'Good Morning America' shakeup: Juju Chang headed to 'Nightline'

ABC News is changing its broadcaster lineup, according to the Associated Press. Good Morning America‘s newsreader Juju Chang will move to Nightline as a special correspondent and fill-in anchor. (Her duties will also include participating in the 13 primetime hours of Nightline that will air this summer.) Chang, who has worked almost exclusively with ABC News since 1987, will be replaced at Good Morning America by Josh Elliott, who is currently a co-anchor of ESPN’s SportsCenter.


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  • KCWolf

    I started out not caring for Juju Chang when she first started with GMA, but now I’m going to hate to see her go. I just hope they don’t replace her with someone dreadful like Elizabeth Vargas who makes me cringe whenever I see her filling in.

    • judy frei

      I agree, I cringe at Vargas all the time. She acted like she couldn’t stand Chris Cuomo when he joined 20/20.

    • JMP

      I will miss Juju and wish her the best. *I just love Elizabeth Vargas, beauty and brains.

    • Fefe

      I will miss Juju and do wish her all the best. George is boring…. I thought Robin, Sam and Juju made for quality team. For me George should be one moved to the political arena. Oh well, I do plan to continue watching GMA because the ‘Today’ show sucks. Yes, I said it.

  • Jasmine

    I thi k this is a good move to Good Morning America. I never got into Juju.

  • Jenny

    Now if they could just get rid of Robin, GMA’s quality would rise threefold!!!

    • Jethro

      Totally agree, Robin fakes her way through everything, placing her in the mix on Oscar red carpet was a total disaster. She has no chemistry with anyone she interviews. I would have prefered Juju over her, just the thought of hearing Juju Chang announced every morning is a hoot!

      • fay fay

        if you do not like her… why watch her i think you rather see all race except black.

      • Theresa

        I totally agree, I feel like the excitement Robin shows is so forced! I thought Juju was a little stiff the first month, but she found her groove and I’m gonna really miss her. Too bad they can’t move Robin to World News with Diane, those two worked well together and she didn’t seem that annoying with Diane.

      • Ragdolls1227

        I Love Robin. I do think Robin and Diane work well together but I still think Robin is Great, beautiful & when she went through breast cancer she was courageous to model without her wig..she looked so beautiful. I came here to find out what happened to JuJu & so glad to know she is a least going to be news. I never expected people to put down Robin…Robin you ROCK!!!

      • Bobby

        Hey Jethro, Maybe you should watch The Beverly Hillbillys down by the cement pond. I would suggest maybe “Deliverance” as well. Catch up with some of your relatives.
        Robin Rocks!

    • Cheryl

      I think you people that do not like Robin on GMA are just crazy. I look forward to watching this group every morning. I will miss JuJu. Good luck to her.

      • Patricia

        I also came on to find out what happened to JuJu. I will miss her. Feel bad she has been moved. I get up to watch GMA don’t like Today show. I love Robbin. She is so down to earth and NOT fakey. I do miss JuJu. I liked the way she read the news. GMA is the best.

      • mitsu

        I love Robin.I have to get use to George.but I like GMA.all of them are professional i wont watch other chanel ….No way chandler those girls they are rude and don’t prevent themselves accordingly.

    • booklover

      NOOOOOOOO, take that back, ROBIN is the reason I LOVE GMA !!!

      • Lisa

        I agree – Robin is the best. Beautiful, smart, classy! She’s my girl crush!

    • Rochelle bruin

      Robin is good, r u just saying that b/c she is black female?

    • Patricia

      You are racist! Robin Roberts is the most talented, gracious, graceful newscaster on today! She is pure elegance.

      • tammy spencer

        wait, just because someone voices that they do not like Robin..why do you assume it is because she is black? they never even said that.they were questioning her genuineness…I happen to be white and LOVE Robin..but if I did not, it would hv nothin to do with her skin color..so back off

      • TERRI

        WHY???????? do people always have to bring in the color of one’s skin. We live in America people, that give us the right to have an opnion. Come on, can’t we get beyond that. While I agree that Robin has a soft side, she is extremely great in this position. She and Diane Sawyer were the best team on TV. Nice to see George finally getting comfortable with this show too!

      • joe

        robin is good i love her but i like juju better not only smarter but better looking

    • Mar Silvers

      I love Robin and I hope they never replace her! I really hate to see JuJu go but her replacement seems to be very likeable!

    • Michele

      WHAT!!! Robin Roberts MAKES that show!!! How dare you!!! She is the picture of class, strength and beauty! You’re just jealous!

      • greeneyes

        Why is the discussion about Robin ANYWAY? This is JuJu’s moment-wish her luck and move around people. If you choose not to wish her all the best – stop being childish and don’t bother to comment on somenting that is not even the topic of discussion – JuJu moving on people.

    • Rena Sams

      Naw…it’s George (boring!!!) Stenapholis they need to get rid of!

      • Annie

        I agree. They should bring Chris Cuomo back to replace George S.

      • mollyw555@att.net

        I think Chris is better than George. Yes they should bring him back.

      • Kathleen

        i agree i loved chris and i think george needs to go back to the political arena thats when he seems to shine

      • Florence Young

        I agree, also. George does not have a good speaking voice. I miss some of his comments. I would love to see Chris C. on the show again.

    • Lyn Weaver

      Awww. I think Robin is amazing. Sam with the laugh, and now Lara….what fun the Summer will be! George is getting there. If he left, who would they tease?

    • Holly

      What!?! Are you predjudiced or something? Robin’s the BEST!!!

    • llb

      Robin is the BEST!!!!!! She is real, personable, and beautiful inside and out.

    • Brooke

      Robin Roberts is an amazing, accomplished news anchor who brings charisma, comedy & diversity to the gma team. Your ignorance to these facts are obvisious!

    • shelley

      Robin is wonderful, love her sense of humor! She is real and that is what I like when I watch tv.

    • numbersgirl71

      I totally agree, Robin just isn’t a quality host! I wish they would replace her.

    • Vickey

      Now do we have a personal prblem wtth Robin,because that mean u want a all white show,well wake up Jenny we are in 2011 not 1950. Get a life

  • jfms777

    Josh Elliott doing the news this week
    at GMA (I assumed Juju was on vacation) has been terrible. Why do network execs assume that all sportscasters can be newsmen?

    • Nikki

      I agree, this guy has no feel for serious news. There have been way too many changes in the GMA & GMA weekend lineup.They should have bumped Juju to host, get rid of Robin. I like Dan, Biana & Ron on the weekend. GMA weekend’s lineup always have me LMAO.

      • T

        Geez, give the guy some time people!

    • Lou

      I really did not care for JuJu but love Josh, he adds life to the team. George well he is just George and love to watch him interview. Love Robin and always have and will.

    • Ragdolls1227

      I Love Robin. I do think Robin and Diane work well together but I still think Robin is Great, beautiful & when she went through breast cancer she was courageous to model without her wig..she looked so beautiful. I came here to find out what happened to JuJu & so glad to know she is a least going to be doing the news.(this is a correction to my comment under another’s comment) I never expected people to put down Robin…Robin you ROCK!!!

  • silk

    Ever since Charlie and Diane left, GMA has gone downhill every year. Robin is always over-sweet, she loves every guest and every guest is wonderful. Sam Champion, I think sometimes he even feels embarrassed himself about some stunts he did in the show. George is a very good political pundit but not a morning show host. I think GMA needs another face lift in order to remain the game. The only reason it’s better than CBS Morning Show because CBS is even worse!

    • Dan

      Not a fan of GMA, but I recently saw a fluff piece that Juju on Susan Lucci. Can’t imagine her doing “hard news” on Nightline. But why trash The Early Show? Erica Hill is great, and Jeff Glor is a decent news reader. I’m not a big fan of Chris Wragge, but as long as they give him the easy stuff then Erica can handle the tough interviews.

    • Nikki

      I like Sam, but he’s from my local WABC so I’ve been watching him forever. I enjoy George, he’s got serious cred (but needs to wear thinner ties…he’s a little guy & sometimes his ties make him look smaller) Robin is horrible 95% of the time

    • Elaine Turk

      I have watched GMA since David Hartmann was the host. Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson were the best of the best. I enjoyed Chris Cuomo and was upset when he was ousted. George is a great newsman, but not a morning co-host. He is a political pundit and does a wonderful interview. I loved the way he pressed Donald Trump last week. I will miss JuJu because I thought she was getting there. I still like Robin because she is a human being. Sam is the best because he laughs at himself. But the program does need some fine tuning.

      • TERRI

        Well said Elaine. They do make Sam do some silly things.

      • J H

        yep, I agree! Bring Chris back full time!!

      • Mrs. D

        Elaine, I’ve watched GMA a long time also, and share many of your views. I miss Chris with Robin, and think George is just biding his time until Diane retires. Juju was a great part of the team.

    • angela

      I am sad to see juju go and i too love robin. To all the george haters out there get over it, we could have worse…..KATHY LEE GIFFORD.Now thats fake.

  • Mel

    Ok with the change – Juju was just okay. I love Robin Roberts, especially when Chris Cuomo was on. George is stiff. She brings a humanity to the show – it is a morning news show after all.

  • Pepper

    I too wish Robin Roberts would leave and I also agree that she comes across as so fake–so lovey dovey with everyone and everything, and really doesn’t connect with anyone. I like George, but please find him a better cohost. I couldn’t take Robin anymore so no longer watch GMA. I switch back and forth between the other 2 morning shows.

  • Oralia

    Poor Robin!all these people they dont seem to like anyone in there.Maybe you should put them in there, see how great they are.I like Dianne Sawyers #1 But the others are just as good as the rest.Love your programs.


    I think Robin does a good job. I think George brings a serious news presence to the show. Sam is good and I liked Ju Ju also. There was a nice balance between male and female talent. I am sorry to see Ju Ju leave and don’t understand why she is being replaced with Josh Elliot. I hope he improves with time.

    • TERRI

      I don’t care seeing Robyn with 3 men either. It just seems “off” somehow.

  • bernard rolax

    what just bring chris c. back.

  • Ginny

    Bring back Chris Cuomo
    I love Robin & Sam

  • Eliza

    Robin, George and Sam are top-notch.
    I suppose all of you Juju fans haven’t caught a glimpse of her at her nasty best – like starting the day off with a glass of poisoned OJ. Good riddance.

    • TERRI

      poisoned OJ?

  • JT

    What happened to Diane Sawyer hosting nightlife?

    • Annie

      Seriously? She’s the top newscaster at ABC news now, and does World News Tonight.

  • KittyC

    It’s nice in this country, where nastiness seems to be the norm, to start the day off with pleasant people like the GMA crew. Robin doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and that’s refreshing.

  • Debbie Swenerton

    25 years ago Kate Snow was early early morning news reporter in Roswell NM. I’m a native New Mexican which is neither here nor there, but my comments were inspired by Kate. Kate was not shy about showing the tv audience that she hated her post in NM. She was promoted to early morning news in Albuquerque NM along with a co-anchor named Tim something. One morning the ‘Banter’ got ugly. Tim was chattering along about the heavy traffic in Tijeras Canyon (where Kate lived) Tim stated something like “Be careful on your way home Kate” Kate’s response was, “Why don’t you just tell them my address Tim” I called the station manager and stated, “Please tell Kate she’s not in danger of me taking time to find her home” “She’s not that important to me or anyone else” Bad attitude describes Kate Snow while in NM at KOAT TV. Hmmm … wonder if this type of behavior is the reason she didn’t get the ‘News Reader’ job?
    Debbie Tijeras NM

    • Kate Middleton

      25 years ago Kate Snow was still in school. She did however, work at KOAT in 1995.

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