Paul Reiser's new NBC sitcom to replace 'Perfect Couples'


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NBC is pulling Perfect Couples from its schedule early and putting Paul Reiser’s new sitcom in its place.

You may have remembered hearing about NBC developing a comedy starring the former Mad About You star around this time last year. Well, that series now has a debut date: April 14.

The actor plays a version of himself in NBC’s The Paul Reiser Show, which will replace the struggling Couples on the network’s Thursday lineup at 8:30 p.m. NBC is yanking the Couples, which co-stars Olivia Munn, with at least two episodes left in the can — which you can pretty much bet means the show is canceled.

In the single-camera comedy from Reiser and Jonathan Shapiro (Life) it’s been a few years since “Paul Reiser” and his TV show left primetime. He now lives with his wife (Amy Landecker) and kids and hangs out with a new group of fellow local dads played by Ben Shenkman, Omid Djalili, Duane Martin, and Andrew Daly.


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  • Mr. Holloway

    Why not have it replace “Outsourced”?

    I admittedly gave up on “Perfect Couples” after three episodes (too annoying for my taste), but I did see some glimmers of potential at certain points. On the other hand, “Outsourced” is basically unwatchable for me.

    • gypzyjedi

      Give “Outsourced” another chance. It won me over-Deitrich Bader, that doey-eyed Ben Rappaport, the cast is so good. I was prepared to hate them, because I hate outsourcing in real life, but I heart that show. That “couples” thing was a Modern Family knock off.

      • mondo182

        Outsourced got wayyyy better than Perfect Couples. Still not as funny as the other 4 shows but I hope it survives. It’s quite charming.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Hmmm. Maybe if my remote gets sucked into my couch cushions during “30 Rock” and I can’t change the channel I’ll give “Outsourced” another look.

        Seriously though, I can appreciate your “Outsourced” endorsement, but I think I’m just gonna go ahead and continue to not watch “Outsourced” or “Perfect Couples.” (Esp. since the latter will apparently be canceled.)

        It’s been working pretty well for me so far.

      • Dalia

        I agree. Outsourced got much much better over time. It’s not like it’s the greatest show out there but I like it much better than a lot of other new comedies this year .

      • Carla

        Perfect Couples had moments, but not worth investing time in. I love Outsourced, but I really get the humor, as I work for a 3rd party outsource company.

      • RK

        Agreed — Outsourced is much better, and the show needed time to develop the ensemble cast.

      • Angel

        Saying Perfect Couples is about 30-something childless couples. They’re closer to the UK’s Couples than Modern Family, which is about 40-something-plus couples with kids. See the difference?

    • Ray

      I really love Outsourced. The cast is terrific–you really root for them to succeed–and the show has heart along with the jokes. This week’s “paintball” episode was one of the series’ best. In fact, I enjoy ALL of the NBC Thursday comedies except PC.

      • Sean

        So, you are saying that we should watch Outsourced because they are ripping off Community? Why not just watch Community?

      • kevin

        Sean, i have not seen either show, but you are pretty naive to think Community was the first sitcom ever to have a paintball episode; King of Queens and Big Bang Theory both did it before Community was even a thought.

      • Amber

        While it may have been similar, it was worked into the plot well because of an Indian holiday in which it is traditional to throw paint at people. I have no idea if this is a real thing, but our holidays are starting to look lame.

      • Tom in Canada

        Yep, Holi is a real holiday in India. My wife lived there for a year, and has been relatively surprised with the show’s references to life there.

      • DTO

        I see your point, Kevin, but I doubt those other shows did it as a parody of post-apocalyptic thrillers and other action flicks. Yes, Brit show Spaced had a pop culutre-heavy paintball ep too, but that doesn’t mean COMMUNITY’s wasn’t great or that Outsourced’s wasn’t poor.

      • Mike

        Outsourced is Developing into a Great Show. Sometimes shows have to be around awhile for the Characters to develop …But Couples was JUNK and the people were just FLAT….

      • Joe

        Kevin, hilarious that you preface your comment about the COMMUNITY episode by admitting that you never saw it. It was not “about paintball”, it just brilliantly used the game as a backdrop to a terrifically clever story.

    • jrs

      Outsourced is not that bad. I don’t like the lead character much…he’s pretty week, but the show can be pretty funny. I think most of the anti-Outsource chat is from those who don’t watch it

      • Rajesh

        There’s a good article from yesterday on ‘Outsourced’ over at the LA Times site. Doubt I’m allowed to link to it on here but it talks about how “affection, not racism” fuels the humor. I encourage people to give it another chance, it’s really not the abomination critics made it out to be when it first debuted.

      • Mr. Holloway

        “I think most of the anti-Outsource chat is from those who don’t watch it.”

        To be fair though, why would I (or any other non-TV critic who isn’t paid to watch TV) force themselves to watch a show they don’t enjoy?

        I watched the first two or three episodes and wasn’t impressed, and I checked back in during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday ep…and wasn’t impressed.

        Oh well…at least it’s nice for people that are still watching that the show has apparently improved.

        @ Rajesh: I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t dislike the show because it may or may not be racist…I just didn’t think it was funny.

      • Angel

        I don’t think Todd could’ve landed that Australian girl. She way out of his league.

      • Angel

        @Mr. Holloway: The key word was “most”. If you saw three or more episodes and didn’t like it I don’t think you fall in that category. It also doesn’t look like anyone is calling you a racist either. The humour is very light on Outsourced especially compared to the others that precede it.

    • Joebig

      Simply, perfect couples is a poorly written ensemble comedy. And Olivia Munn acts like she is in a High School play. Poor form. Outsourced gets better every episode.

    • Reba

      I agree. Outsourced is horrible. The only good shows on NBC are: The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Parenthood.

      • Fog cue

        Your opinion is useless because you were on the WB.

    • stu

      Outsource & Raising Hope r funny shows!

    • Angel

      I wouldn’t put Paul Reiser on Thursday at all. Perfect Couples was… “perfect”. Reiser is old, he should be on CBS. If he MUST be on NBC Thursday he can replace The Office because after Carrell leaves it has no reason for existing.

      • Tess

        Completely agree. I thought Perfect Couples was very funny and thought all the players were great. It absolutely deserves another chance. I used to love The Office but it is well past it at this point, with or without Carrell. As for Reiser, he had his time – he plays himself and the young actors in Perfect Couples are all very charming and talented. Raising Hope had promise but is already getting less funny every week. This is exactly the same scenario as when Arrested Development and Better Off Ted were cancelled. Smart, genuinely funny shows are routinely cancelled while smart, funny comedys that don’t star big names get shelved before they have a chance to get off the ground. Was really hoping this one would be an exception. Almost as bummed as when the smart thriller Rubicon got bumped for the special effects heavy, been there, done that of The Walking Dead. Sigh.

  • Mike

    I am not going to gripe and complain that they cancelled Perfect Couples… But they should let it finish its run. I have watched all of the Perfect Couples and not more than 5 minutes of Outsourced. I also hope they don’t give up on the 3 hour comedy block and can find 2 more shows to fill the 3 hours that are decent next year.

    • Tom

      Yeah I hate it when networks decide to never air episodes that have already been completed. I’m still waiting on the last few episodes of Lone Star

    • Angel

      Do you mean when they replace The Office? The Office is the show that needs to go. It’s run its course and has nothing new to offer. Once Michael Scott is gone, the show should end on a high note.

  • bob

    Thank goodness, that show is pretty bad. And Olivia Munn is really lame and unfunny

    • Caro

      I sooo agree.

    • jezoebel

      Thank you. I really wish that Hollywood would stop trying to make Olivia Munn happen. She’s not going to happen.

      • Becky

        Amen to that

      • AN

        She could have happened, but then she alienated all her Attack of the Show fans, by leaving them high and dry and did things that were more mainstream. She could have been like Emma Stone – a geek indie goddess. Now she’s just forgettable.

    • DTO

      But she’s cute and likes video games and tech stuff and used to be on that video game channel, which is apparently supposed to be all the personality America needs to love her. Is she still on The Daily Show? The few segments I saw of her weren’t that impressive, and she seemed to be trying too hard.

      • L

        She’s incredibly annoying on The Daily Show. I turn the channel or fast forward my DVR when she’s on. She should have stayed on AOTS.

      • Sheila

        I have never seen her on The Daily Show. Granted, I haven’t seen every single episode but I have seen most of them in the past two to three years. I guess I’m lucky to miss the right ones.

    • Angel

      That’s right, girlfriend! Hollywood should get rid of all the hot girls and replace them with curmudgeons named bob (with a little b). Yeah, hot/crazy girls need to go home!

      • b

        you’d think this post is from Olivia herself.

  • katrob

    Mr. Holloway I couldn’t agree more. “Perfect Couples” has potential. How “Outsourced” is still on the air is beyond me.

    • peachez2

      I love Outsourced. Why don’t you like it Mr Holloway? Because there are Indians in it? That show is funny as hell. This new show sounds just like a comedy version of Men of a Certain Age or just like Traffic Lights – a bunch of guys bonding. Outsourced is different, and hilarious. I hope they DON’T cut Outsourced. Stop your prejudice.

      • Mr. Holloway

        If you’re being serious with your comments, you’re not exactly representing “Outsourced” fans in a positive way.

    • peachez2

      katrob, you’re wondering why Outsourced is still on the air, when the show you “love”, Perfect Couples, is being yanked after just 3 episodes? Maybe you should check your taste and prejudices.

  • Pastafarian

    This sucks. My wife and I really enjoy Perfect Couples.

    I agree with Mr. Holloway, Outsourced is unwatchable. Must be a lot cheaper than Couples.

    • peachez2

      Outsourced is very funny and you who don’t like it are just a bunch of old prejudiced coots.

  • Kim

    Boo. I like Perfect Couples.

    • Carrie

      Try Traffic Light on Fox. It has somewhat of the same basic story, but it much funnier and has a more likeable cast.

      • Pat

        Not really. Traffic light is much worse.

    • Angel

      Try them both! Perfect Couples and Traffic Light. There’s no need to settle on one especially when their both fresh, and can possibly get funnier as the actors and writers get warmed up. (Most sitcoms are shaky their first season.)

  • CCam

    Bummer! I thought Perfect Couples was starting to find its feet! The characters were starting to grow on me! Agree with the comments above–how is Outsourced surviving if Perfect Couples is not?!

    • Colleen

      Agree! The pilot episode of Perfect Couples wasn’t great but each episode has gotten stronger and I’ve looked forward to tuning in each week. Outsourced on the other hand? You couldn’t pay me to watch it.

  • Caro

    Seems like the right decision! Perfect Couples isn’t fun to watch, I stopped watching. But I’m looking forward to The Paul Reiser Show!

  • Earth to earthlings

    Turn off the boob tube. Read a book.

    • sam

      do books have boobs?

    • BIGboo

      Or pick up a porno mag and rub one out.

    • mrsitcom

      I hate when people say this and actually mean it. Usually they are hypocrites…this person is responding to a post about a TV show. Why aren’t they reading a book? Secondly…not all books are good. Not all TV is bad. There are good and bad in both worlds. I’d prefer it if you said “watch or read something good”. What if the book they pick up was one written by Britney Spears? Does that make it good…just because it’s a book? Come on.

      • Sdexter

        Yes. When people who never really read books pick up a book and finish it all the way through– YES, it’s better than watching images flicker across on the screen while hours go by without much attention being paid to the screen.

        I agree with you that tv and books are not mutually exclusive and think that the OP’s point is patronizing. However, if one had to choose between watching a show on TV made by a Britney-Spears-equivalent (I’m just using your example, I don’t proclaim to know what you meant by it) and reading a book written by Britney, the better choice is reading the book. No?

      • Sheila

        @Sdexter – No.

      • Sdexter

        @Sheila – Sigh.

      • Skoops

        @mrsitcom I wish I could make that a quote! Very well said.

  • comedyguy75

    BOO is right! Perfect Couples had kind of a rocky start, but it totally grew on me. Parks & Rec had an even worse start and NBC was smart enough to stick with it and now it’s a huge hit. I can’t believe they are replacing something so funny — with such potential and such a great hilarious cast — with a show about a guy who peeked 20 years ago. NBC sucks!

    • BT#1

      Agreed with Comedy Guy. This had a lot of potential. The lack of patience from the networks sometimes is absurd. The first few seasons of Seinfeld were nearly unwatchable. If that debuted now it wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • a boy and his blog

      perfect couples is getting better every episode, the man cave episode in particular was when i fully embraced it. i also believe olivia munn is acting poorly because it makes her character funnier.

      • Dani C

        Edward Fortyhands!!!!

    • K

      Difference is, people on Parks & Rec are talented. All of them. They just needed to rework the characters and tone of the show. Not all the people on Perfect Couples are talented. And their characters are one dimensional. And the script stinks.

  • Jennie

    Figures, I was just starting to enjoy Perfect Couples – except the one couple, who are extremely annoying. I will not watch Mad About You 2.0, would much rather watch Perfect Couples

  • Sue1

    Mad About You was a wonderful show and Reiser a very funny stand-up comic, I’ll definitely give this a watch. I do feel for the fans of Perfect Couples-while I never saw the show I’m sure it’s one of many shows that not given a fair chance.

  • Mike B

    That’s what NBC does. They put all their money into a couple shows (Heros canceled. The Event. soon to be canceled) and then they don’t give the others ones any chance. Except for Chuck. The only good call NBC has made.

    • Sarah

      Heroes had at least 4 seasons. NBC gave it plenty of chances to recover.

  • mikeman

    perfect couples has grown on me. outsourced continues to be unwatchable. while i’m excited for the new paul reiser show, i gotta think only nbc would cancel the show with potential for the god awful outsourced.

  • Mike B

    Oh yeah. They canceled Chase and the Cape too.

    • melissa

      I really liked Chase. I am sad it was cancelled. Especially since Cole Hauser was in it. He is gorgeous. Why does NBC do this? I’m still upset Life was cancelled.

    • Joe

      Because they were terrible.

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