'Fringe': First look at Friday's episode 'Bloodline' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Fringe has been giving Anna Torv an acting working out lately. After tasking the Emmy-deserving actress with channeling the spirit of Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell via FBI agent Olivia Dunham over the past couple episodes (a very credible Old Spock croak, I think), the ratings-challenged Fox series will be making her go Pregnant Fauxlivia on us again in Friday’s new episode, set within the “over there” parallel world. EW has scored the first look at a new movie-style trailer for “Bloodline” created by the network’s hard-workin’ promo department. The first half of the spot recaps the Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia love triangle from Fauxlivia’s perspective. The second half of the spot is full of intriguing, ominous images from the episode. Looks to me like Walternate’s machinations for both Peter and his gestating grandson are about to make Fauxlivia’s life more complex – and scary — than it already is. Parse the rush of cryptic bits (like that shot of Walternate with a time stamp on it) and theorize the significance. Go! 

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  • alex

    have u guys got a better quality version?

    • Irishgirl

      Thank you! The buffering on the video is awful.

      • Ran

        Head over to Hulu where the original clip is or to Fox’s website, if that fails youtube-seriously, this is not the Buy More.

      • Jenn

        Oh NO!!! A time stamp!!!
        How scary!!!

        Piss off Jensen, you moron.
        God damn useless shill bltch.

      • sfday

        @Jenn – ?????

    • Laundry

      Good question!

    • Jenn

      Piss of Jensen with your phaggoty “Go” endings.
      Damn rookie quality trash.

  • PRbabe

    Anyone else wishing they would give JOSHUA JACKSON stuff to do already? WHY IS IT ALWAYS ANNA FREAKING TORV!

    • HC

      haha b/c Olivia is the main character of the show! and Anna Torv is AMAZZZZING.

      • bb

        PRbabe must have been given cortexiphan as a little girl !!

    • Meredith

      Josh does a great job with what he gets. He doesn’t seem to do as much as the other actors because he doesn’t (and can’t) have a double. That’s sort of the main plot of the show.
      Also, Olivia is the main character. Anna and Josh are both incredibly talented. She’s just clearly going to be in the episode a little more. Josh himself said this was the ‘season of Olivia’.

      • prbabe

        Whatever! John and Anna get all the love while josh gets all the hate and people ignore him! I hate Olivia!

      • Leithen

        Point out somewhere, anywhere, where Josh is “getting the hate”.

        The only person I’ve seen say anything negative about him is you, when you said he should stop giving interviews.

      • PRbabe

        Well, people may not “hate him” but they sure LOVE to ignore him in thier reviews. I’m sorry but ignoring a person is just as disrespectful as saying bad things about them. Josh is the only one people don’t even mention in their reviews or articles. Its like he doesn’t exist. The only time he gets mentioned is when they are whining about how stupid Peter is for not telling the differences between the Olivias.

      • Nick

        PRbabe, you post on every single Fringe article about how the show is ignoring Josh Jackson. You berate the other actors. I don’t know if you have issues with this but please stop. He’s an actor on a TV show. He will never know or care about you trying to defend him.

      • Lisa London

        Thanks you Nick; well said. This “Peter/Josh is a poor oppressed little boy and everybody else is a bad guy” shtick is getting old – fast.

      • Rush

        Peter had a lot of action in the last episode. Excellent scenes with him working with our-side’s Lincoln Lee. Also his unspoken frustration at the Bellivia situation was excellent acting. Not too much baby-butt brow from him.

      • jules

        PRBabe sounds like a disgruntled former Dawson’s Creek fan.

    • A

      PRbabe, can you just shut up already? Every article, its the same thing with you, just more complaining about Joshua Jackson not getting as much love as Anna Torv. It’s pretty clear that you don’t seem to actually care about the show and its storylines. It seems all you care about is looking at Joshua Jackson. I’ll agree that maybe Jackson is at times underused, but Olivia is the main character in this show. She is always going to have major storylines and will most likely have more screen-time than the other actors. If you hate her so much, I suggest finding another show to watch. Or go stare at the Joshua Jackson posters on your bedroom wall.

      • Shaun

        PRbabe, seems like the only one spreading any hate here is YOU towards the rest of the cast… If you dislike Olivia and the others so much, why watch the show? Go watch some Dawson’s Creek DVDs instead.

      • Prbabe

        I love how hypocritical you people are. People also only watch Fringe for Olivia and Walter.

        So Joshua Jackson shouldn’t be used because ANNA TORV is the lead?

      • A

        PRbabe, who said that Joshua Jackson shouldn’t be used? You seem to have problems with reading comprehension. I agreed that he is underused. But just because I think he is underused doesn’t mean I have to start hating everyone else on the show. Your problem is you seem to hate everyone else on the show except for him.
        My point about Anna Torv being the lead is not to suggest that other characters shouldn’t be used. It’s that she is the lead and will always have storylines centered around her (as will other characters). Bashing her online will never change that. Either get used to her being at the center of the show, or stop watching.

      • Prbabe

        No, i will NEVER get used to seeing my favorite actor do stupid things like not telling to Olivias apart and everybody hating him for it while Anna and Olivia get all the love and attention. NO THANKS!

      • Prbabe

        I mean really, Anna torv can leave the show with “I get to play two different people and people LOVE ME! while Josh will leave Fringe saying, “Oh i was an idiot who couldn’t tell two Olivias apart and broke the heart of miss perfect”

      • jules

        It’s called television. The storyline dictated that his character not be able to tell them apart. If he didn’t like it, he’s free to leave the show. I’m sure he’s happy that he has a job and he’s probably pretty happy with his character. You seem to be the only one that’s not.

    • Kate

      Sweetie, I think you need some good old fashioned psychiatric help. I love Fringe and all the actors on the show and have a very soft spot for Josh Jackson, but seriously, you care too much. The guy makes more on one episode than most people make in a year and he has said several times that he is a huge fan of his show in several interviews. He’s doing okay. Have you ever noticed that on all the sites you rant on you’re the only one saying this stuff?

      • Francini

        Kate, you hit the nail right on the head!Exactly what I was thinking!

      • Aimee

        Seriously. I love Josh. I love Peter. Go away troll.. All of the Fringe cast is amazing, and I love them all!

    • taxgirl

      Totally Agree!!!! I’m SO tired of ANNA ANNA ANNA …UGH!! Josh is fantastic and should be given a LOT more screen time!!
      I’ve decided that Anna must be sleeping with one of the producers…why else would they throw this season in the toilet the way they have?

      • Kate

        Riiiggghhht…because no woman can get ahead based on talent alone. I don’t know why you bother making up different usernames when you’re clearly the same person. I guess there’s no point in questioning the logic of an illogical person though!

      • PRbabe

        I’m sorry Kate but you are stupid. I am not Taxgirl and heaven forbid that a person CAN’T be sick of Anna Torv. I’m sorry if I haven’t fallen under Anna’s spell. To me, she probably sleep with the producers.

      • Leithen

        That’s just uncalled for, and actually is libelous.

      • ginny

        hmmmm…wasn’t Anna sleeping with (and ultimately married and divorced) Mark Valley while they working together? Seems like reasonable cause to believe rather than libel.
        That would be like accusing someone of libel for saying they believe that Charlie Sheen was AWUI(acting while under the influence).

      • Caitlin

        ^^^^Shaking my head at this blatant stupidity. Just because I date my co-worker does this mean I want to date my boss?

  • Matt

    The irony is, after last week’s ratings, it is the same for the show too.

    • Shaun

      I don’t understand what this comment is supposed to mean… Anyhow, last week’s ratings aren’t a huge cause for concern. FOX had to know ratings would go down with the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament (and the start of Daylight Savings) and they didn’t drop all that much considering that.

      • AltDave

        And don’t forget spring break is on in many parts of the country too.

  • Britt

    Can we make “Emmy-deserving” a regular title for actors?

  • Jon

    Nobody cares about Fauxlivia.

    • Tricia

      I think we have to, she’s pregnant with Peter’s baby. Gonna be a long 9 months.

      • ana

        “we have to”, exactly. She doesn’t deserve our love but we have to love her thanks to the pregnancy plot. It’s sad. She is a deplorable character and I can’t feel simpathy for her.

    • BMW328

      ha! i’ve come to actually *gulp* like Fauxlivia… don’t hate me but I think she’s kinda badass.

      • Kelly

        I still do not feel much sympathy for Faux but if she is going to be BAMF, she better be fighting for our side!

      • Ally

        I’m with you BMW.

    • Telma

      totally agree !

    • Lucy

      I really like Fauxlivia. And I’m really really worried about what’s going to happen in this episode!

    • Rob Neal

      Peter does. Or at least he will when he finds out he’s the Father.
      As Nina pointed out, “As to which universe survives is down to which Olivia Peter falls for.”

    • Ralph

      Actually, I do care about Fauxlivia. Speak for yourself.

      • Lisa London

        Me too. She’s might be evil, yes, but she’s also intriguing and a great plot device. Also, Lincoln Lee loves her so she can’t be all that bad…

      • Lisa London

        *She might be* – sorry

    • Randy

      Ugh… Fauxlivia is great. Our Walter screwed up the balance between the universes. Our Walter was willing to experiment on kids while Walternate isn’t. Fauxlivia was just doing her job and got emotionally involved. But at the end of the day, WE are the bad guys. Also…I think Fauxlivia is hot…and didn’t have a screwed up childhood due to WALTER.

      Don’t even get me started on the fact that Peter is from over there. He belongs with Faux and our universe shouldn’t be the one that survives!!!

      • Lisa London

        Sadly, you are kind of right!

      • Shaun

        The way I see it, most likely the two Olivias will have to work together, or perhaps Fauxlivia will end up sacrificing herself, in the end. At any rate, I think she’s realizing that maybe “her side” (and Walternate) isn’t so right after all.

      • Ally

        And she actually seems cool and smiles once in awhile. Olivia never smiles- and on the rare occasion she does- its kinda creepy and she just seems uncomfortable. If I was Peter I’d want fauxlivia too..

    • Maria

      I guess I like Fauxlivia I just think it is a really stupid situation with her being pregnant. Is it bad to hope she doesn’t have the baby? Anyway Peter would never have ended up with Fauxlivia if he still was on the other side, then she would still be with the other dude, no reason for that to change in mu opinion. And when it comes to a Olivia vs. Fauxlivia I still prefer the more humane Olivia from our world.

    • Brian K

      I disagree. In fact I think a lot of fans prefer the overthere fringe team to our universe’s.

  • Elliot

    Echoing Jon. Can we dispense with the stupid triangle already? Fakey and her baby=boring.

  • Sherrie

    In my opinion I happen to think Fringe is one of the best shows on TV.

    • HCw

      well then your opinion if freaking awesome. and genius.

    • yesmeetoo

      I completely agree. Best show on TV. FOX DO THE RIGHT THING RENEW FRINGE!!!

    • Nico

      fringe is by far the most interesting show out there. I’ve never been addicted to a show like this one haha

  • irene

    i just love this show, all of it!all the “scary” parts.it`s a popular show in Norway.Hope they`ll continue for many episodes.

  • Trenton

    The thing about Fringe is no other show of its type comes close to its level of intrigue, acting, story, and scope. The Event is kind of NBC’s answer to Fringe and the two don’t belong in the same universe or galaxy. I think if FOX takes a long view of Fringe in that it will do solid numbers forever, maybe not great but solid…and it will sell DVD’s there is money in keeping it on.

    • Trenton

      that or hire charlie sheen…apparently he guarantees 10 to 14 million viewers a week.

    • David Mclurcan

      Fringe is beyond brilliant in every way. No other series gets me going ” WHAT?” at the end of every episode. Hope it keeps going because here in Europe its very popular.

  • real1

    people are caring for Olivia not Fauxlivia , that’s why the bompy baby is not very welcoming idea and that’s why Peter is in bad situation because he didn’t notice that she wasn’t her , So .. how the people now will care for the baby or for Peter in the future after this mess ?

  • D. Marie

    What is the book on Viral Propagation Eclampsia really about, I wonder? I bet that’s a huge clue, just wish I had a PhD in fringe science to figure it out. Sheesh!

    • D. Marie

      Sorry. Viral Propagated Eclampsia. No difference. Still clueless.

      • Courtney

        I’m going to take my best guess at this one. In our universe Eclampsia is seizures (convulsions) in a pregnant woman that are not related to a preexisting brain condition. So I’m going to guess that over there Eclampsia is like, or is, a virus? Of course this is just a guess we’ll have to wait until Friday to see!

      • ary

        I think it is eclampsia purposefully caused by a virus, as in, somebody actually infecting a pregnant woman in order to cause eclampsia. not having seen the video yet, i can only guess as to why somebody would want to do this to fauxlivia.


    What they don’t have condoms in the future, or are those rare too

    • Jeff

      Exactly – I know science fiction requires the suspension of disbelief to a degree, but to accept that neither Peter (a man with a past) or Fauxlivia (unlike real Olivia, has probably been with her share of men) thought use contraception is beyond belief.
      The writers should have had a five second scene the next morning where Peter and Fauxlivia discuss the condom breaking…

    • Leithen

      Fringe is the future?

  • thekey

    Is she going to die!? Yes please!

  • sydney

    I adore Anna Torv and have done so long before Fringe. She deserves an Emmy but will never win won. Love the show, love her…keep it coming!

  • Sarah

    A good twist would be have the baby die from whatever procedure those people are doing and Walternate’s pans will be foiled once again. I’m just saying that whatever they are doing doesn’t exactly look like it’s helping a fragile fetus.

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