'House,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Fringe, 'Justified,': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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Happy Tuesday, all! What’s so happy about it, you ask? Well, I’ve got info aplenty on several of your favorite shows. You want more? Don’t be shy. Send all questions/musings/flattery to: spoilerroom@ew.com and @EWSandraG, then come back Friday for the goods. ‘Till then!

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Olivia Wilde step into her scrubs and in the show’s landmark 150th episode, airing April 11, we learn why: Thirteen’s been in the slammer! And if you think you’re curious to find out why, just wait until you see how desperate House is to crack the case in this incredibly wrenching (and fantastic!) episode.

“I have to say, this episode is probably my favorite that I’ve ever done on the show. It explores her return, but it kind of takes the scenic route,” says Wilde, speaking exclusively with EW.

Desperate to find out more, House shows up at the prison gates to collect Thirteen when she is released and ends up taking her on road trip with the goal of getting the truth out of her — and he does. (This is House, after all.) But it comes at a price. “In order to sort of melt her steely resolve, he has to show a little bit of his own vulnerability, and I think that’s what makes their interaction ultimately really kind of unusual and really interesting,” Wilde says. “He’s reaching out to her and showing her his rawness. I think that’s what encourages her to open up. It also comes after several attempts to throw him off the course. She tries to throw him off the scent, but it doesn’t work because he’s too smart. She eventually has to give it up.”

As for what the secret is…oh, I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you that it’s sort of a secret wrapped in another secret, wrapped in another secret, all of which leads to an amazing moment. By the end of it, you’ll never want Thirteen to leave again. At least, that’s what Hugh Laurie thinks.

“I’d bet money no one will figure out why she’s in jail before we tell them because until I read it I had no idea,” he says. “I think our fans will be left salivating.”

Taking guesses (and bets) in comments.

As Kevin McKidd puts it, the Music Event on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy is the culmination of the season. That’s odd, I know, considering there are still a few episodes to go in the season. But after our conversation, I think I know what he means. Something tells me that after this week’s monster of an episode, it’s all downhill for many of our favorite pairs — namely Cristina and Owen.

“Everything’s in a state of flux…but I think they’re getting down to the nub of what’s going on between Cristina and Owen,” McKidd says of the next few episodes. “They’ve been pretty content this season, but they kind of rushed into something without due diligence [regarding] core fundamental things about how they want their life to pan out. So there are some tough times ahead of them. I think people need to strap in a little bit because it’s going to get pretty bumpy for a while between these two.”

While he stops short of saying how the pair will be challenged (although, it has been said before that it won’t necessarily be related to the couple’s baby discussions), he hints that the duo’s longstanding communication issues will play a part in their upcoming troubles. “I think he gets frustrated because one thing Owen’s pretty good at is that he’s pretty good at expressing how he’s feeling. Sometimes, if she’s in that frame of mind, she’s not that great at reaching out and saying, ‘I need this,’ or ‘I feel this.’ I think that is one of his biggest frustrations.”

In the end, McKidd says, “I imagine it’s going to raise some pretty interesting debate. Who’s right and who’s wrong. Or is anybody right? It’s definitely going to be an ‘Oh, my God’ type thing. It’s definitely going to be pretty life-changing for them — the final moments of the finale.”

Whether the polarizing debate results in a split, we’ll have to see. But McKidd says he thinks the pair is meant to be. “I think Owen and Cristina, from the moment he came out of that ambulance and they met each other, they were against the odds. When you look at them on paper, you think, these two shouldn’t be a good fit, and yet they are. When they’re together sparks fly,” he says. “I don’t think their wedding was their happy ending, but I think that eventually — through a lot of tough make-it-or-break-it moments — I’d like to believe that they’ll end up old and gray together.”


Hi, we’re coming into the home stretch for Justified. Need scoopage! Thanks. — Susola
First a bulletin, then scoop. NOTE: You have two hours to get me Justified questions for showrunner Graham Yost. Run — don’t walk — to your keyboard and send them to me ASAP at spoilerroom@ew.com. Now scoop: HOLY MOLY, next week’s episode (titled “Brother’s Keeper”) is not only a huge one for those of you following the coal mining storyline (is that resolution I smell?), but a big one for everyone who’s been waiting for things to get very unfriendly between Mags’ clan and Raylan. Quite honestly, this episode easily could have been the season finale. And by the time you get to the end, you’ll be incredibly happy it’s not.

Thank you for showing NCIS: LA some love last week!! Any more scoop for Deeks and Kensi fans? — Maria
May 3. I think you’re going to enjoy that episode.


Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox

What can you tell me about the new agent coming to Fringe? I heard she’s going to be played by Emily Meade from Boardwalk. — Ryan
Right you are. The agent is scheduled to make her debut in the season finale, and executive producer Joel H. Wyman tells me her character will have a deeper meaning than a simple rookie agent. “We try and expand our storytelling week to week to a way that we are able to tell, I guess, deeper stories about our main characters. So many of the guest stars that come on are there to do one main thing and that’s to reflect back on our main characters and to learn more about them and sort of uncover more aspects of their personality and deepen them for the viewer. That character will definitely be there to do that,” Wyman tells EW. As for rumors that the new agent will be recurring, the EP says that’s more of a safety net. “We always protect ourselves by saying that because you never know. When we used Seth Gable, for instance, he turned out to be so great. And it’s just those little discoveries that you’re like ‘Wow, you never know.’ We always like to just know that we’re covered, should it go great.”

Detroit 1-8-7. Hope it is returning. Love this show. — Ditas
If you haven’t already, head over to see Lynette Rice, James Hibberd, and Ken Tucker weigh in on the bubble shows you’re anxious to hear about. In the case of Detroit 1-8-7, however, you might want to sit down before clicking that link.

Do you really think this green card marriage stuff is going to stick on House? I mean, let’s be honest: people want Huddy. — April
Well, it doesn’t really matter what I think. What matters is what is going to happen. And from the looks of it, yes, it’s sticking. But you won’t have to see her all the time. “She comes and goes. We have no definite arrangements there,” Hugh Laurie told EW at the premiere of Hop in Los Angeles. “We may meet some other people from her life, and she expressed that for her it may be more than a Green Card marriage. That will cause problems inevitably.” We’d expect nothing less.


Archer is easily the funniest show on TV right now. Got any scoop for me, or must I go on a rampage? – Brandy
You are truly terrifying…and I love it. Let’s see if we can do something to prevent psychosis. This week’s new episode, airing March 31, reveals a lot about Judy Greer’s character of “Cheryl/Carol.” I hear we’ll learn that she has a long-held fear of kidnapping (and why she has this fear). Also, her TRUE last name will be revealed (clue: it ain’t “Gimble”), as will one of her habits: she enjoys sniffing rubber cement! Bonus scoop: Pam is a badass. You’ll agree with me after this week. P.S – Love that Archer fans are coming out to play!

I have so many NCIS questions I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll take anything, Sandra. Anything. Puh-leaaaseee. — Jamie
You already know that the finale will revolve around the port-to-port killer, buuuut I’m hearing the episode also might feature a few familiar faces. Which, naturally, leads me to ask: In a perfect world, who from the past would you all like to see again? Also, if you haven’t read Mandi Bierly’s piece of scoop on Ziva’s new boyfriend, Ray, click on over.

Is there any chance A.J. Cook or Paget Brewster is returning later this season or next season to Criminal Minds for a possible guest spot? — Ingmar
I’m thinking not. When I spoke with Thomas Gibson, he was doubtful they’d return before the end of the season, which is creeping up on us fast. But he was confident about an eventual return for Brewster at the very least. “I can’t imagine the show without her. That’s all I can really say at this point. I hope there’s some way she can come back. But that’s up to her and whoever has hired her for their pilot,” he said. Programming note: My Q&A with Gibson was delayed because we had a CM repeat last week! So look for it tomorrow — or today, if I’m in a good mood…

Are we going to be seeing less Angela after she has the baby on Bones? I hope not. I love Michaela Conlin. — Tara
I do believe she’ll have the baby before the end of the season, and when she does, I don’t think we’re going to get dialed down on the Angela action. In fact, Conlin says we should prepare to see Angela channel her inner super-mom. “I feel like Angela, if anything, gonna be tryin’ to strap that baby in as she travels the world. That was something I definitely talked to [creator Hart Hanson] about. When the pregnancy came up initially, I didn’t want it to change who Angela was and how adventurous she is. So I feel like Hart has always been very receptive to that, besides the fact that Hodgins has a lot of money, so maybe we can have somebody helping us.”


Image Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/CBS

Big Bang Theory, please!! Any chance of Leonard and Penny getting back together this season? I like Pria but like Penny better. — Peggy
Yeah, I’m hearing this more and more from your fellow Roomies. Too bad it doesn’t look like it’ll be happening any time soon. “I don’t see Leonard and Penny getting back together before the season ends, but you never know,” Kaley Cuoco (Penny) says. “Pria is probably a better fit for him, but she is pretty controlling, so maybe that will eventually get on his nerves. Penny’s love life, well her life in general, is sort of a mess.” How about some consolation scoop? Remember the girl’s night (featuring Sheldon) I teased a few weeks ago? Cuoco has some new info: “I invite him out assuming he won’t come and he surprises me and says yes and then he will surprises viewers by showing some dance moves. That’s all I’m gonna say.” If that doesn’t sound like something to smile about, I don’t know what does.

I know Skeet Ulrich is leaving Law & Order: Los Angeles when it returns in April. Any word on how his character, Rex, is leaving and if we’ll see him again? Are they revamping any other parts of the show? — Jackie
A return for Rex is not looking likely. But crazier things have happened – on CW shows. As far as other character twists, it appears Rex might not be the only notable disappearance. Detective Jaruszalski’s Magnum P.I.-esque facial hair might also be exiting stage left. Rest in peace creepy ‘stache; we hardly knew ye.

Got scoop on Gossip Girl? Especially the most awesome pairing of Dan and Blair? Penn and Leighton both said the outcome is unexpected. What could they possibly mean? — Laura
If like me you expect them to get married and have children who appreciate fine cinema and hopefully have mommy’s sense of style… well, expect something else. Hence, “unexpected.” Or perhaps it might have to do with a little something that’s going to come out in an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. More soon.

Anything on H5-0? Please? You’re looking great lately? Has anyone mentioned that? — Bridget
I prefer flattery that’s not in the form of a question, but you’re on the right track. When McGarrett and Danny have a showdown in an army surplus store, we learn a dark secret about Danny: He sucks at cooking eggs.


Image Credit: Jojo Whilden/CBS

I’d love some Blue Bloods info! This show is fantastic and doesn’t get any love except here. So thank you!!! — Sophie
I adore the Reagan clan, which is actually going to make Friday’s episode tough to watch because Linda (Amy Carlson) gets kidnapped by a baddie whom Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) plans on testifying against. The one benefit to our turmoil as we watch it all unfold is that we get to see Frank (Tom Selleck) in fatherly crisis management mode, which is really when he’s at his best. That said, this is also Carlson’s finest hour. See how I said “finest” and not “final”?

Anything on the return of Leverage? I’m so excited for it to come back! — Lori
The show is in the planning stages of a super trippy episode that will find Parker in a journey through time. Part of the episode takes place in present day and the rest takes place in flashbacks to the 1930s-40s as a client relays his complex and heartbreaking tale to Parker. I. Can’t. Wait.

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell, Mandi Bierly,  Maggie Pehanick, Stephan Lee, and Hillary Busis.)

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  • Jill

    I really really hope they don’t kill Linda to try and start something between Danny and Jackie. I love the fact that they can be partners without there needing to be sexual tension between them. Hopefully it’ll just be a really good Danny (and Frank) episode.

    Any idea if they’re ever going to do a story on NCIS:LA that focuses on Eric and/or Nell?

    • lizzy borden

      She said it was Carlson’s finest hour..not final hour. Linda will stick around. And I love Danny and Jackie as partners too. Actually, I love the whole cast. Frank/Danny eps are the best.

      • Meli

        @lover–your pathtetic one sentence at the bottom to try to keep your comment on-topic just above the shill for your scam website is pathetic. Go broke and go away.

  • Barrack Obummer

    House is going to bang Thirteen?

    • Cheery

      Doubtful. He’s probably gonna be like “I’m a drug addict again, so…quit stalling and tell me what you did before I OD.”

      Something like that, except you know, *really* clever, because the writers are all about smart twists and turns these days.

  • Michael Sacal

    TV shows that do flashbacks to the 30s and 40s are SOOOOOO damn cliche.

    • JAM

      people who complain about cliche flashbacks are sooo cliche. troll.

      • UGH

        people who respond like that way are the true cliched trolls.

      • Cass

        People who respond to people responding to trolls make me laugh

      • Trolly McTrollerson

        Trolls who respond to trolls responding to trolls who are trolling a trollboard are trollific!

  • TQB

    Sorry, but there is nothing in creation that could make me not want 13 to go away again, permanently. Her absence has been delightful.

    • UGH

      Me and my box of Kleenex have missed her greatly.

    • Lyn

      I find the Amber Tamblyn character completely annoying and want her replaced by 13 or ANYone.

      • Ebonic Plague

        No sh!t.
        I can’t believe the wardrobe people put her is such short dresses.
        Log legs and cankles.

      • Madison

        Thank you! I was really looking forward to Tamblyn but she’s been a huge disapointment. Welcome back 13, hope you stay this time.

      • C

        Really? Her legs aren’t skinny or perfect enough for short skirts… no wonder so many people have body image problems. I agree though that she is annoying.

  • Jeff in Brooklyn

    re: Detective Jaruszalski’s ‘stache leaving the premises. Nooooooooooo!!!! I thought it was hot on him.

  • Kate

    You tellus there is spoilerville for Dan and Blair but dont hint to us what the spoiler is! Mean EW, mean!

    • Summer Bay

      Head to TVLine.

  • Johnification

    They’re taking the moustache out of Detective Mustache? Nooooooooooooo!!!

  • Sally

    I’ve never been much of a Thirteen fan, but I admit I’m curious for that storyline now. Maybe I’m just too grateful for the end of Huddy and willingly accept anything else now LOL Anway, thanks for the scoop!

    • Lyn

      Somehow I don’t really believe Huddy is over. But thanks for the reminder that not every fan wants to see every pair of attractive TV co-workers mashed together in a romantic relationship!

  • lisa

    LOVE Owen and Cristina! Whatever bumpy times are ahead for them I pray they don’t break them up because it would break my heart.

    • vanessa

      I’m thinking what Kevin said, Owen/Cristina have the communication problems and could be seperated for a while,but should be together in the end, I hope it’s not too long

  • Reena

    As much as I like Olivia Wilde I cant help but not want thirteen back I like Amber Tamblyn as Masters…she is funny and i like how she struggles with doing the right thing and doing what house says…on the other hand I am a little intrigued by why thirteen has been missing

    • Meli

      There has to be an outtake somewhere where Olivia says on camera, ‘Because I’ve been busy making movies and divorcing my husband who’s been a deadweight to me and my career to come back to this craphole character.’

  • Jen

    Ugghhhhh… I am excited to see more scenes of Crowen but nervous what they are going to put them through.

  • chris hickey

    I have a question about an unresolved storyline on CSI. When are we gonna see Squeeegal(the latex wearing creepy as heck serial killer)again? I want more of that freak! LOL

    • Theresa

      I loved that episode… They pretty much left us hanging and I hope he/she comes back again. Wild and Weird but totally the coolest character they have had in a while!

  • rachel

    I hope Cristina and Owen don’t break up. I’ll be totally bummed. Yay for Blue Bloods scoop. Awesome show.

  • Alexi

    - Hate Crowen
    – Want Amber Tamblyn back on House and 13 to stay away
    – Ughggh I want Dair not the unexpected

    • kim

      Love Owen and Cristina
      Dislike Amber and want 13 back
      can’t stand “Dair”

      • Leigh

        No worries, Chuck&Blair are coming back BIG TIME!!! Happy days are FINALLY here again. The Dan and Blair suckage is DOA–like the RATINGS!!! CHAIR=GG’s saving grace!!! CHAIR ALL THE WAY!!!

    • an

      LOVE DAIR!!!!

      • Leigh

        Face facts–they are DOA!!!

        CHAIR is here to stay!!! CB=DESTINY!!

        Cannot wait for CB MAGIC on our screens again!!

  • chris hickey

    One more question for the writers of House…are we gonna see that serial killer reappear on House in a future episode? If not this year sometime in the future? It was a great ending to that episode…a shocker…will we see more? Will he return or will it be a story on the news that he was captured…

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