'Friday Night Lights' DVD sneak peek: If you love the show's music, this will give you chills -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Even those of you who haven’t seen the final season of Friday Night Lights (raises hand and weeps) can appreciate this featurette from the soon-to-be-released DVD set. In fact — much like the show itself often does — this clip might give you goose bumps.

The exclusive sneak peek at the extras from Friday Night Lights: The Fifth and Final Season DVD (out April 5) takes us behind the music and into the brilliant mind of composer W.G. Snuffy Walden, the man responsible for the show’s iconic score. “We have these incredible performers and cast members who are able to say so much with looks,” executive producer Jason Katims says in the video, “but also we have the power of this great musical palette we’ve developed that really feels like it’s getting under the skin of these characters.”

I dare you not to get a little emotional as you watch the process come together and hear the guitar chords being placed to clips. If you haven’t seen the final season, it will make you want to more than ever. If you have, you might just get choked up at your desk. Beware… and enjoy.

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  • Dave

    Isn’t it odd that the final season is being released on DVD even before NBC airs it? I know it aired on DirecTV already (I watched it), I just figured they’d wait to release the DVD once non-DirecTV subscribers got a chance to see it first.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Totally agree, since they released season 4 shortly after it aired on NBC.

      It’s a weird move, but as a non-Direct TV subscriber I’m not complaining because it means I get to inhale it a lot sooner. (Since I’m such an FNL freak, I’ll probably watch it on TV too.)

      • SM

        just proves NBC doesn’t care about the show, and makes me wonder if they ever did. I too will be buying it ahead of time.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Like lots of other people, I’ve taken my share of shots at NBC (including the one in the comment below) for how incompetent they’ve been these last few years.

        However, I can’t give them too much flak over “FNL” because they could’ve very easily canceled it after season 2 (I believe that was the writers strike year), but instead found a creative way to keep the show alive for three more seasons. Of course, it would’ve been nice if they actually promoted the show initially, but whatever. (Hey, I said I wasn’t going give them “TOO much flak”, not “no flak.”)

      • Jim Pertierra

        I have already ordered the DVD and have spent the past couple weeks watching seasons 1-4 again (along with the movie) just getting prepped. Like The White Shadow (loved it but FNL is better) this wonderful show will last forever. One only wishes that the budget had been there for 22 episodes each in the last two seasons.
        When push comes to shove, Landry and Grandma Saracen are my two favorite characters among so many great performers.

        AND hey, is that Billy Riggins in a Coach’s hat??

    • parkR

      SSSSUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHH!!!! Don’t let NBC know that the DVD is out before they air it. as a person who doesn’t have directv I wan’t to watching all in one sitting, instead of waiting week after week

      • Mr. Holloway

        The thought that NBC may not be aware that this DVD is being released before the show airs on their network is hilarious to me…and not THAT far-fetched.

      • yelldan19

        I think it’s a hilarious stab at NBC! They never promoted them, so why not steal some of those ratings from NBC this spring by allowing people to watch it without commercials and anytime they want!

      • Kim

        Thatis what i was thinking.. I loved the movie and I love the show. I had no idea it was being cancelled. i thought they were on hiatist. When does it come out on dvd?

  • PeterBilt

    I agree Dave. Now i’m tempted to just buy it

  • HC

    i loooove the music in FNL, very Explosions in the Sky esque

    • Joe

      Thats because it is Explosions in the Sky…….

      • R.J. MacReady

        The composer could’ve at least mentioned Explosions in the Sky though.

      • JC

        Agree with R.J. Explosions in the Sky scored the film, but did not score the T.V. show. I love, though, the Walden kept their vibe with the T.V. show. You could put Explosions in the Sky on top of Apocalypse Now and it would make me emotional. I just hope he did credit Explosions in the Sky in the featurette because his score is clearly based on their stuff that they did for the film and their stuff generally.

      • HC

        haha well THAT guy sure is NOT Explosions in the Sky

      • Mike

        Walden should have definitely given props to Explosions in the Sky, especially because EITS’s previously recorded music has ALSO been used for the TV show — widely.

        I hate that this guy is essentially ripping off a band — and then not acknowledging the obvious influence of that band — that deserves far more credit than it gets.

  • Zakry

    Who cares if the DVD comes before it airs? Just get it!

    Having seen the last season, you will be soooo glad you did!

  • SoyBombGuy

    Cool. I always have felt that the show’s score, with that almost eerie, bleak, desolate and beautiful quality, was what often made it so emotionally resonant

  • ImStillToni

    GOOD LAWD I am bawling like a baby just listening to the riffs. FNL’s score was a work of art and made me love EITS in the process (I still have a long & short version as a ringtone since watching s1 on Netflix). I still can’t bear to delete the season 5 eps yet *sigh* Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!!

  • stephanie Bartuch

    i watched the fifth season on direct tv. i LOVE this show…it is one of the best shows ever on tv as far as i am concerned. I can’t get enough of it. Fabulous…and i love the music. enjoy for all of those who hasn’t seen season 5!!

    • nick

      man that sucks that it is the last season,the show can go on please!

    • Jojo

      I’m so glad that you commented on my blog busaece it brought me to yours! You seem like a beautiful person, inside and out (and the fact that you love Red Velvet Cheesecake doesn’t hurt either )Something random about me? hmmmI didn’t drink until my 21st birthday! I know, I know, one of the few on the face of the earth haha

  • Brock

    I been livin in a devil town, didn’t know it was a devil town…this show was perfect in every way

  • Web Bandit

    wish they would package up walden’s fnl music and sell it

    • Kas

      Me too! Like Giacchino’s “Lost” score!

      They released a total of 10 Cd’s (some were doubles) of “Lost’s” original score for six its seasons! The final episode got an entire CD alone.

      Love to see that with FNL.

  • nick

    I have seen all the season and that sucks that it is over like earl,let the show go on!!!

    • Donald

      Jan Petters August 2, 2011 Another idea is take the thin chicken cuttels cooked as you have directed. Just before baking is finished, add some mozzarella cheese to melt and then top with spaghetti sauce and a side of pasta and you have easy, yummy chicken parmagiana. (sorry if I have misspelled anything)

  • Paul

    @ Dave. It makes sense for this reason. They will get more DVD sales from the people that don’t want to wait the 13 weeks to watch the season, and NBC probably doesn’t care about the ratings of the show as this is the last season anyways. Just my take. I could be totally wrong. Just looking forward to the season because I do not have Direct tv.

  • Mimi

    I am a 73 year old great-grandma and I couldn’t wait for the next episode each week. Love the show! Don’t have Direct TV so I will be buying the “final” (so sad) DVD. Actually, I may buy them all as I would love for my “kids” to see what a really great show it is.

  • Carrie

    Can’t wait to watch the final season, but I wish the show could continue. It’s so fantastic.

  • Debbie

    Already missing this show, this was the only reason I got Direct TV. NBC most always drops the ball on good shows…I think NBC needs to clean house and get new people from the top to the bottom. Great shows like FNL should not be neglected like they are…there are way too many reality shows on and most of them suck…that is what has replaced great programing. I watched all episodes, bought all DVD’s and the CD. Great scripts/writers, actors,producers, and music is what made this a great show.Gone but not forgotten!

  • Ronnie1

    Can a boxed set be on the horizon?? I want ALL of the seasons, so I can savor each and every episode….

    • Darrin

      The other four seasons are already available, ya know.

      • Sunil

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      • Yani

        Lea August 1, 2011 Kristen, Tim’s aunt gave us a similar repice but you coat the chicken in creamy italian dressing, then the bread crumbs and bake uncovered for 1 hour. Tastes yummy and really easy.

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