Ralph Macchio on 'Dancing with the Stars': 'I have these orangutan arms'


Kirstie Alley may have had the best quips — and “Psycho” Mike Catherwood, those awesome facial expressions — but Ralph Macchio was the highlight of the Dancing with the Stars premiere on Monday with his Foxtrot to “Kick in the Head.” He earned the highest score of the night —  24 out of a possible 30 — with partner Karina Smirnoff.

“I have these orangutan arms, I call them, and the first thing Karina said was, `when they are done right, they are done fantastic, and when they are not, they will stick out,” Macchio told reporters after the show. “One of the judges said early on said that you need to extend the moves through your fingers. So I said to myself, every time I hit, I have to just go and reach … and I did it.”

“I told him to go downtown, all the way downtown,” Smirnoff added. “Extend it!”

Though the 49-year-old actor from The Karate Kid was definitely showing the fatigue from his debut under the mirror ball, he was still pumped about Smirnoff’s decision to have him play “this Dean Martin, this Frank Sinatra” character. “It took a while to learn. It was frustrating at times but when I started seeing the steps, I knew I could somehow get there,” Macchio said. “It was a lot of diligent work and ridiculous hours, which I still complain about. We went for that era, that Brat Pack era, and it was a nice marriage. It was a good way to come out of the gate.”

In contrast, Wendy Williams said she was thrown off by the video package that preceded her cha-cha so she wasn’t exactly in a celebratory mood.  She and partner Tony Dovolani earned the second lowest score of the night (14/30) behind Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer. “I didn’t know we were going to see it and the first thing that makes me cry is when I see myself cry,” she said. “But you know, they say a champ doesn’t make excuses so I listened to what the judges said, and hopefully 14 will be the lowest score we ever get. I did the best that I could under the circumstances.”

And the night’s other big surprise? Young Chelsea Kane, who opened the night with an impressive 21 out of 30 points with partner Mark Ballas. But it wasn’t her Foxtrot that was the jaw dropper; it was her reaction to Hugh Hefner sitting in the audience. “I met him, it was awesome!” she said afterwards.  “I was so excited. I told him, `I know it’s a huge jump from Disney but Hef … can I just give you a hug?’ It was really cool.  Kendra was like, `wait. Am I taking you under my wing?’ It was pretty funny.”

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  • Barack Palin

    First of all, I was so excited to hear that Chaka Khan would be on the show-then I find out its someone I have never heard of named Chelsea Kane. And with a weakened Pacific tectonic plate after earthquakes in Chile, Japan, and New Zealand, is it really a good idea to have Kirstie Alley in a position where she is doing a lot of running and jumping in California-better safe than sorry. Is Wendy Williams an alternate personality of RuPaul’s; I don’t know who’s the bigger star-her or Chris Jericho. Ralph Macchio was good, and Romeo was much better than his dad Master P-but then again, so were Buzz Aldrin and Cloris Leachman. This may be the first show where Hugh Hefner and Florence Henderson were in the same episode. The cast is more reminiscent of “Skating With The Stars”, though I suppose it will grow on me. Still, no Derek, no Edyta, no way.

    • your name

      Also , concerning the current barometric pressure I hope you take into consideration every time you fart while typing your nonsense at your computer you might be causing a Tornado!

    • Rabbil

      lmao! You are good…very funny…and I usually get the type of feedback I just gave you! Ok…so the kid in me, who wanted to be the ‘Karate Kid’ is devastated that Ralph Macchio is old enough to be my dad?!?…wth?! I think cult-classic stars (especially those inextricably linked to a certain decade) should be ‘age-exempt’…at least until you can REALLY tell they’ve REALLY aged…lol

    • ugh

      yeah we read this when you posted this before on the open post when the show was running.

      • *eyeroll*


    • Laundry

      Your post has lots of words in it. Mine is short, so more people will read it.

  • TOM

    i miss derek

  • adam

    I did not like the foxtrot of that Disney girl, but then the judges had very lax expectations for all those dances. I did like Petra and Ralph’s foxtrot a lot. The star of the show was Kirsti. She did not disappoint. Good show.

    • Marti W

      Kristie blew me away. I was thinking she might be the joke of the season but holy &^%$ – she was really good!

  • susan

    I don’t watch the show, my friends and family don’t want to watch the show. It is boring and has no excitement.

    Last season, Bristol Palin got stiff by ABC. They made a lot of money through commercials off her, and then stiff her even though she got the highest number of votes and audience.

    Can’t bear to watch a show with no integrity.

    • scyren

      Susan, why did you even bother to comment if you don’t watch? Stupid. Your comment was boring and had no excitement.

    • Isabel

      Something must interest you about the show or you wouldn’t even be making a comment about it. If it’s not your cup of tea, then don’t even comment or read about it…

    • Steve

      Last time I checked, the only person Bristol Palin was getting stiffed by was Levi Johnston.

      • derek

        I’m betting Levi is but one of a long and undistinguished list of Wasilla guys that have “stiffed” Bristol Palin.

    • kelli

      I *think* you mean “stiffed”. If the show made Bristol “stiff”… that’s something else entirely. and if you DID watch it, you would know that she lasted weeks longer than her ‘talent’ merited. By the end she was so desperate to end it all and get home to her baby that it was sad to watch.

    • Penny

      As much as I liked Bristol and can identify with a non-entertainer trying to do her best, I can not say that the judges were so harsh on her. Her scores were about right. and those judges make snarky comments about almost every contestant.

  • denys

    Why “orangutan”?

    • Jenks

      Usually when someone thinks they have orangutang arms it’s because they are long.

    • davey

      That’s how you spell Orangutan…there is no “g” at the end.

  • kathy

    Where is Derrick????? What a loss, he always took the show to a brand new level!!!!!

    • Malissa

      Derek just took a season off will be back in the fall

    • Luke

      Derek is making a film

  • Christy

    Did Wendy Williams ever watch this show? She didn’t know Tony’s name. She didn’t know they’d show the package? huh?

    • Luke

      She knows that she showed the package. She was emotional because of the content of the package, where it showed her crying in the rehearsals.

    • Carrie in Ann Arbor

      Seriously. I’m not buying that Wendy was too upset by the video to dance. Poor Tony never gets a good partner. Wendy seemed to slowly steamroll her way around the floor while Tony (who seemed dwarfed by her mass), frantically jiggled himself in circles around her. Sad to watch.

      • Marti W

        Your comment reminded me of the “Free Tony” campaign. Love this silliness…

      • anonymous

        Tony is not able to adapt to his partner. His lack of choreography ability really showed up when he had Melissa Rycroft who would have won with Mark or Derek. It is best that Tony will not be there long.

    • The WB

      DWTS did show a package during the Wendy Williams intro. Too bad it was Wendy’s package they showed. For Godsakes, she is a man!!!

  • jolie

    This show is for old people. So if you watch it, you’re old, even if you’re young.

    • wendeeloo

      And if you are on a blog for Dancing With The Stars – doesn’t that make you “OLD” too Jolie?! Or maybe you’ll never get old enough to be insulted by some young “whippersnapper”(old person expression)

  • sundee

    Hey, I think you have potential!!..I had faith in you then and I have faith in you now!!

    • sundee

      you can do this!!..you can win this!!!….you go Mr. Macchio!!

      • Fan

        He is my pick, luv him!!

      • Sheila

        I agree! He is my favorite and the most fun to watch! I still picture him as the Karate Kid,since he really hasn’t changed that much. You get my votes Ralph. Luv ya!

  • Del Taco

    Daniel-san, “wax on, wax off” technique and Crane style kick will defeat the Cobra Kai dancers.

  • Carrie in Ann Arbor

    I am so charmed by Hines Ward, what a sweetie he is! He always has a smile, even in a football game – he scores, tackles, gets tackled,…all with a smile for us. And he danced good!

  • john

    Kirstie was the best! For a woman her size, she sure is light on her feet. The Karate Kid (man) was good, but it’s Kirstie’s show!

  • jfm

    I, for one, do not miss Derek at all. He was a camera hog and so smug and acted like he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Dmitry has a better personality than Derek. I hope we are done with the Houghs.

    • dj


    • wendeeloo

      Yeah but his mugging was more than made up for by his choreography and dancing, which was some of the best.

      • Bama

        I almost agree. when he came up with a 50s paso, i did not even notice the negative side of derek.

      • Kitty

        I personallally think Derek’s mugging shows the cute personality he has. His choreography is wonderful, as was his sisters. I had a fit when I heard he wouldn’t be there this season. It did help some when I found out he Would Be Back next year! Meanwhile I’m enjoying this season, even though I’m a little disappointed about Derek’s absence. In fact this is my favorite show of the year!

  • wolesalekk

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    • kelli

      I recommend a punch in the throat to you!

      • Fan

        I can’t stop laughing!!!too damn funny!

  • Me

    A bit sad that Ralph doesn’t know the difference between the Brat Pack and the Rat Pack…

    • lauren

      Ease up, he could have been misquoted or maybe he was just tired. Obviously he knows the difference between Rat and Brat Packs. Sheesh.

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