George Lopez to Kirstie Alley: Sorry!


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Oh, the drama that plays out on Twitter these days! TBS late night star George Lopez announced via Twitter that he was sorry for joking about the size of Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley. “I misjudged the joke,” the comedian said in a Tweet. “No malice was intended and I apologize to Kirstie.”

During his show Wednesday, Lopez said Alley “did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show, she went to the market, and then she had roast beef and this is her going all the way home!” he said, before cutting to a squealing pig from a GEICO commercial. Earlier today, Alley fired back via her Twitter account, “Don’t worry about George’s comments. Just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk woolf …falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs.”

Maybe the two just need to dance it out under the mirror ball.

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  • LOL

    They both need to eat better.

    • AcaseofGeo

      I don’t think fat jokes are totally off-limit, as compared to say a Japan joke about the earthquake/tsunami. However, they should at least be clever and his wasn’t in any way. I like Kirstie but even she has made some jokes about her own weight, so I don’t think this should be as big a fuss as its turned into. DWTS is probably happy for the extra publicity.

      • Jokes

        If people feel it is ok to joke about fat people, then it is ok to joke about ANYTHING! examples; race, gender (gays), religion, political party or handicaps, etc..
        If you think a joke is funny in one area, then you need to lighten up on all areas. But if you do not like one, it is not ok to like any other when it makes fun of a person.

      • darnitanyway

        To @AcaseofGeo – You’re a jerk! Jokes that demean people are just not acceptable, period!

      • kevin

        she is a big girl I bet she is having fun firing off responses. Have you ever see her on Letterman they go back and forth the same way. She has been in hollywood a long time she is thick skinned

    • mimi

      Mean is mean. Lopez would be villified if he made an equivalent joke dealing with race or religion. Somehow jokes about women and weight are “okay.” Best line: “George can’t fix being stupid.”

  • Lane

    Kirstie can lose weight. George can’t fix being stupid.

    • Drivel Lady

      Absolutely. Fat jokes haven’t been funny since Joan Rivers abandoned hers after being confronted by Elizabeth Taylor in the 70s. Plus, if George had seen Kirstie dance, it might have been a different story too.

      • Jim

        umm she still makes all kinds o fat jokes!

      • Jay

        I disagree…. most fat jokes I’ve heard a freakin hilarious.

        You must be a fatty

      • kerry

        Drivel Lady, Jerry Seinfeld used to make fun of Oprah for being fat.

      • Catalia

        How does everyone keep from feenlig caged up/ under-worked on rest days? Goats? : Not sure what this is? From the context I guess it is weakpoints or difficlut areas. So goats : proper running form, getting MWOD in, Muscle ups, timing for DUs, HSPU, and snatches (probably form on all Oly lifts) and resting on thursdays.:)

    • Jenn

      …says the fattie.

      • @Jenn

        …says the moron.

    • cathie

      or ugly. And he’s not that funny either. He leaves his wife after she gives him his kidney. I’d get Hannibal Lector to get it back.

      • Natalia

        She left him.

    • Mary Ann

      OR BEING UGLY !!

    • DeeDee

      That made me laugh =)Fixing poor taste is also very difficult. I wonder if Lopez would make the same joke about a fat man? I doubt it – I think Kirstie’s response was CLASSIC – love it!

    • tata

      that’s a good one

  • laura

    Darn straight he misjudged it. He judged as an actual joke. Dude needs to retire, can’t even tell funny from lame and mean anymore.

    • heather

      he didn’t misjudge the joke! it’s like a little kid: not sorry he was a rotten little monster, he’s sorry he got caught. lopez is sorry that people called him on his egregious behavior instead of laughing at the “fat girl” like he intended.

      • Helena Handbasket

        That’s what I think too. He has become so mean-spirited and nasty, not just this time, but other comments as well. I used to be a fan, now I just think he’s a jerk.

      • Sheli

        @Helena–I agree. I used to be a fan, but the last stand up special on HBO I saw was just mean-spirited and not funny at all. I had given up trying to find him funny a while ago, but this whole thing was just sad.

      • L


        I agree with you. His last special was incredibly mean-spirited; not funny at all.

    • bethany

      i cant belive that he would call her fat. i mean look at his x wife she fat. just because you did like someone calling someone fat does not mean you are fat.

  • suze

    How can he not have meant any malice? You can’t just throw such a personal attack and not have it be malicious.

    • derek

      Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Kirstie Alley makes fun of her own weight all the time, she even starred in a TV show called Fat Actress, and all the characters joked about her weight. I’m not condoning what George Lopez said, but maybe he thought she was ok with those kinds of jokes.

      • Sue1

        I see your point, to a point. However her making fun of her own weight issues and him calling her a pig are truly two different things, and there’s no way he couldn’t have realized that.

      • Vic

        Kirstie Alley makes fun of herself, yes. But she puts the “fat” thing out there as a way of saying “yeah, it’s obvious I’m fat…so what?” George Lopez also makes fun of himself. He does this by making really insensitive jokes about immigrants, race and his own Mexican American childhood – his “people.” By that logic, would it then be okay for Alley to tweet about that “sp!c” Lopez? Surely not. The whole thing was uncalled for, and just plain mean.

      • Debbie

        Always loved Kirstie Alley,,I was taught to treat people how you want to be treated,,well I guess we know how he wants to be treated ;}

      • Lois

        Kirstie making fun of herself is one thing. But George wasn’t just making a joke about her weight. He was calling her a pig. That’s an insult, not a joke. You don’t refer to someone as a pig and mean it in a nice way.

      • AB

        Vic’s right. By that logic, it would be ok for Alley to call Lopez a wetback. And she obviously isn’t. Lopez is, was, and continues to be way out of line.

  • Jaded

    That was such an a hole comment for Lopez to make. How exactly do you misjudge a joke like that? Jerk! Kind of funny coming from someone who’s not exactly svelte.

  • tmwheatie

    George Lopez is such a rude person and no one I have ever found to be funny, let alone an actor. Time to give it up George. And please don’t act like you didn’t mean to be hurtful by your comments. Take responsibility. At least Kirstie is trying to be a better person, unlike yourself.

  • someone

    Kristie fired back at george HARD I love her for that

  • Taisha

    I too felt that Georges jokes about Kirstie and Wendy were disrespectful and rude.

  • Keith

    The dude is just not funny. Never has been. I wouldn’t mind him being rude if he were just funny. But he’s not.

    • ugh


  • Piggy 2

    His ex-wife should demand that kidney back in the divorce settlement!!!!

    • beth

      I agree

    • jon

      who the f*cks george lopez? Dude is an idiot and a nobody who had the worst sitcom ever. Nor can he act to save his life.

      And kkristy alley. Ain’t she the girl who was on cheers? And some commercial?

      Gosh. Can’t stand media and celebs in this society. Someone makes a fat joke and its all headline news bc it was made by a self-important celeb jackhole.

      And don’t even get me started on celeb twitter. These self-important a-holes sit on their twitter accounts acting like all of america is anxiously awaitng to read about their every move.

      Why as a society do we make these self important people have even bigger heads is beyond me.

      Oh! A celeb walked off a plane! Picture time! A celeb is at a starbucks…picture!! And then we subscribe buy and read magazines that treat celebs like gods.

      Did I mention I can’t stand how this society operates? No f*cking wonder my friends wanna high tail it out of here after college.

      • Joyce

        Just a thought, for someone who can’t stand the media, u have alot to say, but I agree on some things…{they pull their pants down to go , the same as us} No Better!

      • @jon

        If you hate celebrities so much, why are do you come to a website devoted to celebrities and entertainment? And why post about them?

      • AB

        jon’s a troll, he lives in his mamma’s basement

  • Deb

    I’ve never thought name calling was very funny. Maybe his humor well is drying up. Great come back from Kirstie.

  • Jiji Moran

    Everyone is complaining about what Lopez said about Kirstie, but nobody has said anything about what he said about Wendy Williams. Was anyone else watching this?

    • fancypants

      what did he say? I actually thought he was friends w/ Wendy…she was on his show a few months ago.

    • Sally

      No kidding, that is what I was thinking too. His comments about her were really rude. He being as DAMN FUGLY as he is, he really should shut the hell up GOOGLY EYED, CRATER FACED MOON HEAD!

  • joanie

    To me, Geo Lopez just reinforced the stereotype of Latino men disrespecting women terribly. He and his brother, Mario, both are damned lame. George is obviously expert on pig behavior . . . .

    • dee dee1

      And he’s such a slim jim, not! He’s rude, he’s always drooling over the young women in audience and female guests on his show. Not so funny George, take a good look at yourself and your body before you make fun of anyone.

  • mary

    george im dissapointed!
    i can see why your getting divorced
    because if kristie is a pig …youe ex is about the same size, yet she was kind and generous enough to give you her kidney …thus keeping your sorry ass ALIVE!

    • Joyce

      I love this!

  • ugh

    he’s just not funny and he always acts like a punchline has to be yelled followed by “hey!”

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