Obama's Libya address ratings down from previous speeches


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President Obama’s speech viewership keeps on slipping.

Monday night’s policy address on Libya delivered 25.6 million viewers, continuing the president’s trend of declining ratings for his issue-oriented telecasts.

The speech was down 12% from Obama’s address on Iraq last August (29.2 million), which fell 9% from his speech on the Gulf Coast oil spill in June (32.1 million), which in turn dropped 21% from his Afghanistan speech back in December of 2009 (40.8 million). Last night’s address could have been dinged by starting slightly before primetime, at 7:30 p.m. (which also kept Obama from making ABC choose between the commander-in-chief and airing Dancing With the Stars at its usual time).

The president’s telecast was carried across eight networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, TEL, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC.


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  • Political Analyst

    the speech was at 7:30, unlike his usual 8 or 9 pm speeches, at 7:30 people are probably still eating dinner, no?

    • DC

      What other excuses can you come up with. People are not even interested anymore in what he has to sa. You can blame the time, the place, the television or your cat. It doesn’t make a difference! It was purely a defensive speech trying to answer all the criticisms that came out in the press the week before. It’s all about him and how thin skinned he is. What a nightmare he is for this country. I have never seen a commander in chief address the issue of war in such a campaign manner. This man will be known as the worst thing that happened to America…ever! I still wonder how someone so inept was sold to the American public.

      • Annette

        I turned the tv on, saw he was on, and proceeded to turn the tv off!

      • James

        Spot on! America could care less what this buffoon has to say. He’s thin-skinned and the worst leader we have ever had as POTUS, even Carter was slightly better. I love hearing all the Democrats start admitting that they regret voting for him (Hillary would have been a much better choice and she can actually MAKE decisions).

        It’ll be nice when the Dems decide he has to go and consider putting up a contender against him in the 2012 election!

      • Alamosq

        I disagree. I think Obama was the best thing that could have happened to the US. I think we would have just had a slow dea th with McCain. Obama woke us up to the leftist liberal threat. We just have to make sure a strong Republican wins the next election. We also have to make sure the Republicans prevail in Wisconsin.

      • kari

        I can’t even stand to hear his voice anymore. If I wanted to hear constant lies I’d call up my ex-husband.

        Nobody I know can even stand to listen to this guy anymore.

      • RufusVonDufus

        In a state overloaded with Dem judges like WI is, you can forget about winning there as the Judicial branch of the WI government will never allow the law to go into effect. It does not matter what happens in the state legislature as long as the Dem judges have the ability to continue to stop it from being enacted. Judges have way too much power in all states. The Dem judge doing this in WI actually has a son representing several unions or he did represent them. Tell me that is not corrupt!

      • Fregameeate

        I guess you don’t like him. But join his mother country, Kenya, who feels the same. Kenya has gone so far as to change its Official Language from Swahili, in which Barry is fluent, to Kiswhali, about which he knows as much as he does about ESL. Kenya did this to dissuade their most notorious emigre from pulling a General Douglas MacArthur.

      • Timo

        you nailed it….

      • me

        I still wonder how someone so inept was sold to the American public.

        You answered your own question. HE WAS SOLD TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC: LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL! I am THRILLED I was NOT buying it then.

      • B.Lou

        Thank you!

      • Robert

        It’s simple. On November 4, 2008, the American people willingly surrendered their intelligence and voted with their hearts. They voted for making history instead of voting for what was in the best interest of the country.

      • bruce

        right so right

      • tgtg

        I Agree. MAny people care about the subject but know there is no way Mr. Obama will say anything worth listening to.

      • Alyssa

        I Disagree in every sense of the word. You don’t think this last election in the House people voted impulsively for ” Republicans”? Are you happy, you got more fighting and Bonehead Boehner. Oh yeah-GOOD JOB. I could give a rats ass if I was the only one watching-he spoke the truth and gave one of his best speeches. He is far from the Worst President we have ever had. That award was handed to George Bush, who amazingly managed to stay in office a staggering 8 more years than he should have. I will take into consideration that you people on the right have no one laughable as of right now or the foreseeable future for a Candidate next year. So keep laughing. You guys voted for someone in 2000 and 2004 who took a nose dive and plummeted our country in the ground. It will take more than just President Obama to fix that even if he has two terms, which is pretty likely.
        The problem with this country right now is its bickering and racism and conservatism-not to mention fickle and naive people. Its 2011-we should be over the color of peoples skin, who they marry, and come to our senses that people can believe whatever religion they want or if any. Im so sick of the Catholic church right now-Im thinking of leaving. And women should have rights to their own bodies end of story.

      • bbkenn

        speak for yourself.

      • Stella

        I cannot understand why so many people keep their heads in the sand (no pun intended) re the person in the White House, his deceptions and contradictory statements: saying one thing today and clearly, the opposite statement tomorrow. What drives people to make excuses for him, to blindly follow him, to accept without question the new laws he makes on-the-fly? Does anyone know where in the heck he really wants to take us? Stop the nonsense crap,it would not take a whole lot of intelligence to see the right from wrong, just use common sense, people.

    • Ron

      I thought it was a bad time of day. Why did he choose that time. What he said came too late. Everyone had talked it to death. He needs to act quicker to the American people. Maybe he needs to take a vacation from his vacations and go to work!

      • Paul

        Better yet….why doesn’t he just resign his office as presidente and do the country and its citizens a huge favor. He is inept…way over his head as community organizer.

      • JoeBob

        Being the brainiac he is… he was thinking about what to say…. It takes a while to craft an explanation at the level we low-brows could possibly even hope to understand.

      • Philip

        He didn’t want to compete with Dancing for the Stars or make ABC choose between the two. It would have been a tough decision for ABC but I think most people would rather watch the TV show.

    • Bill

      Maybe the real reason is because some people who are not sycophants of Obama, realize that what he says is a far different from what he does.

    • kepeneter

      He should not have preempted NBC News with Brian Williams. Obama’s delivery was rough as are his ideas.

      • alice

        Never mind Brian Williams, I missed Jeopardy. If Oboma had come out before everyone on the planet knew what we were doing, it might have been news.

    • Frank

      The mental gymnastics required to defend Obama must be incredibly difficult for liberals.

      Obama is becoming a mini-Bush, yet somehow they can rationalize and defend his EXACT SAME ACTIONS they screeched about merely years ago under Bush.


      • Fregameeate

        HE is not a “Mini-Bush.” Bush is actually in the White House leading the charge. Bush is a master of disguise and has put on a “Black Face” mask. How else can you explain the following:

        Military Surges.
        Lots of Vacations.
        Gitmo Open.
        Lots of parties.
        Patriot Act passed.
        Lots of vacations.
        Wire-Tapping in full swing.
        Lots of vacations.
        Drones over Pakistan.
        Betting on baseball,,er,,er,, basketball.
        Tax cuts intact.
        Re-Drilling in the Gulf.
        Another Arab country invaded.

        Gee! I got Bush back and i didn’t know it.

    • Mark

      The abyss between what O says and what he does is vast enough that his words have become meaningless.

      To watch that speech, one would have to be either a mindless drone incapable of critical thought or a clear-thinking opponents enjoying a little schadenfreude.

      • Greg

        Mark I agree here in NJ we call them OZOMBIE- mostly state union workers or teachers

      • tgtg

        I could not bring myself to watch as the ommissions began…

    • Nadine

      NO… people are tired of the ignorant manchild

      • bruce

        i cant stand his crap-talk

    • Orangesqueeze

      Watching and listening to Obama while eating? Heartburn meds, please…and hurry!

    • karen

      It’s not just that ppl don’t want to hear what he has to say anymore, the fact of the matter is that although words KEEP on coming out of his mouth, he never SAYS anything………. he never has.

    • Carole Vohs

      To Political Analyst No! However, it is probably true that we should watch him just to see what else he may be up to that will destroy our nation.

      • will g alvira

        You mean, as opposed to what Bush did to destroy all aspects of American politics , capitalism,industry, and capital- economy?

      • will g alvira

        Let’s not forget ruining the value of the American dollar, and the morale of our wonderful military ( probably the biggest victims of his administration) . Which I think was an absolute disgrace to our valuable service people who get paid little to gladly die for their country’s democracy and for civilians they don’t even know.

  • BP

    I forgot it was on; it wasn’t advertised very well…

    • feralgrognard

      Missing nothing is not missing anything Comrade.
      Like usual, over more than 2 yrs now, the Obama nation’s favorite and most used excuses for their failings are;
      1. Blame Bush
      2. We did not do a good job at getting our message out to the public.

      • Paul

        3. Blame Bush
        4. The American People are not smart enough
        5. Blame Bush
        6. Its Wall Streets fault
        7. Blame Bush
        8. Its the Chamber of Commerce’s fault
        9. Blame Bush
        10. Its the Tea Party’s fault
        11. Its the Republicans fault clinging to their bibles and guns
        12. It the rich peoples fault
        13. And Finally, “Blame Bush”

      • James

        And yet the mainstream media can’t see those facts you just pointed out.

      • Jeremey LeBlanc

        Paul, no one could have stated it better…thanks.

      • Alyssa

        you dont like the Truth ” shap-up” or “ship out”

        Why do you think Bush is dubbed by not just us but some Republicans as the worst ” President in history”. He spent his money frivolously to protect his ” Da Da”. Don’t believe it all you want but the truth hurts and Bush ruined this country end of story.

    • KeithWren

      Hopefully the same will happen on election day. The obumer crowd is located at a little different spot on the scale of evolution… If you get my drift!

      • Fregameeate

        Remember the Battle Cry for 2012:

        BURIANI, OBAMA!”

        That’s “Ta-Ta” in Swahili.

      • Steve

        Yeah, totally agree, Keith. The Obama backers have actually evolved.

  • Rebecca

    I watched a movie instead, b/c I’ll do anything to avoid watching/hearing this dumbass speak.

    • Paul

      I agree…I watched a dial tone

    • James

      Brilliant! Eloquently spoken and to the point!!

      • VikingCrusader

        Sir, you are as goofy as barack

      • The Zohan

        Obviously spoken about the republican response!!

    • Rick

      No need to insult. He is not dumb. He is either incompetent however well-intentioned or he is actually trying to destroy America in order to rebuild it in his image.

      • Don

        The used to say the same thing about Inspector Clouseau

      • Stella

        I thought I was alone in thinking what you so justly said, except I do not believe he is well-intentioned and I do not think he even cares.

    • chris

      I watched the walls in my house. And I learned more than I could have listening to this liar.

      • Sammie

        I went to bed early.

  • Zeke

    They aired it at this timeslot to not interfere with primetime programming but it wasn’t anything useful whatsoever.

  • Well

    Of all the crap we ship over to the middle east, Obummer should be at the top of the list.

  • Joe Jackson

    It was not shown on all local stations here, I assume it was same other places. That would account for the lower ratings

    • Oscarphone

      You need to read the article Joe. It was aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, TEL, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC. If you aren’t setting those stations locally, you might have a problem with your antenna.

  • D


    • Dan Smith

      You can holler pretty loud from your anonymous point of view. Man Up and lets see who you are.

      • onceproudamerican

        I have found that the only folks who care about the speaker’s identity more than the content of what is spoken tend to want to ignore the ideas and attack the person of the speaker.

        Ideas stand alone. It doesn’t matter if they came from the mouth of a toad… Things either make sense or they don’t, who cares where the words come from?

        Where do ideas come from for that matter?

      • m9777

        Dan Smith…sure that’s your real name! Now, add your address and phone numbers. How dare you talk about being anonomous?

      • alice

        Unless you intend to engage in personalities, it does not matter who is commenting. If you have a point of view, state it.

    • Shelly

      Right…he’s a war criminal, after all, he started two wars, not. He’s the reason this country is dependent on oil. He was born in Kenya, he is the reason for the bad economy, he is the reason that it rains, the reason for floods, the reason for everything. Look no further than Obama. Hate much?

      • will g alvira

        So, are you now a Republican?? Ha ha

  • Mike

    Had it been Charlie Sheen giving a speech about Libya it would gave had 100 million viewers.

    • Ron

      It’s said but true.

      • Mike

        @Ron I’m not sure whats more sad. The state of American politics or the state of America’s fascination with Pop Culture.

      • RickB

        Even sadder — Charlie Sheen could do a better job running the country.

    • Just Askin

      Duh, Winning!

    • Ricky

      I’d watch Charlie. At least he isn’t a nitwit.

      • Steve

        He isn’t?!

    • SubjectoftheUSSA

      Charlie would probably make sense just getting on tv rambling about WINNING, WINNING, WINNING.

      As far as Obama and war go, WINNING is the last word in his vocabulary. You can’t even figure out wtf this administration is doing one day from the next, as all the different heads spout different lies depending on the time of day and alignment of the planets.

      • Alyssa

        For 8 long years. I listened to a man with the IQ of a 3grader run this country. And I know plenty of people in general who didnt know what the **** Bush was talking about. ” Mission Accomplished” ????? what dumbass. hope he rots in you know where.

  • Penny

    I avoided it like I avoid the plague! I can’t stand his inflection and his ME ME ME or I, I, I, and his constant moving his head to read his teleprompter! Doesn’t it just make you sick when you hear him?

    • Russell

      Delightful comment! Dumocraps would have us believe that 2012 will be a watershed for Dumocraps; I suspect the Tea Party, while quiet, is primed and ready for 2012, ready to dispose of Obama and the rest of the Dumocraps as well as RINOs in great numbers.

    • mewp

      I finally figured out his speech patterns. He reminds me of a T A I had in college. After every thought he would pause to give you time to write it down. Most annoying. As if he doesn’t think you can understand it with out seeing it.

      • Marie

        lol….since when did anyone write down anything a TA said? Must be in liberal arts and not science and enginering because most of the time they don’t even speak understandable english.

    • NoMoBO

      Penny – YES.

    • Zach

      His voice is nauseating; all of the studdering and ‘ahhs’ drive me crazy… not to mention that we can’t believe a word he reads off his teleprompter! Let’s hope he’s only around for 2 more years.

      • Robert

        Zach: I have my bye bye obama clock on my desk and we have 586 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and seconds counting before we can say this nightmare is finally over.

    • Nomoreobama

      Can’t stand the sight of him. Can’t stand his voice. Can’t stand his slimely politics. Can’t stand a thing about him. Why, oh why, was this incompetent inflicted upon our (once) great nation?

  • Maritza

    Cannot stand to look at his arrogant face.

    • will g alvira

      The Republicans are clearly the primary enemies of democracy, peace, and justice. And I promise , so help me God in heaven , I am ready and willing to take on every single wretched Republican hypocrite that wants to wage war on me or anyone who they try to persecute with their hypocrisy and their self serving dictatorship beliefs.

      • Nathan


      • JJtheTraveler

        you are the biggest IDIOT I have ever seen.

      • Sojourn

        Republicans and Democrats are both to blame for the blatant warmongering that “our great nation” is taking part in. First it was Iraq with Bush, then empty promises of peace from Obama who turned around and put us into Afghanistan (and now Libya).

        In practice, Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same. They just both talk big game and try to play up the other’s faults to try to cover their own. It’s positively sickening and no one seems to take any notice. Hurray for party politics.

      • Well

        Be glad you don’t live in france, 31 political parties and France is smaller than texas.

      • RufusVonDufus

        Here! Here! or is it Hear! Hear! Either way, Here, Hear!

      • RufusVonDufus

        This was supposed to be in reply to the rant against both lying parties!

      • Francesca

        It’s hear, hear as in ‘listen up!’

      • Sarah

        Me thinks that you are a closet liberal democrat.

      • Hypo Gore

        Let me guess, you are either a child, unemployed, or a union member. I know one of them is true which makes you a moocher… someone is funding your existence because you cannot do it for yourself.

      • Alyssa

        being unemployed or a union member doesnt make one a moocher. My father has worked for a Railroad union for over 30yrs. and he is part of the backbone of our country. You people who sit in your offices with monkey suits on doing nothing are the moochers.

      • muhahaha


      • Patty

        Are you speaking of our Muslim President who sits in his office with his monkey suit on and does nothing?

      • chris

        Name the time and place you loveable little liberal. That’s the famous liberal understanding and tolerance that we know and love. Pick a side. I’ll pick the side that believes in freedom, is willing to fight for it, oh, and we have guns too. You can stick to talking about it, sipping your lattes, and dressing in your skinny jeans.

      • mewp

        were you raised in a 60’s commune?

      • Fregameeate

        Oh My God. Another Liberal who failed to read the Civility Memo put out by his leader, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama. But, then again, neither did I. But my excuse is that I am not fluent in Swahili.

      • Fregameeate

        OOOHHH! Another Liberal who is not fluent in Swahili. Why else would you not read and put into effect the Civility Memo issued by POTUS?

      • dred

        Isn’t it funny how liberals ALWAYS project? They ALWAYS blame others of what THEY THEMSELVES ARE GUILTY.

      • SubjectoftheUSSA

        lol, loser

      • Richard Halavais

        Obviously a liberal loon. Now take your blankie and go back to mommy’s basement and in 60 or 70 years you too will grow up.

      • Su

        You make me laugh

      • DJH

        Just plain ignorance. Open your eyes you idiot – if you can’t see both sides of the aisle, including the empty suited race baiter in chief, are the real enemy to the American people then you’re as big a part of the problem as they are!

      • JustAGuy

        Whoa! Ease up there, Don Quixote!

      • JustAGuy

        Ease up there, Don Quixote! No need for violence!

      • JohnH

        From the looks of the number of conservatives on this board, I’d say you have one Hell of a battle ahead of you. Maybe you should try a more leftist column. Good luck, liberal buffoon.

      • Larry Wagner

        your funny ! thanks for being on here, adds excitement.

      • Col Dodge

        Straight from the racist playbook.

        First try to reason.

        Second deceive.

        Third cry racism.

        Fourth impose your rejected solicialism by force.

        Thankfully, the Muslim Brotherhood are not very good at 2 or 3, so we are prepared for them when they try No. 4.

      • Rose

        The old divide and conguer game. At least 50% of us aren’t fooled by Obozo’s agenda.

      • NDSue

        You don’t sound too peaceful to me, Will.

        In fact, you sound a little extreme.

      • JohnyFreedom

        You do know that ALL oppressive dictatorships across the world are and have always been left-wing governments, right? Socialism, Communism/Marxism, and yes even Nationalist Socialism (NAZI). Your lack of education is astounding. Keep writhing in your pit of hate-mongering and ignorance and let the intellectual grown-ups handle debating politics.
        If you want to know what the “right-wing” is about, look up Libertarianism and then show me their “self serving dictatorship beliefs” LOL. What a baffoon.

      • wildbill6996

        where at !!!!!!!!!

      • Frank

        Oh my, my bunny slippers just ran for cover!

      • Frank

        I think my bunny slippers just ran for cover!

      • Mike

        Clearly, you make no sense.

      • Big Bear

        Was this line lifted from an Obama speech?

      • Leon Russell

        You sir, are a fool.

      • Rufus Levin

        PERHAPS YOU ARE merely a silly person who is too big for your britches. Democrats are liars and cheaters.

      • old dog

        Settle down Francis

    • Well

      I automatically switch the channel when he is coming in. Is there an app for that?

      • mewp

        If you find it let me know.:)

      • Sammie

        Sounds a lot like me even looking at him makes my blood boil.

    • Ron

      His swagger makes me gag and puke!

    • James

      “Cannot stand to look at his arrogant face.”


    • Dan Smith

      I was getting a hair cut at the time, and the Barber went to the set and shut him off. What a relief!

      • beth barnat

        Dan, that’s rich. I pray to God that this illegal alien (there, I said it) is not re-elected again.

    • will g alvira

      My point exactly. I’m not a coward like most republicans, the only exception is the troops of course. Even the republican ones are brave. I like to battle my enemies that’s what courage is all about .

    • will g alvira

      I must say I don’t feel particularly threatened by the braniac republican who clearly doesn’t know the difference between ( communism, socialism,monarchy,authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorship, democratic, an the republicans absolute favorite , the( fascist ) forms of governments. Those people should learn How to read first to understand anything worthwhile.

      • Diago

        And let me guess, we are all facists right? Your aging, burned out, washed up, worthless radical college professors would be so proud of you.

  • Nathan

    The minute I saw that Mr. Obama’s speech was to be on I scheduled elective brain surgery. Nothing wrong, just didn’t want to see the LightWorker.

  • Teresa

    Really dont care to watch its all lies. Mr bush said it all how do u like me how.

  • frozenglass

    There is not there “there”. And his ticks and mannerisms are getting worse making watching unbearable, I used to read the words with the sound off, now can’t even go that far. Hire a trained double, Kim did it.

    • Well

      Why doesn’t he let Biden make the speeches? Biden is an a$$ but at least he doesn’t make me hurl.

  • dharc

    democrats,executive members —acorn—get the vote—arrested and found guilty of 26 felonies,plus many more. for vote fraud in nevada election…..voting machines kicked out ballots with harry reid’s name already checked…democrat sec of state(ross miller),member of soros SOS ,says no evidence,if you have a complaint ,let us know… illegal aliens voting 75 times,each,dead people voting, felons hired to get the vote,union employees of casinos illegally taken in buses to vote for harry reid…..all democrats ,just one election for harry reid… stupid liberal democrats criminals ,muchacho,whose the enemy of democracy?????????

    • Alamosq

      I don’t think they are the stupid ones. We are sitting here and letting them get away with it. They will do it again and they will “win” again unless we get out and fight them.

      • Roger

        Bang on Alamosq. If we let it happen again, we will deserve him and everything has done and still will do. Can you imagine what he will do in years 7 and 8 if he is re-elected in 2012, knowing he has nothing to lose?

  • drowningpuppies

    Did he make a speech? Wonder what he talked about?

    • Steve

      Ah, don’t worry about it. It wasn’t Jersey Shore or a Lady Gaga video.

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