'American Idol': Casey Abrams survives to sing another day -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Casey Abrams was resigned to say goodbye with Ray Charles’ “I Don’t Need No Doctor,” but he almost seemed to require a medic after the judges interrupted his farewell performance to tell him that he wasn’t going anywhere. The trio of judges agreed to utilize their one save after hearing just a few notes. “We know who you are, Casey” said Randy, as cheers broke out. “We don’t need to hear you sing anymore, do we Steven?” Check out Annie Barrett’s recap, and click below to watch the dramatic reversal. Did the judges make the most of their one save?

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  • Amit

    He is easily better than 50% of the current lot. I hate to say this but has today’s generation of kids lost touch with bands like Nirvana ?

    • dlipy

      His Nirvana cover was horrible.

      Personally I like the guy, and hope he goes far, but I think he lost a lot of momentum with that song choice.

      • Nicole

        Definitely agree. I think that song choice did him in a bit. He definitely deserves to stay though.

      • wendeeloo

        I don’t think it was the song choice – The style he did it in should’ve been re-worked to fit Casey – HOLLYWOOD WEEK Casey!

      • darclyte

        I agree that his Nirvana cover wasn’t very good. But his performance Wednesday was good, and MUCH better than a few of the others. His performance of “I Don’t Need No Doctor” showed again what type of music he SHOULD be performing. Why can’t Idol STOP with the “theme” weeks and just let them do the songs that are of their style like they did before they got to the Top 13?

  • Yes

    Yeah I have to agree that his cover of Nirvana was terrible. But then again, I was never a huge Nirvana fan. He has such a soulful voice that he needs to be singing stuff like Ray Lamontagne. That kind of sound would work fabulously on him and I think he will take it all the way.

    • Ryan

      I was listening to Pandora this morning and Ray Lamontagne came on and my first thought was, “THIS is the stuff Casey should be doing.” I’m not a huge fan of his, but if he’s going to find success I agree that’s the vibe he should be going for.

  • Armand

    I’m not from the US but I’ve watched this guys’s performances… Who votes? 15 year-old girls? This guy should be in the finals. He’s way better than the rest.

    • Esher

      I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve been rooting for Casey since I first heard him sing. But I think you’re right, his style isn’t what the typical teen girl wants to hear, unfortunately thats the majority of the voters. Urg! I don’t want to see him go, he’s far too special

    • jose

      Yup…thats the only thing thats wrong with that show. That most of the people that are voting are 15 year old girls and they go for cuteness rather than actual talent. Stefano should of gone home and he know it. His version of Hello was horrible and was all over the place but since hes a cute little guy off course the little girls voted him to stay. I’m just glad Casey is staying one more week cause he deserves it! I just love what Steven Tyler told him.

  • Kelli

    He butchered Nirvana…no doubt, but I think if he steers clear of the grunge era from here on in he’ll be ok. Nice save.

  • Heidi

    I think everyone was glad the save was used, especially since all 11 will be in the tour.
    Did Jennifer look a bit put out or do you think she was just furious he was in the bottom and wondering what people were thinking?

    • CA Watcher

      Not everyone! If you’ve read comments from Annie & Sleazak (sp?)Blogs a greater number were NOT glad (as I) – wasted save.

  • gill

    i turn the channel before he even sings! really he’s the next big pop/rock star?? hate his singing (what little i’ve exposed myself to) his reaction on being saved was just embarrassing. go away casey

    • CA Watcher

      Me, too. He’s hard to look at! Needs big-time make-over!

  • liz

    It would be great if Idol finally won that Emmy that has alluded them for so long after this. It was a great moment.

    • Armand

      The way The Amazing Race has been this season, the Emmy would hardly go to any show but TAR.

    • me

      If AI wins an Emmy it will be for best scripted episode, because that “shocking” finale was as fake as Ryan Seacrest’s smile.

      • cindy

        scripted ?, not scripted ? it was thee best AI show ever.

  • Jon

    WTF? Casey’s rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was great, you guys! NOBODY in this year’s top 11 could have sang that song…and that is what separates Casey’s originality and charisma from the rest. He is really entertaining if you appreciate musical talent and not just pop star quality. If I had to pick, TODAY, who I’d watch in concert for 2 hours, it would be Casey, Pia, Naima and James. Without a doubt.

    • Kelson

      This is a singing competition, and Casey did not “sing” a note in that song. He’s not my favorite, but Casey absolutely deserves to be there. But don’t kid yourself that the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was a good singing performance. It was just a bunch of growling, and totally set him back. (I enjoyed it . . but it wasn’t singing).

    • Tom

      Guys, let’s be realistic. After Taylor Hicks’s atrocious sales and non-existing career, there’s no way AI will give the crown to an idiosyncratic, non-commercial singer like this, no matter how talented. ESPECIALLY when, unlike Hicks, Casey is not getting the votes, week after week. Check DIALIDOL, he is always at the bottom of the votes listing. If Taylor Hicks who never once in AI was in the bottom three and who always got the biggest amount of votes could not make a career in the fickle, beauty-obsessed pop world, neither will this guy, who seems not to even have the fanbase that Taylor had…

      • thetruth

        What are you talking about? Atrocious sales? The man sold about 800,000 post Idol CDs. Considering the amount of CDs people are selling now – yes, that includes Winners and Runner-ups, I’d say that’s damn GREAT! It’s been certified with RIAA platinum stamp. And yes, his career is doing just fine, thanks! Geesh!

  • Rona Rose

    Casey! You are a wonderful artist! I love your performances! Be strong, you need to have guts in this business. I will be the first one to buy your CD. Just do it!!!!

  • Rona Rose

    and one more remark for the scripted episode. I felt as if it was scripted. But Casey nearly died! he was not “scripted”. What these kids are going through is a hell. That’s why I wrote: Casey, you need to have guts in this business!” They all need to be ready for the “killer” episodes!

    • Liz

      Casey definitely didn’t get the memo. I love seeing that sort of genuine reaction but I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack onstage. Incidentally, do the judges usually know the bottom 3 beforehand?

      • me

        “Genuine” reaction? He acts about as well as he screams, I mean sings.

      • JS

        That was either a real reaction, or Casey is the best actor I’ve seen in a long while. The cynical part of me knows that the producers set him up to be in that situation, and that the judges made their decision long before, but there’s no way he was in on it.

        By the way, I agree with everyone saying that the Nirvana song was the beginning of a downfall for Casey – it was awful and (to use a Simon word) indulgent, and he lost a lot of his early momentum because of that performance. We’ll see what happens from here.

  • Brenda

    Completely agree his Nirvana cover left much to be desired. He isn’t damaged enough to emit the right amount of pain & anger. He certainly redeemed himself this week and deserved the save.

  • Templar

    Total manipulation to make sure there would be 10 singers on the tour. If someone else got eliminated the chances of Casey’s health holding up throughout the tour was iffy. So, forget the actual votes, eliminate then save Casey. Problem solved.

  • Mandy

    I am so glad Casey was saved! He did not deserve to be in the bottom 3 let alone be the one to be sent home! It’s CRAP that he’s so much better than Naima or whatever her name is but WHO CARES! Also he’s better than Stephano & Thia! They all need to go! Casey is not the best but doesnt need to go just yet! Hopefully ppl will start voting more for TALENT!!!!!! Scotty, Paul, James, & Casey are the BEST!!!!

  • Mom in the Suburbs

    Excellent use of the Save. Exactly what the save was meant for. Casey needs to be on the concert tour. Still believe he will be top 4, or at least deserves to be. Too many safe performances in this group in comparison, though they is strong talent this year. Compares to season 8 for talent in the total group.

  • Jason

    I’ve been a sound guy for 15 yrs, Casey is a true original, Pia, Thia, and Casey are the top three so far, none of them are professionals, so keep that in mind, they all have a lot of growth left, and I don’t even know why Naima is there, America has some crazy tastes LOL!

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