'NCIS' scoop: Scott Grimes to play Anthony DiNozzo's old partner


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Some juicy details have emerged about the much-anticipated Anthony DiNozzo origin episode that will air May 3 on NCIS: EW has learned exclusively that Scott Grimes (ER) will play Det. Danny Price, an ex-partner of Michael Weatherly’s character. The two worked together 10 years ago while serving as cops in Baltimore.

Grimes, who already announced his gig via Twitter, will appear in one episode.

Back in November, NCIS flashed back 20 years to finally reveal what happened in Amsterdam to shape Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and what led him to become the director (a question fans had been asking themselves for more than two seasons). To prepare for the episode, Carroll spent lots of time in the makeup trailer to shave the years off (for more on his transformation, click here).

Will Weatherly go through the same process? Is it even possible to make the guy hotter than he already is?

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  • valerie

    Yes, he could be a little bit hotter – just write his character more like Anthony DiNardo – the caring, sensitive, funny and suave fellow he posed as when he was undercover and dating Jeanne Benoit. Now, he’s the patsy, the goofball and the butt of all the jokes. It’s annoying. (And he’s my favorite character…)

    • ceceo2


      • Mia

        If he was any hotter, he’d be gay. No one that good looking is straight.


      Tony’s always hotter when he’s in lust/luv with a woman whose into him too! I’m liking the new and improved Tony interacting with EJ! hope this goes somewhere!

    • jules

      agreed on the fave character. agreed on the way he’s been written lately. they’re ruining him.

  • Sue1

    I’ve read the character will be evolving, hopefully that will be the case. I enjoy wise-cracking, movie-quoting Tony but I want to see more of the skills that earned him Gibbs’ trust. The character hides behind a “Fool” mask, but it is time for some change.

  • Liz

    Who cares? Is NCIS that desperate that we have to do a 10 year flashback to DiNozzo’s early days? I hate DiNozzo, he’s the biggest horses rear-end that there ever was, & don’t really give a crap to see how he came to NCIS. Would rather see him leave NCIS. As for hot I guess that depends on what you like, personally a 40 year old man-child who has never grown up is not appealing at all.

    • harry

      damn girl! take a breather.

    • Rach

      geez..chill out and loosen up

    • janet

      liz liz chillax without tony ncis would not be the best scripted show

    • pfyre

      No – Tony DiNozzo – no NCIS.

    • Sue1

      Someone needs a hug, or an intervention.

    • tejas

      What is this nonsense about Tony needing to “grow up”? He’s *been* grown up for a long, long time. The idiot!Tony they were writing starting in S6 was *completely* out of character, but fortunately, it seems that’s likely over.

      • Lori

        Agreed. Just because someone jokes around to relieve tension in the office (as stressful as their jobs are, these people need a “pressure valve”), doesn’t mean they’re not “grown up” or not a man. I suspect the show would lose a good deal of its audience if Michael Weatherly were to leave.

    • jules

      What gives you the impression that NCIS is desparate? The 20 million viewers it gets every week?

    • chase

      @ Liz! Sorry Ma, DiNozzo is awesome!!! Luv that dude!!

  • harry


  • AB

    Can’t wait for the flashback episode!! Been waiting 8yrs!

  • Kate

    DiNozzo is a jerk. I wish Ziva would kick his ass.

    • valerie

      I wish there never was a Ziva and we still had Kate!

      • pfyre

        You and me both!

      • AB


      • tejas

        Sing it! Can’t wait to see the back of her.

      • Svenja

        And I wish people would stop complaining about a show that is doing really well…. storylines are enjoyable, Tony is finally getting more mature (at least that’s the plan), Ziva is getting over her Mossad time, the final arc is exciting, the writing is great this season… STOP COMPLAINING about those amazing characters… it’s true. Tony needs to grow up, but I think he’s gradually getting more mature during the second half of the season!!! I am looking forward to this episode. Fans have been asking for such a thing for years.

      • Katya

        Agreed! Hate Ziva, LOVE TONY!!!

    • jules

      Love Tony and Ziva…just not together.

      • Emily Ann Crawford

        Ziva and tony will make a good couple

  • JetGibbs

    I;m very intrigued! I’m so glad Michael will be able to play off Scott Grimes (and vice versa), and I can’t wait for the Tony origins episode.

  • Michael

    About Time Tony is the most mature person on that show

  • Katya

    I’m stoked!! And NO he can’t get any hotter, but that doesn’t mean they still shouldn’t try…….

  • bill

    The last thing I remember Scott Grimes in was “Critters”. Has he done anything else?

    • ps in seattle

      He played Dr. Archie Morris on ER and was a series regular from 2003-2009.

  • emeli

    Después de ver 8×18 no me caben dudas que Vance intentó engañar a Gibbs para que “entregue” a Nick como autor del crimen del padre y así perjudicarlo. Creo que es idea de Vance reemplar a Gibbs y equipo con EJ y su equipo pero x suerte nuestro héroe Gibbs se dió cuenta de la trampa !!!

    • Um

      I had one too, but the wheels fell off.

  • Jason

    I’m kinda shocked he didn’t have a female partner.

  • Lloyd

    I will forever associate Scott grimes with the movie that started his career, that classic 80s horror film that made me laugh and afraid: Critters!!!!!

  • Peggy

    Ok, Tony is so hot!! And I love Ziva. Kate was too wishy washy. I like her in her new show though. The rest of the cast is terrific too. So, Tony, aka Michael, you can put your boots under my bed anytime!!

    • Emily Ann Crawford

      Agreed Tony is cute . By watching ziva you can learn some of
      the the moves that she dose on TV.
      Gibbs he gots since of hearing.
      I got to admit MaGee is cute to.
      The reast of the cast is doing very good.

      • Tori

        Bad grammar, much?

  • MWK

    The ensemble is good with all its members. To outrageously hate anyone of them is to break up a winning show and once that happens it all goes down the tubes. So far, the writers have been pretty careful of back stories, I will trust them to do a good one for Tony too.

    • Bobbie

      I agree! I just hate that they are going to force EJ Barrett down our freaking throat by making her either Kelly or Gibbs and Jennys love child. Now Tony is sleeping with her!Maybe that is how they lead into how Tony met Gibbs. I still like Ziva Character but I feel they have pretty much written her character in a corner. A killer, tortured,American citizen,
      Where can her character go from here.I can only hope they will can or maybe they will kill her off.I hope not!

      • charli

        I haven’t seen or read anything that makes EJ Gibbs daughter…where did you see that info?

      • jules

        isn’t Kelly dead? when have we been led to believe otherwise? this is definitely a spoiler I’ve never heard…not to say it isn’t true but i hope not.

      • tejas

        Aside from all the other reasons that’s a stupid idea, EJ’s way too old to be Gibbs’ daughter.

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