Chris Brown still booked on 'Dancing with the Stars' despite 'GMA' incident

Although he reportedly flew into a rage after a Good Morning America appearance earlier today, Chris Brown is still slated to perform on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars on March 29, a network spokesperson confirmed to EW. As part of a promotional stop for his new album F.A.M.E., the 21-year-old singer sat for an interview with GMA anchor Robin Roberts that included questions about his assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna two years ago. According to reports, following the interview and the first of two scheduled performances, he smashed a window in his dressing room in anger before storming out of the studio shirtless.

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  • Lily

    Way to show your anger is under control, Chris. Idiot.

    • jjm

      I thought the EXACT same thing. He is obviously the same person who beat his girl. Like a damn coward.

      • Casey

        I’m right there with you. What a guy, huh?

      • bb

        I know that I will NOT be watching because of his scheduled appearance.

      • @bb

        oooooh that will show them.

      • Ahmed

        I agree — he is showing his immaturity and idiocracy. The interviewer gave him an opportunity — on a pretty nice platter — where he could have used those questions to speak about what he had learned from that experience, how it has changed him, and perhaps even made him a more passionate singer… He missed the opportunity to turn the discussion in his favor, and instead raised new fears about how well his anger is under control. Imagine if someone was in the room with this guy – what if someone had gotten hurt. Anyone buying his music is enabling him… he needs to grow up, if he wants to succeed in a grown up business!

    • Thomas

      I hope Brown’s appearance leads to the lowest ratings the show has ever had. Let everyone boycott that episode so that Brown will finally get the message that Americans will not put up with violent misogynists.

      • ebony

        no american will not treat chris brown with respect but will treat charlie sheen like a god. hyprocrite must be your middle name.

      • Carla

        Ebony, try to keep up…no one with ANY sense at all is treating Charlie Sheen like a god. Sheen and Chris Brown are both clods, and deserve to be ignored, which is what all the sane, civilized people are doing.

      • @Carla

        Then there must be very few sane and civilized people out there.

    • b

      I hope his album bombs so he can go away forever. His music isn’t good anyway.

      • Meesa

        Sadly teenage America has already rewarded him with four #1 hits from this new album. Parents need to seriously evaluate who they let their kids idolize

      • @Meesa

        Listening to his music is different than idolizing someone knucklehead.

    • Kara

      I know right?

    • Cygnus

      Someone throw this thug back in jail. I’m thinking that his previous issues with anger management havent broken him yet. If an animal can’t be broken, then maybe a cage is where he should be.

    • Brenda Barrett

      This guy is a delusional thug, period. I will NOT be watching.

    • Pete

      The hypocrisy in America is disgusting. Adam Lambert was barred from ABC for kissing a guy, but they book girlfriend beater/window smasher Chris Brown.

  • sam

    The scary thing is if this was on purpose, to get more publicity. Maybe we are living in a time where this type of behavior gains you a following rather than bad attention.

    • Brandy

      I was thinking the exact same thing…this whole Sheen thing may have given him ideas.

  • Amanda

    Of course, he’s the same person who assaulted Rhianna. A leopard never changes its spots. I just hope this album and any future ones flop and he gets the hint to stop making and just go away – for good! I hate that b*stard.

  • BrownNoGood

    I will boycott the show he is on, he is a douche, and if he doesn’t think for one hocking second people are not going to continually bring up his past in interviews he is a TARD. And anyone with any brains would have been prepared and had a slew of PC responses at the ready. He is a hack and can cry like a bi*ch some more about how everyone is out to get him. Bone up and know what the deal is, get your stuff together.

    • BARB

      I agree. I’m not watching.

    • Doctor

      My first wife was tarded. She’s a pilot now.

  • me

    Glad to hear he’ll still be appearing. It’s kinda a win-win for ABC and Chris Brown. Ratings gold!

  • Matt

    Should’ve kept his shirt on. Now the whole world can see he’s got skinny little girl chicken arms.

    • ebony

      he gave his shirt to a fan you idiot. he was nice enough to without for his fans.

      • BlackIrish4094

        According to stories he ripped his shirt off in anger not to give it to a fan, maybe you’re the idiot since you’re blindly defending him.

  • Lola

    Sounds like it’s time for ole Chris to return to the couch and work some more on anger control. Knocking out windows is just a way of showing that he still has deep rooted anger that needs ‘work’. He’s not going to get a free ride out of that mess. He’s got to face the music and get some help. That kind of anger is an illness that requires the help of a professional.

    • beth

      help?what help.the people who needs help are the women on The view,Russell Simmons,GMA..DWTS..they are called the enablers..and there are millions of them

  • Yannie

    I laugh at people that keeps mentioning what happened with Chris Brown 2 yrs ago. Like any of you idiots were in the friggin car with them. Am not a fan of either Chris or Rhiana but there are two sides to a story and the world only heard her side. Chris should not have thrown a tantrum but he had a friggin point. He’s focus on the present and his future. There are people doing more BS than him and the media’s embracing it. Give the damn kid a break. Smh

    • bob

      Are you insane? No one needs to be there. She had the living hell beat out of her and he did not. Or do you think that she somehow deserved it and it wasn’t his fault that he punched her repeatedly and threatened to kill her? Give him a break? He shouldn’t have beaten a woman if he didn’t want it following him around forever.

      • ebony

        there are no pics of chris so how would you know if he was hurt or who started the hitting

      • ihatefanboys

        @ebony….talk about a hypocrite. brown beat rhianna’s face to a pulp. even if she kicked him in the balls and punched out a tooth…there is no reason for any man to hit a woman….unless shes 500lbs and has a chainsaw……get back to me on SHEEN with a picture of his “supposed” abuse…guess what ? there is none…meanwhile we have multiple pics of rhiannas bloodied face. they should lock this crazy mofo up before he actually kills someone… but then u would say he found jesus in prison…

      • amanda

        @ ebony, actually they leaked his photo a few weeks ago. You couldn’t even see a scratch on his face.

    • Ektalon

      There is no side to his story that would justify him beating the crap out of her. His actions just show that he has not accepted the blame for what he did, and he is in no better control of his anger.

      • Malpaso

        I feel sorry for the women on this board jutifying violence against women for any reason. Who cares if she popped him one(even though there is no proof that she did)…WALK. AWAY. AND. BREAK. UP. WITH. HER.

      • Kat

        Agreed. She has no right to hit him either, but she didn’t actually beat him up. He beat her up. That’s inexcusable. If she hit him first, he should have either simply restrained her until she calmed down, or walked away. Then he could call the police if he so chose to report her. Assault is assault, no matter what gender is doing it. However, he escalated the situation all by himself, so beating up Rihanna was entirely his fault, and neither he nor his sycophants seem to understand that.

    • SJL

      ugh…he had no point. Reporters naturally are going to ask about that..its their job and its something people would want to know. He should have handled it better. He could have just admitted that he was wrong, that he had an anger problem and sought help and is still seeking help. After saying that he could have said I’m really just trying to continue my therapy, and try to move on with my life as a better person. My music is very therapeutic for me and this newest album has really helped me get beyond some of my past. BOOM done, crisis avoided and he comes out looking a lot better. Instead he showed his true colors. What an ass clown.

      • irish

        Well said… hit the nail right on the head….

      • @SJL and Irish

        How about this! He pre-approved the questions!

      • oh yes

        The QUESTIONS WERE PRE APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anita K

        Well said, SJL. Guess his defenders will keep enabling him and defending violence until someone else is hurt or killed. Ass clown? How about Scary Monster?

  • Adam

    Chris is a thug and needs some serious help.

  • Josh

    I don’t know about anyone else but I would be the exact same way. The news reporter brought up something that was completely irrelevant to why he was there. He’s trying to move past it and all these people wanna do is push him to get a story or ratings or wtf ever. I would be pissed off too.

    • Ari

      He should have known this would come up. If it was off limits, his team should have communicated it to the producers.

      Robin tried to put a positive spin by mentioning that the restraining order had been changed & asked if he had been in contact with Rihanna. It went downhill from there. I’ll admit I was shocked she kept pursuing the line of questioning given his agitation.

    • Kara

      That’s true but these celebs have usually have people who coach them to handle these interview curve balls. Yes they shouldn’t keep bringing it up but for CB to lose control like that is unacceptable.

    • Dee

      Sure you would have been pissed off. So would I. But would you have thrown a temper tantrum and broken windows that could have cut someone walking down the street? Entertainment is his profession and he knows that the media likes salacious details. He needs to learn to keep his cool and work on his PR skills.

    • oh yes

      Hey Josh….How about knowing what you are posting 1st…THE QUESTIONS ASKED WERE PRE APPROVED!

  • Dave

    I can’t believe so many people try to justify his actions. Sorry, but there is no excuse for his behavior. Sure, the interviewer should not have continued to bring up Rihanna, but that is no excuse for his behavior. What if the shards of glass from the window he broke had hit someone on the street below? This kid is pathetic. He’s a thug. He hasn’t learned from his mistakes. He’s still acting like a self-entitled, arrogant little brat who seemingly wants the public to feel bad for him. He’s done nothing to earn anyone’s respect or sympathy. He’s very immature and seems to take everything he has in life for granted. It’s a real shame that so many people continue to defend him.

    • elftin

      I agree 100 %. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • mouse

      Agree completely. ABC, are you listening? He should not appear on DWTS or any other ABC show.

  • tdoa

    On the one hand I’d say that whole Rihanna issue is frakking old news. It’s time to move on. On the other hand this proves he’s very immature and still has very serious anger issues. Although it might be an improvement that he beat up inanimate objects rather than a person or woman, which seems to be his preference.

  • Cookie

    Is my comment being censored? There was nothing inappropriate about it but it still hasn’t shown up. Anyway, the basic point is this: Chris Brown should continue his anger management since it does not appear to have sunk in properly.

  • CB is an IDIOT

    For the love of God and all things in GOOD TASTE, he should NOT be allowed to appear on DWTS, a wholesome family oriented show. ABC must draw the line somewhere, because that show is not IT. I will NOT be watching.

    • agreed

      And please don’t let Brooke anywhere near him with a microphone or she may ask him,”How does it feel to get so many questions about beating your girlfriend?” Can’t ya just see it?

  • Scott

    sounds like he belongs with bobby brown and there band of women-beaters…go home, stay home and please let the door hit you on the way out dude!..

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