FX cancels 'Lights Out'


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FX’s boxing drama Lights Out is not getting a second round. Yes, FX has knocked out the show. Lights Out has lost its fight for a pickup. How many other bad puns are possible to make here?

The network is canceling the grim, but critically well-regarded drama after one season. The show debuted modestly back in January with 1.5 million viewers. The final two episodes will air in the show’s usual Tuesday slot.

On the plus side, FX has its new comedy Wilfred coming up in June. The pilot is terrific, with the question being whether its unique concept (man played by Elijah Wood sees neighbor’s pet as a talking man in a dog costume) can bring in a large enough audience and sustain its unique comic pitch week-to-week.


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  • Will

    Damn, you FX. First Terriers and now this.

    • Brian

      Really, when does it end? I guess I should stop watching Sons of Anarchy and Justified as well. I wish they would advertise these shows more. Between Terriers and Lights Out, they may have been the 2 best new shows of this season.

      • 9 Trae

        Lights out became one of my best shows rite up with sons. spartucus.dexter. True blood etc.
        Sad to see it gone Thats some real B.S

      • randy

        i agree, i loved this show..start a petition to bring it back

    • Kobolos

      It was due to Terriers that I refused to support this or any other FX show. My condolences go out to any fans of this show as FX continues their practice of letting people invest in a show only to crush their hopes for further stories.

      • VILJ

        I agree with you. I “wasted” my time on this excellent show just to have it cancelled with no conclusion.

      • matt

        From what I understand FX does a real good job of giving shows a chance, but like any network, critical acclaim is almost meaningless, it’s all about ratings.. which is why trash like Housewives and Jersey Shore is set in stone, and Terriers and Lights Out fail. All we can blame is the viewing audience for not getting on board.

      • shelly

        what the hell are they thinking canceling a show that good. i watched the first season was looking forward to the next. someone needs to pick it up. like amc.

    • Roger

      I found the show dreary. It lacked pizzzazzz.

      • hhh

        That is because your an idiot. You probably enjoy watching Jersey Shore too.

    • LP

      I will never understand you people on these message boards. FX put the show on and none of you watched it live on Tuesdays. DVR and internet streaming does not do a thing to please advertisers. Nielsen does a good job estimating how many of you are watch “live”. You are the reason shows like “Terriers” and this get canceled. Don’t blame FX. Support the shows you claim to love.

      • red ROVER

        That’s cool, except it’s wrong. DVR viewings/recordings are tracked and quantified. Even it doesn’t go to Nielsen, the cable networks know how many people are watching, fast forwarding commercials, and so forth.

      • ya right

        Your kidding right, people don’t have to watch it live if they don’t have the time. Internet streaming suck I agree, but networks should be able to determine weather a show is appealing to the public, not just based on ratings. What about about the amount of people who purchase shows individually, on itunes for example?

      • branden

        sorry, i’m too busy to watch tv live. and if you want to try and advertise to me, your just going to have to be blatant like The Glades is with KIA.

      • DΔV!Z

        i believe you’ll never read this, but in any case-
        show was great, only thing is – i live in europe.
        even the official web page of ‘lights out’ isn’t aviable for europians. if i could, i wouldn’t turn tv off if it changes anything, but it doesn’t :/

    • DTO

      LIGHTS OUT was quite a good show and I was really bummed about TERRIERS when it got the ax in December; however, I’m not giving up JUSTIFIED in protest for it because that show is really good IMO and causing that show’s ratings to dip will only make the channel’s lineup worse. I’m also curious about WILFRED. Instead, how about I give up the slowly declining SONS OF ANARCHY and RESCUE ME’s final season? RESCUE ME has been awful for a while now, and I don’t know why I keep tuning in or why it’s remained popular, especially when far better shows are getting the hatchet. Is Denis Leary really that popular? It’s not been 1993 for a long time now.

      • Curtis D

        Figures..I hate FX..Too many comercials and they always cancel the great shows..This was a great show and I looked forward to it..I may as well stop watching FX all together because they always build you up and rip it away

      • ko

        i haven t seen anything interesting on tv lately . this was a good show for the guys . that really dissapoints me that its over!

      • ya right

        good for the guys? I’m a girl and I loved it.

    • Debbie

      I can,t believe you cancelled Lights Out and Terriers. They were great shows. Should have given them another season at least.. Sorry Wilfreds not my thing.

  • Bill Jenkins

    Indeed. There are only so many completely good shows. At least it gave Holt McCallany a major national audience.

  • Dawn

    Nooo!!!! LOVE this show,although I can see where.. where DO you go from here? Lights fights, he wins or loses. Doubtful he wins but if he does he SHOULD retire. More likely he loses and between the stabbing and the risk internally and the whole ‘too many shots to the head’ thing.. just don’t see him making out well in a losing situation (ie: he gets seriously injured).

    They crammed SOOO much into this one season and like last episode, come on, how many did NOT know it was Jerry beating up the councilman? It is a little predictable. But, a very entertaining predictable in the process. Definately fun while it lasts.

  • kevin

    What a shame I thought they could make a better second season. Yeah FX has struck out on their last two new shows their next new show premiering is Wilfred lets see how that does

  • MWeyer

    Dammit, FX, I thought you were supposed to be smarter than regular networks! Canning a brilliant drama like this before the end of the season, that’s NBC/Fox territory.

    • Dave

      No, NBC/Fox/ABC territory is canceling a show and not airing the remaining episodes. At least FX has enough respect for their shows and their audience to finish out a season.

      • Beryl

        I agree; the 3 networks have reach a new low of cancellation. Trying to keep Detroit 187. I loved Lights, it was one of the good conversations at work. Damn, it doesn’t pay to like anything

      • AJ

        It still does not change the fact that they are canceling a good show. FX sucksssss!!!!

  • Dave

    No surprise there. The ratings weren’t very good. I watched the first few episodes, but I just couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t able to sympathize with the main character at all.
    Really looking forward to Wilfred.

    • octoberman

      Yeah, it may’ve been hard to sympathize with him, but that didn’t interfere with me enjoying the show, which I did thoroughly. As Lights told his daughter, sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Well acted, true to boxing and the Jersey area. I agree that the difference between FX and the big Net’s is at least they’re not jerking the series out from under you…and the only other consolation is they may have something pretty good lined up, instead of just throwing another “reality/game show’ series at us. But it’s still bumming me out and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to treat them like the other big’s…just ignore them and stick to HBO/Showtime.

    • AJ

      I think you work with FX Davey…..you smell very fishy from here.

  • Mary

    OH! FX just loooooovvves canceling stuff. (still not over Terriers)

  • klkinnc

    dang…first Terriers, now Lights Out! I’m so disappointed. I really enjoyed Lights Out.

  • Ben

    Yay! FX keep on canceling the shows I never watch and leave my Justified, The League and Archer alone!

    • octoberman

      Listen, if Justified gets any better I won’t be able to stand it! As far as I’m concerned they can take a few steps back and throw Emmy’s at the whole bunch.

  • Taylor

    Again. Never heard of this show.

  • Chris G

    Well, at least it was a terrific mini-series.

    • DTO

      Perhaps a miniseries is all LIGHTS OUT should have been in the first place, I’m not sure how sustainable it would have been past the first season without getting either redundant or melodramatic. It probably did not help that America was getting its boxing fix with THE FIGHTER in theatres around the time the show was ramping up. Regarding show sustainability, I liked DAMAGES a lot, but it looked like a series that could burn itself out with the cliffhanger structure and the constant need to top itself with melodrama. Not that LIGHTS OUT was a fast-paced drama, but could it keep going without upping the ante to ridiculous proportions or rehashing itself? The easygoing development of TERRIERS and its possibilities for wide-ranging storylines seemed to make it better suited to a long run, but oh well. I blame that crappy advertising campaign for the lack of interest. It turned out to be a great little series when I finally decided to watch the premiere, but I was on the fence about it due to that ad campaign. Sorry about the Masters thesis here in the comment boards.

      • Jim in LV

        Agreed about the mini-series angle. While I enjoy the show, many of the recent episodes have felt like “filler” leading up to the season (now series) finale. It would have been a darn good show at 6 episodes.

    • matt

      To be honest, that’s all it should have been, they shouldn’t have left on a bit of a cliffhanger.. I liked the show, well-written, enteraining, but the lead is a bit of a one-noter.. And how many times can they put him in some predicament that he barely wiggles out of.. Even his triumph had to be laced with doubt of happiness. You could almost write out this series in your head, and move on.. Terriers, that show had just begun.

  • Adam D. Hall

    If Arch Obler were still around, he’d say: “This is Arch Obler bringing you another in our series of stores of the unusual. And once again we caution you, these ‘Lights Out’ stores are definitely not for the timid soul. So we tell you calmly and very sincerely, if you frighten easily, turn off your television now!”.

    • Large Marge

      I love you for this. I didn’t think anyone even recalled Arch Obler except me…

  • bob

    this is one of the few shows fx has done that i didn’t like, i can’t wait for wilfred to start very excitied for that all there comedys that have lasted more than a year are very good

  • wildflowerfaith

    Nooooooooo! Seriously!! I invest more in Cable network shows because I give them credit for seeing a good thing when it is there..Rubicon on AMC and now Lights Out on FX (and from what I hear Terriers)???? ARGGGH!!! Your killing me!!

    • DTO

      YOU’RE killing me. Yes, I’m being a grammar jerk.

  • Brenda

    I thought better of you FX. This show was brillant!

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