'Wonder Woman' action shots: Adrianne Palicki gets new costume -- PHOTOS


Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News

NBC’s ferocious Wonder Woman took to the streets of Los Angeles to run in traffic and fight crime and — heeeey, is Adrianne Palicki’s costume different? Why, yeah, it is. Gone are the super-shiny blue pants and matching boots from the first official costume pic (maybe she still uses the other outfit for, you know, lounging). Check out the action photos below and sound off. Is this look better? It certainly seems more comfortable for everyday jogging on top of cars in Hollywood …


Image Credit: Splash News

Fans had strong feelings about the last version of the costume. See that here.

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    with her boobs bouncing that much it doesn’t seem pratical

    • Eric

      She is one golden eagle away from getting two black eyes….

      • Stacie

        I sincerely hope Wonderbra is taking up the sponsorship opportunities.

      • Cris

        Best. Comment. Ever!

      • Jeff

        Why is Wonder Woman wearing mommy pants?

      • pie thrower

        Seriously. Of all photos that NBC could release these are the ones they send out. I think these pics might actually turn my heterosexual attraction to ladies boobs. Yuk!!!!

      • Jen

        Yeah, they do make strapless tops that actually fit. It’s so painful to see an ill-fitting top like that.

      • elocutionist

        This is wrong. The undershorts are supposed to go OUTSIDE the tights. And the boobs go INSIDE the corset…

      • Dave

        Looks ridiculously goofy, pass on this show especially since it’s on the Nothing But Canceled station. Why can’t NBC leave the superhero genre for the big screen’s?

      • Lee

        Thank you for that comment! I laughed so hard, I almost pissed on myself!! LMAO

      • Chuck

        DUDE! That comment needed a warning label! My sides hurt from laughing.

      • angela

        hahahaha, thanks for the laugh!

    • Cass

      You do realize that Wonder Woman has always worn a top like that right?

      • L

        Not quite. Similar in look, yes, but…uh, no.

      • boy wonder

        what works in comic form might not work on a real person

      • besimon

        Not the Cathy Lee Crosby version in 1974. EW forgot her in their 13 Wonder Women list – they need new research people.

      • Orac

        Actually, besimon, she does kind of look like the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman. She wore pants too I think.

      • alex

        So far, I’m not impressed. And that expression is not cute at all.

      • Brand

        No, actually Cathy Lee Crosby wore a SKIRT. Wait…was it a skirt AND pants? I think that was it.

      • Shariff

        I grew up watching this show and it’s a classic wonder woman herself is a classic to just come in and remake it using not only a less than stellar attractive actress and then throw her in the most hideous wonder woman costume I’ve ever seen that’s just a huge waste of time and money boo! It sucks ! Back to the drawing board NBC and fast! Terrible just terrible try going with her costume being more original genius ! Then hopefully you picked up a comic or two stop being goofy follow wonder woman story lines and traditions that’s how you make a successful show not this hot garbage !

    • LOL

      That was my first thought. How many times will they need to re-shoot a scene because something popped out?

      • Loch Ness

        Is that her “running face?”

      • Kris

        LOL! WIN! Her face is painful, she looks like she’s passing a kidney stone.

      • TKGM

        @Kris, my thoughts exactly.

      • Ames

        Certainly not the face of a princess.

      • JonG

        A) Her implants are all over the place.

        B) That face is not the face of someone accustomed to physical excertion.

      • Cantare

        Of course her face looks pained. It hurts to have your boobs pushed up that far. Geez.

      • Tony

        That is the face of someone wondering” what the hell did I get myself into doing this show?”

    • Cygnus

      Doesnt matter what she wears as long as its strapless and continues to show that much jigglage.

      • @Cygnus

        Sorry, you don’t get much jiggle from fake boobs.

      • GirlCrush

        @Cygnus Being a connoisseur of such things, I can tell you that a well-done augmentation absolutely can jiggle..quite nicely in fact. It’s the $2500 specials by the doctors who have taken a weekend course in the procedure that end up encapsulated. That and patients not following after-care instructions.

    • Elle

      I think she was horribly miscast. She’s too thin for starters. Her legs and arms are just too thin. And her breast implants look terrible

      • Brody

        *eye roll*

        Unless she got breast implants since FNL (which seems unlikely), I really think those are natural. Seriously and possibly painfully enhanced by the outfit, but not implants.

        And the pants and boots are a vast improvement, but I still think she needs straps if she’s going to avoid a major wardrobe malfunction.

      • Kalie

        I agree with Brody. I think she naturally has bigger boobs and that top is like a Wonderbra, shoving them up until they’re spilling over. I doubt she’s had implants since FNL. She didn’t need any.

      • Amber

        I remember thinking she had a boob job when watching Friday Night Lights.

      • Dee

        I don’t think she looks too thin – she’s certainly not a stick. Lynda Carter was skinnier. And that outfit would make anyone’s boobs look huge, it’s like a push-up bustier

      • Steve

        LOL at all the virgins claiming they are real.

      • Jim

        If 70’s Lynda Carter were cast as Wonder Woman today people would say she is too fat.

      • Brody

        For the record, Steve, I’m a GIRL. So I dare say I’m a bit more familiar with boobs than you are.

      • @Steve

        Agree – they are clearly blind and know nothing about breasts if they think those are real. @Brody, just b/c you are a girl doesn’t mean what you said was correct or smart. Actually that makes you dumber if you can’t even recognize the authenticity of your own body parts.

      • Jojo

        She’s just not pretty enough to be Wonder Woman. She looked cute as a blonde, but she makes an ugly brunette.

      • Kat

        I think she’s too thin, in the sense that she has no muscles. She’s not anorexic-looking, but she’s supposed to be an actual Amazon. She has thighs that could snap your neck. She has arms like a female boxer or gladiator. (Not the creepy female-on-steroid type muscles, but she’s really buff.) Lynda Carter, who I’m sure made for a lovely Wonder Woman, acting-wise, was also way too skinny and not nearly muscular enough. The show was before my time and I’ve only seen clips of it, but I would never for a second buy that she could kick anyone’s ass, man or woman. She had great boobs, which are apparently a Wonder Woman requirement, but she didn’t have the muscles. Neither does this girl. In order for the character of WW to make up for what I think is an offensively T&A-focused treatment in terms of costume and body (what a shocker in the world of female superheroes)…Wonder Woman’s physical power and toughness are very important to me, to show that she’s not just a flying piece of ass.

      • Pillow Pants

        There’s no way to tell if they are real or not in a top constructed like that. I’ve tried on, and owned enough bras to know how they can make you look depending on construction, fit, etc.

      • Marianne

        I think this is a vast improvement over the first costume, and unlike other commenters, I don’t think she looks too thin. In fact, I think she looks much more fit and athletic than she did in the initial costume, which makes me think there must have been some serious photo-shopping in that original laytex-pants costume photo. Still wondering how successful the show can be when just the costuming requires such a complete removal from reality–maybe if they do a tongue in cheek tone like “Chuck” and its really, really funny. I think that could work.

      • Soap On A Rope

        @Mari anne. It should be easy for Wonder Woman to catch the bad guys. Most men would run towards a crimefighter dressed as she is,not away from her.

      • Ryan

        Brody, I just want to say that I have seen a topless photo of her and to my eyes, they look fake. Not super sized fake boobs, but certainly didn’t look real to me. They had that unnatural perk and roundness or whatever to them. Classic fake boobs to my eyes.

      • Li

        She was on Smallville & Supernatural in their early seasons & had boobs then. I’m thinking they’re the real deal. And if they aren’t–big deal. Cut the girl some slack ppl!

      • Streak

        Oh Steve… just say her knees are too sharp and get it over with.

    • Zoe

      No woman would wear an outfit like that to fight crime. Period. This is a costume that was designed by male comic book writers and TV show producers. Women look at those pics and say “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

      • Gina

        And men generally wear Batman costumes to fight crime? It’s a comic, get over it.

      • Me

        I am a female. I look at those pictures and think “Well…At least they got the boots right.”

      • Missing the Shorts

        Zoe, the sad part is it is not even a costume that men want to see. Have you seen the old WonderWoman? Did you see her outfit? Tight fitting shorts and lots of leg. No one wants to see a woman run around in pants. It’s all about T&A. Period. Why do you think people tuned into WonderWoman the first time around? Why was Baywatch so successfully? It’s all about T&A – not pants and no legs.

      • Blech

        No kidding!!!! Why oh why don’t they redesign the entire look. XMen movies didn’t stay with yellow spandex because IT LOOKS SILLY IN REAL LIFE. This looks freaking silly.
        She must really instill fear in the bad guys with this idiocy.

      • Brian

        Instilling fear is Batman’s thing, not Wonder Woman’s.

      • wg

        Costume and show = epic fail. Cancellation in 3… 2… 1…

    • Luca

      Indeed. I still like the dark jeans, flat boots with a tank ish top and jacket from the DC reboot sketches. modern, a little punk and way more practical looking

      • Sigh

        They didn’t do this for obvious reasons. It makes sense…and it doesn’t let them show an absurd amount of cleavage for all the horny 12 year olds they THINK will watch this hot mess.

      • T-riz

        *Sigh* I would have LOVED to see them use the DC reboot costume. Wonder Woman is actually a major badass and she used to dress in what appeared to be lingerie. This new show would have appealed to a broader audience if they used the updated costume. Men aren’t the only ones who watch tv. Sheesh.

    • JennA

      It just looks painful, with her boobs bouncing all over the place.

    • zeezee

      she looks constipated and in pain…must be that top holding the girls back

    • Annette

      Really hard to bring this costume to life because it’s just so outdated and if you look back when Wonder Women was on in the 1970s it fit the time period. Now it just looks stupid!

      • Sith Lord J

        I Hope she still spins to Change

      • alex

        @ Sith Lord J

        That would be awesome! I love the spin!

    • Steve

      Clearly, Adrianne doesn’t have the natural “assets” we’ve all come to expect from Wonder Woman, so they end up with this massively “pushed-up” look. They should’ve spent a little more time with casting.

    • edward

      so any woman with large breasts running is impractical? i dont think theyre about to slap a sports bra on her

  • andrew

    love it

    • Lando

      Me too.

    • RaRa

      Since they fixed the shiny pants and changed the boots, I think it’s fine.

  • Jay

    I wanna see some LEG. What’s with the pants?

    • Mike

      Dude – YOU are what’s with the pants. They’re not marketing this to horny men who want nothing but porn stars on screen. Wasn’t that the most criticiaed point of the first version? She looks like a porn star was EVERYWHERE (which I didn’t get to be honest). I think she would look even more rediculous in star spangled granny pants. I think she looks fabulous and she’s gonna do great!

  • paul

    Lose the pants!!

    Wonder Woman’s BEST look was with the thong instead of ANY kind of drawers!!!

    • L

      She’s supposed to be a superhero, not a stripper.

  • allie

    that outfit is one bounce away from a wardrobe malfunction but it is way better than the one posted a week or so ago!

    • HLBB

      100 percent agree.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Ditto, Girls will watch to see Wonder Woman kick butt…guys will watch to see if she comes out! LOL

      I agree the new outfit looks A LOT better

    • MM

      Agreed. At least I’m not worried she’s going to collapse from heatstroke because of the vinyl any more.

  • liquidrawhide

    I’m kind of looking forward to this reboot. Anything with Liz Hurley in it is worth a shot, right? And it can’t be worse than “The Cape”…

    • Peter Vee

      Don’t tempt fate.

  • Fredrico

    Looks like a BOMB!

  • Nathan

    Holy crap that looks terrible, she looks like some girl who’s running late for her Halloween pub crawl. This will be canceled so fast, their heads will spin.

    • Connie


    • nykolus


    • crispy

      Big shiny turd.

    • Jay

      I agree. It will be an epic fail

    • Lee Harvey

      Boom! Roasted!

    • Leo


      • pie thrower

        Thank you Sheldon!!!!

    • dessertqueen

      looking forward to not watching.

    • Orac

      I’ll reserve judgement until I see her pick up and throw a car, not just run on them. She’s supposed to be almost as strong as Superman. Something tells me that aspect will be lost in the corporate boardroom somewhere.

      • toneygirl

        too true, Orac – I’m not likely to watch the show, but I *loved* the original comic books . . .

    • jason

      Total failure… This show won’t get past the pilot. They really need to update the costume and get a new actress.

      • alex


    • Mike

      Wow – you should change your name to Miss Cleo since your just as full of c-r-a-p

  • Nancy

    No. It is still bad.

  • Jess

    Nice to see the producers listening to the fans.. a little. Yay for red boots!

  • Jed

    It seems that the top of the costume is so restrictive. It looks like Adrianne is suffocating her. In addition they need to tone down the red it is too shiny. Sheesh give her like a sports bra or something.

    • Valley Girl

      Oh, dear. I was thinking the same thing about needing a sports bra. At least the pants don’t look as obnoxious as the shiny ones from before.

  • j

    seriously, how are her boobs staying the that top?

    • j

      *in that top*

    • Heather P

      Industrial strength double-stick tape.

      • Ace

        More like super glue. Ouch.

    • alex

      it’s cut way too low. maybe her breasts aren’t big enough to give cleavage?

  • Micahel A

    Looks a lot better. But who told her to run with “karate” chop hands?

    • kennedyDC

      That’s what Max Power would do.

  • Ian

    Um – why do Super heroes always run with their hands open, like in a karate-chop stance? Looks dumb – who runs like that?

    • Joe

      Super heroes do. They always do. You just said it yourself.

    • Sara

      My Barbie used to run like that.

      • T

        Nice =)

      • Amy


      • Hez


      • Mels


    • Ryan

      My track coach in high school instructed us to run like that.

    • Marcos

      actually it’s proper sprinting technique to run with your hands open like that. if you ever watch sprinters that’s how they do it. of course Adrianne isn’t running the 100M but that’s how it’s done.

      • Steve

        How dare you bring actual sports into it when people that have never run want to complain?

    • Jon

      Cause they do some kung-fu fighting.

    • harry

      if you ran track you would know way people run that way.

  • postman

    poor adrianne.

    • chattypatra

      That’s what I’ve been thinking. I love Wonder Woman, but this thing is a lose/lose proposition if I ever saw one. I feel bad for her. She has been woefully miscast and the costume – though improved – is still ridiculous. Run away, Adrianne! Maybe there is still a way to save your career…

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