Matthew Weiner defends 'Mad Men' standoff


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Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner issued a statement to fan site Basket of Kisses clarifying his negotiating position that has delayed the show’s eagerly anticipated […] Read the full post.

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  • jules

    What would Don Draper do?

    • Bob

      Get on another show.

    • B

      Actually this is almost a repeat of what Don Draper does with tobacco in the past season: pushed into a corner, he changed the story by using a stance of moral outrage (via media contacts). If this was SCDP, Bert Cooper would be putting on his shoes and storming out by now.

      • Yikes

        You are thinking about this WAY too much.

  • Lucy

    Matt “Whiner” can say he did what he did for the cast, but he has also been quoted as saying “All I want to do is continue to make my show and make it in the way I want to, with the people I want to make it with.” And getting $30 million in the process.

    Whatever. If and when the show comes back on, doubtful I will watch. Not really interested in supporting Matt “Whiner” and if they are going to cut the cast (read earlier today that Christina Hendricks may already be out), then what’s the point. Endless shows of Don getting drunk and sleeping with every woman who crosses his path has already gotten old.

    • Brett

      Where did you hear Christina Hendricks may be leaving the show? I’ve searched quite a bit and could find no such news. I call bs on this one.

  • Steve

    Like the NFL. Are we huge fans? Yes! Can we live without it? Yes – everyone will lose if we don’t watch. Threatened strike or delays… hey you fools, how about boycott?

  • maggie

    What about the actors? How does this take away from their ability to pursue any other projects while this is going on? Doesn’t seem fair. They will have to turn things down because of an inacurate timeline as to when MM is coming back.. this is all ridiculous and harming the shows image for some.

  • CMP

    Most overrated TV show ever.

  • Susan

    Those of you who are bad-mouthing Weiner: Do you think Mad Men is so good because he caved in to every suggestion he received or do you think Mad Men is so good because he stayed true to his vision?

    • Sadie

      Mad Men is good for many reasons. Top-notch writing, producing and acting. I’m irritated with Weiner and AMC for failing to negotiate a fair deal in a reasonable amount of time. There’s plenty of money to go around. Quit being selfish and figure out a way to make the show great and stay under budget. Come on!!!

  • Esmitty

    when it’s not about money, it’s about money. the fact that a show about adds is wanting less of them is oddly compelling.

  • Julie

    AMC should give Matt Weiner whatever he wants. “Mad Men” put that network on the map! And they probably would not have had the money to bankroll “Breaking Bad” or “Walking Dead” without the success of “Mad Men.”

  • rowan729

    Very odd to include the Sutter quote here…..since he and his actors have previously bemoaned the success of Mad Men awards-wise in comparison to their own awards. I’ve seen lots of anti-Mad Men nonsense spewed by rabid SOA fans, and the show has even spoofed Mad Men in a fake porno. So, I would not include the statements of another showrunner who is clearly biased against Weiner in an article about Weiner’s ongoing negotiations.

    It always amazes me that quite a few other drama shows bleed green with envy over Mad Men’s critical success when their own show gets more viewers than MM!!!! What would most shows rather have, Emmy awards and low viewership or high ratings that keep the show on air and only an Emmy nomination? I think we all know the answer to that one…..

    • Esmitty

      they’d rather have mad men’s audience. it’s the vanity fair reader effect. one vanity fair reader is worth 7 who read ok magazine. a caddy is worth 7 Kia

    • JJ

      Agree. It’s strange to include a twitter (!) from another cable writer who’s well known for being jealous of Mad Men’s critical fame. And for all the posturing, Sons of Anarchy has spiraled down to a self-indulgent mess. I would be interested to hear from insiders, but the “reporter” here did a shoddy or biased job.

      • Ty

        Twitter!!! Either have the honesty to say it directly or STFU about it. And don’t pretend Twitter comments are private or uncalculated thoughts. This goes for Sutter and the reporter using a Twitter quote.

  • Justin

    Mad Men put AMC on the map. Whatever he’s asking for is probably too much, but they are all fools for not getting this show back on track quicker. It’s THE best show on TV. If AMC doesn’t see that, they are fools. It’s just foolery all around. Where’s AMC’s statement?

  • Irwin

    I don’t know who’s at fault here, but I’m sorely disappointed. Season 4 was incredible, ranks with the best shows ever. Cutting characters sound like ‘Survivor’, voting Peggy or Betty ‘off the island’. Ridiculous!

  • sabrina W

    well well well trouble in mad men paradise, who’d have thunk it? awww! i’ve got all four seasons waiting to be watch , saw maybe 8 epi of s1 and haven’t bothered to watch it since, in that same time i saw all three seasons of breaking bad, interesting huh?
    hope they get what they both want !

  • Lucy


    I hope it is BS! But I read this in an article on The Telegraph’s website. Could just be rumour but the article says:

    “Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks, is apparently now “unavailable” for the fifth series because the delay in scheduling clashes with a film she has already signed up for.”

    Please, please let them be wrong!

  • Bob

    Done w/ this show. It is on for like a minute and gone for MONTHS and you think people are going to keep coming back for another 5 minutes then gone again, now for 17 months? Get a clue. This will end the show.

  • Matt W

    If we learn anything from this…it’s the fact Kurt Sutter is a god. I do hope we see Don Draper soon though.

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