interest to work together and shut up. granted shutting up is hard for CS at the moment. but he’s done a great job yapping.

    and you notice how NOBODY has come to the defense of Lorre? No actors or people who’ve worked on other shows with him. ROSEANNE, CYBIS, GRACE UNDER FIRE, DHARMA and GREG… etc… I think CS was saying what a lot of other people were thinking. He was just rich enough, high enough, and didn’t care anymore to actually say it out loud.

    • Crislaine

      Oh, crap, Bob, it’s not the refusal to ernofce a law (which is a problem, btw). It’s the fact that he came out in public in his office as President of these United States and declared a law unconstitutional, which is NOT part of his job description. He is usurping the powers of the judicial branch, and using regulations to usurp the powers of the legislative branch. He has defied rulings by the courts, putting himself above the law.The guy is an arrogant wiss.

  • Lionjpt

    Just win Baby Just win. Yes, Yes, Yes.

  • joel young

    do believe totally that Sheen rocks the show and as said the chemistry works so eat crow Chuck…

  • ron

    grow a pair, and dont bring him back.. makes you so hard up..

  • Bee

    Without Sheen there is no two and a half men…I can’t see nobody replacing him, because this show is practically about his life. I say give him another chance!

    • nwt

      ….with out Sheen the show is “2 Men”….or “2 Men less a Loser”

  • Tee Rar

    Sheen wins!
    Way to go, Charlie!
    Charlie Sheen, Samurai Assassin!

    • Will

      The only thing more annoying than all of the Charlie Sheen news is the dumb, clueless people who support him.

      • sam

        What about the dumb clueless people who bash him ? LOL Think about it Tim…if you can..not sure..loll

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