'Days of Our Lives': Gay story line coming to Salem? -- EXCLUSIVE


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As Days of Our Lives celebrates its 45th anniversary in daytime, the traditionally conservative NBC soap is about to get a lot more contemporary: EW has learned exclusively that a gay story line may be in the works! From what we gather, it may involve a current cast member hooking up with someone new.

A show spokeswoman declined to comment.

While competing sudsers have been in the forefront when it comes to same-sex couples — ABC’s All My Children, for example, had the first lesbian character in Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), which led to the first gay marriage between her and Reese Williams (Tamara Braun) — Days has largely played a backseat role in terms of featuring gay couples. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, current and previous cast members like Kristian Alfonzo (Hope Brady), Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker), and Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) have hit the road to help promote the book Days of our Lives 45: A Celebration in Photos. Thousands of rabid fans have attended book signings in New York and Chicago, with more planned for New Orleans, Boston, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Season to date, Days is second place among women 18–34 and tied for third with ABC’s The View among women 18–49.

What are your thoughts, Days fans? Will the new story line involve Dario Hernandez, maybe? Or perhaps Sami’s son Will? Sound off below!

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  • Ric

    Lets hope they pair up Will and Chad!

    • stu

      45yr’s & no gay story lines. Geez these day time soaps really do move slooooow.

      • Brett

        I’ll bet that there are some small towns in America where there are either only a very few, or even no, gay citizens.

      • Miss Scarlett

        Brett, that would have to be a very small town of less than 50 people, since about 3-4 percent of the population is gay. If half of those are guys, there should be 1-2 gay guys per 100 citizens, if it’s a very, very small conservative town, they might be in the closet, but they are there. But, in a small circle of citizens like we see on Days, it’s possible we’d never meet them. My concern is with the current sub-standard writers, they’d make a mess of a gay storyline, like they have the rest of the show. Look how badly Johnny’s cancer story was written, showing none of the actual challenges faced by the kids who have that disease or their parents. The writers were more interested in “EJ vs. Sami the War: Part 12″; “Nicole is Really Just Misunderstood: Part 20; and “Pimp My Rafe: Part 9.” So, I’d expect a gay storyline between say, Chad and Will, to turn not be about them, or how tough it can be to be a young, gay man or his family. It would likely be instead: EJ vs. Sami the War: Part 15; “Pimp My Rafe: Part 10; “Stefano is an Evil, Small- Minded Bastard: Part 52; and worst of all – “We need to Preach Diversity and Love to Our Ignorant Audience: Part 1001.”

      • Anna

        The closest Days has come to a “gay” storyline is back about 20 years ago when during AIDS Awareness Day, Alice mentioned that she was going to meet the family of a dying patient.

      • Richard

        @Stu; why do the media have to shove gay storylines down the American public throats. Everything is about being gay these days. Yes gays exist, but must people don’t want to see to men kissing or having sex.

      • Finally someone who gets it

        Yeah Richard I totally get you, I feel the same way about the way tv shoves heterosexual storylines down our throats. Everyway you go heterosexuals every where these days. Yes they exist but people don’t want to see a man and woman kissing or having sex. Icky

      • Grumpster

        In 30 more years, it’ll be robot love.

      • Zach

        @Richard: What makes you so special? They show straight couples kissing and making love on soaps all the time. It’s not about shoving gayness down people’s throats, it’s about being fair.

      • NJJJ

        FAIR?!? It’s about the way things are SUPOSSED to be! Every love story in history revolves around a man and woman; Romeo & Juliet, Mark Anthony & Cleopatra, Cinderella and Prince Charming, ADAM AND EVE!!! People write about men and women because that’s the way of life, the way it should be. Just because you are “different” doesn’t mean its normal! You are going to struggle with this for your entire life, but that’s a decision you chose. You don’t like it? Then get back on your own team~

    • Days Lover

      I’m hoping they pair up Stefano & Victor!

      • ea


      • Ormandria

        ROFLMAO!!!! Though the thought of THOSE specific two together is SO wrong on SO many levels, it is hilarious at the same time. On the other hand though, it is about friggin time!

      • Beverly


      • maggie


      • podunkboy

        bwah ha hah – I haven’t watched since I was in college and had lunches free, but Stefano and Victor would be a hoot. Especially if they went all “Birdcage”.

      • Amy


    • Billl

      I hope they don’t make it a coming out story for both characters. I mean, let one of them be experienced.

      Also, it’s about time.

    • rita

      i think i kown who is carly secert love child is melanie layton and her father die before he got muder
      bo told carly i wanted to pecect her form doing the same think that jut what happen to her husand he die at beeing stab by carly vivian and victor new abou this that carly is melanie layton daughter i kown who is her father is not trent is daniel jonas

    • martha

      I have watched days 45 years can we please leave gay out of Days we dont need to see it every were if people want to see gays they have tv for them leave Days as it is.

      • Lisa Schuler

        I agree. It makes me so sad. I’ve watched days my whole life. I’m 41 and watched it at home with my mom as a kid. Tivo it every day and watch it at night now. My hubby and I watch it together. LOL. But, it’s the only show we watch, besides Idol. The ONLY one. Now, they have to bring this story line in and it makes me so sad. I doubt I’ll continue watching. So disapointed.

      • JeS

        I agree. I don’t care what people chose as their personal preference, but leave it out of daytime TV!

      • Lindsay

        Are you people serious right now? It honestly baffles me that people can be so close-minded and prejudiced. Don’t worry, seeing two dudes dating on your little daytime soap won’t turn you gay, in case you were worried.

        Christ, it’s pathetic.

      • NJJJ

        I have no fear of them “turning me gay”. That’s just silly. Do you really think that’s what we’re all afraid of? Nope, I just don’t want to see gay storylines. It’s my opinion and I have that right, just like you have the right to choose same sex relationships.

      • LadyL

        I’ve watched Days for 45 years too and it wouldn’t bother me at all.

      • Karess

        One or two to remmeber, that is.

    • Jax

      Me too! I agree…

    • Penny

      WHY ruin this show!!!!! I have watched Days for 40 years and this is one thing they can do without! We don’t need to bring in “Gay” stuff into this show to convince people that it is okay. This “gay” stuff is way over-rated and disgusting. Not on day-time tv PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Duane S

    That would be the best pair there parents would be pissed for sure the safrno

  • Mick

    Chill ! Fans have been saying for months Will has more chemistry with the male character than the female characters

  • Julie

    It better be Chad and Will! Fans have been asking them to go there for over a year now!

    • Mikey M

      Ohhh Yes.

    • JeS

      That’s just gross. If they do this, and I still hope they don’t, I hope they bring in two insignificant characters that we’ll forget about when its all over.

      • Laurie

        AMEN! The loyal followers are NOT teenagers. So the story lines should be something that the loyal fans WANT to see.

      • Crystal

        How is it gross it’s just two people being together Grow up

  • linda rider

    PLEASE, let’s DON’t go there…let’s keep it conservative and add to other story lines…

    • Nunya

      I am with you. No gay storyline for me… PLEASE!

      • Flip

        Go away, bigot!

      • Tammy

        Oh flip knock it off. Just because some of us don’t like gay story lines does not mean anybody is a bigot. We live in America and we can voice our opinion, if you don’t like it move to a country were you can’t speak your mind, or for that matter be GAY. They will cut your head off for that.

      • ger

        Yes Tammy, you Americans are free to be bigots. And Flip is free to call you on it.

      • Kaci

        @Tammy: Isn’t Flip’s comment also an opinion? Just sayin’.

      • Flip

        You just DEFINED bigot in your response, Tammy!! LOL!

      • Miss Scarlett

        First of all, the irony and hypocrisy of generalizing all Americans are biggots, by saying Americans are biggots for generalizing gay men as unacceptable, is too funny not to point out and *rolls eyes* at. But, more importantly, these writers need to learn how to write a romance between an man and a woman, before they even attempt to write a romance between a man and a man. It’s Dena Higley who is not qualified to take on a gay story, not the total of the American audience.

      • AB

        Amen, Miss Scarlett!

      • Sam

        It’s damn time that Days did a some kind of realistic storyline. I’ve been watching Days for over thirty years and I am so tired of the baby-switching, imposter, contrived triangles etc. At least with a gay storyline it will be something new and more character driven then anything Days has done recently.

        I do agree that I don’t believe the current writers are good enough to handle this story. They have made a mess of the show over the past few months. Can’t stand the Sami/RoboRafe story -at least if Will is gay, Alison Sweeney will be given a much better storyline. I really hope this gay story happens -because the show is really boring right now.

      • Babs

        35 years of being a fan and now I am about to be done with Days! Not interested in the Gay story line what so ever!!!!!

    • Nick

      Conservative? How many wives is Stephano or Victor on? That’s the conundrum now isn’t it? And demonic possession and serial killers are very conservative, too. Bring on the gays, maybe this one will watch again!

      • Mikey M

        Couldn’t agree more and we have a Villain who is considered a hunk after everything he has done to everyone. I am talking about EJ. He falls in and out of love at the drop of a hat.
        Double standard for gays? They can’t be portrayed in a realistic way just like all the Hetero’s?

    • SirLizard

      Yeah, God forbid they show anything that goes on in the real world. Let’s stick with people being entombed alive and half the town supposedly being killed but they’re actually all alive on an island that has been made to look exactly like Salem. We don’t want a soap opera to show anything that real people experience, do we? You people… well, I won’t say what I’d like to say because I don’t want to be rude.

      • Crystal

        Go SirLizard

      • Eddie

        Agree with SirLizard. This soap opera loves killing people and resurrecting them endlessly, Satanic possession, people being brainwashed on a whim, aliens impersonating teenagers, and ridiculous story lines. Days has lost any grip on reality a long time ago.

    • Shed

      Just because you can voice your opinion doesn’t mean you’re not a bigot.

      • Mikey M

        In this case it does.
        You don’t want to see something because it scares you or repulses you?
        I have been watching Men and Woman kiss for years, why shouldn’t we get some equal time??

    • AC

      How do you even go here.

    • Jessica

      So instead of watching two men or women having a relationship, you would rather watch Rafe’s doppleganger running around, Jennifer getting her heart cut out (literally), like 10 different Hernandez siblings showing up, EJ and Taylor falling in love in 15 seconds after bumping in to one another, etc. I think you get the point.

      A gay storyline done right, would make me interested in Days again. And I also hope it’s Will and Chad. Can you imgine Stefano finding out his son is gay? That would be a great story!

      • LS

        Yes, they need to correct the problems they have now–don’t know if these writers are good enough like you said–I fast forward through so much of the show every day now! Good-bye Fake Rafe, Good-bye Taylor/EJ drooling over each other, good-bye to extra Hernandez kids–bring back some characters we know and care about–FIX all of this BEFORE you venture into something else–you may need to get a few new writers to pursue something this different for Days–stop using the same old plots over and over!!

      • Mikey M

        Yeah, all the “Breeders” jump from bed to bed. We get plots with an evil twin? Paternity test switching, Marriage after Marriage. Kids after Kids with no responsibility once so ever.
        Days has become a bore of late with the one dimmensional characters and twirl your mostache villains (EJ, Vivian and Stephano).
        Woman and Men have sex and don’t know how to use Birth control?
        Who is the Babies daddy storyline has been done to death.
        Let’s get back to stories about families and relationships, not who is sleeping with who and who is backstabbing who.
        It’s really getting old.

      • Independence

        You know what, I’m very much inincled to agree.

      • Crystal

        I’m so with you. I’m just of all the ways this storyline could go lol I’m so excited

    • Amy

      I agree, no gay storylines for Days theres plenty they can add to the other storylines.

      • Sandra

        DOOL has lost ratings recently for good reason. They need to improve the story lines for sure, BUT I predict they will lose even more viewers when they bring in a gay story line. Most viewers are older folks who do not want to see that sort of thing, not young kids. I was proud of DOOL for being the one hold out when it comes to showing a gay story-line. I guess that won’t be true soon. And by the way, I’m not a bigot. I know and am friendly with gay people. I just don’t want them on what, until now, has been my favorite show. I watch TV to escape, not for realism.

      • AF

        I agree. I do not want to watch a storyline about gays on the only soap that I watch. I also have aquaintances that are gay, but I do not watch them live their life style. I have watched this show for about 30 years, but will stop watching it if this storyline becomes a front runner.

    • Amy

      I agree, i dont want to see gay couples in this show. I will be very disapointed. especialy if it involves someone i like in the show.Why cant days be different. I have alot of friends that watch this show and we all decided that if you make gays in the show we will boycot the show. just fyi!

      • leona

        why don’t people like gay couple storyline? is it because they don’t like gay people? isn’t that like i don’t want to see a black couple storyline? so people don’t want to see a gay couple because they’re gay?

      • Richard

        @Leona, stop complaring gays with black people. Being gay isn’t a race. Gays come in all colors and races. Most people don’t want to see men kissing and doing the nasty with each other on television. You can go to porn sites or rated X movies to see this can of conduct.

      • Richard

        @Lenoa, do you think people would want to see to black gay men or do they prefer to see 2 white gay men kissing on screen? I am so sick of white gay males comparing their plight to that of blacks. White gay men are still a part of the majority race in America and many white gay men practice racism towards blacks whether they be straight or gay.

      • homer

        Bigots like Amy and Richard hate gay people because their own lives are miserable and they have to feel better about themselves by feeling superior to other human beings.

        This is the 21st century. Gays and lesbians are everywhere. Don’t like it? WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

      • haters gonna hate

        yes, why can’t days be different. by having NO DIFFERENCES at all.

      • clint

        Well if days gets some gays I am sure some poeple would stop watching, but I am also sure many many ore people woudl start watching! Time for a change.

    • Teri

      I agree with Amy, I don’t think they should go with the gay storyline. They have so many of the older characters returning, write the storyline about them. I too would not watch Days if they have a gay storyline.

    • Valerie

      Gay story line PLEASE say NO!!

    • Sarah

      I agree, lets keep the storylines conservative.

    • Straight

      PLEASE DAYS DONT DO IT!!! I will quit watching after 35 years if this happens.

  • tylerbo20

    sorry more excited to hear that Deidre Hall is coming to Vancouver! lol

    • Duane S

      Hey when is she coming to Vancouver pls my dad loves her bigtime

      • tylerbo20

        just at the bottom says Vancouver has been added to the book tour i can’t wait im a fan ill be there for sure!!!

    • Duane S

      When is she coming to vancover and is Vancouver Canada tys

      • tylerbo20

        they havent said yet…

  • Pkz

    I think Will and Chad have more chemistry than any of the pairings they’ve tried (especially Will and his gf can’t remember her name). I hope they don’t chicken out.



    • Mikey M

      I love it.

  • CleaverK

    It would be about time! Days is infamous for wasting natural chemistry between characters and the actors who portray them. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen here. GO CHILL!

  • Flip

    Jennifer and Carly, anyone?

    • pkz

      I am still holding out hope for Matt Ashford to come back as Jack but how about Carly and Vivienne??

      • Maggie

        I want Matt Ashford to come back as well.

      • Kimberly21570

        As much as I adore Matt Ashford, I would LOVE to see a romance between Carly and Jennifer! Their chemistry is, and always has been, off the charts.

    • giftofamber

      Yes, Jenn & Carly. There’s history and romance, and it would be a true fairytale. I don’t want Carly & Taylor b/c the level of romance couldn’t possibly compare. Please no Carly/Taylor.

      • sd

        Melissa Reeves who plays Jennifer is a DEVOUT Christian so I don’t think there is any way she would do that. (FYI: I am an ally, so I say, it is about time!)

      • SR

        No way will it be Jen and Carly. It will most likely be Will and someone as the actor hinted to something in his storyline this summer. They’d be smart to pair Carly and Chloe though as Crystal and Nadia have a huge fan following thanks to Venice (Crystal’s web series).

      • Travis

        That could be great. REGARDING Melissa Reeves (whom I adore) if she were to be against gays due to being a “Devout Christian” then I believe it would make her a hypocrite because she had a cheating affair at work on Days with Jason Brooks (Peter on Days) in 1995 and abruptly left the show having been caught. At the time it became a scandal. Just Google “Melissa Reeves affair Jason Brooks” She seems so innocent and sweet though; and I always adore her and Jennifer as well.

    • Lisa

      Bring back Matt Ashford!!!!!!

    • Sara

      That would make Crystal’s gay fan following sooo happy!!

  • Becky

    If the first gay s/l is not with Will and Chad I will be more disappointed than I have been with a delayed EJami s/l. CHILL must happen. There’s too much chemistry there and another DiMera/Brady forbidden love is gold.

    • Mikey M

      Best idea I have heard all day.
      Oh they have the chemistry all right.

  • SirLizard

    It seems that they’ve already set their sights on pairing Dario with Melanie, and Chad is being paired off with Abigail, so my money would be on Will and ???.

  • Chris

    Wow! It’s about time. Now I have a reason to watch again.

  • sam

    They destroyed Ej/Sami the best couple chemistry and storyline wise they ever had in years for some boring, dull other pairings so i don’t watch anymore. This soap can be cancelled i just don’t care. Yeah Chad and Will has the chemistry to make a viable couple but even that will not make me watch again..sorry Dool you lost me..may rest in peace.lol.
    p.s: but one advice Dool; stop being so conservative, write women with some backbone and a gay storyline for Will..the guy screams gay (and i say that in a good way of course) him hooking up with Chad would be the best option of course..the chemistry is here, the Dimera/Brady storyline is here too.

  • M

    Chad & Will, definitely… however, they did say it’ll be one current character, and one new one, so… who knows.

    • LISA

      yes i have some thing to say everyone things its cool to have sex with each other or even having threesoms four somes no problem. ohh but its wrong for guys to have sex or a realationship some of my famiy are gay and i dont have a problem with it aslong as you make each other happy what the hell do it to hell what anyone thinks about it this is 2012 reamber that everyone and on days i hope chad and will hook up as the salem couple. it would change things for the gay communtiy, and help oyhers that are afraid to come out with there sexualatiy. and mabe change peoles thing that are straight as everyone calls it they might treat them like a normal person. like thers been changes about black people that was a great change i hate people who are predudce about any thing no ones better than anyone and if these things were god would not let happen and he woudnt of put us on this earth to be born the way are and that what he did he made us all diffrent we cant be all the same. he put us here to learn to understand one another so who cares if theres gays dikes bisexuals and black whites and othere races god gave his only son to save us and his son was torched so when is that we stop judging people.god is the only one to judge and he he when we were born he is the one that choose us to be diffrent or the way we are so so get over it and do what god did for us he let us live and have our own choices.he did not say hate cause people are diffrent. he said love thy neigbor for so god love world he gave his only begotton son.

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