'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle ponders her potential legal battle -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

After last week’s credit card-stealing antics, on tonight’s episode, we see Jenelle homeless, penniless, and, now thanks to her mother, battling some legal issues. Tonight she finds a temporary roof above her head at the home of her friend, Amber, who gives Jenelle a little advice on remedying her situation. Check out their conversation in this exclusive clip:

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  • Aunt Sassy

    Gosh, maybe she should grow up.

    • JackieB

      I must be the only person who sides with Janelle. Her mom has been Psycho Lady since that baby was born. Actually I saw a lot of similarities between Janelle and Farrah — Farrah went out once in a while, and both moms went ape-sh*t. The difference is, Farrah’s mom talked it out w/ her and she remained responsible in school and got her own place. Janelle’s mom TOOK CUSTODY of Jace, making all of the rules – when she can and cannot see him – and she’s his MOTHER! Of course she’ going to leave the house and act out; both her mom and stepdad are frightening when they scream all the time.
      Imagine how she treats her when the cameras aren’t on.. she doesn’t care about Janelle improving herself, she tries to hold her back from going to school, and just wants to be in total control. Team Janelle.

      • Classy!

        Well said.. Whenever I watch janelle and her mom I always say ” Janelle didn’t make the best decision there, but she IS a teenager. My mother wouldn’t have belittled me and threatened to throw me on the street during EVERY argument…she would guide me and love me.” if I had that nagging, whiny voice to deal with every second I was at home, I would need to hit the bars and a couple joints too!!!! Geez already.

      • Lacy

        Her mom can’t talk to her. She has attempted to talk to her about the mistakes of her loser boyfriend and being responsible. Janelle has always started the screaming. Her mom is critical but it’s not just ONE life at risk by Janelle’s irresponsible behavior, its TWO. Someone has to keep the baby safe since Janelle doesn’t make great decisions. Life isn’t about you when you have a baby and the freedom to go and party and drink and smoke joints goes out the window. Wake up young girls, team Janelle is on the road to failure.

      • kim robinson

        OMG! Are you deaf, dumb, and blind? You would have to be to think Janele is being bullied by her mother. The girl has smoked pot on tv, stole her mother’s credit cards, ran the streets with no consideration given to her baby at home, and to top it all off admitted using drugs while pregnant. All I can say is thank god for her mother, without her Jace would be in fostercare, and when Jace grows up and watches his mother in action, he too will be thanking god for his grandmother!!!

      • Emily

        I am so with you! Team Jenelle! I wish there was a way we could all help her so she and her son can get away from that poison (her mother).

      • babby daddy

        you don’t know the whole story. Who knows what Jenelle has done in her past? My best guess is her mom is just fed up with her and thats why she goes off the handle. Rememer that his is a TV show and they can edit it anyway they want to make someone look bad or good.

      • Bobette

        I agree with Jackie B to an extent. Janelle is NO angel but you can tell just by looking at her expression when her mom starts all her BS that she is hurt and confused and yes, probably pissed! I know I would have been at that age. Its too bad she didn’t realize BEFORE she signed temp. custody over to her mom that she could just pick him up and walk out the door anytime! Her mom had NO say so as Jace is HER child, not her moms. I just pray that they can work things out cuz I sure would hate to see that poor little boy raised by that loud mouth, holier than thou grandmother of his! Come on Janelle….Get your S**T together, grow up and take your son back!

      • missy

        TOTALLY agree with u jackie. obviously we learn parenting skills from where….our parents. this barbara has a live in boyfriend too! and what does she do when she realizes credit cards r gone? tampers with janelles mail! uh can we say federal offense!? she had no right to retaliate like that. but then again, thats where janelle gets it lol! its sad tho. that little boy is so cute. i hope his life isnt doomed.

  • Ugly Jenny

    Wow, this girl is so pathetic! Poor girl, took her mom’s credit cards and is surprised that her mom kicked her out? I’m not sure whether this show warns against teen pregnancy or serves as a platform for immature girls to get on TV.
    If this girl really wanted to get her schoolwork done, it’s called the library, heard they have free internet there!

    • So Purdee

      I think Janelle is PATHETIC and her mother [BARBARA] is doing all that she can to help her [Janelle]. Ever since she started dating Keifer, she has gotten more & more out of control. As a mother of two as well as a Criminal Justice major, WRONG IS WRONG!!!! Janelle is rude and EXTREMELY DISRESPECTIVE toward her mother. I pray for the best with the whole family. Poor Jace is stuck in the middle of this whole mess. Janelle is is a mother of convienence & Barbara is TRYING to help as best as she can to make sure Jace is taken care of. In my opinion, Jace may see Janelle as a BIG SISTER instead of a MOTHER to him.

  • Aprilcot26

    “Thanks to her mother?” Jenelle has no one to thank for her troubles for herself; she’s the one who stole her mother’s credit cards.

    • Jennifer

      And Janelle was so apathetic about it! No apology, no denial, no excuse! Just “Whatever.” I’d kill her.

      • cony

        you know you are right about that but
        she acting like that for the way that she was rise
        her mom never sat down with her and try to talk normal, she is always yelling, is like people that are drug addicts their sons are probably like them in the end, you can not stop someone to be like without support

  • Jennifer

    I had to laugh last week when Janelle was holding her kid and arguing with her mom, and Barbara yelled, “Stop screaming in his ear!” I don’t think there’s been an episode of this show yet that didn’t contain a scene of BARBARA holding Jace and screaming in his ear. Poor little guy – He doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Deb

      I know what you mean, Jace needs to loving home, not one with one of these two lunatics. The mom is just as worthless as Janelle.

      • cony

        absolutely agree

      • Jessica

        i think both of them have major problems. janelle is not in the best situation, but that’s no excuse for the way she acts. her mother is a real piece of work as well. they are both at fault.

      • sandra

        You can see Janelle shut down when her mom starts in. Seems to me that this has been going on a long time.

  • megan

    some of the girls on this show are such morons. I watched the first season of 16/pregnant and teen mom. But when season 2 of each show came along I had to stop…I was so annoyed with them. Im 25, 7yrs into adulthood, and I have yet to have an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy’ I know there are some exceptions, but for the most part this girls and boys just make REALLY stupid decisions.

    • Sara

      That’s because you use birth control Megan.

      • megan


  • Ada

    Jenelle really gets little sympathy from me. She acts like Jace is her #1 priority when it’s convenient to her but in reality on the list she rattles off in this clip(of things her mother took from her) he’s like 5th or 6th. Of course your mother took Jace your an immature pothead who can’t understand why your mother is mad that you STOLE her credit cards and drove your douche boyfriend to New Jersey on her dime.

  • Rack

    If having a kid at 16 didn’t force her to grow up and have some maturity, then nothing else will. Jenelle is looking more and more like a lost cause–her mother should cut off all contact until she gets her act together.

    • Andrea

      Her mother is a real piece of work, but, she has her points even if she acts like a lunatic. I agree that Jenelle needs to grow up. However, Barbara took over and didn’t let Jenelle parent Jace.(referring to the episode where Jenelle dressed Jace and the mother undermined her by changing his clothes from what Jenelle originally put on him. It leads me to have to wonder what else did the mother undermine when the cameras were off?) What reason does Jenelle have to grow up? She is being enabled to be exactly how she is now. I think Barbara means well and is going about things in a wrong way, but, Jenelle contributes to the problems instead of the solution too. Jenelle is an adult now and Barbara is controlling. How about finding something positive about Jenelle, no matter how small and encouraging her instead of trying to command that Jenelle become the way Barbara thinks she should be, positive reinforcement works wonders. It’s really hard to pick a side when both of them are right at times and both of them are wrong at times.

  • thrapston_cheeseley III

    Teen moms are full of remorse, and it is most delicous. They are like running sores, running from themselves and society…yet their scabs will heal us all.

    • Mother Nature


      • Candacetx

        ignore him and he’ll go away.

  • jerseygirl

    Did I miss something? At any did this idiot take responsibility for anything? My mom did this, my mom did that…WHAT? Your MOM is taking care of YOUR child while you act like an A$$!!

    • AlanaD

      Yeah, but her mom is taking care of the child because she sued her for custody, knowing damned well Janelle couldn’t fight it. The mom keeps yelling “I’m taking care of your child” – but that was her mom’s choice, not really Janelle’s.

      • megan

        someone has to take care of the baby. He wouldn’t here at all if his ‘parents’, I use that term lately, had used protection in the first place. The once the bay got here Jenell made a choice to be irresponible and immature

      • megan

        wow I misspelled lol…redo
        I use that term lightly, had used protection in the first place. Then once the baby got here Janelle made a choice to be irresponsible and immature

  • Kathy

    Jenelle you made your bed you lay in it!! You, and only you, did this to yourself. Make the wrong decisions and you suffer the consequence.

    • Candacetx

      death by a thousand self inflicted wounds.

  • camelle

    she just needs give up her son she is a rotten child who needs to grow up. and if her boyfriend can get a job anywhere then why hasn’t he.

  • Lea

    Are students allowed to use their financial aid for anything? I thought that it was supposed to be for tuition. Since she’s been planning all along to get an appartment with the financial aid, who is paying the tuition? Just curious about it.

    Jenelle is annoyingly immature, her mom is annoying too but it’s easy to imagine how dealing with Jenelle made her that way. If Jenelle were my kid, I’d definitely have anger issues!

    • Jeannie

      When I was in school, my financial aid first went to cover my tuition but there was always more left over that I was free to do with as I pleased, which for me meant paying rent and bills. A lot of schools give aid beyond the cost of tuition because many people can’t work and go to school full-time, so they need rent paid somehow.

      • Kristen

        I never qualified for financial aid but a bunch of my friends did and they’d always get $200+ back after the school took their tuition out.

  • Jean

    Janelle is a self centered and selfish child who needs to go away with her ‘poor me I can’t find a job so lets go spend your Moms credit cards’ boyfriend. Her Mom needs to turn her back on her and concentrate on raising her grandson. He is adorable.

    • kimi

      I’m a single mom. My son is 7. Kids are not born spoiled. Kids are naturally self-centered, it’s through growth and example that they learn to think of others besides themselves. Is Janelle a self centered & selfish CHILD? YES, ABSOLUTELY. Does her mom play a hand in enabling her behavior? YES, ABSOLUTELY. Their story is very sad, but not completely one-sided. I’m not saying it’s all the mom’s fault by a long shot. In fact, I feel the opposite. But Janelle is ALSO a product of how she was raised. You need to consider that as well, before you’re so quick and harsh to judge

      • texasdeb

        Kimi, Although we are all a product of our upbringing to a certain extent, the reality is at some point we grow up and realize we do not have to be that way. We take control of our own behavior and form our own opinions and thoughts. Jenelle, on the other hand, seems perfectly content to let her mom be the fall guy, let her mom take responsibility, and to let her mom make all the decisions so she can whine about it later. Even the boyfriend cannot be blamed here. It was Jenelle’s idea to use the credit cards (watch the video clip), she knew what she was doing, she made a choice, and at some point in our lives we have to stop blaming mommy and start taking responsibility for ourselves. I grew up with an abusive mother, but there came a time when I could not blame all my stupidity & bad choices on her. Jenelle, get out and grow up. You are not “all that”.

  • janelle sucks

    sad, sad, sad

    • STACY


  • Christine

    Umm… Jenele u took the cards did u forget that u have cameras following u?

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