MTV's 'Skins' rises for finale, but will TV's most controversial drama return?

MTV’s Skins aired the last episode of its first — and possibly final — season on Monday night.

The drama delivered 1.2 million viewers, rising slightly from the previous week and marking one of the show’s most-watched telecasts.

That’s still not a huge number — especially on a channel where shows like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore deliver millions more. But MTV has been trying to get a foothold in the scripted drama game, and Skins outperformed last summer’s first season of The Hard Times of R.J. Berger — which was renewed (and that, remember, is about a teenager with a giant penis, but parents weren’t lining up to protest that one).

MTV said Tuesday they have not decided whether to renew the show. There are many at the network who are fans of the project and, on paper, you can certainly make an argument to keep it — its performance was steady after the first few weeks, it improved its time period, it’s very on brand, etc.

But ratings only matter if they do their job: Convince advertisers to buy air time. Several bowed out over the course of the season after the Parents Television Council started throwing around the nuclear term “child pornography” (inaccurate, sure, but you try explaining that to Taco Bell). And with Twilight-style drama Teen Wolf and other dramas in the pipeline, Skins might not be necessary to accomplish the network’s overall goals.

Still, nobody likes to be bullied. If MTV had caved to claims of racial insensitivity when Jersey Shore debuted, it wouldn’t have its biggest hit.

What do you think? Should MTV give Skins another go?

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  • Em

    I’d be willing to watch a new season if they found their footing. Fire the writing staff, get some good writers, and do not become a carbon copy of season two. Also, move the location out of Canada (I can totally tell that this isn’t shot in America) and focus less on one specific character and combine the cast. I thought some parts of the show they handled well, but I never really found the tone believable or balanced. I could really care less about some characters (Tony, his sister, the teacher), but I did like others (Daisy, Michele). I feel like if this show became separate on its own, it could work again and people would tune in. People didn’t tune in because it was shocking, but because it wasn’t realistic. Find the realism with these very real kids, and I think the show could be saved.

    • sailor

      what the hell is wrong with Canada.. ” I can tell it wasn’t shot in America”… what does that matter? … not to mention we view all of the same programming as you.. ignorant

    • jay

      perfectly said by em.

    • Jamie

      You can’t exactly fire the writers and do everything differently when it’s a show that originates in Britain and they were bringing it to america. If you watch the original show a lot of MTV’s version is very close which in my opinion is awesome. It’s a good show the way it is. It is very realistic, but maybe not in whatever town you grew up in. You may not care about certain characters, but others do and they do have some kind of importance to the show. They focus on one character per episode so that you can get to know each character. I have no doubt after each introduction that things will start colliding, but MTV didn’t have that chance.

      • Nore

        agreed. nd they wouldve started colliding too but like u said MTV didnt have a chance to start

    • porchea

      people watch skins because its edgy just like all MTV shows so if you watch that might as well watch it again

  • Simon Jester

    GO SKINS! I don’t know if the show is good or not, but if it’s cancelled those prigs at the Parents Television Council will claim credit for saving American morality… and we absolutely cannot have that.

  • Mandy

    The finale was pretty great. It was moving and I loved the scene with Stanley singing Shout. I say give it another season and another chance.

  • Emma Lee

    I love this show! bring me 2nd season!

  • George

    Why doesn’t MTV just cancel it and be really provocative by airing the uncensored British original? I mean, BBC America stopped airing the program after the third series. MTV could air all 5 series!! Now that would be exciting!

  • J

    I really hope it returns.

    • jessica armand

      me to i’m so piss right now like wtf that was the best show on mtv wtf canada

  • Dan

    Better idea: Air the British version. That’s what should have been done in the first place. Pay them for the syndication rights, like we do dozens of American shows and actually show the real thing. It’s much better acted, deeper and even more likely to piss of the stupid Parents Television Council. This time, when advertisers threaten to pull out, you can point out it was a British show and you are afraid maybe the humor is not translating but it is not offensive.

    • Karen

      I agree!!

    • Booby

      Brits suck

    • richard

      i thought us has better actors i saw the chris episode us an uk the us chris knows how to make more emotions the uk looked like he didnt even care his mom left

  • Karen

    SKINS is what is really happening to some teenagers today. I see myself in many of the characters, both male and female. I do not see any of myself in any of those “teen pregnancy” shows. MTV should air a show about being “16 and not pregnant”

    • LK

      ditto. Skins is just poorly written/acted, but give these kids some room to grow into some acting skills. meanwhile, let’s not glorify teen pregnancy (the vast majority of hit MTV shows right now) and alcoholism (j shore).

    • Casey

      “air a show about being “16 and not pregnant”- Like SKINS. Very well worded… I love the new series. I can relate with every episode

  • A-K87

    This is what happens when execs buy English TV rights with the assumption that because we (The British) look like you (North Americans of European descent) then our cultures must be compatible.

    Over here there was none of this Parent Teacher TV gang moaning about the show. Haven’t these producers and financiers learned from failed remakes such as Coupling?

    • Simon Jester

      But for every COUPLING, there is a THE OFFICE or ALL IN THE FAMILY. And let’s not forget that the British are just as happy to buy the rights to American shows and remake them, as in LAW & ORDER UK and MARCHLANDS. (The less said about BRIGHTON BELLES, the better.)

  • Kylee

    I really hope it returns. And No, they SHOULD NEVER release the UK version here. It’s annoying as hell. I like British accents, but the one’s on that show just hurt my head.

  • Summer Bay

    Gee A-K87 & Kylee your just walking American stereotypes aren’t you?

    • Darian

      Skins is one of the best shows that mtv has. I think they should bring it back for a second season

  • Eric

    It was a great show! MTV should definitley renew this show for again! What went wrong? The first 2 episodes is where you get your viewship and sadly the first 2 episodes lacked any emotion or characters to care about. bye audience. After the second episode I did’nt watch any episodes until they aired a marathon last week and after that I was hooked! The rest of the characters and story were well played and fleshed out.

    • Amy

      I have to disagree; I loved episode two (aka ‘Tea’). I felt many of the other episodes were lacking in comparison. I started enjoying the show after watching the ‘Daisy’ episode.
      I am torn whether or not MTV should bring back the show, since it definitely had its peaks and valleys. If anything, I’d like them to resolve the Tony/Tea storyline in a better way. I’m left wanting to know more.

  • melissa

    I hope this show returns…but they don need new writters…

  • BHM1304

    They totally screwed this up with the casting. The girls were very good, with the exception of “Eura”/”Efie”, but the boys just didn’t stack up in any way to the original BBC cast in any way shape or form. The biggest was “Chris”, in the orignal you felt for “Christopher” more than any of the other boys because of Joseph Dempsie’s performance, the “Chris” in this version wasn’t even remotely likeable you felt no compassion and if they go the route of the original you have to at least like “Chris” for what is coming to have any impact. You could buy his relationship with the teacher as well because of the actor. Also, “Tony” needed to get hit with a bus in this version as well.

    The BBC version was the truest to reality show I had ever seen about what teenagers in private high schools are really like. Also, it seemed like there were at least some redeeming qualities among the parents in the BBC version (Sid’s dad, the twins parents for the most part, Maxii’s dad, Anwar’s dad), they were more like real hard working parents and not sitcom mom and dads like this version.

    I say give it another chance but recast some of the parts. The one big problem is that they are never going to find a Lisa Backwell in this country (“Pandora”). A young actress with perfect comedic timing is next to impossible to come by in the US. If Kaya Scodelario’s “Efie” was difficult to translate to the US then “Pandora” is going to be impossible to re-create.

    Also, why did they make this US version so white? “Daisy” was such a more interesting character when she was “Jal” and no “Posh Kenneth”.

  • Jennifer

    No. This controversial show is contagious to lure many teenage children into harmful situations. When it comes to teen dramas, everything involving sex, drugs all that stuff.

    • DJ Clay

      Hey, a light just came on! Oh, maybe you should realize that this is really what teenagers are already doing. Maybe not to the extremes that they do it in the series, but people like the PTC and over conservatives (by the way, I’m a conservative) seem to want to hide the truth that’s out there.

      Raise of hands out there: who got wasted, started having sex, tried something illegal, and partied behind your parents backs in high school? 3 out of 4 fits me… How about you?

      And as I’ve always said, if parents don’t want their children watching it, maybe parents should become parents and stop letting television, computers, and cell phones parent for them. It’s not the networks problem who watches their programming, it’s all controlled in your house behind the white fence.

      • Nick k

        Perfectly said dj clay. Just cause a bunch of over protective medopalsal soccer moms are scared that theyre kids are going to eventually have a genuine teenage experiences they need to ruin it for the rest of the world

      • TheRock

        Well said DJ Clay I agree 100%. I’m also conservative that doesn’t support cenorship which is wrong just don’t like groups on far right like PTC that believe in cenorship and being content police.

      • Crystal

        I am a 36 yr. old mom and I fell in love with the show. Its just like all shows out there, someone will find fault and controversy in it. I enjoyed the characters and it left me wanting to see more of it. I hope this is not the only season.

    • TheRock

      Your a prude Jennifer don’t like don’t watch it. And you support cenorship which is wrong some teens are going to drink or have sex or do drugs. And it has nothing to do with shows like Skins which I don’t believe those baseless studies.

    • richard

      bull all teens r like this im a teen right now

    • Karen

      It doesnt lure teenagers into anything , we are the ones that make the decisions to follow or not what we see on the show. Anyways majority of the shows involve sex , if youve seen secret life it mentions sex every other minute , everyone thinks a teen only thinks of sex but there’s other stuff going on and i fealt Skins was a good portrayal of what really goes on with teens these days.

      • Karen

        my previos comment was a reply to Jennifer’s comment

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