Could Will Ferrell join 'The Office' full time?


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Could Will Ferrell go from NBC’s Office temp to full-time boss?

Yes, according to the man himself — though other sources strongly caution against such a blockbuster prospect. Ferrell was attending the Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards this weekend when he said he will continue on NBC’s top-rated comedy beyond his previously announced four-episode arc that airs starting next month.

“Yes, I’m taking over,” Ferrell told EW when asked abut a rumor that he’s going to be Steve Carell’s permanent and full-time replacement. “My character’s name is Deangelo Vickers, he loves the American Southwest, and he’s just kind of in his own way going to step into Michael Scott’s shoes and try to fill them. I’m friends with Steve and a fan of the show, and I just selfishly wanted to do one episode with him, and they pitched multiple ones, and I said, ‘That’d be great.’”

And then the multiple episodes became a regular gig? “Yeah,” replied Ferrell. “A regular, full-time gig.” One source close to Ferrell added that the actor’s schedule is being cleared to accommodate the show, which will enter its eighth season in September.

Behind the scenes, however, other sources dismissed the idea. One insider thisclose to the actor highly doubted Ferrell will join the show next fall and a network suit likewise rejected the notion. An Office production source left wiggle room either way: “Will was likely joking, but time will tell.”

Whatever the outcome, rumor has it that producers shot different endings to the season to address whether Ferrell’s character stays or goes.

It makes sense that NBC would want a top box office draw like Ferrell anchoring The Office next year. And the nets have been landing more major name actors than ever for fall pilots — with NBC also backing up the money truck for major celebrities like Christina Aguilera for its upcoming American Idol rival The Voice. The question is whether NBC could really afford Ferrell for a full season, and whether the actor would be willing to make that kind of time commitment. Cast member Rainn Wilson couldn‘t see it happening.

“Will is coming in as a possible boss but everyone knows he is not going to stay because he makes $20 million a film,” Wilson told EW exclusively in January. “He’s got other fish to fry.”

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  • jayayyy

    It would be great if he stayed He is so funny and would be a great part of the cast

    • Jethro

      God, I hope not! Why is this show still on TV?

      • Jenn

        Your name is JETHRO.

        Your moronic opinion is not wanted.

        Beat it, dirt bag.

      • Joe


      • Tom

        Jethro never got the whole halpert gay joke

      • WilliamJ

        Your name is JENN, Jenn. Your moronic opion is truly a moronic opinion because it’s based on nothing more than an idiotic stereotype. In reality, Jethro didn’t say anything different from a majority of these other comments that no one jumped all over. Proof that your opinion is based on nothing relevant, so you beat it, c-rag. You are fking uncalled for.

      • WilliamJ


      • Jethro

        Thanks WilliamJ!

      • Higor

        I don’t think its too far fetched that there are many ttlneaed people who are on the spectrum. You have to be a little askew to be original. You have to not care about the normal rules of society and see things from a different angle to be original.

    • adamfan

      Will is great the show is still strong and one of my favorites on TV. My theory, however, is that there will not be a permanent replacement for Michael. I think that every couple episodes there will be a new big actor taking over the spot and will most likely find the people at the office impossible the manage and leave.

  • Mae

    He or will arnett would be great.

    • DL

      My thoughts exactly.

    • erica

      Will Arnett for the win!

      • alex

        YYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! That would not be a terrible mistake

  • Bill

    Seriously, does anyone think his movie career has fallen that far below the radar that he would accept a F/T gig on an aged show such as the Office

    • crispy

      You saw Land of the Lost, right?

      • RK

        No one did.

      • LOL

        Boom! Roasted!

      • dman

        the other guys made 110 million here. why do internet message boarders like to exaggerate? ALL THE TIME!!!! You did it once therefore you must exaggerate EVERY SINGLE TIME you leave a post. EVERY TIME.

    • Bob


  • Russ

    Ferrel will need to tone down his usual schtick for this to work. Its been a tired act for his last few films, needs to change.

  • Barack Palin

    It would certainly be interesting, but I just can’t see it happening; on the other hand, stranger things havde happened.

  • DH

    It makes sense. The character he plays in all of his movies would fit right in.
    However, it won’t matter to me. If this season is any indication of what the future holds I won’t be watching the show any more.

    • bill from ecuador

      are u watchin the same show? this season has been great!!!!! andys play, valentines episode,the sting, the pda episode, the proposal..shall i keep goin? -.-

      • JackieB

        I agree; The Office has NEVER lost its stride. Throughout its series run some episodes have been a little more low-key, but it’s consistently a hilarious show with heart.

      • BeBe

        I agree as well! The Office has been so great this season. Will would be a great addition!

    • Crystal

      The proposal episode has so far been the only really funny episode this season. It made me remember all of the things I love about The Office.

  • bruno

    why does it seem unlikely? farrell’s last how many movies have tanked.

  • Pekay

    If Ferrell stays – I leave. Can’t stand the man and his idiot characters. “The Office” will do a great disservice to the other fine cast members if they hire Ferrell

    • Mr.Beepo

      I couldn’t agree more. Not being a 12 year old, I simply do not find him the least bit funny.

      • Jamy

        are we watching the same show? the entire reason why Michael Scott is funny is because he is a politically incorrect, idiotic 12 year old. Cue Will Ferrell.

      • Matt

        Am I the only one who thinks he plays the exact same character in ever movie.

    • podunkboy

      I plan to skip his episodes this season, and if he remains, will drop the show entirely. I have never found anything he’s done to be remotely funny.

      • sam

        podunkboy… what are you on because i would like some… Will Ferrell is absolutly histerical

  • Mac

    I hope not. If The Office wants to continue past this season they need to bring a completely different type of boss to the show. If they dont, everyone will compare him/her to Micheal and the show will fail.

    • hot

      exactly! everyone who doesnt like will ferrel, should probably go kill themselves…

  • Emoney

    I don’t think it would work. Will Farrell is too identifiable now to step into a full-time TV gig. Actually, if The Office were just starting now, Steve Carell would also be too identifiable, but he wasn’t when it got going. I think they need to get somebody funny but who isn’t a brand of his/her own yet.

  • TopherGracesucks

    At least they didn’t get Topher Grace

  • Chris


    • Ray


      • Chris

        Just keep it away from gangs…….they have swords. PLEASE FIX THE TELESTRATOR!!!!

  • carolae

    Why is it that actors/actresses that once were making movies, now find themselves on TV shows? The movies that they had appeared in were hits but I see that many are now either doing commercials or are making guest appearances on a hit TV show. Am glad that they are still around! Wake up Hollywood….you’re losing a lot of good people!

    • Eric

      Pssst…don’t tell anyone, but “Hollywood” makes the tv shows too…

    • NMO

      By and large, the writing on TV is much better than it is for movies. It’s becoming less of a stigma for movie actors to do TV — though you’re still not going to find the hottest film actors on a series any time soon.

    • bgu

      its called old age

  • JD

    I think Ferrell is probably one out of a few comedians that could fill Carells shoes. But I doubt he’ll actually stay on for a whole season.

    With him in the ensemble the show would definitely move up on my must-watch list.

  • Nick

    I had a feeling this could happen. While I still believe it’s a joke to lead the audience on, I could see it happening. NBC probably realizes that it will need a big name to keep its number 1 show afloat. Will Ferrell is known to play the same character type but his film “Stranger than Fiction,” while not the best film, showed he is capable of downplaying that type which could work well for a more rounded television character. I’m still hoping however, that the new boss is either a character that’s already on the show or the original boss David Brent!

    • jay

      What? David Brent? He wasn’t funny. Dwight or Andy taking over as the boss, would be a hoot, though.

      • Emily

        I totally agree. Or, better yet- Jim and Dwight have to co-manage the office together. How hilarious would that be?

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